Done!!! 500ccs, Cohesive Gel, Round, Smooth, High Profile!

I have wanted to get a BA for 10 years. I work...

I have wanted to get a BA for 10 years. I work out 6 times a week and am very happy with my body, except of course my small, saggy breasts. This website has been amazing. It makes me happy to see the path that other women have gone down. I have the same questions and concerns as most of you. I have so many friends in the medical profession and I have done so much research. I chose my PS after many consults and referrals. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Lista. Now the size debate begins.....He recommends Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear), round implants, Armpit incision, with a range from 375-500 cc’s. Not sure about which profile yet, it is between moderate or high. I will post my before pics in a bit.
Congratulations first of all ! That seems to be the question for all of us. If you PS knows what your goal is then he/she can come up with the right size. Like I am sure you have read on this site before. You can't really go by cup size or cc's because every one is different depending on your size and build. Wish you the best of luck and I drove myself crazy going back and forth. But I am very happy with my results told my PS what I was hoping for and he agreed with me on what I came up with. (pretty much from trying the sizers on)
I am driving myself crazy too. It seems like so many women wish they went bigger!
Wow.... You are 50?!?!? Incredible body.

Before pics

Congrats! I am from the GTA as well and am planning to book a consult w Dr Lista. Looking forward to hearing about your experience!
He is amazing. I have a family member who is a medical rep for one of the implant companies. She was just at a conference and his name came up the entire week as being one of the best in the country. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Going Thursday to try on sizers again.

Worried that 475 is going to be too big.
Thanks for sharing your pics. I'm 36 years old and have my BA (and Tummy Tuck) scheduled for March 18th in the GTA as well. My Surgeon recommends going with 500cc Cohesive Gel High Profile implants, but I'm SCARED that this is too big for me. Have you made a final decision on what size? I go in a week from Wednesday to have my pre-op appt. and have to have decided by then (so they can order everything.)
I am going this Thursday to try on sizers again. I'm so unsure. My PS said he does not do big round fake breasts. I chose him bc he has such a great reputation for fantastic natural looking BA's. It seems like so many women wish they had gone bigger!! I'll post pictures from the sizers appt Thursday.
My ps recommended 500cc but once operating he went with the 475cc for me :)

Wish pics

A few of my wish after looks

BA is scheduled for April 16th!!!!

I forgot to post my surgery date...... April 16th!! Only 7 1/2 more weeks to go!!!!
I am glad to hear you're going again to try on sizers. Sometimes choosing your size is half the battle. I love your wish boob photos and assume you're sharing them with your surgeon. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Going with 500cc' anyway lol

I met with my patient coordinator and brought lots of clothing. She gave me sizers without telling me the size. Smart.......I laughed at the first ones and said they feel way to normal (they were 425's) I asked for the next ones, and they felt large but great. I tried on tons of clothes and everything looked awesome. At this point I didn't know either size......I thought the first were 325's. I thought the 2nd was 450's......I asked for the next size up and she said that is it. He won't go larger. I was shocked. Made my decision a lot easier. :-)
Nat - I'm just coming back and commenting again. I had my pre-op appointment on February 26th and at my surgeons urging, I've decided to go with the 500CC's Ultra High Profile Cohesive Gel implants. I'm still terrified that it's too big, but after being honest about my fears (everything in me is telling me smaller is better, as that's been my thinking for over 20 years) she said that if I'm unhappy with the results, because she made the recommendation, she would make any changes or revisions until I was happy. So after discussing with DH (who told me to trust her judgement) I'm going with the 500CC's...GAH! My surgery is now a little over 36 hours away and I'm getting nervous. Hopefully all goes well (I just posted my story in the 'Mommy Makeover' thread, as I'm have the BA and TT all at the same time.) and hoping for both our sakes, that the 500cc's are the perfect size. Good luck!
How did everything go?
Things went great...I ended up with 480cc's mentorn cohesive gel implants and they are the perfect size for me...any bigger and I think they would've been too big! Are you getting excited? I had my drains removed last night and will post some of my pictures!

Only 2 weeks away!!!!!!!

I can't believe my surgery is only 2 weeks from today. I'm so excited. I went to see PS about size and to show him wish pics. He said to go with the 500cc. He said they will look fantastic and to go for it. I'm small and it seems big, but he has measured me 3 times so I am trusting his opinion. He will not do big, fake looking boobs at his clinic. Great reputation for natural looking breasts. Going today to pay the $8000 balance. Ya!!!!! Not really nervous, just super anxious.
I think 500CC will look great on your frame! I went with 450CC and im 5'1 and i dont feel like they overpower my body.
I also just wanted to say the my husband told me to trust my plastic surgeons opinion, and I did and I'm glad I did, she was totally right and it's possible I would've been disappointed had I gone smaller like my instinct was. However I have big hips and big shoulders, so I balanced out well!

3 days to go.........Very Anxious!!!!!!

I can't sleep because I'm so excited. I am trying to get everything ready. I didn't get a list of things to buy. My consultant said they provide me with everything I need. All I have to bring is freshly washed pj's, a robe and flat shoes. I haven't been able to shave for almost 2 weeks. My legs are look horrific. They said it's to make sure I don't get rashes or ingrown which can lead to infection. I can't wear a bra for a month. Just the band. Other than that my biggest worry is taking a month off from the gym.

Full body shot

Today full body shot. Soooo tired of wearing these ridiculous padded bras. Hope the 500ccs will look okay on me!?!?!
Everyone's body is different! My 500cc looks completely different from some other girls on here. But I think it will work amazingly on you!
Thanks!!! I'll let you know in 36 hours!!!!! Eeeek

20 hours from now!!!

Bags packed, house cleaned, my mom is on a plane, I am sooooo ready!!!
Very excited for you!!! Wishing you the best and speedy recovery!! My BA is on the 17th!! ت
All done and it went so well. Feeling good. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!!!!
Thats awesome! Thank you so much!

I did it!!!!!

500ccs, cohesive gel, high profile!! Feeling great so far.. Pain pump is amazing. I hope it keeps going like this!!
Congrats...can't wait to hear about your experience! I ended up with 480 cc's which have proven to be just perfect for me (and thankfully I didn't end up too big, and am fitting into DD bras!)
Congrats! I'm wishing I had gone with 500cc! Can't wait to see your outcome!

First pic

Still feeling great. Eating and lots of little naps. My chest is very tight but I knew that from others posts. Not too bad at all.
Seriously can't get up without help. It's pulls when I sit up and that doesn't feel great but expected that too. I'm so glad that I read so many reviews. Really helps with what to expect. Way better than I thought though.
Getting up from the bed was soooo hard lol. Happy healing and congrats :)
It's so hard depending on someone to do everything. I feel like quite a princess. Lol
It's finally getting a bit better. Looking forward to them dropping now!!!

Ok night....

Took my first pain med (perc) at 8:30 last night. Woke up with pain at 12:30 took some extra strength Tylenol. Woke up at 2:30 and had to go back to the perc. Slept until now. 6:00.I highly recommend anyone who gets a BA to have 2 caregivers. My husband and mother took turns getting up with me so everyone got sleep.
Going for my post op at 8:00. Getting drains and pain pump removed. I will post some better pics when I get home.

Day 2 post op

Drains are out..... Feeling really good. Lots of sleep today.
Congrats! What I good idea to not know the sizes your trying on..I'm so conflicted on what to get but I guess all I can do is wait and see what looks good w my body type...can't wait to see your updates! Looking awesome!
Thanks!! I worried the whole time that the 500ccs were to big, but I love them. No regret or boob greed lol
Keep me posted on the armpit incision please..I'm getting that also..rite in the middle of summer should be awesome to have hairy Pitts lol

Day 3........ Tired!!

I'm off pain meds. They were making me nauseous. Managing fine. My breasts are still so rock hard. This band is killing me too. Finally got to shower. That was amazing. I can't wait until they get softer and start to drop!!
They look great Nat (how weird is it to keep hearing that lol!). I wore the band for 4 days and then was able to take it off. Mine dropped fairly quickly (but I had a big pocket already) and took about 2 weeks to soften, but I've just passed 4 weeks and finally feel like they've stopped changing on a daily basis. I still wear my sports bra at night, but don't feel like everything is going to fall out now! Plus they look killer in a good bra! You are doing great, but don't push yourself too hard.
Thanks!! I know it's only been 3 days. This band is making me crazy. My PS said 2 weeks 24/7..... Then another 2 weeks at night. Arrrrrrr. I'm glad you are doing well and feeling back to yourself. It makes me happy and relieved to hear that it does feel normal again. :))

Hep.....I need advice on the band

I'm in so much pain from wearing the tension band. It is so tight that under my arms and my back are in agony. Everything else is feeling fine. I'm scared to take breaks because the nurse said to only take it off when I shower . Any advice???

That was supposed to say help....not hep

I'm so sore I can't type
I took OFF my tension band because it was cutting into my underarms. After 4 days my PS said I could move to a tensor bandage and to not wear it as tight or as often, but I didn't put it back on (only because my back was raw and bleeding and when I was able to put it back on, my breasts had already dropped.). I would get a tensor bandage and alternate between the two bands, then you don't need to wrap the tensor as tightly and can give yourself a but of a break. I'm also not a doctor, but my breasts are looking great right now!
Ok thanks.... I'm going to email my consultant now and see if I can take more breaks. I fee better after my shower. They feel softer today. I remember thinking how impatient women seemed and now I'm one of them. Just want to feel normal again. I miss taking care of my children too. My 4 year old is having a hard time seeing me and not understanding why I can't play with him. :(

72 hours post op

Didn't sleep well..... Feeling better after shower. They feel softer today....... Ya
LOOking gOOd! My band is irritating my armpits but cant take of until my post-op.
I know it's helping them drop, and Dr Lista wouldn't put any of his patients through this if it didn't have advantages.... Trying to be positive. Lol. I'm not allowed to take mine off until my next post op either. Hope you are healing well!!!

Finally slept through the night!

Only woke up twice last night and just for a few minutes both times. Woke up with serious morning boob..... Yup it is a real thing lol. It is an all over aching of your breast. I never really understood what the heck anyone meant. I think it's from moving after laying still all night. Nerves going crazy, brusing hurting, etc etc.... As soon as I got up and moved around, I felt better. Small price to pay for beautiful boobs :). I can sit up, shower, and clean my incisions by myself now. I'm not doing anything else. Seriously following the post op instructions of not leaving the house for a week.
I need to address what I'm going to wear when I go back to work on Wednesday???? The band sits so high across my chest....... I'm going to be very limited. Front zip light sweaters I guess. I better do some online shopping!!
I didn't buy any bras yet either. My consultant said no bras for a month, but if I needed one it has to be a sports bra that comes down over my ribs. Nothing that pushes the implants up. I have no idea what size I am........
They feel softer today...... Ya!!!

Day 5 pic....

They have dropped some more. Left is higher, and they are still quite hard. Every day it is getting better!!

Almost back to normal..... LOVE having BOOBS!!

My mom left last night..... I had a panic attack, but my husband and daughter picked up where she left off and all is good.
I drove today..... It was fine. More worried about getting my 4 year old in/out of the car. He knows I can't pick him up, so he just jumped up no problem.
Sleep has be rough. Keep waking up every 2-3 hours with a sore back. Doesn't matter how I position pillows.
Each day is better so keeping positive!

New pics..... Love having BOOBS!!!

Feeling great.... Back to regular life except for the gym. That is killing me but only 2 more weeks. No bras for 2 more weeks as well. Can't wait to try some on!!!! I love them sooooooo much. I felt like they were a natural part of me right away. I was ready I guess. Super happy I went with the largest that my PS would do. 500ccs on me is not crazy big. They look awesome with my body. My husband is completely obsessed!! Funny how that works eh!
I love the way they look on you! Exspecially love how they look innp clothes in the last pic u posted. You may have already posted this but what r your stats. I'm In between choosing sizes right now and it's either 500 or 550 so just curious to see others that have similar stats as me that have gotten those same ccs. I'm 5'5 125 lbs
Forgot to mention that you got some rocking abs!! I'm also worried about taking time off from the gym. I feel off when I don't get my workout in for the day, lol
Lol...... Those are my exact stats.. 5"5 126

Getting softer

More selfies
You look amazing!!!!! My surgery is May 29th. I'm so nervous. lol. I also liked how 500cc looked but my PS. Said that will be to big for a lift which is what I'm getting. Hope u have a speedy recovery . ;)
Trust your can't compare size with anyone looks soooo different on each person. Good are almost there.
Thanks for your review! I would love it if you kept us updated especially on your incision. Thanks again, info is such a help!!

3 weeks already!!!

I feel about 90% back to normal. I am still not lifting more than 10 pounds. Massaging lots. They are nice and soft now. I don't really want them to drop anymore.... I went under the muscle so I think they are were they are going to be. I LOVE them!!! I have never been so happy with my Body! A few more tips for those going through this process. Do your research on your PS. Only go with a board certified PS. They should have performed hundreds of these surgeries. Don't look for a bargain boob job! This is your body and health were talking about here. You want the best. Follow your PS pre and post instructions exactly. They give them to you for a reason. Get your ass in shape way before surgery. Trust me, you recover much quicker, plus you need your abs to be strong!!! Just my 2 cents, but I had a fantastic experience.
Love the pics with your long hair and boobs. Makes me want to get extensions! Your boobs look great!
Thanks!! Your boobs are dropping nicely. They are looking so good. They look so much more natural. I'm already used to the size.....I keep telling everyone to go bigger then they feel comfortable with. I worried so much about going to big, but now I can't imagine being any smaller. I would be so disappointed.
Thank you. It's amazing how square they are at first at the amazing changes the first month! I totally agree about the size thing. I do not regret doing big for a second!

Victoria Secret Date night!!!!

So my husband texted me at work yesterday and told me we were having a date night. Our date started with going to VS. I have been dying to get sized but wanted to wait until I was closer to my one month. At the one month mark I can wear any bra I choose!!!! So we went in and I'm a 32 DD - 32 DDD!!!!!! It depended on the bra. Eeeek
Your twins look awesome! Super jealous of your body :(
Thanks..... Just wait., your turn is coming!!
Your looking fab-u-lous!

Showing the girls off....

We finally got some sunshine and warm weather this weekend.........I wore a tank top today and it felt awesome! I am so happy that I finally have boobs. My husband high fived me when I came outside. He loves the way they look. Still think it is so funny how in love he is with them for not really wanting me to have the surgery. No complaints now :)))
Your girls are looking good!!

Back to normal life......

I went back to the gym this week. Felt like when I was starting out. Had to take it slow, but awesome to be moving and lifting light weight again. Was a little worried about how big my boobs look in workout tops, but whatever.........I chose to go big and have to own it. Definitely got a lot of looks bc I am a regular but did my thing, smiled and pretended not to notice. Not the first or the last woman to get a boob job!! Got over my worries by the third day back.
My right breast has dropped a bit faster than the left. They are both nice and soft. I am fitting more a 32DDD, and that is extremely hard to find. VS 34DD feels OK, but I'm not ready to blow $60 a bra yet when I don't know the final outcome. I bought a few and then went to Winners and grabbed a few not so sexy bras for work.
Incisions are fine. They are slowly getting better..... Still not comfortable with how they look. Love everything else.
Not a day has gone by where I have experienced any sadness or regret. I am 110% happy that I finally did this for myself. I wish I had done it as soon as I could after I finished breastfeeding my son three years ago.
Oh and another bonus is I have crazy nipple sensation now. Before surgery not much, now Wow!! Loving that side effect! :))
Sleep is normal now. I go to sleep on my stomach, still feels strange, like I'm laying on beach balls, but I'm getting used to it. Not waking up through the night like before. A bit of morning boob, no pain just a few moments of mild discomfort.
Massaging them a few times a day. Still obsessed with this site. Old habits die hard!! Hope everyone is healing well. xx
WOOOW girl! you totally look like a Barbie doll :-) !!! So excited to read you ENJOY the added nipple sensation, I see so many where its on the 'bad' side of too much sensitivity...that would kill my husband b/c nipples are his weakness LOL..tmi...
Thanks! It's good to read all the different stories. On this site there is no such as Good luck with the pregnancy!!!!
You look awesome!!! Your results are stellar! Total babe!! :)

?This was the best decision...

This was the best decision. I had several consultations and Dr Lista was the standout. He has the reputation for the being the best in the business for a reason. Everything was perfect from the first consultation to my post op visits. The day of my surgery I was calm and confident. His staff are amazing. Surgery was a piece of cake as was my recovery. My results exceeded my expectations. The man

you breasts look amazing. one question, what was the final cost of the surgery including HST? im scheduled for an appointment in september this year :) very excited
That is exciting!! It's only a few weeks away. The cost of the surgery was $8927. There are about $200 of extras after that. Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.
Woohoo I'm scheduled for surgery in November! :) ...can't wait! I'm going trans ax as well 400-425cc HP cohesives! Were yours textured or smooth? And how come he doesn't make his patients wear a post surgical bra? I'm just scared cuz I don't want lateral displacement :$ ah

4 months post op

Feeling great. Loving the dropping and fluffing. Thankful every day that I did this for myself. I love the look and feel of my implants. Both have dropped to the same place now. Scars under arms are fading nicely. Extremely pleased with my results.
Looking great honey!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Clinic is beautiful. Staff is extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Dr. Lista took a lot of time talking to my husband and I, describing the BA, and answering all our questions. My patient consultant is lovely. Helpful, quick to get back to me by phone and email, and knowledgeable. So far, incredible experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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