10 Days and So Nervous - Minnesota

I'm 36 years old with 3 children. 3 c-sections...

I'm 36 years old with 3 children. 3 c-sections and two of them were 20 months apart. I was fine and could have lived with my stomach after my 2nd child but the 3rd did me in. No matter how much I work out it is gross and flabby.

I am 5'4" and 150 lbs which is still about 20 lbs over my normal weight so I'm super nervous that I might be doing this too early and should lose some more. I've seen some cases where people have lost weight after and it still looks great but I'm just nervous I'm still too fat to do it and for it to look good.

4 more days! Had my pre op today....feeling more...

4 more days! Had my pre op today....feeling more calm now. I've attached two photos of the "beast" known as my stomach.

OMG tomorrow morning at 6:30 am I check in for my...

OMG tomorrow morning at 6:30 am I check in for my surgery. I just said good-night to my 3 kids and I am a basketcase. For some reason saying good-night to them was so hard for me.

I DID IT!!!!!! Woohoo! Procedure took about 2...

I DID IT!!!!!! Woohoo!
Procedure took about 2 hours and they removed THREE lbs of icky stomach!
I came out of the fog ok and felt decent just very tired. We came home and I have been camped out on the lazy boy ever since.
Walking hurts big time right now but I hope it feels better as the days go on.
I have an appt with the PS tomorrow at 12:45

I'm two days out and feeling way better than...

I'm two days out and feeling way better than yesterday! Took a shower today and that felt great!

I am posting a side shot of my tummy. Not the best photo but I'll get some better ones this week.

Attached some better before and after photos in a...

Attached some better before and after photos in a collage

I got my drain out today! Woo-hoo! That felt VERY...

I got my drain out today! Woo-hoo! That felt VERY odd but not as painful as I thought. However my one drain was on the side and not on the pubic area.

5 days out and haven't had to take any meds...

5 days out and haven't had to take any meds for 2 days and feel great. Actually the thing that is bugging me most is my lower back from sleeping odd and being in this binder garment.

I went shopping today at Target and Costco (that place is a mad house on Saturday's and I thought for sure I would get hit by a cart) I played with my kids the best I could and I even busted out the vacuum (gasp!)I am so happy considering on Tuesday the day after the procedure I thought WTH was I thinking the pain was harsh.

Day 6 Post Op Photos. Tummy tuck with muscle...

Day 6 Post Op Photos. Tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo on flanks.

Ok I know this sounds REALLY stupid and I'm...

Ok I know this sounds REALLY stupid and I'm beginning to think that something can't be right but I feel GREAT! and I have since day 5 post op. My swelling isn't too bad and I am not tired.

I am on day 8 post op and am wondering if anyone else has felt good this early on or am I just a total freak!?! Granted I go back to work next week so I know I will probably be laughing at this post next week when I am dying. :)

First day back at work. I must admit I'm...

First day back at work. I must admit I'm pretty tired and its not even 5 pm. I feel fine otherwise besides the swelling that makes me look rather puffy in the middle.

I was getting used to sleeping in till 10 am :) and having my husband do everything with the 3 kids. Back to reality.

Well tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my TT. I...

Well tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my TT.

I feel great except I itch like crazy around my scar. I have these little red bumps around my scar and down around my pubes and its driving me nuts. Has anyone else had these?

I posted some updated photos.
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Hello Daniela don't worry you will be just fine. I had my tt a year ago in March and my breast lift this year in March. The pain from my tt wasn't as bad as I thought is was gona be. Thank GOD. But I had a C section in 2007 and I would say they are alike but the tummy tuck has that tight feeling like if you stand strait you could rip your stiches out. But just take your time. I walked around like a ninety year old for about two weeks. You will be so happy with your results. No more looking like you have a muffin top in your jeans or being shy around your hunny naked!!!!!!!!! Say a prayer for yourself before surgery and just know that you will be feeling like a new woman soon. Good luck!
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OMG your before and after pics are SO amazing! I'm totally going to do that side by side comparison when I get mine end of next week. You look great - good for you!

Can you tell me the comparison of pain in healing from your TT and healing from your c sections? One worse than the other? Or are they similar? thanks!
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Congratulations on your rockin tummy!!! You look great!! It's been very encouraging to follow your recovery and post-op experience. I'll be 2 weeks away from bikini land on Thursday, and I am so ready! We finally have some beautiful sunshine here and I'm so excited to have my TT behind me! One question- how long were you walking bent over?
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Thanks so much. I walked bent over for the first 4 days and then after that I was fine. However I swore for those 4 days that I was never going to be able to stand straight again :D
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YOu look fantastic. I am so swollen still. I maybe doing too much though.

What compression garment are you wearing? I have one of those tank ones, but I think I need to switch to something else.
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Thanks so much!

I wear the compression garment that was given to me on the day of the procedure. Its nothing fancy at all and just wraps around my waist. I also bought a pair of spanx like garments at Target that work great. They are called high waist briefs and come right under the bra line ($16) and that sucker is so tight.

When I am at work I don't wear any garment but I still wear either one of those at night when I get home and am playing with my 3 kids.

Hang in there...It will get better, I promise!
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Look at you sexy thing! You look fantastic! How are you feeling?
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I'm feeling great. Today I didn't wear my compression garment to work and that felt a little odd and I could tell it made me a little sore but other than that I feel great.
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Hello! Sounds like you and I are in the same boat with recovery. I'm having a really easy recovery myself. I felt great after day 3 and was driving already by day 5. I'm wish recovery was this easy for everyone as I've read so many horror stories on here. Happy healing and enjoy your new body!
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I am now two weeks post op and last night was my first night of pain and discomfort. I admit I over did it yesterday cleaning carefully! I felt so good when I woke up. Well last night it hit me like a BRICK=-O. Wow my tummy was spasms, and I felt bloated. I am a few days late for my menstral cycle. And I know Im not PREGO. I had a tubal. I know my body has been threw it. I am taking it real easy today. Anyone else feel like this at that time of the month?
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You look fabulous! Beautiful results- you must be thrilled. Big congrats to you and happy healing.
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God, I hope our tummies really are twins! Your results are great but your recovery sounds even better!
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Amazing results! I am so proud of you for doing this, and so inspired to have my surgery on 4/21. I live in MN as well and can't wait to enjoy the 1 month of beach weather we will have this summer (LOL!) No more trying to hold down my damn tankini top for fear that someone might see my "mighty white rolls!"
Keep the updates coming!
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I'm LOL at the 1 month of summer comment. This winter has been BRUTAL!

You'll love the results of your surgery. Its a few days of some discomfort but its a lifetime of happiness and confidence after that. Keep us posted!
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Lovin' your new bellybutton! It's a cute one. :)
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Thanks! I was so nervous what my belly button would look like. So far I am very happy with it.
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You look so good. I can't even stand up straight yet! Each day is getting better though. CONGRATS to you!!
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I am shocked I am standing up straight because on Wednesday I was confident that I never would again :)
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Wow, you look great. Glad to hear you are feeling great too. My TT is in just 4 days. I got chills when I read your reaction to saying goodnight to your 3 little ones before the surgery. I think I might be the same.
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It's very hard the night before when you kiss the kiddies night but I can assure you that its well worth it after! Best of luck on your TT! Keep us posted.
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Great results Girl! I'm happy to hear you are up and around so much already!
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Your before pics look soooo much like mine. You look awesome!!! Congratulations on your new tummy, it looks great!
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Thank you!
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You look wonderful. Hope I can do as well as you. Keep up the good work.
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Congrats! U did it I felt the same way and am now one week post op. I am also over my ideal weight but my skin probly was a lot more then three pounds. I will ask my Dr today hes comming to check on me soon. Im curious. I was exercising though so I think that helps. I had an extended tummy tuck. And I was walking around and showering my self by the third day no problem. No heavey pain meds only tramadol and an anti inflammatory. Plus antibiotics. Good luck with ur recovery u look great.
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