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Hey Ladies! Well, I went from a B to a DD in the...

Hey Ladies! Well, I went from a B to a DD in the 8th grade. I had to wear a minimizer bra for track and field in high school and got so many comments from boys and men. It was embarrassing to be hit on by dirty old men and have men stare at my breasts while I was talking. In college my guy friends would make a game of trying to throw ice down my shirt. I went along with it because I thought it was better to have a sense of humor about my breast size than to get irritated and tell them to stop. That's when I started wanting a BR. My female friends would talk about it too and even my mom (who also has a large chest) would make comments about my breasts. Still, I was over weight and didn't want to have a BR until I had lost the weight. I also didn't have noticeable back or neck pain because my stomach helped hold my breasts up.

About 6 years ago I had lost some weight and was at my current weight (170 5'7") but started gaining it back and then some. Of course a lot of it came on in my breasts. Now I have lost 80lbs and hardly any off my chest. I have pain along my whole back from my neck down to my tail bone and I am tired of trying to do ab and core work when it seems like I am not even getting to the abs, just trying not to suffocate while lifting my shoulders off the floor. I'm close to my goal weight and got approved (found out Thursday) for a BR!!!!! So excited. My deductible is very low. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. Some of my friends can't understand how much I look forward to saying buh-bye to the boobies!

My PS was a recommendation to my PCP from a breast surgeon (they do mastectomies etc) and he did an additional 2 year residency at the Mayo Clinic in breast reconstruction. I was nervous because I don't know anyone who has had theirs done by him and the Dr my friends referred to me has retired and is currently in the Himalayas. I had nothing to worry about, the PS was extremely professional and had a nurse in the exam room with us at all times. I never even got to ask my questions because he answered them all during the consult. He did a breast exam and said that he didn't feel anything suspicious (what a relief b/c breast cancer runs in the family) but if there was anything in the tissue it would be sent out for biopsy. He also confirmed what I suspected, I have very fibrous breasts and he doesn't feel that the last 10 lbs would come off my breasts b/c they are mostly tissue. He even knew approximately how much the insurance would say to take off for it to be "reconstructive" and he showed me on me roughly where they would sit. He can't guarantee size, obvs, but he said it will be around a small C when he's done.

My aunt (dad's sister) had hers done 8 years ago and she said it was the best thing she's ever done. They took 2.5lbs off each side and she's a B/C now. PS said he would take off approx 600g which is 1.5 lbs per side. It was helpful to talk to my aunt about her BR. She was happy to hear I am staying overnight at the hospital so the nurses will deal with the drains and meds for the 1st night (it's a bedded outpatient procedure) then the PS will come remove the drains, fit my surgical bra and send me home! they're going to call me today or tomorrow to schedule. It will be about 5 weeks from now. I am excited, but cannot even imagine what this will be like!

Did you get your surgery date yet?
Not yet, called the PS office yesterday and left a message with the scheduler. Soon, hopefully!
Got my fingers crossed!

Yahoo! I have a surgery date. Monday June 4 at...

Yahoo! I have a surgery date. Monday June 4 at 7:30 am. I have to be at the hospital at 6 am. It was really kind of funny when I talked to the scheduler she went over some details for pre-op and surgery she was VERY specific. "Nothing after midnight. No gum, chewing tobacco, nothing in the mouth at all." Apparently she had had to reschedule someone's surgery because they had been chewing gum or tobacco. The date is about a month later than I anticipated, but I actually think it's great. It gives me a little more time to get my supplies together and meals pre-made and frozen. I am so excited!!!!!! Also, I told the nurse at my PS office about this site and I am emailing the web address to her so she can use it for other clients!!

I had to buy yogurt the other day so I went to Target and looked at bras. The straps are so TINY. And sports bras are so colorful. I can't wait until I can wear a sports bra for my yoga-tai chi-pilates classes. And on the elliptical too maybe? I don't know I hear different things from different people, one of my friends says she still wears really good supportive bras for running but I don't run so I might just wear the sports bra anyway. I don't have to decide right now. I'm also glad the date is a few months out because I'm still about 10 lbs from my doctor's goal weight for me (I've lost 80 lbs so far and decided I would have surgery when I was 10 lbs out). Right now I'm 170 at 5'7" and I'm a 38 E. Doc says I'll be around a small C cup when I'm done. That's what my aunt is (she had hers 8 years ago) and she loves it.

I'm tripping a little bit about body image, I've had the ta-tas for so long that I'm not sure how I'll look with average sized breasts. Part of me feels like "Oh, I'll look different" and most of me feels like "YES! I'll look different!" I won't miss the gross attention I get for them. That's for sure.

I called the hospital too to see how they bill this. I'm staying in the hospital overnight which I'm thrilled about because I cannot imagine wanting to do two car rides right after surgery.

I will post some before pics as soon as I can. I welcome any input, questions or feedback.
Hi, Jocelyn! I'm adjusting to my new size and couldn't be happier with my proportions. In my experience, it's so important to feel comfortable with your surgeon, that your doctor listens and understands what you are hoping for. It makes the whole process so much less stressful. And you have a lot of lead time, so you can ask us lots of questions on this board :)
WooHoo! Congrats!

HI ladies! Well, I got the pre-op paperwork to...

HI ladies!

Well, I got the pre-op paperwork to take to my PCP in May. I made my pre-op appt with the PS, I see him May 17th. I also had several conversations with the hospital and the insurance company to make sure I know what's covered and what's not. The insurance company has been great and the hospital has been awesome too.
My mom emailed me and said that she could come up and stay overnight if it would be helpful and I, of course, accepted. She was asking me about the procedure, but then she said that it was making her queasy and not to talk about it any more. That made me laugh because I can't imagine that she will want to help take care of my incisions. Thankfully, I am staying overnight in the hospital for observation, did any one else do this? How was it?

I am feeling like the day will never arrive. I am trying to be patient, but it is so hard to wait! Two months feels like forever. One thing a friend in the medical field told me is that people tend to heal better in the summer (I'm in Minnesota so it's cold and cloudy here a lot) because of the sunshine. And I am glad that it's being done in the summer so I don't have to worry too much about sweaters or coats.

I've been applying for new jobs, I'd really rather not go back to the one I have now. I drive to my client's homes and I see between 2 and 4 clients a day, so it's a lot of driving.

Well, that's what's new. Any comments or feedback on what was most helpful would be good. I am going to start gathering things for my recovery soon.
Cool, my doc says that's what it will be for me too as long as there are. No major complications. June seems a very long way off, but then I remember how quickly the last 2 weeks have gone and just try to stay in the present moment. I've discovered this awesome fitness yoga class at my Y and I'm going to do some Mat Pilates too to focus on my abs and back.
I didn't stay overnight at the hospital but I think it will make you feel more comfortable.
Hey, Jocelyn! Sounds like everything is progressing nicely for you. It will be nice for you to have your mom with you. I stayed overnight at the hospital. It went very well for me. All I did was sleep and the nurse would wake me up every once in awhile to go to the bathroom and remind me to take nice deep breaths, as I was sleeping so soundly that my pulse ox kept dropping. The next morning I was discharged and went to PS office to have drains removed. I think it worked well for me to stay because the hospital bed was actually pretty comfortable and my upper body was raised and supported.
Good Luck!

So I feel like June 4 is so far away...until I...

So I feel like June 4 is so far away...until I look at my schedule and realize that it's not so far away! Excited to check off the days. I've started telling my clients that I'll be on medical leave for a couple of weeks and letting them know who they can contact while I'm gone.

Starting to think about what to buy. Also exercising regularly (fitness yoga, zumba and elliptical/core exercises) to lose more weight between now and surgery. I'm not going crazy with it because I know my body is oppositionally defiant and if I want it to lose a lot of weight it holds on to it.
Hey Lady congrats on your approval, my surgery is 4/20 this Friday it happened so quick approved on 4/9 and I got a date 11 days later ( only because if I didn't get it done next week it would have to be in September or October) I have tons of social obligations weddings, bachelorette trips, vacation all that jazz. So my PS gave me a date sooner than I expected! Also my PS is out of network and I'm INS pays 70% I'm responsible for 30%, but she honored what my ins is paying (how awesome is that) I have to pay my deductible 600.00 and 5% of the hospital stay (idk what that is). I'll be staying in the hospital over night as well. This makes me happy I get car sick very easily so hopefully a day of rest would make this a little easier. Sorry for the long rant, hope your doing well and getting ready for this life change!!!
Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm glad to know there are others who are staying overnight too. I'm counting down the weeks (7 from tomorrow!)
It will be good to have a full schedule so as to keep your mind occupied. The time will go quickly and before you know it you will be showing off your new girls in tanks!

So, I thought a couple weeks ago that time would...

So, I thought a couple weeks ago that time would pass so slowly, but I'm only 6.5 weeks out from surgery. I'm glad time is passing quickly because I am impatient and I hate my job. I'm getting stress headaches from burn out halfway through my first session of the day. I've started applying for any remotely stable jobs that aren't mental health because I need to change up the amount of stress in my life, not just the weight that is literally on my chest.

Thanks for all your support and feedback, it's been invaluable.

Good luck with the job hunt! Its no good when your work causes you that kind of stress.

Six weeks from tomorrow. Not that I'm counting or...

Six weeks from tomorrow. Not that I'm counting or anything!

It's getting closer! It really will go faster than you think!

After a long time of debating and talking with...

After a long time of debating and talking with people about it I put in notice at my job. I drive to and from clients' homes all day and a lot of my clients smoke in their homes, etc. So I will be done with my job June 1 and I have surgery June 4. It feels great to know I won't have to go back to a job I am not good at and that I dislike. I am applying for a bunch of jobs in different areas and there is the possibility that I will be moving in the fall. My surgery is 5 weeks from today and I cannot wait! My mom bought me some shirts for after (over the head kind, so a long time after) which I am grateful for.

Also, I am realizing that I have always thought of myself as having a large frame, but I don't. When I'm in fitness yoga I can see that my breasts take up a LOT of space. My roommate commented that I will be very long waisted after surgery. And my chiropractor's receptionist brought in her favorite bra (she's not had a BR, but wanted to show me her "pretty, supportive bra") which was nice.

I talked to the nurse and asked her to call me if there's a cancellation, but I don't think there will be. I'm ok with that, I am just stoked that this is happening.

So many life changes :-) You really will be a whole new woman and ready to start your life as the new you!

WAHOO! I got a call from my PS office yesterday...

WAHOO! I got a call from my PS office yesterday and they had a cancellation! I had asked them to call me if this happened. My new date is May 22 and I am ecstatic about it. This makes my last day at my job May 18 and I will have the 21st free all day to get things ready for surgery.

I will admit that those huge breasts covered a roll that I hadn't realized was there. The first time I bent over in the shower to shave after I had the BR and saw it there I was shocked! Yet people kept telling me that I looked like I had lost quite a bit of weight. That just seemed weird to me. I am 5 foot-nothin' and weighed between 140-145 at the time of surgery. For some crazy reason I gained about 6 pounds over the winter (I think it was because of some medicine I was taking in November.) In February I hauled my lazy butt off the couch (I've never been one for physical exertion) and got on the treadmill. I hadn't run since I was in elementary school. But slowly I inched my way further and for a longer duration. I'm certainly not ready to run a marathon, but I'm moving. And I'm down 8 pounds! That may not sound like a lot, but on a short girl it makes a huge difference! And let me tell you...it feels amazing. I didn't realize how much I could do without those huge breasts weighing me down! I think the fact that you've already lost 80 pounds is proof that you know what to do. I don't see any reason that you wouldn't be able to reach your goal of 20 more. You will be amazed at how easy it is to move and breathe. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time to heal thoroughly. Your main goal is healing! After that happens you can start the workouts. 

I know I had the same worries. And from my own experience it is totally worth doing! I don't regret it and would do it again and recommend it to anyone.  Don't let your anxieties keep you from doing this.  You are certainly not too fat to have the surgery! You are perfect for it and it will allow you to reach the goals you have for yourself!  
So excited! And nervous! And I am worried my belly will look huge without the tatas pushing down and sticking out over it. Feeling like I'm too fat for this now, but hoping I will be able to do more exercise more efficiently after I'm off restrictions. I'm 5'6" and 170 ish right now. I've lost 80lbs and am about 20 from goal weight. Any experience with post surgery weight loss?

Awesome! Congrats :-D

Hey ladies, I got my income tax return and am able...

Hey ladies, I got my income tax return and am able to get some supplies for post surgery. What was most helpful for you and what did you not use at all? Also, I am hesitant to buy any front closure sports bras because I'm not exactly sure what size I will be. Should I buy the stretchy kind or wait? I would like to buy an extra surgical bra from my PS so I have one to wear and one to wash. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh! and I got this great deal on an hour long massage. I scheduled it for the day before surgery so I can go in relaxed and can sleep well the night before. My mom can't come up for the surgery day, but my roommate (and best friend of 11 years) is going to take me in for surgery and wait while I'm in surgery/recovery. I'm not sure if she will stay the night at the hospital or not but it will be nice to have someone there while I am in surgery. Then I have a wedding on the 26th (YIKES) for a very close friend. Luckily it's close to my house and I can come home and take a nap for a while before the reception dinner. Or, not go to the reception at all.
Just a thought. My wife had a BR done between children. After is was done she dropped from a 36/38E to about a 36C. Thing is we got pregnant not too long after and she got her breasts back to almost the same size. That was 4 and a half years ago and they are still pretty big. One is noticeably larger than the other too. Like about 30% bigger. So I am not sure if the doctor did a good job or not (as in not removing the same tissues in one as the other) and whether or not this is a concern for you. If you plan on having children just keep in mind that you large breasts may not be gone forever. Of course every body is different. I am just curious if this has happened to anyone else.
I don't think this is a good enough reason not to have this done. I am not an uber-feminist, but this is one area where men definitely don't understand what the back pain, etc is like. Perhaps it would be better to let your wife come on the forum and ask us questions, or just go directly to the PS who did her surgery. Otherwise it comes off as a man who just wants to look at strange women's breasts with no faces attached and therefore not "real people". Additionally, it is insulting to imply that, as a woman, I have not given this serious thought and consideration. It is my body and I do not take this lightly. If I were your "wife" (if she exists) I would be irate that my husband is sharing personal information about my body on a public forum.
Yes, I agree with Kate- just go with your regular size now for the sports bra. You will wear it 24/7 so it was important for me to have a few of them. (K-mart $8). I didn't have a pillow but I did have a recliner I slept in for the first few days. When I slept in bed I put pillows along my sides so I wouldn't roll over. Scar Oil is good but I couldn't use it until all scabs were healed. Clothes were important also. Front closure or zipper tops and pants that slip on like sweats. I wore my zip up hoodie as a shirt a lot. You won't want to lift your arms over your head in the beginning. Food and drink weren't that important to me. I bought stuff but basically ate and drank what I wanted.
Happy Shopping!

One week from tomorrow! Definitely in...

One week from tomorrow! Definitely in cleaning/preparation mode. Pre op on Thursday and then cleaning this weekend plus food prep. I am so excited and also nervous. But I have a massage Monday and am getting adjusted at the Chiro today and again next Monday before my massage.

Need advice on bras. The ones from kmart...should I just buy the band size or buy one close to my current size? Any other advice would be helpful.
buy your current size as you will be swollen

One week!!!! In one week I will be peacefully...

One week!!!! In one week I will be peacefully resting in my observation room with pain meds and smaller boobies! I just talked to my aunt who had this done 8 years ago and she really helped me out by sharing her experience. I am excited to be counting down. I saw my PCP today and he had to do a pregnancy test. The medical assistant came back and said "Your PT came back negative. I'm sure that's a real shocker for you." LOL (no sex=no baby). My PcP also said that my neck is very tense. I'm getting a massage Thursday and another on Monday to try to relax. Yay!

I treated myself to a massage just before surgery too and it was totally worth it! Enjoy :-)
I'm excited! I haven't had a good massage in a long time.

Hi Ladies!! So I had my pre op on Thursday and...

Hi Ladies!!

So I had my pre op on Thursday and am so excited. The doc went over everything with me and said the insurance company stipulated that he has to remove 500g from each side, after that it's up to me. I told him I'm not particularly worried about being too small. I wouldn't mind being a full B or small C. I told him "I'm ready to be done with them" he and the nurse (he always has a nurse in the room with him) laughed at that. I emailed my before/after pics to him and he will go over those before surgery. I am pre-registered at the hospital and I have a friend who is a nurse there, so she might come visit me after her shift is done Wednesday morning. I cannot even believe that I am having this done, it is like a dream come true.

I asked the PS a lot of questions. He said not to ice (confirmed by friends who've had this done) as it could be damaging to the tissue. I'm glad because I hate icing anything. Since losing weight (82 lbs!!) I am cold all the time. Everything else is pretty much what everyone on here says. I went to Kmart and bought two front closure sports bras for when I'm washing the surgical bra and for after I'm cleared to be out of the surgical bra.

I talked to my aunt who had this done about 8 years ago and she had some good things to say about after the surgery. I'm planning to spend the day cleaning and doing food prep so that I just have food ready to go. I'm feeling like just lying about all day, but I know I won't be at peace unless I've gotten things in order and ready to go.

Sounds like everything is progressing just perfectly! Get your work done today and then you can just lay around and relax tomorrow. I will be so anxious to hear how you do!
I have 11 days of fruit and veggies all cut measured and in the fridge. I've cooked up a monster batch of rice and some chicken and beef. I'm cooking oatmeal and ground turkey tomorrow. I'm also going to cut pineapple and cucumbers up for meals. The cleaning will mostly take place Monday eve so everything will be clean and dusted then Tuesday is surgery!

Ok, everything that HAS to be done is done and...

Ok, everything that HAS to be done is done and anything else just won't get done. My massage got cancelled so I got a pedicure instead (those massage chairs do wonders!) and I am eagerly countIng down until my last sleep before my surgery. I still have to pack, but I'm not really taking anything with me. I'm going and returning in what I'm wearing to bed tonight. I got really cute button down PJs at goodwill and I have the necessary food provisions at home.

Everything seemed so real until today and all the sudden it's surreal to me. It's like waiting for touchdown on a long awaited vacation. Tomorrow's the day! Excited!
How did it go ? wishing you all the best and a easy peasy recovery :O)

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be anxious to hear how everything goes!

Hi Ladies! Well, I am home from the hospital and I...

Hi Ladies! Well, I am home from the hospital and I am feeling great. So good that my roommate keeps telling me "Don't do that. Let me do that for you." LOL But she's right, I tend to over do things and then regret it later.

Here's the way it went.

Roommate and I left for the hospital at 5:15 am. Got to the hospital early and waited for the Ambulatory Surgery Center to open. My surgery prep nurse was awesome and she got me all checked in and ready for the surgery. The robes were so comfortable. I'd love one of them for home ;). The nurse anesthetist came and talked to me, then the anesthesiologist. They set the IV, I went pee and then the PS drew on me. We walked to the OR and the last thing I remember is the feel of the oxygen mask on my face. Next thing I knew I was back in the recovery chair and I was in pain (8 out of 10). Apparently I was on dilaudid. It did nothing for the pain and I couldn't keep my eyes open or my head up, I felt drugged and worse than drunk. The nurses said that I was a "lightweight" even when it came to the anesthesia. They let the dilaudid wear off and took me to my hospital room and gave me a vicodin. The hospital bed was so comfortable and the nurses/staff were very helpful. I didn't have to worry about anything. I felt awesome and watched a bunch of TV and ate my regular food. Then it hit me and the vicodin wasn't taking the edge off...I did too much, just sitting at a 45 degree angle in the bed. So they gave me some morphine and I was off to sleep. Oh, I was up and walking around and going to the bathroom and talking and everything which felt amazing. I slept most of the night, after the morphine took care of the pain (incision and back pain where the ace bandage was too tight) then the vicodin has been enough. The nurses came in every couple of hours and stripped my drains and emptied them. I slept all night with the exception of when they came in for vitals.

So that's the synopsis, but for real, my shoulders, back and neck feel completely better. There is little to no pain in my back, just where the bandage dug into my muscles in the back. I can see my stomach when I am lying on my back! My ta-tas are so tiny and up high. They took 2.5 pounds total and I am already pleased with the job the PS did. The nurses said that it was refreshing to hear someone come in for surgery and have a realistic idea of what will happen afterwards. I owe that to you ladies and all the info/experience you shared with me.

The PS came in this morning at 6:45 and removed the bandage/dressings. He checked the sensation in my nipples and I have feeling there. Things don't look too bad, but I know that the bruising and ugly are on their way now. He showed me how to apply the bacitracin and gauze and put me in this awesome breast reduction bra that hooks and zips. It extends down my ribcage so that the bottom of the bra is around the bottom of my rib cage and away from the incisions.

I only had one nursing assistant who was annoying. She would kind of randomly wander into my room and she was chomping on gum, but she was helpful, which is important I guess. The nurses rocked and they put these things on my calves that squeezed them and felt like a massage.

Ugh, when I was leaving the hospital I was sitting in the wheel chair and this medical assistant/wheelchair assistant looked at me and said "Oh, you had a baby?" It must be because I am in pajamas and my stomach looks so big and puffy. I guess that's what pilates is for.

Ok, well typing this wore me out, so I am going to go rest. I will post pictures later, maybe tomorrow after I shower.

WooHoo! Sounds like you are doing great! Congratulations :-)
thanks! I am doing great, but am definitely grateful for the vicodin. Now, if I weren't constipated things would be pretty perfect. But, my shoulders and back feel amazing!

You can try adding some Docusate Sodium along with the Miralax. You can take it up to twice a day until you are going normally. Drink plenty of water, walk around the house. Bananas also help me go to the bathroom. I'm so glad you are doing well. But remember, even though you feel great, you still have lots of  healing to do and you need to rest more than you think you do! Take it easy and do basically NOTHING for at least the first week and then you will be well on your way! Congrats!

Just took my first post surgery shower. It felt so...

Just took my first post surgery shower. It felt so good to have the beast of a bra off, but now it's back on again. I have to say that even though I have seen pictures on here and was semi prepared for what they would look like I was shocked to see my own breasts looking this way. They seem so tiny! and they are asymmetrical right now because the swelling is asymmetrical. That being said I feel no strain on my back, shoulders or neck. I've been sleeping through the night in my own bed (on my back of course) and I am very happy that I have done this.

It didn't hurt to shower, except where the soapy water hit the drain spot on my left side under my arm. I am constipated and am using Miralax to try to overcome that. Hopefully it won't be too long since my belly is looking big to me right now.

Overall, I feel pretty good for day 3 (considering surgery day as day 1). It's still hard not to do too much since I feel great, but I don't want to delay healing or get increased swelling. Any tips are welcome!

Hey Ladies, Well, I decided to take it REALLY...

Hey Ladies,

Well, I decided to take it REALLY easy yesterday and basically watched shows on my laptop and slept. Feel awesome today. I cannot even believe how light everything feels. My shoulders and back feel amazing, no weight or pressure what so ever.

I am starting to get the itchies that everyone talks about, which I think means that things are healing. My left nipple was black and blue, but now it's all pink. I really need to post photos which I will take when I change the dressings later today.

I have a wedding today and I am going to the ceremony but not the reception.
My mom had her consult with a surgeon yesterday. She's not sure if she will go through with it but she is very interested in how I am recovering. I would recommend this to any woman who is thinking about it.

Just got home from the wedding. So beautiful. Also...

Just got home from the wedding. So beautiful. Also got my first post op reaction today. A friend saw me in the entry of the church and said "Whoa, you've lost a TON of weight!" I am grateful that she's honest about what she's thinking because now I know what people will be saying in their heads!!

I've added photos from today. I'll add before photos as soon as I get them from the PS office.

I'll be anxious to see your before pictures, because your post-op pix look amazing! Congrats!!

Day 5 and thoroughly convinced of two things 1)...

Day 5 and thoroughly convinced of two things 1) this was totally worth it 2) even doing nothing is doing too much.

I'm resolved to spend my time in bed sleeping on and off today. I changed the dressings and saw some green-yellow discharge and some blood - bright red- dribbled out of my right breast from the vertical incisions. called the PS and he said that's normal, just probably pulled off a scab. Very happy with my surgery and also happy to have the time to just rest today.

I have started getting the "buzzies" in my left breast. It's so strange, but funny. I guess that's a good sign, right?

Well, off to sleep for a bit now.
You look great! My scars looked like that in the beginning too - a little uneven & puckered, and the good news is that it smooths out. Now at 5 weeks, all the puckering is gone. I remember being kind of worried that it wouldn't go away, but sure enough, it did! It just gets better from here! Happy healing :-)
Thanks Kate30! It is so helpful to hear that the scars change over time. They are definitely healing up nicely.

Ok, ladies I am looking for input. I have two...

Ok, ladies I am looking for input. I have two front closure ports bras, but the bands come straight across the incisions and they are too small with my swelling. My surgical bra is awesome, but I'd like an option for when I wash it. What are your recommendations? I've looked at bandini and similar bras but I wanted to know if any one tried some of these options. I have also considered getting an ace bandage and just wrapping myself while wash my surgical bra.

Aside from that I am doing well. My roommate got me some gauze which is 4 1/2" and is PERFECT. I use half a roll each day and I basically don't even notice that there's anything there. This is nice because the sensation is coming back with a vengeance in both breasts and my nipples are all tingly if I use something other than gauze. I am totally off the vicodin (go the "silver cloud" feeling the other night and decided the vicodin had to go) and using only extra strength Tylenol which works for the incision pain. I feel more alert and am able to sit up and be up for more of the day. I am still sleeping most of the morning after breakfast which is really helpful. I set up my post op appointment for June 14th.

I am so happy with my new little boobies. They are starting to soften and fall a little. I measure them today and I'm about an inch down even with the swelling. It is so good to hear other people's experiences because right now my incisions look a little like the edges of a pie crust (you know how they roll and pinch pie crust) so I am glad to hear that they won't always look like that.

Well, that's all for today.

I actually used both the bandini and an ACE wrap. The bandini was easier to get on of course, but the ACE felt so good because I could control the amount of compression. I often still sleep with a bandini on just because it sometimes feels good to have the girls supported...I think I'm just afraid of them sagging and looking like my old ones, so I think that by sleeping in a comfy bra they will stay right where I like them!

And I know it is hard to believe, but those incisions will smooth out. I don't know how it happens, but I've just come to the conclusion that the body can do amazing things to put itself back together!
Thanks, Iowa71! I am noticing that the incisions are smoothing out. I'm showering today so I will take pictures of what they look like 8 days out. I am very happy with them. I will buy some bandinis and probably an ace bandage too. My sister gave me a gift card to amazon so I can just have them delivered. I am feeling better each day, but I do notice that if I do too much during the day my incisions hurt more and the tylenol doesn't quite cut it. So I am trying to take it easy. Thanks for the input on the bandini/bandage wrap etc. I has been very helpful.

It seemed to take me awhile to get my stamina back, and every once in a while I seem to have a discomfort along my incision line, so I think that 9 months out there must still be some healing going on. You are only a week out so give yourself some time to rest. Your new boobs will thank you by healing wonderfully if you do!

Today was a good day. Each day that I am off the...

Today was a good day. Each day that I am off the vicodin is a day that I gain energy and focus. I am still getting pretty tired easily but I am able to do a bit more each day. Today I went to Target to get some thing (roommate drove me) and to try on the bandini because I wanted to know what size I really needed with the swelling. I am an XL which might not seem like a great reduction, but before the BR I would not have even gotten the thing past my shoulders. It fit nicely and I order a pack online because they were on sale. I also got some provisions like cottage cheese, greek yogurt and frozen cherries. I was running low on things and sick of the pre cut fruit I've been eating. Nice thing is my roommate cut up my pineapple for me and I was very excited to eat some today.

A friend dropped off a sleeping wedge for me and I am excited to use it tonight. My lower back has been hurting and I am hoping that the wedge will take some pressure off my lumbar curve. And tonight I took a hot bath with bubble bath. I was very careful to keep the incisions well above the water. The bathtup in my apartment doesn't allow for soaking anyway, but I needed some bubble bath time. I was able to gently clean away the drainage, bacitracin and ucky feeling while also soaking my back, feet and legs. My cat, who is terrified of the bathroom (long story) ventured in several times to check things out. She came right up to the bath tub and put her front paws up to look in. She was very confused as to why I was sitting in a tub full of water and she did not like it when I put bubbles on her nose or blew a handful at her. It was funny. Not to sound like a crazy cat lady, but I DO love my cat and she has been a dear through this whole process of healing. Aside from my cat behavior, the bath was awesome. IT was the first bath I have taken as an adult where I didn't have drops of sweat running out from under my breasts, nor did my nipples reach the water line (which was around my navel). It was fantastic to see my nipples pointing at the ceiling.

As if that weren't a momentous enough day, I also became un-constipated today. Now, I am NOT one of those people who talks about the elimination of waste with strangers or in public (I don't even like it when I have to ask for directions to the bathroom at a friend's house) but I will tell you that the generic Miralax I used did its job. I think that everything that was inside me came out. I mention this because I have found out that it is possible to go from feeling constipated and bloated to feeling normal in a day's time. Hope that's not TMI! I feel and look normal in the stomach and abdomen again and am happy to report htis because after losing 82 lbs over the past 2 1/4 years I did not like feeling my stomach being that big again. It has helped tremendously with my body image. I am so happy with everything over the past week and I am posting new photos below.

2 weeks today! Yay! Things are healing well. You...

2 weeks today! Yay! Things are healing well. You can barely see the vertical incisions. There is still a lot of bruising and the nipple and horizontal incisions aren't completely smooth or healed, but Things are looking really good. I'll post photos later today. I am still having some yellow-greenish drainage from the left breast and a tiny amount of red from the right. I called the PS and his nurse said that's normal. I also asked if I could switch up the bras since my surgical bra has been making my ribs hurt (it comes down the the bottom of my rib cage) and it felt like my breasts needed a little more support underneath and not as much compression. The nurse said that's fine so I'm wearing the Bandini right now and it is SUPER comfortable and gives me enough support underneath. I also bought some camisoles, a cardigan and a t-shirt (mostly from clearance). I have a meeting tonight that I haven't been at since before surgery so I am excited to see people again. I also saw some friends Sunday evening and everyone said I looked awesome. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new breasts. They are perky, beautiful and I have no back pain. I can't wait to buy a swim suit.

I drove myself to the store last night, the first time driving since surgery and it was fine, but I definitely still need a pillow between me and the seat belt. It is wonderful to be able to walk into Target and buy a sports bra or camisole or dress and not worry about whether I'll be spilling out of the top.

Thank you so much for the support on here. I'll keep posting photos and updates too.

Thanks for the update! I will be anxious to see the new pictures. They really start to take shape from this point on. Glad you are feeling like getting out. That seemed to be a big step in the recovery process! And I'm a believer in the healing power of fresh air!

Three weeks!! I can't believe that I'm already...

Three weeks!! I can't believe that I'm already three weeks out. I'm wearing sports bras (front closure from Kmart, thanks for the recommendation) during the day and the bandini at night. I LOVE my new breasts! That being said, there are a few things I am experiencing that are just strange.

Every once in a while I think I am feeling sutures dissolving and letting go. It is a weird sensation. It's like a feeling of tension, then a snapping (like a rubber band) and then a ZING, but inside my breasts. It's kind of relieving because it means less pulling and that things feel a little bit more natural.

The other thing that I am experiencing is that my shoulders and back don't know what to do! My shoulders keep creeping up because they are used to working against resistance that isn't there any more. And my right shoulder tends to curve forward. My chiropractor told me these things were happening but now I am aware of them so I am trying to consciously correct when I notice them. The great things is that one of my friends is a post partum doula and she has a video that some of my friends have used after they gave birth. It helps realign the spine and strengthen back muscles. I am also planning to do pilates once I am cleared for exercise.

I actually forget that I have incisions at times! I have my next post op appointment on Thursday and am excited to hear what the doctor says. I am feeling more energetic and am able to do most things by myself (except grocery shopping - too much reaching and too heavy of lifting). It feels good to be on this side of it. Over all things are going really well. I tried on a regular bra that other day (over my clothes) and I am a 38B which is what I wanted to be. I know things will adjust and change over the next year and I am excited to see how my body adjusts to the changes.
You are looking so good! I giggled at the last one... I have to dig out an old bra and try that!

Holy Cow, Serene! Look at those tiny little breasts! You look great :-D

I noticed that right after surgery I would stand with my back arched. It must have been how I always stood before to keep my spine straight but since I didn't have the huge load to haul back I no longer needed to stand with every muscle tightened. What a relief to be able to relax! :-)
Hi Serenpeace, you look GREAT! I have to agree about "looking for the back and neck pain" I did it today while driving, so habitually would pop and stretch my shoulders or neck and I still do it when I don't even need to...lol. Enjoy the new you!

Hi ladies! Yesterday was my post op appointment....

Hi ladies! Yesterday was my post op appointment. The doctor said everything was healing so well that I can exercise again and wear whatever was comfortable for me. He also reassured me the the scars will fade and showed me how to massage the tissue so it softens and shapes up nicely.

Over all I am loving my new body and tried on about six swimsuits today. It is a huge change to try on suits now that I don't have to worry about my breasts. I have no idea how to dress my body, but I am excited to learn! Loving the new body and so close to goal weight. and now I can start shaping it with exercise again. YAY!
I just had to tell you your last pic had me cracking up I did the same thing and couldn't believe how much of a difference it was. btw You're looking great.

Isn't shopping exciting? I was thrilled when the first suit that I tried on this season fit!! That has never happened before...
Looking good! I tried on my old bra yesterday too, lol.

Whoa, it's been a long time since I've updated....

Whoa, it's been a long time since I've updated. Sorry about that! I am still healing really well. I love that my breasts don't move or fall when I take my bra off and my back feels great (except that I have been neglecting my workouts so that doesn't feel great). today while I was showering I tried to lift my breasts because I am so used to that, but there's nothing to lift! LOL I love my body and I spend so much less time comparing myself to other women. I didn't even realize how much I was doing that until recently when I noticed I wasn't anymore.

My incisions are all healed up and my scars are pink. I don't usually scar very much but during the healing process of any cut my skin is bright pink so that's normal for me. for anyone who is considering having this done DO IT! I has been one of the top 3 best decisions i have made about my body in my life. I LOVE IT! Seriously, so much better.

I have been wearing mostly sports bras since surgery, but this week i bought my first real, underwire bra. It's by BarelyThere. It plunges so low in the middle, but I have no problem with that now that I don't have to strap anything down any more. I'm a 38 B right now which I am so happy with. And they are BEAUTIFUL!

Have a great Sunday. Pictures to follow.

Congratulations! Your results are wonderful! No wonder you are so thrilled :-D

Hey! I decided I need to update again. I am trying...

Hey! I decided I need to update again. I am trying to do this at least once a month to give hope and perspective to those who are not as far along in the healing process.

I am now wearing real, underwire bras everyday and they feel great. Sometimes they are a little itchy along the horizontal incisions, but mostly they feel great. I am in love with my new body! I look in the mirror and see that I have a typical looking body and I love it! I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was with my breasts until they were gone. I really thought that the surgery was just for my back pain, but I now know that I was constantly self-conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel so confident now and don't carry around the same worries about men or embarrassment when I am out in public and I get checked out. And I just started dating someone! He's pretty much amazing and I am confident that he is not with me because of my large breasts. I am able to have conversations with him and he thinks I cute and smart. I would never have talked to him before and would have been worrying that he was looking at my chest all the time while we talk. But he doesn't, he actually looks at my face! (Although he's a normal, straight guy, so it's not like he doesn't check me out too). The best thing about this whole surgery and weight loss ( I am in my maintenance range!!) is the confidence I have gained. It was one of the top 5 best decisions I have ever made in my life.
I definitely remember the days of spilling out of dresses that I loved. And even when they were too big they didn't hold up well in the bust. Now I can wear pretty much whatever I want and I love that! Keep on moving forward. I am confident that you will not regret your decision. I posted my before pictures so that you can see the difference!
I'm buzzing thru checking in with my mentors and see how things are going..my days getting closer
YOU are SO adorable! Isn't it just the funnest to put on a sassy little dress!!?? I put one on the other day that I spilled out of and basically looked like a prostitute. I could only wear it for BF in private. My mom saw it on me and said, you look so "cute"?! Ha, CUTE!?!?!? Never imagined how fun it could be to dress......................thank you for your kind words to me and keep up the positive, confident status!

Hey Ladies! Just wanted to update my profile...

Hey Ladies! Just wanted to update my profile again! I am still loving my new, smaller breasts! They are awesome! My mom saw me for the first time since surgery and commented that it changed my whole body shape, which it did, and which I also love. I've added my before pictures below too so that people can see the difference!
congratulations,you look great!!!!!!!
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