Healing Time After Mole Removal - Mississauga, ON

8 days ago I had a mole remove around breast area...

8 days ago I had a mole remove around breast area and on my neck. The neck one healed beautifully the other not sure. This is how it looks today 8 days after the procedure. I have been applying Polysporin and covering with band aid.
Any thoughts of how it looks and long it will take to heal?
Anything else I can do to speed up the process of healing?

Thank you.
Dr. Eisenberg

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Silicone sheeting would help that scar beautifully...
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Thank you I will try it!
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I had one on the side of my knee that took a very long time to heal. I was told to keep it moist with Vaseline so it could heal from the inside out. BTW... mine looked like that too for quite a while.
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Than you so much! Its healed now but now I have ugly pink scar :( I should have never done it!
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