Miscarriage and Tummy Tuck

I got a TT because of self esteem issues after my...

I got a TT because of self esteem issues after my last pregancy. I don't regret it I just wish I would have waited because I want another baby and I am afraid I wont be able to have kids again.

I had a tummy tuck in 2006 after vaginal delivery in 2004 and now two miscarriages in one year. Is this because of my tummy tuck? Is it possible that because of the surgery that the proper things cant take place for me to carry a baby past 5 wks?
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There are many reasons for miscarriage, but having had a Tummy Tuck is not one of them. I do have patients that have had fullterm pregnancies after a Tummy Tuck, which did stretch their tummy a bit, but did not inhibit the pregnancy at all.
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It has been several years since I have my tummy tuck but my PS would never have touched me if I was considering having another baby. I can't imagine the stress it would put on the scar (work) in that area. Gosh if I gain a few pounds I can feel the pulling in that area.
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I do not think there is any relationship between your tummy tuck and the miscarrage. You need a full work up to see what is the reason for the miscarrage.
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