Ready to Be FREE!!

I got my 280cc silicone implants under muscles...

I got my 280cc silicone implants under muscles almost 5 years ago. They were "fine" for the first couple of years and I've enjoyed having them, but now I'm just ready to get them out! I also have a suspected rupture in my right breast, which has been bothering me for about a couple of months now. My explantation is scheduled for Dec. 27th, which is only a week away and I'm getting so nervous.. I look down at my boobs several times throughout the day and have doubts and think about how I or my husband may not like the results. I'm so worried, nervous, scared, and.. Excited at the same time! I have my pre-op on monday (Dec. 23) and hope that goes well.

I love reading stories on here and I find them very helpful. I hope this review can maybe one day help someone else too.
Hope you have a great weekend! :)
Thank you for starting your story here! You will be on the other side before you know it. Please keep us posted!
thank you so much for your post. You look a lot like I did post BA. Not a damn thing wrong with us then huh? I don't have any post pictures anymore, so it help to see others like me who are ready to go natural again. And to be honest, you look great with implants but that's by Barbie standards! Much better than I do! But we aren't Barbie and don't wish to be. I am so thankful for all you brave ladies. It makes me wonder what am I waiting for. A great Christmas present to yourself. Please keep us posted. I hope everything goes super smoothly and easy and speedy recovery!
Hi! I've seen some pictures on here that looked a lot like me post BA too and it helped decide to go ahead and go with the surgery. I think this would be one of the best decisions I've made for myself. Have you decided to have the surgery yet? Thank you for the encouragement and I'll keep you posted :)

Finally FREE!

I just had my implants removed a few hours ago and It feels so good to be finally free! :) We got to the hospital at 7 am to get ready for everything and the surgery was at 11, which lasted for about 40 minutes and then I was moved to the recovery room and woke up after about 40 minutes. They then took me back to the room where my husband was waiting for me and made sure I could eat, drink, and urinate and I was good to go home! I feel so light already! And another great news is that both of my implants were intact! My right implant was just a little out of place and that's probably why I felt difference in shape and texture and had pain. I was so relieved to see that both of them were intact. I go see my ps tomorrow morning and he's going to unwrap the compression bra. I'm scared to see what's under there but excited at the same time! I'll keep you ladies posted! :D
Thank you for sharing your story. I can't wait to get to the other side and be free of mine. Keep us posted. You look fabulous!
Thank you, I can't wait for you to take them out either because it feels so great to be free of those plastic bags! You will feel so much better! :)
Yippee... so excited for you... How are you feeling? Please keep us posted.

Day 1

Today went considerably well with a little more pain than yesterday. I has almost no pain yesterday and only had to take one extra strength Tylenol pill but today I've taken 3 and doing better.

They gave me my implants in a container after the surgery, and today I finally got them out and got to take a look at them. Before the explantation I really had believed that my right implant had ruptured, so I was so surprised and relieved to hear that they were both intact. They were Allergan Style 40 280 cc.

I went and saw my ps this morning and he unwrapped the compression band and I got to look at them for the first time. They're very flat but I thought everything looked good.

I get to take my first shower tomorrow night! I'll post some pictures after the shower. Good night ladies! :)
Yaaaay!! So happy you are feeling well !!
YES!!! thats amazing... I can wait to get mine out... :)

Day 2

Today's been a lot better than yesterday!
I have virtually no pain and I haven't taken any pain meds. I took a shower too and I feel so much better! My boobs (I don't even know if I should call them boobs..) are very flat and just sad looking. I had very little breast tissue before BA but I hope they fluff up some.

Another thing is that I'm so bloated and constipated..!
I know general anesthesia can do this to you, but this is miserable!
I took some Dulcolax not too long ago so hopefully I'll get better soon. :)

Thank you ladies for all the encouraging words and I'll keep y'all posted! :)
Hey girlie, how are you doing? I go tomorrow for explant. Can't shake this nervousness. Do you have any updated pics?
So happy for you!
Hey girl, how are you doing? I've been waiting on your updates! :-) I'm just a few days from explanting. So very nervous, but also ready for the discomfort I'm having to be gone. If you have time to update with any pics or feelings, would love it. :-) Hope you are healing well. Happy New Year!

Day 9

Hello ladies!!

Sorry I haven't updated the review in a while. Time just flies by and I've been staying busy although I still think about my boobs quite often.

Today was day 9 post explant and I'm happy to say that everything's going well and I'm doing great! The scars are healing up nicely (they're itching so bad though!) and my little ones are fluffing up and looking better every day. I still have those moments sometimes when I just look down and struggle with emotions and wonder what I've done to myself, but I love feeling so light and natural!

It helps to have a loving, supportive husband too.
He's still trying to get used to the "new view" when we're being intimate, but I think he's doing pretty good with the changes!

I'm still wearing sports bras 24/7. (I give them a break every once in a while)
I wear padded sports bras and I wore a wireless bra today with light padding and it was fine for the most part, but I think I'm going to keep wearing sports bras until the scars heal some more.

I'll keep you ladies posted!
Happy New Years!! :D
I had my implants removed yesterday. The op went well even though was nervous. Had the drains put in. Went to see Dr today for checkup. Surprisingly the implants were mainly intact after 23 years. I had a great Dr. The drains come out in 2 days. I am flat with some boobs though. Will get some padded bras. I'm happy I had implants removed.
I'm not sure whether to have new smaller implants or just not have them at all. I will be flat chested when the implants come out. Your replies will help me make a decision. Thanks.
You look AWESOME! Doesn't it feel good?
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