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Why? Well I guess I was getting insecure. I am a...

Why? Well I guess I was getting insecure. I am a male, 48 years old, 5' 11" and 175 lbs. In good shape, but gravity has taken its toll on my belly skin. I am embarrassed to do the procedure, but I want to be able to work out and still gain from it. I struggled with the idea for a couple years. I am writing this because I have found during recovery, that this has helped me to read what you have wrote. I want to contribute if my point of view can help someone.

The pros. I am at 14 days post op. Not alot of pros yet, except the doctor and staff. They are awesome. I have had several calls from the Dr. himself, sometimes later in the evening making sure I am ok and getting questions answered. I am not used to this great treatment from a veteran in the field of medicine and am in shock (in a good way) from it. I have had to call his cell a couple times and he has returned my calls right away, even in the evening. I am not special to him, he seems to treat all his patients this way. This is really nice. The other pro is the recovery. While it is depressing, it re-centered my life on life instead of just working. The rat race has to stop for this operation.

The cons. 5 days post op I got an infected part of the incison. I am a clean freak! Sometime this can happen. It is about the size of a nickel. More like a section that is resistant to heal and wants to redden up. My antibiotics were changed and we are working on it. This scares me as I do not want to get any skin removed or get opened up again. The Dr is great about it, and I am sure it will heal. the amount of pain that comes with this deal is considerable. the drugs handle it well. I compare the pain simalar to when I had a hernia surgery and when I had my apendix out. For the life of me, I don't see how woman can get a C-section and be taking care of their children in just a few days. Amazing.

I have had surgery before, so I played it smart (this time). Prepare for constipation and take action before it gets you! If it gets you, it is worse than the operation in my opinion. Easy to avoid if you take precautions.

As a male, the catheter in my uummm... was horrible. I was under for over 4 hours so I hadd no choice, but as a guy, this is not an area to be messing with, so I hated that.

Hey thank you for posting your journey and sharing with us:)  Don't be embarrassed because there is no shame at all in doing this procedure.  We must do what makes us feel better, look good and be happy.    Skin will not go away on it's own.   This procedure was also my only choice and I am so happy I did it!

Your doctor sounds amazing and very on top of everything.  That sure helps in the process.  

Sometimes small infections do happen which is very annoying.  Just keep on top of the antibiotics and you will heal up nicely.  

Thank you for making the comment about women having c-sections and taking care of babies after.   Most men don't get that and it is very hard.  Luckily the bliss of having the new baby helps mask some of the pain. 

Sorry about the catheter..Ouch!   Thank goodness that is gone now right.  

Did you happen to take and pre and post op pics you would consider sharing?   Also I would love to hear how you found RealSelf.

Keep us up to date on how you are healing ok...


Update. Thanks for the kind words in this forum. ...

Update. Thanks for the kind words in this forum. I will get pics when I get closer. I had a complication that is completely my fault for rushing the recovery. I opened up on part of the incision and it's about the size of a quarter and I am having to wet to dry dressings which are a pain. Moral of the story is slow down. The doctor again is the highlight of this issue. Constant support and a great trust factor. Other than the open wound I am about half as swollen as at 3 weeks and I can walk and jog ok. I work 10 hr days and still pretty tired at the last couple hours of work. Doctor says a few more weeks and I will not get as tired. I think this is the swell hell phase talked about on this site. Starts out minimal in the morning and gets bigger as the day goes. More on my right side. Hope this helps anyone at this stage
You are right. A full day and at night I am huge. Water seems to help. I am still battling the bit of necrotic tissue, so that area swells a bit more. Did the swelling go away little by little or quickly when it starts to improve? My waist is 4 inches bigger than before surgery with lipo. I will be six weeks post op next week. I am getting most of my motion back but still feel like one big bruise on my midsection. Hope to turn the corner soon.

Yes that sounds like the swell hell stage:(   Hang on and it will get better.  It's a long slow process and the more you push your body the worse it kicks you back.   You will feel pretty wiped out and tired the first six weeks but hang on.  

The only thing you can do for the swelling is take it easy and kick your feet up at the end of the day.  Ice, elevate, medicate and anything else that gives you comfort.



Hi Brad, thanks so much for sharing about your experience!  It sounds like the doctor really takes really good care of his patients.  Answering calls on his cell phone I don't hear too often.  I agree with you, I have no idea how women can have a C section and then be caring for an infant.   I don't have kids myself yet but have seen a lot of women do it with no problem.   There are a lot of men out there getting tummy tucks so I am sure you will be a valuable resource for them. :)  We'd love to see photos if you would like to share!

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Anytime I called, someone got back to me and cared. Everything was expained and re-explained so I knew what to expect and why. (I'm a why kind of guy) I can't say enough good things about the doctor and staff. They are veterans, but have never stopped really caring. I have never written on a site like this. Reading it gave me answers to a lot of questions. If I can be a resourse, I am happy to be transparent and try to help out anyone if I can.

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