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Never Have Dysport Under Your Eyes Inside Orbital Bone - Minnesota

I had zero wrinkles on my face/eyes. When I would...

I had zero wrinkles on my face/eyes. When I would order a glass of wine at dinner I usually was carded. People have always commented on my youthful skin/ appearance.

I went to my Harvard grad dermatologist that was voted "best" Dr. and when I asked if there was anything I could do to help wrinkles at bay he suggested dysport. He put it under my lash line on the lower lid.

By day three where my lower lid had touched my blue of my eye I could see about an eighth of an inch. When I smiled I noticed a large horizontal line where my cheek and eye meet. This used to be seamless. I called my dr and he had me come in. He took photos and said he gas never seen this before. He said all I could do was wait 2-6 months for it to wear off. In the mean time I could not smile, every day the bunching under my eyes got worse. My face is destroyed and now I look a min of 10yrs older.

This has been the worst ordeal of my life and I have lived through a lot. I have always known things happen as they should and I always have a bright sunny disposition, but that is gone. I used to smile all day and was told daily my smile and live of live changed people's days. Now I refuse to smile because I am afraid it will cause permanent damage because of the deep lines that form when I smile.

Please never ever have dysport close to your eye. I think only above your eyes on your upper forehead not under two inches from your eyes. Why would we want anything under our eyes to fall? I trusted my Harvard dr with my life and he ruined my life. Please learn fom my mistake.

I had dysport done on June 22. I have seen zero improvement and my skin around my eyes is worse everyday. I am going to a plastic surgeon on October 18.

If you have not done this please don't and if you have do you have any advice? I have never felt more alone m, more depressed or more uglyin my life.


Beautiful, Lauren! How are you? I wonder about you all the time! I couldn't find the thread which we had been talking on until now! I hope you are all better by now since I haven't talked to you in months! I am almost 6 mos now and look horrible...saggy,baggy undereye areas, cheek ptosis still on my left side. My forehead between my brows is bumpy and puffy . My skin quality is just horrific on my forehead. I am trying to stay positive through all this. I just look at myself and wonder how the heck my temple area will regain strength and pull up this mess:(. Happy New Year,beautiful! xo
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Happy New Year!!! I've thought so much about you and all the other girls in this horrific boat. Ok, so I'll break it down for you, in hopes that total honesty will help. My new Dr. said that it really takes 18 mos. to not only leave your body, but re-strengthen your muscles. I am about 6 wks. shy of that milestone and I will say that I am STARTING to look like myself again. When I look in the mirror, I don't lurch back and gasp anymore. My face is actaully lifting back to where it was. My in addition to my lower lids falling, my lower face fell; cheeks, lips, even my nose looked different. It's as if our eyes hold up our face. Anyway, as the muscle comes back, my face is lifting. I still use a lot of products. Well, not crazy, but like five or six AM and PM. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm on my way. I know we talked about this before, so I don't feel weird saying this to you, but I'm getting noticed again....Almost back to normal in that way and i thought those days were O-V-E-R. I've heard from people that they are still seeing improvement 2 yrs later. So, my advice to you, try to enjoy life while the clock is ticking....Keep visualizing your old face. I also was doing facials, kind of obsessively, like once a week. My skin was kind of raw. I stopped in Aug. out of sheer frustration and I noticed a pretty big difference, just letting the skin heal. I did notice a substantial difference when I started using a cream called sci bella. It's around 250 a bottle, but I noticed a huge diff in the first three days. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but that is when I started to notice drastic changes. I hope that helps. And, honestly, I'm starting to feel like me again. I think I'm within six months of being pre-nighmare. Lots of love and please let me know how I can help. I'm here and know 100% the hell you are going through. Let your sweet husband love you and when he says you are beautiful, believe him, he means it.
Hi, Lauren!! It is so good to hear from you! I am so,so happy to hear that you are so close to having your "before" face back!!! You give me so much hope! I sent you a private message:)xo
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It ruined my face/ life

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