Mini TT 100% Worth It! - Minnesota

My experience was great all in all. The day of...

My experience was great all in all. The day of surgery I was very scard and almost walked out, but because my nurse & Dr.assured me that everything would be fine I did it! I am so glad that I did it. The cons would be just not knowing the prep for after surgery. There was a lot of bleeding so use old sheets and jammies you don't care about. Ask a lot of questions. The pros would be of course the way it looks! I'm not feeling the extra skin anymore from my 2 c-sections, it's great!


I live in Minnesota and am looking to get a mini tt. What doctor did you use?
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I didn't see any bad comments on your thread. R u sure it wasn't someone else's thread or were the rude comments sent privately? So sorry to hear that as I just had a mini and would have loved to see your pics. Maybe you can send me them privately. Rude people r just jealous of you.
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Yep. Not ok with some of the comments. I have tried to delete my acount, but apparently that is not that easy.
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