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RhinoSeptoplasty May 9th - Minnesota

I had my nose broken about 4 years ago or so and...

I had my nose broken about 4 years ago or so and have hated it ever since! It is curved, I have constant trouble breathing and the tip is bulbous:( Finally decided to go through with it this Wednesday(May 9th 2012)! I'm freaking out mainly because I'm terrified of anesthesia !

Being put under was the scariest part for me as well, but looking back on it, it was nothing! You'll do fine. Best of luck with your surgery! 2 more days! :)
wishing you lots of luck! you'll do fine!

I know the anesthesia is scary. That was my worst fear, too. But it's so safe and you're going to do just fine.

Let us know how you feel when you're post op! Deep breaths.


31 hrs and 8 minutes till surgery haha the anxiety...

31 hrs and 8 minutes till surgery haha the anxiety is getting to me lol. Hope I have everything I need!
good luck!! :) it will be fine. I just had mine done. Its not near as bad as they make it out to be!
Thanks everyone for you support! I'll be posting pictures as soon as possible!
Good luck! My surgery is on Wednesday 9th as well. I had a minor surgery before under anesthesia and it was absolutely fine so you really don't have to be scared =)

Just got out of surgery! And boy am I 'drunk' for...

Just got out of surgery! And boy am I 'drunk' for lack of a better analogy! Sleepy time I'll keep you guys updated when I am feeling a little better! Thanks for your support!
Saying a prayer for you
Best of luck today! I am sure you are going to do and look great! Can't wait to see the update.

DAY 2 Feeling AMAZING today! Dr. Gervais is a...

Feeling AMAZING today! Dr. Gervais is a miracle worker. No bruising or pain really besides the corner of my right eye. Swelling is already going down and there is now space between my cast and nose. I took the packing out this morning even though I was supposed to wait until Friday. Called the nurse and she said it was ok. The packing in your nose is the WORST part so much pressure and discomfort, not painful though. Pulling it out felt funny but didn't hurt, it was actually a major relief!
As far as medication goes I am taking Vicodin, an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer, and a homeopathic swelling/bruising minimizing pill. I was also prescribed nausea pills which I am not taking along with rectal suppositories for pain ( which I returned to CVS Pharmacy as soon as the pharmacist told me what they were) I will not be doing those lol. And last but not least Celebrex (pain killer) which I am not taking either because I believe that the negative side effects outweigh the benefits.
P.S. You may notice in the pics that not so lovely bra I am wearing. Well I also had my breasts done at the same time which also turned out amazing. ( For more on that surgery I'll be posting another review in the implant section) Thanks Girls!
glad everything turned out ok. I had a mini tummy tuck and nose job 10 days ago. Wasnt as bad as I expected!!! Glad to hear ur breast dont hurt. Ill be doing that next! :) Take care.
Did/does your nose drip clear fluid alot? Mine is… hmmm. Congrats! Breasts are fun! It's a breeze compared to rhino… I can't even imagine a mini tummy tuck Ouch!!
Mine did drip a little clear not alot tho. It's been 11 days and my face still hurts and I still have purple under my eyes.

DAY 3 OOUUCCCHHH! So all the swelling and...

OOUUCCCHHH! So all the swelling and bruising came 2 days later. In pain. There's ALOT of pressure and I feel like I look like the grinch because by nose and top lip is so puffy and swollen it's pulled up. Not gonna post a pic today its horrendous. Also is it normal to be pussing a little from the incisions? I am on antibiotics. Thanks!
Mine dripped sooo much. Constantly had a tissue up to my nose. I think it was the worst part lol.

Day 5 Feeling ALOT better today! Can't wait to...

Day 5
Feeling ALOT better today! Can't wait to get my cast off!
How are you feeling?
I just got my cast off today! I know I HATE the swelling part, and it takes a while for it to go away unfortunately, but you are going to look amazing! My worst days for pain were towards the end oddly enough... but it feel SO much better when you get your cast taken off trust me. I think it's just the pressure. Keep those frozen peas by your side!

Day 8 Cast off feeling alot better! Just super...

Day 8
Cast off feeling alot better! Just super swollen and waiting impatiently for it to go down. My nose is peeling, probably from being covered for a week. I never had no bruising or black eyes just two little purple lines below my eyes. I will be posting pics later today! I HATE SWELLING! From the generally consensus most goes away in the first month after that 90% within the first year and it will continue to diminish afterwards. On this one website I had seen there was even a huge difference between the one year mark and three year mark! ugh soo long! Oh well still wroth it!
All I can say is this was ALOT less painful than when I broke my nose on accident by myself w/out pain pills. And last but not least I CAN FINALLY BREATH THROUGH BOTH NOSTRILS and no longer wake up stuck to my pillow from drooling LOL!

Oh forgot to say explain what I all had...

Oh forgot to say explain what I all had done:
~Weir Excisions ( Makes nostrils smaller)
~ Spreader Graph ( Fix collapsed nostril)
~ Chiseled down bone that was protruding on right side from breaks
~ Refined tip

I took pictures… kinda upset it still looks...

I took pictures… kinda upset it still looks crooked from the front I HOPE this is just due to swelling. Also the cast i'm supposed to wear at night or just when I am at home looks crooked itself to me … could this be making my nose crooked?
Nana, I just had my nose done on the 30th of april and it was really swollen after the cast was removed and mine peeled also. I had to get a shot in my nose to relieve the swelling. The shot didnt really hurt and it was worth it!! You look amazing! U are going to be pleased once the swelling goes down!
I know it is still swollen, but already you look so gorgeous!
Ps. Love the summer hair color. I was platinum and I kind of miss it, but too much upkeep. Hope you are pleased as well!
I'm feeling really good. It doesn't hurt really, it's more like a constant pressure/numbness/tingling feeling. Can't wait for that to go away! Thanks for asking

Swellings going down a bit! Loving the results…...

Swellings going down a bit! Loving the results… wow my boobs look HUGE in pictures lol they are really not that big!
Hey Nana, how are you feeling and how's everything going?
Girl, you look beautiful!! I can only imagine what it will look like when all the swelling goes down.
I bet you're glad to have the cast off! It looks great already but it will be beautiful when the swelling goes down! Congratulations : )

DAY 20 Kind of depressed :( As the swelling is...

DAY 20

Kind of depressed :( As the swelling is coming down I feel like it is still someone crooked :(
Sorry I didnt mean too fake, you dont look fake to begin with AT ALL. I meant to say I have seen people who got their surgery and still didnt like what they saw so they went for another surgery but it made their nose look bad and fake, when it was good to begin with. thats what I meant sorry for the confusion-I think you look gorgeous and he did a very good job. You still have a natural look
I think it looks very good you look just softer in your nose area... and also your hair looks amazing dark..
you're a very beautiful !!, I think it's just still swollen now. I had my nose so crooked within 1 month but look lots better now ( just a little bit crooked ) after 6 weeks, good luck :)

1 Month 3 Days Still waiting to see final...

1 Month 3 Days

Still waiting to see final results swelling has subsided only minorly. Getting really antsy! Any suggestions for helping the swelling come down? Has anyone had cortisone or any other sort of injections? If so did this help? Thanks!
Wow huge improvement!! I think it's healing really nicely, it doesn't even look swollen. Please stay brunette.. you look so much more natural and beautiful! Seeing your photos just made me really excited for my surgery next week!!!
I agree I don't know what I was thinking going blonde :/ Thank you ! It's a breeze!
Lol I was blond for years.. I'm a natural brunette so I don't know what I was thinking either. btw, did he break your nose?
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