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So two months ago I decided to get breast...

So two months ago I decided to get breast augmentation with Dr. Lista. I was so undecided on the size I had three fittings!! I had quite a range from 375ccs 400ccs 450ccs and 475ccs.

I loved the 375s first but then tried the 400s and felt perfect. He said they will be smaller under the muscle so go with 450. The change from 375 ccs to 450 seemed like a big leap. But I though what the hell take it.

What I wanted was to look great naked and yes big! ;) (but only when I WANTED them to look this way) I wanted to be able to put on a shirt and hide them or dress them down if need be. So this is why he thought this was a good size.

I just had my surgery today and when I lift up my shirt they look huge and worry me. But I just can't really know until some time has passed. Then when I put my pajama shirt on they look perfectly dressed down.

Dr lista was very patient as I came to see him three times to ask his opinion on size.

My patient coordinater Tara was very sweet with all the calls I received pre surgery. She made sure I had done everything I could to make the experience better.

The nurse who took care of my post surgery Francine is one of the most hardworking good people I have ever met. She was hilarious and paid attention to every little thing I needed.

The staff in general are all there to give the best possible service. They try hard and it is visible. They do their job and they love their jobs. It's a great team.

This is pretty miniscule but:
The only thing I advise is that they always make you show up an hour early. I was there at 10:15am and didn't get in until 11:20. Meaning I sat in the waiting area for a long time. I could have come at 11 and had less anxiety waiting and waiting.
Now that a week has passed, how do you feel about the size of your implants? I coincidentally had a BA the exact same day as you, with Dr. Lista as well, in the afternoon. I am really, really disappointed with my results. One week out and it seems like most of the swelling is gone... my 371cc silicone gel implants look so, SO small. I am mortified that I paid $9000 for these. I'm jealous you went with 450, but Dr. Lista never helped me with sizing. I was only able to try on sizers with a consultant, and she was very hands off about the sizes (i.e. wouldn't give her opinion, just said "it's up to you").
Hey I do not know if I reply if you will get an email notification but I have updated my post above and think I have answered your questions ^^.
You look great!

8 Months post-op

I have kept myself from writing an update because I have tried to give myself time to settle and heal so that I may give an informed and accurate update. After going 450cc's in January 2013 not only do I regret going so damn big but now my implants have "bottomed out". Although my nipples were rather high from the get go they were not so that they were pointing to the sky.

I have buyer's remorse and miss my small natural perky breasts. I finally went in to see Dr. Lista about this problem he seemed upset this happened to me and offered to fix it for free. Which I was not expecting. I am seriously contemplating going to 350-375 cc now. I feel very top heavy.

The reason I went so big was that every girl whom I have ever spoken to wished she'd gone bigger. I also read this same thing in many reviews so thought that I would not make the same mistake. I realize now my personality is much too big to have matching breasts the same size. I am a small breasted girl on the inside and sort of wish my exterior matched my interior.

My next update will be when I decide whether or not I will go smaller or just simply let Dr.Lista perform a capsulorrhaphy and just deal with what I've gotten myself into.

I am embarrassed to even share these photos but must do it for anyone in my position who is weary about what size to go. If you find yourself to be a "guy's girl" or a "tom boy" or a "the jester of the group" do not get this size breast implants. Another good reason to not go too big is because of this issue where the implant it just too heavy and the skin is just too thin and can't support it. You end up with this ^^
Thank you for sharing your story with us on RealSelf. You're right, it seems like a lot pf women wish they had gone bigger. It's important for others to see that sometimes that's not the case. It sounds like you feel uncomfortable all around. Will your doctor consider a smaller size when correcting the CC? Take care and please keep us posted!!
Hey, you had a such nice natural pair before! & if you don't mind me saying so -- I think you should just remove. That's what I did, and that's what I would tell you in person if you I knew you as a friend, or a sister. Implants look cool in pictures, but they only cause problems and they are such a burden to carry around everywhere lol. Mine bottomed out as well, which is almost always the fault of the surgeon by the way... Meaning no wonder your ps felt bad and wanted to make it right. He messed up! Anyways, I'm sorry your going through this, it's a tough lesson to learn. But I'm sure you'll be able to come to a decision that makes you feel happy and right in your body again! :)
I think you have beautiful breasts!! It looks to me in your before pix your nipples naturally are higher (which I like bc mine are lower, grass is always greener right??). No matter what though you need to be happy :) if your Dr is willing to fix for free, do it! I suggest going to a bunch of PS who give free consults and get their opinion on what they would do do achieve exactly what you want. This way when you go back to your dr you will come into the appointment with more info :) I wish you the best if luck, and please know, you look beautiful as is ;) so try not to freak out, so easy for us women to do ;)
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His bedside manner is amazing. He is funny and he cares. He's cares. That is so important to me. When I saw him for the third time for my third fitting I said "look I need you to care about me and my boobs" (blunt I know) he replied "I care about every thing I do and all of my patients." I believed him and I was not disappointed. It is my first day that is so we will see. But if you want a good doctor I would recommend him. A lot of doctors can do your BA but how many will care and not treat you like a number? For now I will have my tubes removed tomorrow and update soon.

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