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I was nervous and scared but Dr. Luong was very...

I was nervous and scared but Dr. Luong was very helpful and explained everything. She took her time with me. I am so glad I did it and finally feel complete and like a woman.. I am so grateful. I had not a single problem and love it and Dr Luong for giving me back what cancer took away.. Not enough thanks in the world..

Three weeks post op.. First time in swim suit..

Three weeks post op.. First time in swim suit..

Six weeks out

The healing went fast. I love my new breasts. It will be two months June 4th. My PS said it would take two months for the implants to settle. I am almost there.. What an amazing experience... The breast have filled out much more. I have been able to wear sexy clothes and feel so blessed to have had this done.. I will be seeing my PS in Mid June.. Everyone has said what an awesome job she did and everything is even.. I love my girls!!

Tattoo time

I met with my PS yesterday and she said everything is healing nicely . We discussed the nipple procedure, I said no way! Then asked about tattooing the areola and 3 D nipple huh I thought and asked for a hand out on it so I could get the information and go from there. I always want to make an informed decision.. She brought some photos and well lets just say I was amazed!! I am going to be doing that for sure!!! I will be back when its done and post some photos.. Hope it all goes well and yes I requested lidocaine numbing injection.. See you soon....


I went in and had my areola and nipple tattoo done on July 10th.. I am amazed at how well it turned out.. It will take about a month for the colors to lighten but I look in the mirror now and see how great it looks.. I am so glad I decided to do it!!

Feeling Sexy

Loving everything about my reconstruction! I am so excited for my up coming photo shoot. I scheduled a boudior for the 22 nd of this month.. This is the first time in my life that I feel fantastic!!
Stay Blessed!!

Tattoo Faded

After only a little over a month the tattoo faded.. Looks like I have to have a redo! Bummer.

still feeling great!

Went on vacation to the house on the rock. Had a great time . Wore my new swim suit.. Whoo hoo loving life! Making my appointment for redo on tattoo sometime in December.. Hope it takes this time.. Also heres a pic from my 50th birthday.


Yesterday I saw my dermatoligist andh gave me 5 injections in the scar to ruduce the raised tissue and snooth it out and also to help with the redness . I am not sure how long it takes to see results? Does anyone know?


I will be calling to shedule a redo on tattoo as it has vanished almost completely.. Will up date when I am done and how long it lasts this time!:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

close to one year of having my implants in

I had my first mammogram after implants. I was very pleased how well it went. The tech did a great job. When she said she had to push the bag back, i didnt know what it would be like or if it would be painful. It wasnt. Yay and she showed me the photos and it was really cool. Now waiting for results!"loving my girls and my life!


I had my first mammogram after implants a few days ago. Everything went well. The tech did a great job.. I had no pain
The tech said she had to push back the bag , I didnt know how that would work but it did .. Then she showed me the photos. Looked cool with and with out bag..
Now I am waiting for results...
Soon it will be one year since I got my gummies.. Still loving them and life!! Thank you always and forever to my Dr and my team!!
Also I will be getting tattoo redone as soon as this freezing cold weather is gone.. SPRING!!
God Bless!

One year

Today is my one year anniversary of my breast implant reconstruction. I am still loving my girls.. My life is good.. I thank God for taking me through with no complications or infections.. I feel so free with what I can wear.. Its just awesome!!! No regrets.
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Your boobs look.great!!! Can't believe I got screwed, seems all these doctors do an amazing job that's not so painful .... Happy for u :)
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I can't believe it's been a year. I'm also grateful you made it through without any major complications or infections. Glad the mammogram went well and that you're doing well too. Thanks for the update Cindy!
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Hi, good to see your doing ok When should you get your 1st mammogram after implants ?
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It was my annual time. I eent before the tissue expander exchange and then one year later. I only have one natural breast side to be done each year... I heard the pet scans are done if double mastectomy.. Something to check with your Dr about.. The update posted twice.. Sorry.. Trying to update my profile pic but nothing is working.. Stay Blessed!
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Oh ok didn't know about the pet scan for bilateral mastecomy. Thank you
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Yes it would be for implant leakage.
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I had mine retouched about 3 months ago. they def. look lighter but still ok.
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Your results look great and that's awesome your having a photo shoot, I was thinking of doing similar. What are the shots to help with the scar?? And did it work? I hope my scars under the breast heal good.
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I went for laser light therapy for the scars. It ended in a nightmare. I was burned. I went in for steroids shots in hopes it would help the scarring. It didnt and made matters worse... I recommend letting the healing happen in its time.. Use aquaphor it will really help! The photo shoot has not happen yet. The company moved and will re open in January. I cant wait! Thanks for reading my Journey! :-)
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Thanks for sharing and answering my questions. My doctor smoothed out my port scar and the ones left by the drains. So those are ok, jus wonder about the ones under the breast since they have been reopened to place the implant. They still have the tape on them so I haven't seen them yet.
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Your very welcome!: the under scar for the implant under natural breast was healing nice but now with the burn and 7 Months in , I am figuring its permanent... I am not sure if I posted a pic of it or not.. Its still painful to wear a bra for long periods of time with the burn on top of the incision scar.. Oh well I am glad its not visible for all to see..
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I saw a pic , but yes good thing it's not visible. And you never know it could change and I've heard it could take years for a scar to mature. I've been forgot about my c section scar, it's flat and well hidden years later. Have you thought about the silicone gel r sheets ?
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Yes i tried them. No help... In time maybe..
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Happy 50th! You look great. Glad to hear your feel good too!

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Thank you! I had the best B day ever!!!
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good for you - 2 1/2 years after my reconstruction. feeling good and loving the girls.
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Awe I am so happy for you! I love,love, love my girls!
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Is it normal for a tattoo to fade? Hoping the second time around sticks. Was it very painful? I suppose nothing is quite as painful as your overall reconstruction. Gosh, you're going to be 50? You look so much younger! Good luck with your photo shoot and let us know how the next tattoo works out!

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Hi Beth They told me it would fade a little , but in my opinion it faded a lot.. Yes it was painful thats why I am debating if I want to go through all that again.. Ugghh .. Going to think on it a bit longer..
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Have you heard of the new Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup that creates 3-dimensional nipples for mastectomy patients? Apparently it's very new. Medical micropigmentation uses a computerized permanent cosmetics device with Intel microprocessor chip to create the vision of a 3D nipple. We don't know have any additional about this as I just got a press release sent to me, but you may want to inquire with your PS. Personally, I'd give yourself a break for a while. :)  Good luck on your photo shoot tomorrow!


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No I have not heard of that. I will inquire maybe next year. Like you said give myself a break.. I was under the impression thats what i was getting 3d because of the photos i was shown.. But it wasnt. Only a disappointment.. I am nervous for the photo shoot today. Three hours is a long time!!
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Good for you on taking a break! :)

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WOW! You look fantastic! Didn't realize or even knew or thought about tattoos ever as an option I'm soooo happy for you ! I'm just in AH! Congrats Dear you look fantastic! Wishing you all the best ever and ever !
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Thank you. I feel good and can wear anything I want which I just love! My tattoo has faded down now to look more natural but I will need a touch up in a couple weeks as some spots were missed.. All and all its been a wonderful journey .. To "sexy" I am actually doing a budior photo shoot next month. It will be so fun!! Best to you always!!!
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Cindy you look absolutely beautiful. congratulations on your new life.xx
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