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I have had Restylane injections periodically from...

I have had Restylane injections periodically from 2004-2006 with varying results. At first I only had the NL folds and marionettes injected and it looked very good. But here is what eventually happens: I now have permanent needle marks along the NL folds where it has been injected and tiny white bumps close to the skin surface that do not go away. I've also been injected too closely to the surface of the skin and have two areas of blue dots that look like tatoos. Needless to say I don't have it done any longer. The worst experience by far was being talked into having it injected into the tear troughs under my eyes. It was done in July, 2006 and looked horrible. I still have lumps and bumps under my eyes 15 months later. I've been wearing sunglasses since that time. What is worse, the now deflated areas under the eyes are wrinkled and loose and look terrible as well so I have high and low spots under my eyes. Do not let anyone EVER talk you into having it done under the eyes. You will really reget it for years afterward. For what it's worth, these procedures were done by a person who is considered an expert in the field. I have had Juvederm once for lips and NL folds. I like it a lot better. It just seems to disapate and doesn't leave residual white bumps behind. This was done by someone else.
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dia, this is a result of the product being injected to superficially. call your dr. to see if he can dissolve the product since this effect can last a long time.
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I have had Restylane injections twice (nasolabial folds & marionette lines) by the same plastic surgeon and have experienced light blue appearance in the areas of injection. After reading comments on this site, it appears this may be the results of Restylane being injected to close to the surface (tindle effect). Will this effect fade on its own? Do I go back to the same doctor or do I look for another doctor? Any suggestions?
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Sorry about your experience. Juvederm has been shown to be a better option for lips and the tear trough area versus Restylane. Restylane is still a great filler for nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The blue marks (tindle effect) you experience are the results of the Restylane being injected too close to the surface and can be removed with a small injection of Hyaluronidase - the enzyme that breaks down the Hyaluronic acid in Restylane.
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