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Initially I didn't want to add a review. But since...

Initially I didn't want to add a review. But since I was so happy with my result, I thought I'd write one for 2 reasons: first to give something back to this community, which has been a great help and secondly because I think my doctor deserves more attention here on realself, cause if you're interested in chin augmentation/rhinoplasty and you want the best, then dr Davis might be a great choice for you.

First, let me describe how I found my doctor. I think this is THE most important step. Nothing is more helpful to a good outcome than having the right doctor operate on you. I had read some advice from several websites/doctors about how to find a good doctor.

I decided these points were important to me:

* Dual board certification (the doctor must know his theory)

* Good, high resolution, photo's on his website which show what he can do

* Active in the academic community, I think a good and smart doctor publishes scientific articles

* Active in a hospital

*(and to me very important) the doctor should be specialized in the face only !! You'll want a doctor that has done thousands of facial operations, not one who has done thousands of boobjobs, that's not helpful at all.

You'll want him to have a lot of experience in the operation you want from him.

* Google your doctor: you don't want to find a history of malpractice. What I deliberately didn't mention was the amount of 'media attention' a doctor has. Let me clarify why. When I started my research for a doctor, I googled things like "best plastic surgeon" or "best rhinoplasty surgeon" etc. I found doctors in for example NYC, who wrote stuff like "voted as best doctor in the US" on their website. I thought, hmmm, voted by whom ? And after some more research I found that it was just a marketing bureau !! Man, I didn't want a do

ctor who does sleezy stuff like that to operate on me ! Furthermore I found that lot of media coverage is PAID advertisement ! So please be very skeptically there. Also, same thing goes for reviews without photo's. It's damn easy to write a fake review for yourself, so also be very skeptical there as well. I think these are the best tips anyone can give you.

Now, about my experience, I wanted both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. Dr Davis is specialized in just these 2 operations, which I liked a lot. I flew in and met with Dr Davis the day before my surgery. He's a extremely nice man and really understood what I wanted. He added some suggestions, which I really liked and showed how it would look on the computer.

The next day, I went to the hospital (dr Davis operates in the Miramar Hospital). I remember getting the sedation, falling asleep and the next thing I remember is waking up ! I didn't feel any pain at all. However I really disliked not being able to breath through my nose. Of course I knew this would be the case but in my experience it was even worse than I had imagined. Especially since you'll need to cool both eye sockets (for the rhinoplasty) and your chin (for the augmentation), so you're buried under cooling packs, can't see because of that and can only breath through your mouth ! That was way more difficult than I had imagined.

I stayed in the hospital overnight (that's standard with Dr Davis and I really appreciated that, I think it's important a nurse watches over you the first night and you're in a hospital if anything happens, like bleeding) and was SO happy the doctor took the nose packing out the next day (which wasn't half as bad as I had read here, maybe because after 24 hours it's easier to get it out than after 3 days). All in all, I didn't feel any pain at all and didn't take any pain meds either when I got home. Bruising was minimal. I cooled a lot and am still sleeping with my head above my heart.

The second day was bit better than the 1st, the 3rd day already a lot better and after that I pretty much felt normal already. All in all, VERY VERY pleased with the results and both the rhinopolasty and chin augmentation where definately worth it.

Pembroke Pines Facial Plastic Surgeon

I wanted THE best doctor in the US and I think dr Davis might be just that. I found him via this site, where some doctors were advising him in some revision rhinoplasty topics, as a revision specialist. I figured, anyone who is a master at revision, must be a true master at a primary nosejob (since that's considered much easier). I think I was right. He's not only a true master at what he does, he's also a truely nice guy. I strongly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Great review.  Thank you!
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I had an in-person consultation with him and I think he's very professional and honest. He's very experienced and caring, and he really worries about your aesthetic and functional goals. He wants to help. I saw some of his results and I have to say they are amazing: very feminine, natural noses that can breath properly. Before meeting up with him, he was my favorite doctors due to his artistic eye. And, now, after meeting him, I'm completely delighted and feel that, if I undergo surgery with him, even with my challenging nose, I will have very nice results. I encourage everyone who's interested in Dr. Davis work to consult with him, as he will be very realistic and honest regarding your case and your prognosis. I flew from Europe to consult with him and I'm really glad I did it.
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LuCont, I'm going to consult with Dr. Davis on October 12th for a revision and I can't wait..did you have a problem with swelling or anything? How was Dr. Davis' follow up care? Did he always respond very well to questions you had? Is there anything else I should know before going out to see him in October?
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Hi, J Fort! I'm considering Dr. Davis for a revision as well. I live in Spain, so it's difficult and expensive for me to travel just for a consultation. Do you have pictures of his work besides the ones on his website? I need help!!! If you have pictures of Davis' work, please, share them with me! I need to fix my over-grafted, under-projected and over-shortened nose, but I don't know if he has experience with lengthening noses! What is it that you are trying to address in your actual nose?
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Hi Misslila, I'm attempting to fix uneven nostrils, alar collapse and breathing issues..Dr. Davis appears to be extremely qualified for both--more so than anyone I've found. Que padre que eres de Espana, pero si es muy lejos. yo estoy en colorado y voy a viajar miami para consultar a davis primero y despues tener la surgia unos meses despues, creo que si vale la pena a viajar primero a consultarlo. I had a chance to email back and forth with Dr. Davis and tell him exactly my history with my nose and previous surgery and he responded with a very detailed email of what he thinks he can do for me and his experience working with similar cases! I also sent him photos so he could get a good idea of what I have and he replied very fast, he's awesome as far as I can tell! In terms of pictures, what he has on his website is a good start, I don't know of any other pictures, however I'm sure when I go see him in a couple weeks I can update you as to what he has..however if I were you I'd schedule something with him ASAP because he's so booked that you will need to plan at least two months ahead of time to get a consult(I scheduled back in August and this was the only date available). Let me know what you decide to do, we can trade pics if you want!
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Muchas gracias!!!!! Qué bien que escribes español :))))) I'm really glad for you that he seems to be extremely qualified to fix your nose problems. Davis has an amazing aesthetic taste and skill, although I don't know if he's so good as well to lengthen and project noses, which are the most difficult procedures in rhinoplasty. I definitely want to go to the States to consult a couple of surgeons, as here in Europe there's only one who might be able to help me, but I'm not convinced because he's very old (he's in his 70s). I have had the chance to e-mail back and forth with Dr. Davis as well but he told me he cannot give me my exact prognosis until he sees me in-person. I hope I have ear or septal grafts left, because I don't want rib grafts in my nose. :(((( Please, let me know about your consultation with Davis. Muchísimas gracias por tu respuesta. Te mando la mejor energía desde España. ¡Muchos éxitos y suerte!
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Did you have to stay the night in the hospital the day of your surgery, too? I know price should not be a huge matter, however, I do not want to pay for a hospital night's stay for plastic surgery. I've already had a rhino and went home that night and did great....just wondering if he makes all his patients stay at the hospital that night.
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Yes he does make ALL his patients do that but its no less money to have them not stay. Its al factored in to the bill and he cut a special deal with the hospital.
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Ah, I see-so there's no separate cost on the bill for the hospital stay at all?
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Hi there. No I had very minimal swelling. I cooled quite religiously. I didn't need much followup care. He called me the day after I went home (so the 2nd day) to check up on me. After that I think I asked him one or two questions per email and got swift responses. I think it was 2 months after the surgery that we had scheduled a follow up meeting. He checked everything and he saw a slight curve somewhere which he didnt like (I had a hard time seeing it but after he pointed it out, I agreed) and gave me an injection there. It fixed it perfectly (but again, I hadnt even noticed it myself). I'm sure you'll find him not only a great doctor but also a very nice person. All the best to you and good luck with the surgery !
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Hi there ! I assume you've checked out his website ? He also has a HUGE database of pictures of his patients which you can view at his office, but that might be difficult since you'd have to fly in from Barcelona. Maybe if you ask him to email you a couple of 3rd revision pictures, showing just the nose and blurring/cutting out the rest ? I'm sure he won't send out the whole picture because of the privacy but maybe he can solve it like that ? Good luck and all the best anyway !
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Hello! Great review and surgery!
I'm considering Dr. Davis to perform the 3rd revision surgery in my nose. I'm from Barcelona and just can't wait to do it with him. Although I would like to see more pictures of his results, specially in complex revisions.
Do you have any idea where to find more pictures of his work?

I'm so happy you did it right in the beginning... :)
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You're nose looks amazing nice profile man....
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It's over half a year now. After re-reading my review, I just had to upload my original photo: like I wrote, a review without photo is just really not so much worth. I also thought about shooting a new photo (the one I just posted is a few weeks after the operation), but after some examination I had to conclude that my nose and chin look pretty much the same after half a year ! Which is a good thing indeed ;)
Hopefully this review is helpful to the people reading it. I just had to give something back to this community which has been so helpful. Thanks.
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Hi LuCont, I'm glad you had such a good outcome with your surgery. I can never emphasize how important it is to research and get a good doctor!

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Thanks Angie, much appreciated. However I did decide to remove the pictures again. The doctor's site shows enough good quality examples, I don't think mine will add much and I like the privacy. Thanks.
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I'm glad you're so happy with your results. You really look great. Nice aesthetic!

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I deleted my previous photo's. I don't like the idea of being too recognizable here, but then again, I think review's withouth photo at all are way less helpfull. Hence I added a new one, less recognizable but enough to see the result. This is 2 weeks postop.
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That's great! Glad you had a good experience.

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