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I had a missing tooth and another next to it with...

I had a missing tooth and another next to it with infection. I got a great deal on both, no complications. Bone integrated around them with no problems. I wish they there inserted just a bit deeper because they are showing a bit on the tongue side, but at least they are white, not black like titanium implants. Zirconia implants is a preferred option for holistic minded patients and cost the same as titanium, but it greatly depends on where you get them done, some charge as much as 4K a piece without a crown, when I got both placed for $3,600. I would never place titanium, or any other metal in my mouth even if it was half the price, it's just not worth it -- metal allergies, galvanic effect, corrosion, inflammation, bacteria harboring between abutment and the implant and having your implant act as a cell phone antenna... no, thanks! People do not realize that what happens in your mouth affects an entire body! You may get an eye twitch or fatigue, or some other illness and never guess that it was triggered by the materials placed in your mouth. I hope everybody heard of mercury (silver) amalgam fillings by now, but please watch out for metals and BPA containing dental restoration materials! Ask for specification for everything placed in your mouth and keep a record of it! I am speaking from a personal experience and that of many others! If you are placing any implant on the upper jaw make sure the dentist uses guided placement and your sinuses are not damaged. When I placed a third implant in place of #14 tooth I got a severe sinus infection that still is going strong after 3 months! The dentist didn't even attempt to fix it when he did it and sent me home without as little as a painkiller. His name is Gary Larsen from Clovis, CA. Do not trust that guy!
Al Manesh, DDS

Great office, nice staff, pleasant doctor, great special, but had to spend a whole day there due to scheduling mix up and there is only bottled fluoridated water to drink...

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Hi Guardiana!  Thanks for reviewing :).

Could you tell us more about the personal experience that made you realize putting metal in your mouth was bad?  What kinds of symptoms were you getting, for example?  Thanks :).

Also, do you have a picture of your non-metal implants you can share?
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Thousands of dollars down the drain trying to find the cause of health issues I had. Lots of reading, talking to people who had first hand experience they were willing to share. forums, FB pages, yelp contacts, Weston Price Foundation, activist's posts, IAOMT, CeraRoot CEO, his family, fellow dentists, trial and error and talking to more dentists than anyone can imagine being a non-dentist. P.S. How do I add pictures?
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To add pictures:  Click on the "Add an Update to your Review" link.  It'll have title and update fields. At the bottom will be three buttons.  The first is blue and says "post update".  The second is gray and says "Add Photo".  Click on that button and it'll bring up a menu for your computer.  The pictures have to be somewhere you can find them, and that varies depending on what system you're on.  They have to be on your computer, though.  Let me know if this doesn't work for you :).

And I was wondering specifically the types of symptoms you were getting (like headaches or nausea or pain,) so that if others experienced similar types of symptoms, they might be able to look into things like you did.
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Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, metabolic syndrome, heightened sensitivity to food poisoning, eye twitch, having to crank up heater to 78F to feel warm enough in winter. Many chronic illnesses and pains with no detectable source.
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Are you also being treated for hypothyroidism now?  That's not usually something you recover from, once the damage is done.  My hubby has it and has to be on medication for the rest of his life.
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Yeah, that is surely not an easy one to fix, but you always have to look for what triggered it in a first place, something that mainstream doctors are really not good at. I had a mouth full of mercury, most of it was not properly removed (no rubber dam, negative pressure suite, oxygen mask) then replaced by endocrine disrupting "white" fillings. I am in the process to replace them with ceramic metal-free, plastic-free onlays and inlays, I wish I won lottery and got rid of all metal and plastic (still have some crowns porcelain on metal) ceramic is not cheap. Adrenals got better, I am no longer freezing, thyroid is long ways to go. Diet change, supplements and chelation/detox help. A friend of mine was able to quit her thyroid medication, but she has no metal left. Most of dentists will tell you it's anecdotal, but it's no anecdote having this stuff and not being able to do anything about it, but once the metal/plastic is gone spontaneously recover... There are too many anecdotes like that around and I wish the "professionals" were at least honest/ethical enough to tell you about the "controversy" and "anecdotes" of people recovering from MS, severe migraines, irritability, short temper, memory loss, uncontrollable bursts of anger, tingling/numbness, muscle spasms, urinary infections and a flock of other symptoms they suffered from for years and encourage you to do your own research, vs with god like authority tell people "it's safe and effective, trust me, I am a doctor, the rest is quackery!" Look for metal detox groups on FB for real people with real stories, sorry No links are allowed here.
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