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Pinkness 7 Weeks After Dermabrasion - Minnesota

I had a few very minor wrinkles around my lip...

i had a few very minor wrinkles around my lip.

i'm not sure if the dermabrasion procedure was worth it yet, if i have to keep covering the pink color with makeup, i'd say no, still being patient hoping final result will be an improvement.

Now 4.5 months post surgery and still a little...

now 4.5 months post surgery and still a little pink with 2 small spots that are more noticable, but it is fading every day . i do think there is improvement ,but still don't know if i would want to go thu this recovery again. one of the worst problems was breaking out for the first few months.

i am still quite pink 7 weeks after dermabrasion around my perioral (lip) area. it comes and goes. its very pink after washing my face and then will fade. i'm getting worried my skin tone will never match again.

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Dermabrasion is known to leave a line of demarcation. Most dermatologists will not do "spot" dermabrasion. The erbium lasers are the only protocol currently that is said not to leave it's trail. When done full face, dermabrasion leaves a line of demarcation around the jawline, as it is too severe a procedure for the skin on the neck. So, you must always wear makeup, unless the color difference doesn't bother you. I have several friends who had dermabrasion back in the seventies, when it was the only procedure, other than phenol chemical peels. You may eventually want to do a full face erbium peel, if the demarcation around the mouth continues to bother you.
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thanks for the reassurance.it does get to be long and i was not one to wear makeup,so its a pain covering it up everyday.
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don't worry eventually pinkness will be gone. just be patient and go on with your life. you're lucky you are female you can cover anything with concealer.
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what is concealer?
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Tinted skin-tone makeup, not blush, etc.
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Not the same as skin look. :)
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