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For the longest time I've wanted bigger and fuller...

For the longest time I've wanted bigger and fuller boobs. So my solution was to wear padded bras all the time, and for the past 2 years I've been using the "Marilyn Monroe " style ones that make you two sizes bigger, and I love them and it looks so natural, and I was confident while wearing it, but after getting home from work and taking it off, I just felt sad, it was a major blow to my self esteem. So it was this year that I decided to finally get a BA.

I have decided to go with The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga. I actually found it on my way to work, after doing some research I booked a consultation. I met with Dr. Lista and right away he helped to put me at ease. I had walked in with a full list of questions and he answered them all and was great at explaining his reasons for why certain things were recommended over others, and I asked many follow up questions( I'm the type of person that needs to know everything). He took my measurements and suggested that I go with silicone gel, textured, round, above the muscle, with I believe it was a moderate profile. I agreed completely, and he sent in a patient coordinator to help me try on sizers. After trying on each pair from the range he had provided, I decided to go with the 400cc's. I always say, go big or go home, so I couldn't very we'll not take my own advice. Ohh I should mention my stats, I'm 25,5'8, 150lbs, and according to VS a C cup, but I think I'm closer to a full B.

So that's a bit of the back story and now I'm just waiting for my surgery date, which is only two weeks away. With each day that passes I grow more excited, and also more anxious. I am so happy that my boyfriend found realself, it has helped me so much to read that other women are going through the same things that I am! It has raised some questions though, mostly I am not too worried about the pain, but more so about the bloating, does it happen to everyone? And how long does it last, or how do you make it go away?

Any advice and comments are greatly appreciated, thanks ladies!
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If you're talking about tummy bloating from surgery, most woman don't have that problem. However when you get home post op and start taking the pain meds, that can cause some bad bloating. Drink lots of water and you can also take stool softeners
Thanks for the help, zqueen33,water I will be drinking for sure! I've also been advised to try Metamucil mixed with some oj , and there are stool softeners included in the post op medication.

7 Days!!!

Okay so I promise that tomorrow I will upload a photo, but right now it's 12am and all I really want to do is sleep. So my surgery is 7 days from today and I am excited, nervous, anxious and a whole other bunch of other emotions. I just can't believe that is is so soon, the anticipation is killing me, I just want to have it be done already! I am getting my medication by the end of the week and then... Just through the weekend and that's it! The only downside is that I have to work on the Sunday night ,so it makes not having water or food harder. I work in a bar and we tend to close late, but oh we'll, I'll just have to tough it out. Tomorrow I will update with a photo.
Have a great night everyone!
Good luck! I'm 2 days behind you-though 11/12/13 was my original date. Keep us posted. Pics are great when you get a chance!
Good Luck! You must be soo excited! I look forward to seeing pictures :)


So my patient coordinator called yesterday and told me that my surgery was going to have to be postponed, thankfully it is only till the next day, so I will not have to move anything around. Luckily, the bf and I have the whole week of together anyway, so that he can stay home and take care of me, so this wasn't a big deal. It felt like a a bit of a letdown though, I was so amped up for it, but I mean it is only one day. I'm just waiting for them to call me with my new surgery time .

Anyway, as promised I will upload some pictures, some things that I've noticed that I didn't notice as much before taking pictures is that my right breast is much fuller at the bottom than the left, I suppose that this is because I'm right handed?, anyone else have this issue?, I'm Going to make sure that I make it very clear to my PS that I want them to be as symmetrical as possible before surgery.

I must remember that these are before pictures, I'm nervous about posting them, but I'm going to be brave like so many of you other ladies and just do it!
Congrats on your upcoming BA. I also went to Dr Lista. I'm at my 2 week post op as we speak. He is amazing. You will not be disappointed. I am in love with my boobies! Good luck, and relax!
Thank you so much!! It makes me feel really good to hear that, especially from someone who had the same PS. I am so excited, I cannot wait!
Congrats:) for your upcoming BA, that's so exciting.

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Tomorrow, tomorrow.., I'll have boobs, tomorrow...I'm excited it's at 4:15 and I can't wait. I'm
Not looking forward to using that surgical soap tonight and tomorrow though, I hate the feeling of dry skin, but beauty is pain right? Haha. The bf has done a really good job of keeping me distracted and not letting me obsess today, and I love him so much for it. I'll try to update tomorrow before I go in, if not I'll see you on the other side ladies!!
Hope all goes great for tomorrow :)
Thanks it went really well, took about an hour and fifteen minutes, got in about 4:45/5:00. And out and discharged by about 7:20

On the other side!

Ladies I will post a better review tomorrow, as it stands now I'm doing well ,just have a lot of pressure and tightness, I'll take some pictures and post them soon, but I love the size I know they will look great when the swelling is gone,thank you everyone for all the well wishes
Can't wait to see some photos! :-)
How many CCs did you get??
400cc's silicone gel, sub glandular
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