Need postop belly button advice.

I am 34 years old. I have four children, including...

I am 34 years old. I have four children, including twins (I have given birth to 5 kids, but we lost one). I am going to have a tt with lipo of flanks, breast lift and augmentation. I'm a stay at home mom because all my kids are young. For years, I have said, after I have my children, I will get my plastic surgery. I just can't believe I'm at that point now. After having so many children (including twins), you can imagine I have that hanging lower belly that I'm really unhappy with. It definitely got worse with each pregnancy. Also, the breasts have become a bit pendulous. I'm a 32D now, but very deflated. Before children, I wore a size 2-6, now I am in an 8 or so. Clothes never fit me right because I'm thin everywhere except for my tummy. I hate clothes shopping now. I currently weigh 125lbs at 5'4". Before I had children, I was 115lbs, but have never been able to maintain staying at 115 since having babies. Post children, my body really wants to stay in the 125 range. I work out all the time and love to run. My goals for this surgery are to have reinflated breasts that are perky without having to wear a great bra. The most important though is to fix my tummy, which I can't stand. I'm so looking forward to seeing a body that reflects all the exercising I do.

Stats are like mine. only I'm older. :( haha I did not have twins, just a 10lb baby. and one C section. I think youll do great. The only difference for me was the "coughing" hurt in a larger area.. that for me was the issue. not a big deal just a bigger area.  I believe being excited and healthy leads to a quicker recovery...
Ok, I'm feeling a bit anxious, even more so when I read so many recovery stories. My husband will be home with me for 11 days, then he's back to work, and it will be me taking care of a 2 year old and 5 month old by myself. I'm worried about the lifting. My PS thought that would be fine though. I have had three C-sections, and remarkably bounced right back from those. Day 2 at the hospital after one of my Csections, the doctor rounding on our baby, was shocked to learn i was a section because I was already up and about and active. I'm hoping, I will bounce back similarly with this upcoming surgery.

NOT ALL recoveries are the same.. some are great , some not... if your getting this done focus on the good ones. Ask thoes people what did and didnt help them...hindsite is 20/20...

If your hubby is home for 11 days I think youll be fine. I was pretty good by then. LOTS of preplanning was the biggest help for me.

I had meals pre made and in the freezer.. had gone shopping abd bought everything i thought I would need for the house..toothpaste, shampoo, you name it.. so there was no unnecessary trips to the store. Have healthy foods available for you and kids... 

were here to help all we can if in no other way tips and support!!

I have a question. I have a sunny, warm vacation...

I have a question. I have a sunny, warm vacation planned 2 1/2 months after my surgery. Do you think I'll be healed enough for bikini material at that point?
I will be watching your post as well! Finally our time is almost here eh? My surgery has been booked for 12weeks so the wait has been excruciating.
@uniquely...When is your surgery to happen?

So I'm bummed because I have to be at my surgery...

So I'm bummed because I have to be at my surgery super early in the morning, like at 6:30am. Due to scheduling conflicts, that means I'm going to probably have to drive myself there. My husband will come later while I've already gone under probably. I'm super sad about this. The scheduler said she would try to move me a couple of hours later, but slim chance it could happen. Unfortunately, since mine is a longer case, they have to automatically place me first thing in the morning. I know I'll be a such a crybaby once I'm there, as with my C-sections, I always started crying right before I went into the OR. Oh dear.
Ruby, Your story sounds a lot like mine! I had my surgery on the 28th of March. My hubby wasnt able to go in with me to my surgery either. My daughter had dance class. He dropped me at the door and came back when I was in recovery and by that time he could have been the Pope for all I remember. I look forward to following your recovery....
Oh Missi4, how did you keep it together after he dropped you off?! I just want to NOT be a blubbering mess that morning.
I think I was just so ready and comfortable with my PS and his staff.

I'm getting excited as i only have a little over...

I'm getting excited as i only have a little over two weeks left. Some days I question myself "do I really need to do this?" I mean it costs so much money, I'm giving into vanity, is my body really that bad. But then I cringe when I take my clothes off and look in the mirror. I'm dreading not being able to do my running. I dreading not being able to clean my house because I'm a neat freak, and my husband could care less about these things. I have a warm weather trip planned for August, and I'm hoping I'll be bikini ready by then. I'm excited because most of my stretch marks on my belly are below my belly button, so I know they'll be gone after the tt! Hooray, although they dont' really bother me. It's the handful of fat/skin on my belly that drives me nuts. I still need to go in decide on implant size and ask a few more last minute preop questions. I've been printing out a bunch of pics of breasts that I'm hoping for. Let's hope he can do it.

oh and I TO am a neat freak. and a person who is cleaning all the time. I cleaned my house like crazy before hand. I also had clorox wipes all over the house so it was easy for me to ASK people (hubby daughter and son) to give ______ a quick wipe down. and I had all the food preped anf frozen. I went shopping everything ahead of time... it was hard but not impossible to just let it go... Really Hubbies tend to "step up" to the plate... they just have no real NEED TO right now. but will!

So big payment is today. No going back now. I was...

So big payment is today. No going back now. I was looking at myself after working out last night, and I think I'm doing the right thing. It will be nice not to have such a flappy tummy! Ohhhh, I hope I'm doing the right thing. Yikes, yikes, yikes!!! I just keep praying!
Ruby, I am celebrating my 6 week po today. I had the same concerns prior to my surgery. I have to say now that I am at this stage it was absolutely the best thing that I have done for myself!! I LOVE my body again! I live the way my clothes fit and the way that I look with out them. My hubby lives it too!! Which is of course an added perk!!

So hubby gave me a call yesterday afternoon to...

So hubby gave me a call yesterday afternoon to tell me he went in and paid for it! Here we go. Seems real now. I also just weighed myself this morning and I was down to 123lbs. Other than upping my running speed, I haven't been actively trying to lose weight, so that was a pleasant surprise that I'm down a few pounds.

So I am curious. Do any of you mommy makeover...

So I am curious. Do any of you mommy makeover ladies tell people you're having one? I'm resistant to tell anyone. First of all, I tend to be a private person. However, I also don't want to lose credibility. I work out, a lot. I don't want someone to be like, "oh she looks good, but she had plastic surgery that's why..." So far, nobody knows but my husband, but I think my MIL may find out at some point. Any thoughts?

Hey girl. i did not tell to many people.Actually I told the lady who I also knew had implants done... She recomended the surgeon. The nurse friend I had who had worked in the Hospital OR with the PS I was going to see. and one other friend.. thats it.. and I KNOW thoes people said noting to anyone...  again look at my pictures, My stomach does NOT look different IN cloathing.. I still wear the same shorts and pants as I did PRE surgery. mine was ALL skin.. But the Boobs are a little bigger. I did wear some padding and so now I dont have padding. so to others I dont look different dressed. ALL my cloathes still fit. and thats a good thing.... You dont need to tell anyone if you dont want to... and one thing to remember is this is for you.. not them. If they know how hard your working and working out then they would never or should never judge you on the PS.. But if you DO say anything to anyone please BE prepared... some people just feel its cheeting. or vein , or a waste of money... but its there opinion and they are entitled to it..... Can I ask WHY are you asking? I mean do you WANT them to know and you dont know how to tell them or do you Not want them to know... just wondering how YOU feel about it.
Thanks for the thoughts. I really appreciate it. I haven't told anyone because I do cringee at the judgemental comments. I ive in MN not CA, so opinions are a little different. I'd like to tell my MIL, and feel like I'm lying by omission if you know what I mean, bur i'm not sure if I want to go down that path. Another thing is I work outside the home very part-time. One of my coworkers is always analyzing the way I look (she knew when I was only 6 weeks pregnant!) So, I'm trying to prepare myself for my answer when/if she asks. Social irritations!
I understand your feelings too, I wont tell my MIL , they are from MN very conservative and religious and I respect them, on top of that I just don't need at this point to be judge. I better don't share with them my up coming surgery.

Ok, so I was taking my pics this afternoon for me...

Ok, so I was taking my pics this afternoon for me to eventually upload here. Wow! It wasn't until I saw myself on the camera that I realized how much I needed this surgery. Don't get me wrong, I know I need it, but those pictures look worse than I saw myself with my own eyes. May 25 can't get here soon enough! Those babies ruined my bod big time.

My surgery center is 2 minutes from my house IF I get stuck at the stop light. haha. I do understand you gals not saying anything. and I'm sorry you have people who "look" for reasons to judge ...its sad. and I will say that you just need to remember WHY you are doing this. it's for you not to show off or flaunt things. (I assume I am correct here)

the "lying by omission " well can I ask it the opportunity has presented itself? What does the hubby think about involving family in your reconstructive surgery? I mean you both need to stand together and agree on that.. because this is something you'll be doing together... My surgery was 5 hours just FYI
Bummer! ;-( my surgery center is 5 min. From my house. Very lucky!
Hmmm, I'm pretty sure he said it would be around 3-4 hours give or take. He did say mine is a longer case with all I'm having done, so I have to be scheduled first thing in the morning (so bummed about that because my hubby won't be able to drive me there at that time).

Ok ladies! I went to my preop/sizing appointment...

Ok ladies! I went to my preop/sizing appointment today. Super duper excited!!! I got a lot of questions answered, so i thought I would share them. I also have questions for all of you. I asked my doc about silicone strips and Arnica Montana. He thinks they both work well. Should start with the strips about a week or so postop, and I guess I should already be on the Arnica. Does anyone know a reputable place i can buy them online? I stopped by our local wholefoods for the Arnica, but they didn't have any (they had every thing else in the world it seemed). I am getting saline implants 360cc filled to 390 each. He actually weighed them with the fluid, and said they are about 8 oz each, which comes to a pound total. I asked how much in weight he'd be taking off with tummy tuck/lipo, and he said since I am small to begin with, it would only be 1-2 pounds tops. I will have one drainage tube. Once I drain 30cc or less for three days, the drain will come out. He said my scar would be lower than my current C-section which surprised me because I was never bothered by my C-section scar. He said my chance of tearing my ab muscles postop will not be gone until about 8 weeks after the surgery, so to listen to my body. No exercise for six weeks, but encouraged walking. Again, listen to my body. My first week will probably be pretty lazy and that is expected and that's what they want too. I also asked about my sunny vacay in 2 months, and he said I will be bikini ready and looking good. So excited!!! Ok, now can anyone recommend what kind of silicone strips for tt and breast lift and where to get them? Arnica? Thanks everyone!!!

Ok, a couple of more things I thought of are he...

Ok, a couple of more things I thought of are he encouraged me to stand up as straight as possible after surgery which surprised me because I hear everyone here say they are supposed to bend over. Also, he said to wear a soft bra postop whether sports or just non underwire. No underwires though! They also sent me with 4 Rx's. Pain med, muscle relaxer, antinausea, and an antibiotic.

I ordered some Arnica and Bromelein (sp?) online,...

I ordered some Arnica and Bromelein (sp?) online, so hopefully I'll get them within a few days. Wow, the silicone strips are expensive! Any clue where I can get them cheaper? I called my PS's office and talked to his nurse about what I should be wearing post the breast lift and aug. She said that they prefer I wear nothing as far as a bra goes but they know many are uncomfortable doing this. So, really something very soft like a built in shelf bra or soft sports bra. No underwire! I ordered a 36DD sports bra from JCPenney. I figured that is one size up from what I typically would wear (32D/32C), so hopefully that will work. I'm keeping my receipt though.
Ruby, you are beautiful, I'm surely you will be even more after surgery. Your waist is tiny very pretty, I can't wait to see final results, our dates are coming up.....;-(
Thanks belly08. You're so nice. Yes, we are fast approaching our big days. Getting so excited. So much shopping I need to get done first though. Preparation is everything!

Tomorrow is almost here. Say a prayer!

Tomorrow is almost here. Say a prayer!
All the best to you Ruby!! Your going to look fantastic!
Thanks you. I hope it's worth it
I'm so sorry about the baby you lost. I can't even imagine how devastating that was.

We are in a very similar situation. I wish I had seen your post sooner! I will be following your progress. Good luck tomorrow!!

Thanks for the well wishes. Yesterday was my big...

Thanks for the well wishes. Yesterday was my big day. We started surgery later than planned by like 45 minutes. Fortunately, my husband made it there to wish me good bye just in time (He had to drop the kids off at school). The staff was great, ps even better. He has THE BEST bedsidemanner. I walked to the OR, everyone introduced themselves. They put in my iv, and gaave me some versed (the no memory med). She asked if I was feeling it yet, and I said 'No". I started wondering to myself if I was going to be one of those patients who can' be put out all the way! The Nurse Anesthetist put a mask over my face and told me to take three big breaths. I remember taking two, and next thing I know a nurse is calling my name and telling me I was in recovery. My boobs hurt so bad! That was the first thing I complained about. They gave me a shot of something, but t hey still hurt. I was rating my pain at a "8" the whole time in recovery even after they gave me percocet. No problems with nausea/vomiting though--hooray! I couldn't seem to stay awake. My PS came in and got me a diet coke to help wake me up, but I still slept the whole way home. So, after I got home, I went right to bed. My bed is very high off the floor, so I had put a foot stool nearby before we left for surgery. Last night was HELL! My boobs hurt so bad! I felt like someone had cracked open the center of my chest, even after a muscle relaxer and two percocets. Getting in/out of bed pretty tricky too. I can't use my arms barely, and of course, not my abs muscles either. Legs are strong though! My husband was a dear and basically lifted me into sitting position everytime for me to get out of bed. He's taken over my meds for me, keeping track on when I'm due for what, and he keeps an eye on my one drain too. What a hero.
We visited the PS this morning for postop appt. He is trhilled with my results and says I look great. I just glanced down after he took off the bandages. My belly seems flat, and he made the scar lower than the C-section scar. My boobs are big, but I haven't had energy or interest to examine anything yet. My husband was pleased though.

Just taking it hour by hour right now. One thing that the PS did was take my bandage off my boobs, and they instantly felt better. I think most of my boob pain was from the bandage being so tight. He said I could have taken it off, but I was so zoned out last night, I never would have thought that was the problem. Now, I'm just siting on the couch, dozing in and out with all the drugs in my system. Hoping things start to move along to my old self soon!
I am 6dpo and all we can do is take it hour by hour. I try not to think too far ahead. My dr said that I could take my garments off for about an hour twice a day and that feels heavenly!!! I have steri strips on my incisions but I like to look at my boobs! lmao never thought I'd say that as pre surgery I was wearing a training bra!! healhty and happy healing
it seems that you are recovering very well Ruby, so happy for you, I can't wait to see your after pictures!!!

So today is looking up. I managed to put my...

So today is looking up. I managed to put my contact lenses back in and took a shower by myself this morning. Something new is that my bellybutton hurts. It woke me up stinging last night and all this morning. I'm not sure why it just started. It seems to look ok though. I'm off muscle relaxer and percocet, just alternative ES Tylenol and 600mg of ibuprofen, and of course the antibiotics. I took a good look at my profile today. Although my incisions look Frankensteinish, I have a very flat belly and giant boobs. Mission accomplished I guess. I have a lot of bruising on my flank area where the lipo was done. I'm drinking prune juice and milk of mag daily hoping for some movement on that end if you know what I mean. Hoping for some results soon.

Anyway, the house is a mess, two of my kids have diarrhea for some reason, so my poor husband is at his wit's end. I feel pretty helpless to do anything. I'm just happy I managed to get out of my bed by myself finally!

I am 3 dpo and just coughed for the first time; I...

I am 3 dpo and just coughed for the first time; I thought I would die! My abs are still on fire from it. Can I damage them from coughing? I hope I don't feel that again any time soon. Right now I'm ambivalent as to whether I should have done abs and boobs at the same time. I feel doubly out of service since I can't use my core muscles and barely use my arms. However, I think once I did my tt, there is no way I'd go back again and do my boobs. My first night was soooo bad. Much worse than any C-section. Maybe that's because they didn't use morphine as the surgical center? The nurse said they had such problems with people getting nausea/vomiting from morphine that they didn't use it, and I know they used it at the hospitals when i had my C-sections, at least initially when I was in surgery.
My husband is stir crazy, and tired of watching the kids (two have been sick with diarrhea), not fun! My house is a mess. He tells me he doesn't know how I do this all the time, and he can't wait to go back to work! Maybe I'll be appreciated a bit more after this whole endeavour is over. I am so tired though. I only walk around the house a bit and that is all I can handle, then it's back on the couch in my mountain of pillows. He's still real good and monitoring my medicine schedule, and will come wake me up when I'm due for my Tylenol, etc. I still haven't pooped yet. Things are rumbling, but nothing so far despite daily Milk of Mag and prune juice. Patiently waiting. Although I'm wondering if some of my ab bloating is from no number 2! I'm so ready to be done being an invalid and to get back to my life!
I'm so with you on that Uniquely! I peek several times on my boobs and just can't get over how much I'm enjoying them! Lol

So it's day four postop. I took a shower again on...

So it's day four postop. I took a shower again on my own. I'm taking care of my drainage tube by myself now, and drum roll please, after several attempts, I pooped! Hooray! Pain is not as much an issue today as is exhaustion. Taking a shower is an event in itself which requires at least 45 minutes of sitting around to rest afterward. I have been able to do a couple of minor chores such as wipe down counter tops and wash some bottles in the sink, but I only do tasks where I don't have to bend, reach, or twist. I continue on ES Tylenol alternating with ibuprofen around the clock. I have occasional burning in various places that last a few seconds at a time. It mostly happens on my incision in my right breast and in an area along a muscle in my belly. No more belly button burning today though. My husband is super excited about my boobs. They are definitely larger than I planned, but the PS said they should settle down some. I hope they do! Biggest enemies right now are laughing and coughing--avoid them at all costs. I have another followup appt with PS tomorrow. I called to ask if they were going to take out my tube tomorrow, and the person told me not likely. Damn! I hate this tube. It is such a PITA. It's also a constant reminder of being somewhat immobile. I want my life back. I did actually fix my hair and put on makeup for the first time also, which is an event requiring more rest time. Can't wait to get back to normalcy! I guess we all need reminders on how valuable health is to us.

Ruby I did the coughing thing too. I had a MASSIVE cough attack. ice cold applejuice was the only help.. and I did not ruin the internal stiches but I did pull them. only enough to be painful and cause a swollen lump. but that is all in my review. I asked my PS and he said there are numerous layers of internal stiches in place KNOWING that thoes things can and may come up. so they really do a good job. and I will say the tube is a pain.. but mine was out by day 5 so there is hope :) also remember when you are tired NAP! you WILL get better faster if you do .your body needs the energy to heal... hugs and keep us posted. oh and YUP hubbies are happy
Thanks Beeba5. Hope you feel better soon too. I hate being such an invalid.
I'm totally with you on the tube situation. I have two on my hip areas. I haven't seen my dr at all and my first appointment post op is this Thursday.
Congrats on showering by yourself! I don't know why, but I do not like showering. Almost puts me into a bitchy 2 yr old mode. I have a shower chair and hubby washes me...must be some mind thing. I do know that when my binder is off I feel like my belly will fall out. No pain tho.
Just letting you know I'm thinking of you and wishing you patient quick healing!

So, I am day 6 postop today. Yesterday I saw my PS...

So, I am day 6 postop today. Yesterday I saw my PS again. He is happy with results. I told him my boobs are a little bigger than I'd hoped, but my hubby likes them, so.... He told me that everyone says that initially, and they will settle down, and I'll like the size after they settle. He also told me that most women are disappointed they didn't go bigger, so if they're starting out "too big" now, then once they settle, they'll probably be just what I wanted. I also told them I hate my binder and my drain tube. I have to keep tube until I drain less than 30cc/day for three days. I'm not there yet. If he takes it out early, my body won't absorb it, and they'll have to draw it out with a needle. I guess I'll try to be compliant with that then! His nurse cut my binder in half, and adjusted it so it's more comfortable. It still rides up a few times a day, but not as bulky. I asked if I can stop wearing it, and he said that I could, but would probably be more comfortable with it on; however, if I lift anything, I need to have it on. So, I'm sitting hear typing, and I still have it on because I feel more comfy afterall. He said it is ok to lift my 15lb baby at this point, but def wear the binder, and try to avoid it as much as possible. So, I will wait until Monday when hubby goes back to work before I lift him. I have lots of bruising on breasts and flanks where lipo was done, but he says it's all normal. The bruising on my boobs is yellow, which is the next step to disappearing. Last nt was uncomfortable, so finally around 1am, I took a muscle relaxer. I think it was probably because I am sleeping flatter maybe? I also was running a lot of errands yesterday, so maybe I was paying for it. I was stiff this morning, but feeling better now.
You know Ruby, when I feel a "zing" or a "zap", I just picture in my mind the nerves and blood vessels reconnecting and healing. I'm a big fan of Lamaze breathing when something is I'm sorry about your button hurting, but just think, it may be healthy blood vessels and nerves healing!
I too can't wait to see some after pics of you, I bet you are super model material...knock knock...Victoria Secret calling...(wink wink)
Beeba5, you are too sweet! Yes, mental imagery of healing is great. My bellybutton isn't zapping me today fortunately, so I'm hoping I'm over that.
Rubyyyy!! Oh my I'm so nervous, next Thursday is my day!! Awewww do you have pictures? I would love to see you after !!!

So, it's day 8 postop. Doing well. Have more...

So, it's day 8 postop. Doing well. Have more energy, doing some light cleaning around the house, made breakfast and lunch for the kids. I still need breaks to sit and rest though. Last night I accidentally yanked a bit on my drainage tube when I was sliding into the car. That hurt like heck! I started having terrible muscle spasms a little while after, so I broke down and took a muscle relaxer and that helped. I feel like I may even be able to take a walk around the n'hood this afternoon because it's such a nice day! I took some pics this morning, so will go ahead and post those today. I'm a bit swollen of course, but I'm sure the pizza I had for dinner last night did not help that factor a bit! I also have a lot of significant bruising in my flanks from lipo. I have been taking the Arnica and Bromelain frequently, and I honestly don't think it helps the bruising a bit. I will keep taking it because I bought it, but I would not invest in it again. I also put some Mederma on my incisions for the first time, but I think I will buy the silicone strips online here pretty soon instead. Mederma wants you to apply 4x a day. Who has time for that? Anyway, as far as my tummy, my PS did tell me that I will always be a bit rounded because my pelvis tilts forward and there is no way to change that. I'm just fine with that, as my main concern was the muffin top and the "apron" hanging down. So glad that's gone!
I love the way your scar is sitting so low for the TT, looking clean and nice incisions for Breast lift, overall looking beautiful !!! Hugs
Lol........I wish I liked being taken care of......the reality is that i'm a control freak...sigh...I actually am feeling really strong today
Good for you. One thing I've noticed as each day goes by, is that I do get stronger and more active; however, if I go overboard, I pay for it that evening. On Friday, we were supposed to go to a bday party at 6pm. I felt great like going all day and was up running around all day long. Right around 5-5:30, I become sore and exhausted and very crabby. I didn't make it to the bday party. So, anyway, take it easy!!!

Today is day 10 postop. I had my drain...

Today is day 10 postop. I had my drain removed---HOORAY! It hurt. I really didn't think it would, but it felt like someone bit me just as she started to pull it out. I had also built up some scabbing around the tube, so she had to cut that all away. No fun. The nurse said my incisions looked good. I still have some swelling, as to be expected. I will see the PS again in three weeks. Anyway, today was my first day without hubby. It was my first day lifting my 15lb baby, and I'm pleased to say there is no pain or discomfort at all. I just make sure I keep my binder on all the time. The nurse said my incisions looked good. I still have some swelling, as to be expected. I will see the PS again in three weeks. Otherwise, I did get back on the treadmill today. I'm thrilled to say I made it to 2.5 miles at a leisurely pace. It took almost an hour! Slowly but surely, I'll work myself back up to presurgery where I was doing 4-6 miles four days/week (two of those miles I ran). Feeling remarkably better and just so glad to have that stupid leash a.k.a. tube out of me. We were not friends. I can walk standing straight, but I do have to make a conscious effort to expand my shoulders straight. It seems hardest when I've been sitting for a while, I naturally want to stand up and hunch. Right now I'm wearing my nursing bras from my postpartum days. They seem to fit snuggly but comfortably. When should I start bra shoppiing for real though?
Ok 1of5, your belly looks MUCH BETTER than my "before" belly. Just sayin ;) Anyway, right now I'm wearing my nursing bras and I'm filling them out pretty well. PS wants no underwires! I am interested to find out when I'll settle and what size I'll be. I'm not sure when exactly I should start bra shopping. Nursing bras are super comfy, but they also limit what kind of shirts I can wear because they're more like sports bras than anything. I went braless the other day in one of my sundresses that would not permit my nursing bra, and found that half way thru the day I was super uncomfortable with all the clothing rubbing on my incisions/nipples etc. My PS actually suggested I go braless until they settle down---typical male!
Wow you look amazing!! I will be interested to see what you settle down to and end up size-wise. If I do go with the implant I was thinking I would only do 200 because I really want to try to avoid getting any bigger. Thanks for posting pictures! Our bellies look almost identical! Well, your before belly anyway. lol

One of my breasts feels weird over the last couple...

One of my breasts feels weird over the last couple of days. It feels like something needs to pop under the breast. There is no pain. Is that just the implant settling in? It's like a pressure feeling where if whatever it is were to pop, it would feel better. What's up with that?
Have you started massaging your breasts yet? I remember my 3rd day PO when I first was to start massaging mine. My right boob did kinda grossed me out but felt better afterwards. I have to massage mine many times a day. They always feel better afterwards. Hope your healing well today. :)
DesertRat, I'm going to have to be more on top of massaging. I was good aabout it the first few days, but then my hubby massaged too hard one time and it hurt afterward so I've kind of been hands-off since. Now it's like there is a creaking feeling when I move in certain ways. So strange.
Ruby, I need to give you and your friends a big Thank You! I think I will stop looking at any other posts but yallls. I have been looking at posts for 2 weeks now and I almost called and cancelled my procedure yesterday. It was horror story after horror story. I havent slept in 2 days thinking what am I getting myself in too. After reading yours, Beebah and Uniquely's stories I think I can do this. I have made another appt for Thursday to talk to my PS to see if he could make me feel better. I am so glad you guys are all doing and looking so GREAT! I hope I can do as good as yall have.

So, in analyzing my new body, I've noticed some...

So, in analyzing my new body, I've noticed some things that I never anticipated going into this whole surgery. For example, moles and freckles that were well known are now in completely different parts of my body now. I had a mole since childhood right next to my nipple. This mole is now on the underside of my breast---so bizarre. A freckle that was once on my upper abdomen, is now right beside my belly button. A mole on my lower abdomen is completely gone now. The majority of my stretch marks were fortunately on my lower abdomen, which means, they are all mostly gone! Another thing is that you do indeed get a vaginal "lift". Things are a little higher and tighter in that department--a little perk that I didn't anticipate. One other thing is you know that area from your bellybutton to your pubic area that grows a little trail of hair. I think some call it a "happy trail". That is gone too. I've realized I'll never have to worry about shaving that area because my upper abdomen that had no hair is now my lower abdomen. Kind of weird to wrap my head around these things sometimes!
Hi Beeba5 ~ im chilling just like you surgical bra or binder. Feels awesome :)
Anyone having trouble sleeping? I am SO uncomfortable on my back that I am now dreading the evenings when I have to get in bed or ever the recliner...I get so stiff during the night and wake up periodically in AGONY. am 19 days po and had really hoped the sleeping would be better...not on anything but ibuprophen...any suggestions would be really appreciated.
I know.....I feel like such a brat, but Im over it already....I want to go buy new clothes and get all dressed up....our time will come
melabee, I hadn't even thought about the nipple thing! He completely moved my nipple and cut it down much smaller, so I'm wondering about that too now. Yep, my abs are still sore all the time. It's kind of a like a nagging soreness though. I have a love-hate relationship with my binder. I hate wearing it, but love the way I feel when I have it on. Just showering without it is enough to make me miss it. Last night I tried some swimsuits on (old bikinis that I wore pre-babies). Some still sit too low to wear, they fall below my incision which surprised me because my incision seems low compared to other pics I've seen. There were a couple though that worked, but my tops are all a little small now!!! Anyway, my binder only comes to just above my belly button, so my upper ab muscles aren't ever covered. I'm becoming obsessive always checking with my fingers to make sure they haven't separated. Hope I can relax about these things sooner than later. I can't believe I'm only 2 weeks postop; it feels like I've been postop for months now.

So I'm 2 1/2 weeks postop and feeling great over...

So I'm 2 1/2 weeks postop and feeling great over the past couple of days. I'm back walking 4 miles/day. I feel like I could start running again, but I don't ONLY because PS specifically said not to. Bummer because I am dying for a good jog or sprint maybe! My tummy muscles are sore, but that seems to be a chronic symptom and not terribly bothersome, just notice whenever I engage them to lift my baby or something. I still def limit anything I have to lift. The most I've done is sort of pull along my tantruming 2 year old when she did that "go limp" thing they do. I wear my binder all the time. I took it off last night to wash it and had to wait around for it to dry. I made sure it was late at night when all kids were in bed, so I knew all I had to do during that timeframe was sit and rest. I felt quite insecure waiting for that thing to dry. I hope I'm not becoming one of those "binder addicts" I've read about where they can't part with it even when the PS says to get rid of it! Anyway, boobs are still big and perky. I've been using Mederma on them and a silicone strip on the tt scar. I can't wait to go clothes/bra shopping because I'm tired of wearing my old nursing bras all the time. I still have a weird "creaky" feeling in one of my breasts whenever I move my arm/contract my chest muscle in a certian way. I will ask PS about that when I see him next. So glad things are moving along in the right direction. I will have to get some pics posted soon without the tape and tube this time.
I really enjoyed your story! Thank you :) I'm scheduled for July 24, can't wait! I just asked my dr yesterday about Arnica and Bromelain and he told me that there is no proof that it works, so he doesn't push it. He said if I want to spend the money, fine... So I don't think I will, I would rather use cucumber water and spend my money on strips for my scars! You look great btw!!
momwboys, thanks for the compliment and good luck to you on your upcoming surgery. Yep, in retrospect, I wouldn't have bought the Arnica or Bromelein, as I really don't think it helped, but I know some people on this board swear by it. The strips are expensive, so I'd def choose those over the vitamins.
Where did you buy your strips and what exactly are they called? I'm starting to form my list of things to get, I basically have these next couple weeks in June to get ready. Vacation first 2 in July, home a week and surgery time! Our closet Walmart/Kmart is an hour and a half away!

Well, I weighed myself finally today, and I'm at...

Well, I weighed myself finally today, and I'm at 119 completely naked. I'm thinking that is a result from surgery rather than exercise, etc. I was just telling my hubby the other day that one would think I'd lose some wt from removing a roll of skin and sucking out FAT. He reminded me that it's about my shape and not the weight. I tried on some old clothes last night. I got into things I haven't worn in years--no belly roll!!!!!
Hello we need updated pictures! You're killin me!! lol glad you are doing so well!

I'm not real happy with my belly button. It has...

I'm not real happy with my belly button. It has been slightly protruding since a week or so after surgery. Now, I had a deep inny belly button all my life, even after having babies. I realy liked my belly button preop. I even mentioned this to my PS preop, and I asked him then about needing a marble in my belly button or other things I've heard. He basically scoffed during that conversation saying his belly buttons are great and don't need them. Well, today I went in for my five week postop check, and I mentioned how it is looking more and more like an outie. It varies from flat to slightly out, but never a deep inny like it was preop. He said, "wear a marble in your belly button at night." Really?! Really?! We had this conversation preop, and he totally thought it was all needless worries then, now he was all laissez faire about it. I have been wearing a cotton ball taped to it since a week postop, but that only seems to hold it in while the cotton ball is in place. After I take it out, within ten minutes, it's sticking out again. I'm bummed. Has anyone else had this problem? Did the marble trick work? Any other thoughts? Don't get me wrong. I'm still VERY GLAD I had this surgery. I'll take an outty belly button any day over a fat roll, just hoping I can get this take care of.

Ok, so I went in for my four month postop check. I...

Ok, so I went in for my four month postop check. I love my breasts, no concerns whatsoever with them. My abdomen looks great except for the belly button. My tummy is flatter than it has even been, even back when I was 110lbs in high school (I'm 120ish now). Dr. said he will do a quick revision on my belly button in the office with some lidocaine. My bb is still a partial outtie with a weird snail look. I had a great bb before surgery, it was a small deep inny. So anyway, we are supposed to fix the bb in the office, and its supposed to be a quick thing, in and out. He said something about my bb being a "longer stalk" than others. Whatever. Anyway, my complaint is my flanks. I had lipo on my flanks along with my tummy tuck. I still have a muffin top! I pointed this out to the doc at my 4 month postop this week. At first he said, "I think that is just skin." When I showed him I could grab a handful of this "skin", then he said, "well, I think that is just your body...there is nothing we can really do about that." Ok, so what the heck does that mean? I'm a little irritated, because he said I wouldn't have a muffin top anymore, and I certainly do. Don't get me wrong, my abs are beautiful, but once you look behind, I still have this bulge despite having the lipo. I'm very active, run four miles four days a week, plus weights and crunches. Frustrated that after $15k, I am told my muffin top is just my "body type." Whatever that means. I also got a phone call today from his office telling me THEY need to reschedule my revision of my bb due to a "schedule change". The time they offered me did not work (I have four kids, schedules are tight), so now they are booking six weeks out for office revisions. So much for aftercare at this point. To be honest, I was quite impressed with my PS initially, now not so much. I feel like now that he has my money, I'm getting blown off.
Hi Rubysparkels, I'm sorry about your PS. What he said about the BB doesn't make sense. I too had a deep stalk and mine didn't turn out the way yours did, I asked my PS shortly after why some BB turn out the way yours did and he said the stalk can't be cut too short or left to long. If the stalk is cut to short when the skin is sewn back to it, it can pull and put stress on it causing BB issues with oozing, pulling of the sutures etc or can cause it to pop out more. If you had a BB with a short stalk (not deep) to begin with I could see it being this way but if you had one that was deep then he took to much off. Your PS can not go back and make you stalk deeper cause he already removed most of it. I don't think a revision would help to solve this issue and put it the way you want it. My PS said it is a fine line about how much to take off or leave on. I would ask him exactly how he plans to fix this and what exactly would the outcome be before letting him do anything. Good Luck and I think you look fab and would love to see more recent pics of you. Also I love your new boobies!
Hi NewSue, Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I was again rescheduled to later next week, so we'll see if this in-office "quick revision" does anything good or not. If this is the worst of my problems, then I figure I'm doing ok though. My biggest complaint is the flank fat that I feel I still have despite him doing lipo back there. I really wanted to have NO MUFFIN TOP anymore, and it saddens me to have him say "that's just your body." I still don't know what that means. When I go back in for my bb revision, I'm going to ask him in a different way so that he doesn't think I'm implying he needs to fix it for free. I honestly want to know if he thinks something can be done about it. I know I've had like a zillions kids, and was good and stretched out despite only weighing 120lbs at 5'4.5" goign into surgery, but I was hoping a tt with lipo would fix it. Maybe my expectations were too high?
Hi Rubysparkels, Yes your right my bb is sideways instead of up and down like I wanted it to be but what can I do now. I also have a little muffin top coming on and the swelling is effecting my lipo on my flanks as well. Ever since my pinhole leak closed up my swelling is increasing slowly. Even with my weight going down. It's really weird. Please update after you see your PS as I will definitely would like to hear what your PS says about that for you. My results are wonderful and I am so much better off than before but not as I excepted as time goes by and as the swelling goes up. Must say it is getting me down a bit. Going to increase my gym time and see if that helps any! Take care and Happy Healing!
Michael Fasching

I initially really liked this doctor. Good bedside manner, thorough, good immediate postop care; however, now that I'm four months postop, I feel like I'm getting blown off. He ignored my concerns about still having a "muffin top" in my flanks which he lipoed, stating it's just my "body type" (info that would have been useful before surgery--he did tell me then that my muffin top would be gone). His office also calls me to REschedule an in-office procedure to fix my belly button that became an outtie (after he told me preop that "his belly buttons are great"). I am being rescheduled over a month out now. Not impressed with followup care at this point.

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