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OMG! If I even think about the procedure, I get...

OMG! If I even think about the procedure, I get sick to my stomach. I am so nervous. I don't know what has me more stressed, the end result or the possible pain! I cant take narcotics, I;m super sensitive to all meds, so I will be taking very little to any after surgery! And Im nervous that I wont like the results... I know I am not alone, and I am really trying to focus on work or Christmas fun stuff, but i CANT!! I just want to get this done..... I know I a m not alone, I'll try to stay positive and keep everyone posted! Thank you for being here everyone, I can't imagine not having this group!!

Before pictures... gulp

Thought I would throw out some before to try and excite me, take my mind off the stress of it....

4 days to GO!!! And ebverone I am around has Severe Tummy Virus!!

Well, I have 4 days till the big day. My employees at work are dropping like flies with the stomach virus (both ends). I have done everything in my power to not get sick, but you never know what can happen... The worse part is my mom gets in today from South Carolina, we have just a few days together to celebrate the Holidays before the surgery. I truly do not want to be ill with her here, then be laid up from TT. Plus, every time she comes and sees me the poor thing gets some type of virus. Last Christmas she was sick for 7 days!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me ladies... What do you think will happen if I get sick?? Everything is paid for, I cant imagine being able to have TT if I am sick, but they say nonrefundable fee.... Anyone have this happen?

Surgery Postponed..... :-(

I went in for surgery yesterday morning with a fever and chest cold... needless to say they decided I should postpone surgery. I am so devastated, and sad... And to top it off I di feel like crap. I've had a horrible flu.... It took a lot of planning for me to have this, my mom flew here to help take care of me.. I don't know when I'll have another perfect time with my work schedule.. I had one full week off then only had to go in for a half day the following week. Having the holidays really helped me out... I have to go through the waiting again.. the nerves were relentless, now I get to do that again... So SAD!!

4 Day post op

Well, i finallt=y had the surgery.
The first day after was fine, I was so drugged up I don't remember much. The second day ok as well. I was able to eat and get around. BUT the third day- that was no fun!! I was super naseious and sore. Ive had a slight chest cough, so its made the tummy super painful. I stopped taking percocet yesterday when i was naseus. Im taking zofran and it helps abit. As far as the results... Its to early to tell. Im way to emotional and tender to judge. I dont even look at it. My husband took a few pics for me to look at. And most of my friends i show the pics to, they all say it looks good.
Time will tell...
Ok, im tired. ill keep everyone posted!
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Wow - looking good so far! Hope you're recovering well. I am 4 days post op too.
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How is everything going? Do you get the drain out at your next appointment?
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Im getting better.. its been sooo hard!!! I had drain out yesterday. The drain wasn tbad at all though.
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Ahh first bit always painful an draining get entry water an rest! Good luck I'm sure u look fantastic
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I just scheduled my tummy tuck with Dr. Fasching. I can't wait to hear about your tummy tuck journey!!
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When are you scheduled? Ill try to post after, depending on how I feel. Good luck to you as well!!!
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Feb 21st!
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I was sensitive to pain meds as well...you will do GREAT! I managed my pain with tylenol the first couple of weeks with no problem. More uncomfortableness than anything. Ask for Tylenol 3 (tylenol with codeine) I think it works just as good as anything without making you nauscious. Stay strong you will feel so much better about yourself in a couple of weeks:) GOOOD LUCK!!
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Wow 2 days before Christmas you will not enjoy your Christmas you will be in pain! You should read my review as I am now 8 days post op an I can do more but still very sore an tender! If I was you I would get Christmas and new year out the way first! But good luck to you an I hope you are happy with the resaults
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I know its seems bad. But this is the only time I can get some time off from work, and have my family home to take care of me. Besides my son is 16, and we don't do much of anything besides lay around and watch movies... I was wanting the day before but they are booked solid...
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I totally understand your panic. I had a "mommy makeover" that included a tummy tuck with Dr. Fasching a month ago and love my results. He is an amazing surgeon and caring, kind person. He truly wants you to look your best. I'm thrilled with my results and he tells me it's only going to get better with time. The first 12 hours were brutal, the next 24 were bad and it very quickly got better after that. I was down to 3 Advil every 6 hours by the end of day 2. Take it easy, have help-you won't be able to do anything that first week. I understand your panic, but you have the best surgeon (many hospital staff, not even his employees told me that too)-and it is so totally worth it!!
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Thank you for the positive words!!!! They have me taking Tylenol 3, im to nervous to try Percocet. I don't want to get sick from the Vico- and don't like the thought of being out of control or sick from perc... What did you take before the Advil? They say the meds you are on straight from surgery control the pain for the first 12-24c hours post op.. Is that about right? I have my mom and Hubby helping for the first week. Then I'm back to work 10 days after! Ill keep you posted!
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I took Percocet for two days, I have a sensitive stomach to narcotics as well and the Percocet with the Zofran was just fine. I wouldn't say the pain meds from surgery worked for 12-24 hours-sorry! It wasn't terrible pain when I wasn't moving, but getting in and out of the car and bed was brutal the first couple of days. You can do it-I was doing light shopping after 8 days. Just rest as much as you can! The first day was worse than I imagined it would be, but after that I healed much faster than I thought I would.
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