Nice bras watch out

Like most, I have had large breasts since I was...

Like most, I have had large breasts since I was young. Have gone through life with men holding conversations with my chest.Lol They are heavy and awkward and I have never felt that they were sexy, but more of a pain. I turned 50 and I figured its about time to do something about it. It will be sooo nice to wear a bathing suit that is actually flattering and slinky summer tops that don't require a huge bra. I am really excited and nervous, but mostly excited


Don't be will love it after all is said and done . My surgery was Monday the 15 . And except for a little discomfort I feel great . I'm 54 and was so ready that I didn't have any negative thoughts about the surgery. Its already soooo worth it. Best of luck to you.
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I am so looking forward to having small boobs but not sleeping on my back for an extended period of time lol. Thanks for the words of encouragement. So glad things went well for you :)

Boy, it's really shows how large you are when you...

Boy, it's really shows how large you are when you see them on film. I know they are not as large as some, but still bothersome. I am sooo glad I am getting this done :)

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Went for my preop, blood work and ECG this week,...

Went for my preop, blood work and ECG this week, so I am good to go. I am not usually nervous about surgery, but for some reason it's doing my head in lol. What if I am too small or not small enough. I know it will be fine, but its stressing me out. I am a very positive person so maybe I am pms'ing lol. 2.5 weeks to go. Yippee :)


I was worried about the back sleeping as well, but have put a pillow roll under my knees, propped pillows on each side of me and then take a Vicodin and muscle relaxer and I'm good to go! Plus I am up every 2 hours to go potty anyways, but am able to fall back to sleep pretty easily. I will follow your progress, SO excited for you!!!
I was surrounded by so many pillows that it was hilarious ! But what ever it takes to be comfortable is OK with me . This has truly been the easiest surgery ever. And except for soreness I feel like I can do my normal routine. That's not true of course with the stitches and healing . But at 2 weeks post-open tomorrow I feel great!
Thanks for your comments. Glad that it will be easier than it sounds. I am getting excited now and can't wait. I keep thinking slinky tops and it brings a smile to my face. :)

9 days to go!!!Now I just want it over with. It...

9 days to go!!!Now I just want it over with. It seems like its taking forever. I went to pay my PS last week and they asked me if I have had a weight changes of more than 10 lbs. I have lost 20 lbs, so now I have to have another appt before surgery. I have picked up pj's, front button as required, some best form sport bras, cocoa butter and some non-stick gauze pads. I am ready to go except for a couple of things. I was shopping today and was checking out the bra section, and I just kept smiling. SOON!!! Lol lol. Can't wait to wear a normal sports bra and more importantly, a pretty bra :)))))


So excited for you!!! This is the best thing I've ever done for my health. Even with the soreness I would do this again in a heartbeat.
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I wonder what kind of reduction will you have? anchor or lollipop? Also I wonder why you had to pay your PS, Im from BC and mine will be covered by insurance.
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I am having the lollipop proceedure. I had to pay my PS for the lipo done. Our provincial health benefits considers any lipo done for breast reduction cosmetic. Crazy, I know

Saw my PS today. All set. Just need to show up and...

Saw my PS today. All set. Just need to show up and get smaller boobs :) I asked him how much he thought he would take and he said probably half the weight. I hope they remove enough. That's one thing I am anxious about, is that I am still big, but I am sure it will be fine. No more neck and back pain :)


I also had to pay for the lipo w the breast reduction for the under arms. 997.00. I feel that my boobs start under my arms and should be included, but its not. On the plus side, my DR told me that if I paid for the underarms, he would do my back roll for free :). I go on the 28th and have some before pics up.....Happy Healing

Getting my you know what in order. Grocery...

Getting my you know what in order. Grocery shopping tmo and then I am set to go on Tuesday. I am going into this very excited and only a little anxious. I really can't wait. Got my work stuff all settled, so time off will be worry free and I only have to concentrate on healing. My friends are so awesome. They are making my favorite dishes to bring over. I am feeling truly blessed by all this. Being able to have this surgery, family, friends and of course all the info I have learned on here. Lets get this done! Lol


I am putting some good mojo into the universe for you!
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Thanks!! Appreciate the good mojo :)
Good luck tomorrow Hun! Make sure you get lots of rest, drink water and eat lots of protein! You're gonna love the new girls!
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I made it!!! I am on the other side. I am doing...

I made it!!! I am on the other side. I am doing really well. I am on he'd rest until tomorrow. Have some good drugs. Everybody was so good to me. I will post pics when my caregiver/friend lets me out of bed. She's very strict lol. My friend is spoiling me rotten. My pain level right now is about a 1. So happy :)

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Oops bed lol

Oops bed lol


Congrats! Rest well and enjoy the spoiling.
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Yay they are finally gone :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Now rest and take very good care of your new girls . Congrats!
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Congrats. I go on the 28th for my br. Keep those friends close and enjoy all the help you are offered....happy healing and I look forward to your pics
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Doing really well. Hardly any pain at all. Just...

Doing really well. Hardly any pain at all. Just had a shower and am air drying my new babies. I love them. You can see there's lots of bruising from the lipo, but its actually better than yesterday already. The Dr gave ocy's but I am having a hard time sleeping, so will ask if I can switch to something else . All in all I feel really good. My friend is spoiling me rotten. So happy this is finally over and done. Woohoo!!!!!


Your doctor did a great job! Can you tell me how much he took out and what you think your size is gonna be? Im assuming there is a little bit of swelling.
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So beautiful! We both have beautiful boobs from such an amazing surgeon! I'm almost 2 weeks and my bruising is almost gone. So glad you're doing well and love them.
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Thanks boulder holders. I am very happy so far. Can't wait to get staples out. Shower was awesome. I will keep you posted. Can't wait to see your update :)

8 days Post Op

I had my first post op visit yesterday. I had the staples removed. Very happy about that. I stopped all meds after day 2. Didn't need them anymore and they made sleeping difficult. My PS said to shower everyday. I have to take a wash cloth and clean the area really well and only wear surgical bra. The area has been itchy, but not as bad as I was expecting. At first, I was freaked out. My breasts looked foreign to me and washing them gave me the heebie jeebies lol. Now I am in love. The nurse yesterday said I was healing well and once I am healed and the scabs are gone, I can start with the Mepiform scar treatment sheets. They are not cheap, but asked my pharmacist if they could get them and very happy to report they can and for less than one third of the cost from my PS office. I can drive now, so I have been everywhere lol. Went grocery shopping last night and that went well. I have been lucky with my healing so far. No setbacks. Still trying not to overdo it tho. I don't want any splits. Will post more in a few days. :)


Your results look great, and you were still left with a nice size. That is one of my worries is that I will feel like I'm left with nothing :(. I just got to hope for the best. Happy healing and I look forward to reading through your recovery. I go next week
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Congrats on a problem free recovery!!! Results looking good!
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Thank you Notsoboobalicious. Hopefully it continues this way.


Holy crap. Lol. Think I have been doing tooooo much. I am really swollen. Got some arnica gel. Any other suggestions? Please :)


Hi BooBGone I was wondering if you would mind posting an after pic now that your more then 2 months post op :) I really hope you get this message I'd really like to see how they have turned out now that the swelling is gone. Still considering Dr. Lista for this fall THANK YOU :)
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Try icing but not too much, i iced My second week for 10 min each hour, that helped a lot
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Wow, your PS did a great job. Mine still dont feel like they belong to me! LOL
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