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Smart Lipo on 'Pones' and Tummy - Best Thing I Ever Did!

I had smart lipo on my hip 'pones' and on lower...

I had smart lipo on my hip 'pones' and on lower abs the day before valentine's. I have always been really good about working out but you could not tell because of the way I was shaped. As soon as I saw the doctor for my consult, he said "this is unusual, but it's genetic and you'll never get rid out it. I can tell by your muscle tone that you work out." This made me feel better to know that I wasn't crazy, and it wasn't just that I wasn't working hard enough.

I had a normal weight and BMI already and I was only down about 8 pounds after all the swelling went down (which took longer than I thought it would). All the bruising and most of the numbness is gone at 2 months, I still have a little hardness from scar tissue and the incision holes are healed but still red and I do have a little numbness on my skin surface left.

Overall I look so much better, especially in clothes. I've never had so much confidence and have found renewed motivation to work out harder than I already was.

Anybody who says their lipo was not worth it either had a horrible doctor or didn't need it badly in the first place. It won't make a huge difference on small problems. You can see from my pictures that mine was no small problem.

Dr. Faucett at Trio

Dr. is experienced but has a lot to be desired in the way of bedside manner. There were things like the numbness and amount of scar tissue he didn't mention, but he got me the redults I was looking for.

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wow- they did an unbelievable job- im so glad youre happy with the results- you SHOULD be- theyre fantastic
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You look great!!
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Thanks for your story. Another Smart lipo success. From MIAMI Dr. B
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Also, how long after your surgery were you able to start working out again?
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I went back to full workouts in 2 weeks.
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Wow! You look amazing. I just had smartlipo on 4/2/10, and am hoping the swelling goes down. My stomach isn't tight yet and I can still feel the fluid in my stomach and flanks. I know I need to have patience. After seeing your photos it has really helped reinsure myself that it takes time. Thanks for sharing. =)
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Even now at 3 months there is still more improvement. Don't stop wearing your garmet or at least something like spanx, it still makes a difference when I wear spanx for a few day and then go a few days without it. They say up to 4 months out it can still make a difference.
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Big change-good for you :)
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