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43 and Back to Braces (Not too Late) - Mississauga, ON

In my teens I had metal dental braces to correct...

In my teens I had metal dental braces to correct both an overbite and some upper row gaps at mid line. I was given a retainer back then, but stopped wearing it many years ago. Over the year my teeth returned back to their original post braces position. I did not want to wear metal braces again for many reasons and opted for invisalign when my trusted dentist began to offer the procedure in his office. I currently on my 6th set of 13 (26 weeks) and noticing positive progression. My experience has been good so far.

The retainers come with added dental maintenance and must be removed for eating and drinking (except water). I would not recommend these for a teenager or a forgetful type of a person. The retainer could easily be thrown out (experience as a teen). Also if cleaning is not maintained I could see gum and teeth issues becoming apparent.
I'm liking the results but it comes with some discomfort with first few days of new retainer set and added brushing. I use a spray bottle with 3% peroxide that I use to clean the retainers and leave solution on when not in use (eating) and brush/rince them prior to reinsertion. Best of luck to everyone else

Hardy Limeback

Dr.Hardy Limeback gives the confidence that he is a sincere doctor first, a business man second. A competent individual with accolades to prove it (Professor at U of T preventative dentistry). Never gave me the feeling of the "fill and bill" type of dentist that exist in great numbers. Easy to talk to and answers questions with out issue. Previous dentist wanted to cap tooth. Dr.Limeback was able to build on existing tooth and saved me both money and future capping on tooth.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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I'm in my late 20's and I'm thinking about braces to correct my overbite. Can they do that?
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I think Invisalign works best for gaps and overbites. Those were 2 main concerns of mine that were addressed. I stress that retainers permanent or nightly post treatment are a must in order to maintain correction
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I've read a few blogs of people going to their Mississauga dentist and trying Invisalign, that it's supposed to more invisible and all that, but your personal account is the most detailed I've heard of the actual experience, especially with including things to watch out for and how it might take some getting used to. I'm glad it's working out for you so far! I had an overbite corrected in my teens too with 3 years of braces, and when I stopped wearing my retainer, a gap gradually began to appear in my upper teeth. It isn't overly noticeable now, but if it gets worse in the future I think I'll consider Invisalign. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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R/O water not the best for tea/coffee because of the lower mineral content. Ideally 150ppm mineral content is suggested according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. I've been know to ad some spring water on weekend when brewing up a good coffee as opposed to my M-F work coffee. I never drink coffee/tea with Invisalign due to staining, well maybe for green tea, when ending set.
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Good for you for deciding to get Inivsalign! I'm so glad to hear it is going well for you. Your teeth are looking great already in the picture you posted of them. :)

If you have figured out any good ways to discreetly remove them when you are at a restaurant another community member, CraftyMama, is asking for tips on how to do that in her review. I'm sure she would love to hear your advice!

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I've been inspired to do other changes in my life to go along with my upcoming new teeth. Bought a new bike and started doing more biking and more walking. Gave up gluten, HFCS, MSG and switched many foods to organic. Drink R/O water or spring water. Minimize my fluoride exposure. Lost 10lbs so far and some distension. Looking for a weight goal of under 200 currently at 210. I'm 6'1.
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Great going. It's amazing how one thing leads to another. Good luck on reaching all your goals. And thanks for the tip on using the peroxide.
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Wow, talk about adopting a healthy lifestyle!! Way to go! Do you find the R/O water tastes a bit bland? An office I worked at years ago had a R/O system and the water always seemed to lack flavor (not that water really has flavor, but I think you know what I mean).

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I usually mix the water with a bit of cranberry juice. Best might good spring water from a reputable source and bottler but kind of hard to get that plumbed in. R/O gives me the advantage of plumbing it in. I use it for boiling foods, coffee, tea etc.. I use an R/O system with a permeate pump, reducing the waste water ratio.
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Never thought about mixing in a little cranberry juice - good idea! I bet you can't even tell in coffee and tea. Sounds like you have found the way to do it. :)

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