Alive & Kicking:) March 9th FTT W/MR & Lipo - Minnesota

Hi, I am 41 years old, single mom with a beautiful...

Hi, I am 41 years old, single mom with a beautiful teenager daughter. I am 5'6 and 180lbs. Over two years ago I was at 225lbs and when I was pregnant way back when I ballooned up to 240. I had toximia/preeclampsia. I truly have been dreaming for this day for years!:)

I had my surgery at 8:45 this morning. My body hurts (of course) but overall I mentally feel fantastic. Staying in one position is good:) Currently resting in a hotel room as I have a 10:15 appointment tomorrow then I go home which is a 2 hr drive. I must admit I am tired but the body does not want to sleep. So glad I have my laptop:)

I am very happy with my doctor and nurses. Though I know the first 3 days are the hardest I have my eye on the prize -- in time enjoying my improved body:)

I hope to post before pictures this weekend and write updates on my process. Again, my process is early but I will provide more feed back later on my experience. Take Care:)

March 10 - The day after - I slept pretty well. I...

March 10 - The day after - I slept pretty well. I set my alarm clock to take my pain meds at 2am and 6am. I woke up on my own both times (before the alarm went off) as my body was ready for the pain reliever. I also was able to go to the bathroom myself. Again, it hurts but I did do it:)

It was tough to get out of bed...VERY stiff. I could feel everything TT, MR and the lipo on my back. I am pretty well bent over but as I walk I straighten up pretty well.

I had my post op appt. My tummy looks really good. Belly button looks a lot different but like everything else it just needs time. I became faint during my appointment. I think it is because of the meds along with the pain to sit in the chair and that as the most walking I had endured since the surgery. The nurse re-adjusted me and turn on a fan and in a couple minutes I was good. I only have one drain which I am happy about.

I am currently home from the 2 1/2 hour drive. I am suppose to go back in a week to get the drain out. I have a friend who did a mommy makeover and her drain was not ready to be taken out in a week so I am prepared that I may be in the same boat.

I am home alone but seriously I feel well. My good friend lives two blocks way if I need her. I know each day will get better:) I'm going to get a bite to eat and then rest.

Very sore today -- legs, back and tummy. I...

Very sore today -- legs, back and tummy.

I slept in my bed last night. It felt good getting in last night but hard to get out this morning. I think I am going to be sleeping on the couch today.

I do not own a recliner but I am thinking it would be good to have one. It is hard to get comfy, but once you do find the perfect way to sit or lay is then great:)

I just took a long nap and feel A LOT better. The...

I just took a long nap and feel A LOT better. The couch is my friend....we have bonded quite well, lol! No BM yet. Since I have been home I have taken 4 doses. (1 yesterday and three today) I am going to wait three more hours and if nothing I will take another swig. I don't feel uncomfortable just feel like something needs to happen before there is an issue.

Oh, as for me the lipo hurts just as bad as the TT. For some reason I thought the TT would mask the other pain....nope.....I was wrong.

My other suggestion is to document when you take your meds. I just realized I should have taken my muscle relaxing pill about two hours ago (I was sleeping so did not notice any issue but am now feeling it.)

I'm feeling better today, but tired. Had a BM...

I'm feeling better today, but tired. Had a BM last night. Must admit I probably took too much MOM but I will survive.

Today, I am super gassy:( Tummy rumbles and rumbles so I run to the restroom and nothing happens. Decided to have some 7-up. That seems to make it a bit better.

My daughter is coming down with a bad cold. I sure do not need to get that. Her dad was suppose to pick her up at 10am this morning but due to the roads it will not be til later this afternoon or tomorrow.

Thinking of taking a shower tomorrow. Still sore but every day does get better:)

Post Op Day 4. Yes, each day does get better:) I...

Post Op Day 4. Yes, each day does get better:) I washed my CG & stockings & took a shower today. I was very light headed after taking off the garment so I rested for a bit before I got in the shower.

In the shower I did feel faint so I knelt down on my knees. Once I recouped I stood back up. It was a short shower but it felt wonderful! Afterwards I laid down as I was exhausted. Again, I would suggest to everyone who is having a TT to have someone to be with you. If you don't I would suggest that a tub chair would be very smart to have:) I wish I had one.

I also added some pre op pictures and one post op. I am so glad I took pre op pictures because as I heal I can look back & realize what a different the TT, MR and Lipo has made.

Day 5 - Decided to try just tylonel today. So far...

Day 5 - Decided to try just tylonel today. So far so good. I also rubbed Arnica ointment on my bruises it feels like it is making a difference. My body is swollen and my output into my drain is changing to a lighter color which is a good sign.

I worked a 1/2 day from home today. By 2:30 I was ready for a nap. I have not been very hungry but I decided to eat a salad as I know my body needs energy.

I am working a 1/2 day tomorrow. It will be my first day out of the house. I will let you all know how that goes.

Overall, day 5 is great and I am looking forward to day 6.

Today is day 6! I feel fantastic:) Still using...

Today is day 6! I feel fantastic:) Still using Tylenol and finishing up my antibotics. I drove for the first time and all went well. I worked a 1/2 day and now home to do a bit of laundry.

I still have my drain and it bothers me on occasion. The output is still too high so I need to have it for awhile longer. Don't get me wrong there is still pain but overall I feel so much better.

Knock on wood I think I am past the worst part of it all.

13 days post op and my tube is out! I am soooo...

13 days post op and my tube is out! I am soooo happy! I feel great.

I do believe having an exercise routine prior to having surgery is very important. Try to be as healthy as you can be:) I felt that help me bounce back quicker.

Again, a huge thumbs up. Looking forward to when six weeks pass so I can start exercising again.

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Not prepared tp show a picture. Doing great and have had no problems..
There is a small area that is a little fatter? Than the other side but I'm not quibbling. it really does take about months for the numbness to subside.In fact I still feel it occasionally. Best of luck !
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Hey, I'm just wondering how you are doing now? I would love to see an updated pic. I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Fasching about 7 weeks ago and am pretty happy with the results. I don't love my belly button but am hoping that will change. I also am not as flat as I was hoping but I think it's still swelling and think it will get better once I start exercising again. Hope you're doing well!
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thanks, I will try it.. It always helped when I had lower back pain.
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The ice saved me on several occasions.
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I am doing well, however, I realized that I may not have posted my questions and concerns on the right site. I did not have a tummy tuck but (only ) liposuction so that may account for my rapid and steady recovery.
I am so pleased thus far.I still have pain but its only when I change positions or bend down. I try not to focus on it and it does help.
I forgot to ask about using my initial post op instructions told me not to. Perhaps there was concern that I would leave it on too long and given my lack of sensation....

Bottom line.....I am so happy that I did this. In one sense I wish I did it sooner but I guess I wasn't ready or aware that this procedure is safe for those who are healthy.

Thanks for your responses.
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You are numb after the procedure any they don't want the ice directly on your skin.  You are not able to feel it and you do not want to get a burn from it.  If you have some sort of cloth between your skin and the ice pack you will be fine.
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Thanks so much for your response. I am actually feeling very good( for the most part). If I am sitting still, laying down, or walking I have no complaints. It is the moving from sit to stand or getting out of bed that is the most difficult.
Today is day 5. I went into work for 4 hours, ( I can make my own schedule) came home and had our good friends over for dinner. They are unaware of my surgery. My husband cooked out but things were easy and really not effortful.
I've had no additional drainage...and keep my garment on or binder all the times. Sometimes i itch like crazy!
Still have swelling and major brusing in the pubic area as well as numbness . How long will the numbness and swelling last?
I feel that mentally being active is very helpful so I hope it is also helpful for me physically.?
I have my follow up tomorrow so we'll see.

I registered but didn't set up an additional profile.
Was unaware that it was necessary...?
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It sounds like you are doing really well:)   That is excellent news.  You are up and about so quickly and that is completely amazing to me.  At five days post op I was crying in the bed. 

Baby steps so that you do not over do it.  Just listen to your body and if you get tired rest.  No need to cause a possible set back. 

My pubic area also caused me some problems with swelling for a long time.  About all you can do is ice, massage and give it time.  It will all settle down eventually. 

Yes, keeping busy is good for the mind so keep doing whatever you are doing.  It seems to work for you :)

It is not required that you set up a profile but nice if you would like to post pictures etc.  If you would like help with that just let me know and I would be happy to assist.

Let me know how your appointment goes tomorrow.
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I am two days post op for lipo on my upper and lower abdomen and hips. I'm in my mid fifties and my kids are grown. I've always been in pretty good shape and exercise regularly but yet could not get rid of the blubber around the middle.(and it really was quite noticeable) I am 5' 6" and 137 lbs. I had about 4 liters removed!
I am not in pain unless I move and can't tolerate the vicodin (makes me nauceous) Any suggestions? I did sleep better last night as I took a xanox instead of the pain meds. Also I don't think I'm leaking anymore . Will it start again? did most people rest or try and move around?
Do you wear the garment 24/7.?
Have never written on a discussion board before but reading about the woman in Minnesota has helped. Any information about post op course would be helpful.
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Hi bcala,

It sounds like you are doing pretty well:)   Everything will ease up a bit more each day form here on out.  The first three days are the worst and then all up hill.  You are now past that stage so the worst should be over.  How are you feeling now?

Wow you had a really good amount taken off.  I bet you are feeling good about that. 

I am sorry that your pain meds make you sick.  That is not good...did you try Tylenol?   Maybe your doctor could prescribe something different.  Meds work different on each person so it might be worth your time to try something else.   It can't hurt to try..

So your drains are slowing down by the sounds of it.  That is a good thing.  Generally once they slow or stop they usually do not start back up. 

Feel free to ask away with any questions.  We are all here to help.  Did you set up your profile yet?
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You look so good! How are you feeling? We are 3 weeks post op today!!!
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You look amazing!
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Thanks Kimmers! I'm feeling great too:)
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Thank you so much ladies:) You make me smile!!
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Your tummy looks so flat! Yay
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you look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome...I hope mine looks that good after tomorrow.
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Your tummy looks beautiful! :)
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Thank you so much Illinois and bbbrown:)! Each day gets better and better. Yesterday I went off the codine and muscle relaxer and I am feeling great! Using only Tylonel. Don't get me wrong I'm still a bit sore but overall wonderful.

Take care:)
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Looking good MN Sunshine!
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You look great at 4 days...Imagine it in 3 months. Congrats....
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Thank you all for your kind comments. :) Again, I am so glad I took before pictures.

I rarely look at myself in the mirror so these pictures really helped me to see what a difference the surgery has made. Wishing you all the best:)!!
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Wow, your tummy looks amazing! Thanks for posting your pics!
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HOLY MOSES!! You look wonderful!!! Good for you! Things can only keep getting better for you!! :)
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Thank you:) I debated for a long time if I should take before pictures and now I am so glad I did. My tummy actually was stretch more than I thought it was.

I looked at your review and see that your day is coming. I can't wait to see your after pics too:) I am so happy to have this site to visit with others who are in the same boat. Tomorrow is post op day 5. I can't wait. Each day gets better:)
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