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In less than a month I'll be joining the boobie...

In less than a month I'll be joining the boobie
I've always had a small chest but after recently dropping a few pants sizes, l also lost some cup size! So after thinking it thru and finding a good surgeon I went for it and scheduled my date for surgery! I'm 34a/b now (depends on brand) but looking to go to a full C.
I know I'm getting silicone about 350cc inframmary incision, the doctor says they play with the size during surgery and will sit me up before stitches to be sure they look natural and perfect....kinda scared about being sat up and moved around and it kinda sounded like they'll test different sizes inside my boobs before actually picking the size, sounds like extra trauma.
I hope at my pre-op we can pick a size and not cause as much trauma to my body! I also think I for sure want to do under the muscle since there's a less chance of getting a capsular contracture and less chance of being ruptured (from what I've read)

I had 2 surgeries before where I was put under, wisdoms teeth and had a few teeth taken before getting braces on in high school. The wisdom teeth was horrible experience so I'm hoping this won't be as scary!

I've gotten some great tips of some of the profiles on this site, I'll take any tips or tricks you guys have for before and after surgery!
Particularly things to have on hand after and things that you couldn't have lived without or things you wish you would of had and any words of advice for before! :)


that is so crazy to me that they try different sizes in you when you are put under lol I have heard that a lot though so I think its very common. You sound very similar to me even with the size of implants! I did get 350cc but I think my size now is going to be almost a d cup, it feels huge but so small compared to most women on this site. There is so many things I feel like I could type for you to think about post surgery, try to think of the simple things, I drink bottled water so I had my bf crack the lids of all the water bottles so I could just grab them and drink whenever (I still cant crack some of them lol) get straws too! if you have anything up high make sure its put lower so everything is really easy to reach. I had a hard time with pumping soap and shampoo but pumps are easier then squeeze bottles. Make sure to get everything prepared before the day of surgery just in case you are sick like I was..never ever got sick from pain killers or being put under before but this time I was sicker then I was ever in my life! so i was completely useless for like 5 days and I have such a hard time without independence! I mean you can get someone to do all the little things for you but really after like 2 days of asking for help it gets old lol. I even still have to get my bf to put my laundry soap in a lighter container and not the big jug of it since I can't lift it. Lots of pillows are good too! And tank tops or tube tops are great, anything that you can step into to wear for a week after surgery is good. Okay sorry for the novel lol. I am excited for you to join boobieville!! =) you will do great!
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Congrats on getting your surgery! During my surgery, my doctor used sizers too (to help with final implant selection) and it turned out great! I wouldn't worry too much, I think it's just to make sure you get the prettiest result possible. I don't think it caused any additional trauma in my case because I was feeling great pretty quickly after the surgery. Pain meds help A TON :)
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Thanks!! That gave me a lot of relief hearing other surgeons use sizers too! I think I will not worry about the extra trauma and put a little more trust in my doctor lol your girls turned out great so I hope I'll get great results too haha I definitely plan on settings alarms every how many hours to stay on top of the pain

3 weeks from today is my big day! I have college...

3 weeks from today is my big day! I have college graduation coming up but I'm far more excited for my surgery! :)
Talked to the nurse at my ps office to ask if taking 1000mg of vitamin C is too much and asked if they recommend arnica gel for bruising. I was told they rarely see any bruising, but nurse will get back to me she said.

I also visited my stylist and scheduled to get an arm pit wax before the surgery. I'm big on getting a bikini wax every other month, but I've never had my arm pits waxed. SO that'll be interesting!

I finally have told all my immediate family of my plans and am quite impressed with their support! And of course all the support on this site, its like a God send!

In my last post I shared my concerns about the extra trauma with testing the implants during surgery. But since then, I am glad to know they should turn out perfectly because it'll be the best fit for my body. I hope lol.

working on staying positive so my anxiety doesn't eat me alive!!! Also having a hard time cutting back on smoking. I know after I won't be tempted to smoke since I'll be on meds and in bed for a week, sore. But until then I'll try to do my best!


Hey! Thanks for the tips I appreciate every ounce of info I can get :) didn't think about getting water bottles opened I plan on having my bf leave pill bottles cracked open for easy access I'll remember to have him crack open waters too! I feel like I'm always taking care of everything in my family and I'm stubborn to ask when I need help so anything to prep before eases my anxiety about needing thanks again girl!!!
I hear ya, I never ask for help either... It should be ok if your boyfriend helps you for a couple days.try not to read about the negative online because some people tell you every little thing that is just silly! Just remember how great its gonna be when your done:):)
Hey Beth thanks for that list! I'm going yo print it and use it as a guide for getting ready! I do plan on sharing some before pics later this week! This website is the best form of social networking really appreciate all the tips and knowledge from ladies who've been down the road to boobieville lol :)

count down. .. .

I've been very excited about all the changes going on in my life. Finished college a couple days ago feels so amazing. I decided there couldn't be a better time to go thru with this surgery since I haven't looked for a job and no school, I'll have plenty of time to recover!
My pre-op was supposed to be next week but something came up at the PS office and I'm in for my pre-op tomorrow!!! I assume I'll be doing my before pictures and get to answer all my recovery questions!

So far I've been reorganizing my home so it can all be sorted (having a family garage sale this summer so I'm trying to price as many things as possible.) (Felt amazing to price all those double padded expensive bars!!!)
I've bought a couple of the Banduea (sp?) Bras. The target one is the best, beyond comfortable. I got it in a L cannot wait to actually fill it out!
I also bought straws, bed pillow, and a few other random neccesaties.

got less than 2 weeks till the big day! I get more nervous every day! But more excited too. I'm ready to get it done and start the healing process.

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My pre-op had to be rescheduled and I was able to get in yesterday! Took my before pictures and got a guidebook for my Natrelle brand implants. I also got the consent forms to review before signing them on The BIG Day!
My PS mentioned my right has more breast tissue and he might have to 'score' the tissue to break it down -or- he might not be able to go below the muscle(which I'd prefer since it seems to lower risks).
So when I'm in surgery they'll play around with size and position. He made me a bit nervous I felt like I wasn't a good candidate for this anymore. But he assured me I'd be a-ok it might just take a little more time in the OR...
My PS also told me he's only done 1 very minor revision in 4 years, comforting thought?idk.
I'm more nervous now that this is all getting more real and can't believe I'm doing this!
Can't wait to get it over with and start healing!!!


how exciting...hope youre happy with the size your ps picks. Good luck on your journey. I cant wait to follow your story
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ive also heard about different sizes in the op room. my mom said they even sit u up while ur asleep to see how they look, i am guessing they dont rise high at that initial point so they can see where they will fall?? i dunno, this is all so weird to me! lol my date is june 20th :P good luck with urs!
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My nurse told me they'll sit me up to look and it sounds crazy! I would think the implant would slide thru the incision or something But hopefully if they inspect them before stitches there should be no mistakes. I keep telling myself that to avoid the anxiety of what's going to happen in the OR! And thanks for the luck I'll be needing it lol. Good luck with yours too! It'll be here so soon (:

1 week!

I'm finally 1 week away from my new big B-day ;) can't hardly wait! I've got a check up with my primary doctor to do all the tests and whatever they do before someone heads into the OR!

Been keeping busy trying to not worry/obsess about my boobs lol . I helped by bf re-carpet our boat. ..what a chore! But turned out great! I was also able to finally put together from a family vaca in 2010!
I've got a few light cami style bras 2/$10 at Shopko(in picture) they have light removable pads and are so comfy I've been wearing them all the time cannot wait to fill them out!!

I decided I wanted to get my under arms waxed since I knew I wouldn't be lifting my arms for a while... I regularly get a bikini and eyebrow wax every other month or so and don't have horrible pain but holy s*** under arms are brutal I had it done this afternoon and the stinging is gone!

Other then waxing I've been preparing list for groceries including
granola bars
smart waters
nutrition drinks like 'boost'
frozen peas!
and some other odd ends.
I'm going to be on the hunt for a back scratcher, good pillows + cases, slipper flip flops, & some light sweats and light zip front hoodies (mine are mostly size xs or thick wintery ones----were finally getting into the 60° temps up here in Northern Minnesota)lol so lighter less tight clothes will be way comfy!

Also plan to buy a swivel sweeper so I can still clean up a little if I need to without trying to get my huge vacuum out!


So exciting being only one week away!!! The time flies and before you know it you will be one week post op already like me! Oh and on a side note don't get the swivel sweeper it clogs and breaks soon after... Save money and get a swiffer instead!! Keep us posted on how you are doing cant wait to see you post op!!!
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awww thatgirl i feel your pain when it comes to implant size. i only went 304/339 and for a while really started to feel like the odd girl out because my implant size was so small compared to the rest of the girls on here. but now that i have them i think they are perfect for me and i will prob be able to avoid needing a lift unless i really WANT one down the road... which to me was worth the sacrafice of getting a smaller cc size. i think im going to end up being a D as well which is still 2 cup sizes bigger than i had when i started! but you are not the only one with smaller cc's im with you too : )

tigolbitties turn bigoltitties

CANNOT believe tomorrow is the day!!! I feel like I just couldn't wait and now the day is practically here! I feel almost faint with all the emotions I'm feeling today!

I'll be running around all day getting my last minute things I need! I was getting a pedicure and my nails cleaned up for surgery and I've been coming to the same nail salon for about 3 years so when I said I won't be putting on polish today they all thought I was crazy...but it turned out good. So glad I did that because I had a gel manicure and that stuff sucks to get off!
Got everything put together for tomorrow, almost. Finishing up laundry and washing and extra set of sheets/pillow cases. I also bought a new bucket and lined a plastic bag in it, to have in car after surgery and the first few days in case I'm nauseated. It'll make for easier cleaning up, I hope.
Haven't really felt too anxious or worried and I feel I should be more nervous. .I mean it IS surgery.! I'm pretty nervous about getting the IV...that freaks me out. When you get a shot it's quick- you don't have to see it in you. .. the iV is there and how do I avoid seeing it, I can't even handle seeing other peoples IV..ohhh boy and seeing the surgery room seems scary too. BUT I have been trying to ignore those thoughts and stay positive!!!

My bf and I will be leaving my house about 6 a m. Tomorrow to head the the surgery center about 20 minutes from my house. Surgery is supposed to be at 7:30 but at my pre-op the ps said they'll begin the surgery closer to 8a.m.

So this is crazy I guess after all these stories I've read and all the results the awesome ladies on this site have shared, I'll finally have some results to share too!!! I've been anticipating getting to the recovery phase and getting it over with and here I am not even 24 hours and I'll be post-op...praying/hoping/wishing my surgery/recovered goes smoothly and everyone else's as well!!!


good luck!!! you will be fine!!! i felt the same way and when i was there it was cake! you'll be home resting before you know it : )
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Ohh I hope! I'm headed to the center now, running a little late but feel pretty calm! I'll update as soon as I feel up to it :)

mission complete!

Ended up with 325cc unders gel silicone, crease incision.
Been doing pretty good so far! Minor pain lots of pressure especially right in the middle of the new girls. But tolerable with the pain meds I've been staying on track with those.
getting up and outta bed is the worst thing but otherwise I feel it's been pretty smooth I was very prepared I think so highly recommend getting any/every thing you think you'll need set up and ready!
Good Luck to the ladies going in this week and happy healing to the rest of us dolls!


Glad you're doing good. Can hardly wait to see the results
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Congrats on the new girls! It must be horrible not getting to see them without that bra on! I would take it off for a peek if I were you ;) I was only given a strap to wear across the top of them to push them down, so I got to see them right away! Get lots of rest and enjoy them!
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so far_so good!

The past few days have been very manageable. Right tit seems to cause a bit more discomfort then the left but not too bad. My right side seems to be very cone shaped too but not making any judgment till I actually see them on Tuesday at 2:30!!!! Can't wait to get this bra/band/wrap shit they have me so tight in, OFF! I'm kinda glad they are wrapped tight and snug with no where to go. I feel their heeling OK and I don't have to get emotional with them till next week. But really stoked to be able to scratch and wash them the bras driving me nutty!

Been staying up on my antibiotic and petcosets taking .5 usually unless I'm feeling real sore. My appetite has been bad the pills make me nauseated. So Watermelon, cherries, pineapple, string cheese, and Smart Water has been mainly my diet. Some how I was only bloated day 1 and 2 but otherwise my digestive system is doing good suprises me because I have moderate ibs!

on Thursday I got a ride to see my stylist to wash my hair and get a blow out, which was really nice treat since I was already sick of being in my house. Which is getting worse n worse! I'm used to doing laundry, making beds, cooking, cleaning, glamorizing myself pretty much daily and now it's getting to me not being able to lift, reach, or carry things out like normal! My anxiety got to me last night/this morning real good...very thankful I already am on ativan for anxiety disorder so that helped me too. The day before my surgery I went out fishing with the bf and caught a bunch n had fun so I'm glad I had fun before being bored for days!
I've been wondering how long is there is a period of time to wait to have sex after surgery I was worried I'd hurt myself but got a quicky in today and that too brought my feelings up and erase a little stress! Maybe tmi?

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekends and good luck to the girls going next week hope your all prepared and excited and us others healing are getting the R&R well deserve!!

I'll likely update Tuesdays night with finally a picture of my new boobies!!! I feel like its Christmas time and I have the biggest best present under the tree but have to wait to open and see whats inside!!! Only 3 days left can't wait to meet them =)


yay the count down is almost up! I hope things are going well and that you love what you see! I totally understand the anxiety and being stuck in your house not being able to do anything! Wish I had ativan when i was at home freaking out lol. let us know how things go!
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hey how are you feeling?? tomorrow you get the wrap off right? god id be so excited if i were you!! and im excited to see the results!! as for "sexy time" lol i only waited maybe 4 or so days..... i was supposed to technically wait 2 weeks but i kinda just took it easy so to speak and it was fine. i actually recommend doing it the first week as long as you are taking it easy cause once your nerves start growing back/healing and you get the crazy nip sensations and the sunburn feeling, you will not want to be touched!!!!!!! so do it up now girl! lol between that and being bored to death locked up inside those were the 2 worst parts of the whole experiecnce id have to say : )
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finally got to see!!!

1st post-op was today and went good! My PS was very happy with everything I'm still pretty swollen but overall I'm pretty happy! The lefty goes a bit lower then my righty but hopefully they'll even out the next few weeks! Also think they could be closer together but doc. Said he was very aggressive on moving them as close together as possible.
They are still very hard and I'll get the stitches out and some massage techniques next week!
It's going to be hard not to focus on other girls results and compare them to myself but really going to try and stay positive! Really like the bathing suit top picture, in April I was wearing that top on vacation all flat and now ohhh lalaaa they look nice lol!

Hope all is well ladies ??


Thank you things went very well today! I was so worried they'd be cone shaped and first glance I was startled but loving the look now!
YAY! That's exciting, I think you look great! I totally get the feeling of the shape being a bit off but my PS made a good point and said if they are perfect after the surgery then you will not be happy after they settle into their pockets... I have to agree,mine look a million times better then the first few weeks! Good thinking as well not to compare yourself with others ( I try not too either), it never does anyone good anyways, keep up the positivity and healing lady! =)
Thank you! Can't wait to for them to settle in its going to be crazy to watch them change the next few weeks! Looking forward to them getting squishy!


Hello ladies!
So I got a bra at Walmart today one of the danskin brands that clasps infront and has sort of a plunging style for $12. I struggled today getting dressed the post surgery bra isn't easy to hide!!! I ended up going out in a cami style bra that's very comfy. I was worried about driving n not having enough support but it went good. Today was the first time I actually had to deal with my incisions. far thats the worst part!

They look so scary!! There about the size of my pinky the left one is a inch longer which seems odd. And the right one has a 'puckering' look I'm not a fan of!: But I'm SOO thankful the 1st week I didn't have to see anything at all. I've only had dissolving stitches in my mouth and had a biopsy on my scalp that had a few stitches but I never had to see them.... I tried showering normal today for the first time. ...didn't go so well I was so scared of getting soap in the incision..or something bad like that!

patted the area dry, put some "polysporine" gel on them (as I was directed by my nurse to do) then set a no stick gauze pad on and put on my post op bra. I feel like a Frankenstein with the incisions. stitches wont be out till next Wednesday and I'll start mederma & silicone sheets right away!!!
I'm going to be scared showering the next week I feel like the implant will fall out the incision. ..freeeaky! Even though I know that won't happen still the scariest part for me so far!!! Keep telling myself it'll be okay in a month--gotta stay tough!lol

well hope everyones girls are healing well and getting nice n squishy!!! =) & there's a few sweet ladies who are going in this week and wish them the best of luck!!!


Omg I totally get the feeling of them falling out! It will feel so much better in a few months.. I still have my moments lol but it's scary the first few normal showers. Don't worry about the Puckering .. I spazzed and in the end it was so normal I guess and it will fade away. Ugh I don't get why the incisions are so big too! Mine are the size as my pinky as well. It's not big but it's just a big nerve racking. Ok sorry for all my comments.. Glad your doin well lady!
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Totally appreciate the comments girl!! So good nice to have someone to relate to! The incisions are some freaky business. The healing process is more than I bargained for I think can't wait for some changes and progress! I really do appreciate your input!
Just hang in there I swear it gets better! Took me 6 wks but I'm finally ok and happy lol. So give it time and done look at them constantly.. Just live life and try to rest and have a bit of fun too:)

getting easier every day!

It feels like I've had these new boobies for months not 2 weeks! I love them more each day they are still hard but I'm rarely in any discomfort. I did get a pretty horrible cough/cold this last week that really hurt my boobies(I worry the aggressive coughing will hurt my capsule healing) I'm going to ask at my appt. On Wednesday if thats possible.
I have been taking it easy still, I did manage to clean this weekend a little bit which felt rewarding. I get pretty exhausted after going anywhere and doing stuff but keep reminding myself it's still so soon in my recovery gotta take it easy! My recovery has been SO much easier then I ever expected--I think this site prepared me for recovery and my PS and nurse are outstanding!--. I still worry about how their healing on the inside.

My oldest sister is planning to get a "flash recovery" BA...she boggles my mind with how uninformed she is and ignorant. She thinks after being under anesthesia she'll go out and bra shop right when she wakes up! Has anyone had a "flash ba"? From what I've read it is just a marketing term!

Seems like all the ladies are doing great from what I've read which is awesome!! (:


I went with a PS that has a 24 hour recovery system and it was true.. If i didn't take an extra pill for nausea i would have went out to dinner that night. I showered the night if my surgery and was even unpacking the following day. I couldn't believe but everything he promised was true! Everyone i know is still in awe at how I was right after my BA. One of the reasons why I went with my PS but you have to research regardless cause anyone can promise a flash recovery lol she should go to your guy you look great!
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Hey thank you I'm very happy with my PS my sister always has to go above and beyond anything I do tho lol. Were you able to lift things right away and work out or does your surgeon still require you to take it easy for awhile while the muscle heals n what not?? She hasn't done any research or had a consult so I hope she smartens up a bit and meet a few docs so she doesn't end up with a botch boob job!

dropping n fluffing

So my 2nd post-op was Wednesday and I got my stitches out, which was wonderful, and my doctor was very pleased so far. He reminded me hes a perfectionist so gotta get my scars to start disappearing ((using mederma with spf & can already tell its working!-also have silicone strips I need to start wearing at night)) and do some massages especially on the right! Lefty is dropping well but righty is still a little tighty!lol

I have realized its much easier to massage with some cocobutter lotion its much easier on my skin then massaging it dry!

The massages definitely are waking up my muscles though-damn is that uncomfortable-its hard to move my arms sometimes and really worries me if I'll be able to hold myself in yoga poses and planks ever again!!! Hopefully I'll regain strength in the next few weeks.
I go back in for another post op in 2 weeks and we'll take after photos(:

It's crazy how often they charge in appearance! Yesterday I almost cried the left looked so normal and right was so smaller and higher and a few hours later they evened out a little bit...gotta love the UPS&downs of boobie heaven!


looking great!!!!! and you are feeling good and healing well and thats the most important part! yah!!!!! : )
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Looks great! Congrats!
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god i hope she doesnt end up with a bad boob job too! tell her that it is a very importnant decision and that she needs to do reseach and take it seriously. just cause they promise a speedy recovery they need to have the skills and schooling to back it up. i did my reseach for a few months and actually found my PS on here. i went to another one first for a consult that did my friend and he wanted to put double the size implant in me that mine did. without a lift and with all the skin and tissue i already had i would have ended up sagging and what not right off the bat which is what i wanted to avoid for the time being. so you never know what you are gonna get until you see different doctors to feel each one of them out. my PS has 2 websites. one dedicated to just implants and i fell in love with his personality and ethics online. i read each site from start to finish every word. after that i knew he was the guy for me! he actually makes each of his patients put their arms over their head like they are doing a jumping jack in the recovery room. i was able to pull my pants up and down, shower and do most normal stuff the day of/after. he said you can do what you would like as soon as possible, just no lifting over 25lbs for a while and no heavy activities or working out for 3 weeks. nothing that will really get the heart rate up i guess just to ensure no internal bleeding or whatever. but doing your homework when it comes to your DR is so important! you have to school your sister!! lol

18 days


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Looking good! At what week did you start to d and f?
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Thank you! (: I think about day 15 post op I started to notice some dropping. It is crazy they look different every day. With some activities I'll swell slightly but then look normal by the evening! I've bern using coco butter lotion during my massages and really starting to love them more each day!


Life has been going fantastic!!! My new girls are amazing. I still worry a bit about my left seems bigger/tighter some times and at times it seems so noticeable but I try to massage often and remind myself it is probably too soon to judge the finished product! (((I'll post some pics to explain better and love any input! I'd cry if I got a double bubble or something awful))) I go in next week for after pictures and another follow-up with my doctor.
Can't believe its 4 weeks already! I was nervous I'd have issues getting used to my new additions but they seem like we've been together forever!!! I measured in at a 32D last week at Victoria secret which was awesome! There was a girl in the dressing room next to me she was a 36B and asking for major push ups. ...I was SO that girl a few months ago and just made me SOOO happy I went thru with this surgery! I didn't purchase a real bra yet since I'm banned from underwire. I'm actually supposed to be in my post-op bra 24/7 unless I go out on a date or something. BUT I'm naughty and usually the 1st thing I do when I wake up is get outta the granny bra and into a cute light bandeau or cami style bra. It is summer after all and I've come to realize my new bigger boobs get sweaty (SO gross-i hope its not just me) so the granny bra sucks to wear.

Life is getting back to normal! Still not exercising at all so I've gained 5lbs :( but I know to take it easy so I don't swell or get sore! After a day of cooking/cleaning/errands I get so tired and sore it's not fun! I'm able to sleep on my side and can be on my tummy for a short time with out pain, which I'm very happy about, I thought for sure I'd be stuck sleeping on my back for months!

I really am in love with myself much more then I have ever been the size I got fits me perfect and I am pretty happy with the results so far--still hoping for a little more softening but I can't complain! Feeling sexy naked is like the best thing in life!

I've been using mederma religiously-daily about 3X. I think it's been working ok but the silicone strips I bought we're so sticky when I remove them they like yank on the incision, so I may try a different brand (any recommendations fellow titty sisters? ;))

Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying summer!!! Hope all you ladies have a safe and fun 4th of July &&show off all your new assets =)

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Your boobs look amazing!!
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Omg you look soooo good!!
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             that yellow swimsuit top is is pretty! perfect size boobies on you! 
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Ups & downs 6wks POST

Hey ladies! I broke my phone the day before the 4th of July so that's why I've been so absent from realself! I can't wait to catch up on everyone's stories and comments-but first- I'll do a quick update =)

I had my LAST post op a couple weeks ago and my only big concern was the difference between my left and right. Right seems to be SO much softer then my left. Doctor said its a very slight difference because I'm right handed so I guess it dropped faster so my left needs to catch up...I figured that but since then the right seems to be getting softer and left is still stubborn and a little tighter. They took my post op pictures and said to call about anything. (I'll be making a check up appt. Nexr week if my lefty doesn't catch up!) It really gives me anxiety thinking there so different and maybe R popped and L has a contracture...but I think I notice it as a major difference while the doc , my bf and sister said they aren't drastically different. TIME will tell I guess! Really hoping the left gets softer soon! I'm not having any pain but the R feels awfully weird when I push it around it moves all over and then L is not as movable. other downs include boob sweating WOW is that irritating and how sensitive the new girls are to the sun! Started using my bb cream (has spf in it) on my chest too everyday to avoid any burning!

I got to wear a normal bra with underwire yesterday was my 6 week mark. Since I'm still not feeling their done fluffing completely I didn't go buy a Victoria secret bra just yet....but I did go to TJ Maxx and found a $3 34C bra that fit good so I bought my first bra for my new $5000 tits on whatever works I guess!

I've been having a blast dressing up though and having boobs is the best thing in life. LOVE tube tops now! My go-to going out top choice. I think everyone I know in my country ass town has discovered my new assets. Everyone is surprised they look so natural and surprised they do boob jobs in Duluth MN lol. They sure do and my surgeon rocks ;) I'm sure there's more to add but can't think of anything else too exciting! I'll post more pictures a little later!


your girls look great!!! :)
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lookin real good lady!!!!!!!!!
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They're looking great! Congrats!!
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Your results are amazing! You really look natural! PS did a great job!
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I think I entered BOOB HEAVEN!

It's safe 2 say this journey has 100% been worth it!!! My lefty softened up quite a bit the last week and I feel even, natural, back to normal but sexier!!! =)

I have been concerned of my 10lb weight gain! I am not over weight in any way but just the extra volume reminds me of years back and I hate it! I had lost so much weight before surgery I couldn't wear my 'promise ring' anymore and now it fits again (only + side of weight lol) but I keep remembering I have been not allowed to do any sort of athletic activities and had my pec muscles sliced. But last week its was 6 weeks so I've been doing light workouts getting back in the swing of using my muscles! /
Since I was feeling down I went to buy my 1st new bra at VS! I went with a 34D ( (2 weeks ago I was sized at 32DD definitely major changes with the girls in such a short period of time! I hope they don't change too much more!) ) and got a new top for a swim suit I got there since my xs top I have is incredibly too small!!!

I'll post some pictures later on to share!

Hope all you gals are doing great!!!


HI, your results look great so far!I have loved this sight and I am glad I ran across your story. We have similar stories, you are just a few weeks ahead of me. I had my BA done July 16th, so I am 9 days post op today. I am not sure of your stats but I am also a petite person and also wanted 350cc. My Doctor also told me they would put sizers in to try different sizes during the surgery and sit me up to see how they would look. And the nurse told me on my surgery day that they will also look around and see. I actually liked this idea though because I'd rather have him look at how they would look when sitting up to make sure they are even and how I wanted them according to my pictures. Also from what I understand from my research, the doctor gets to see how the final will result will end up because when he puts the implants in the swelling and tightness has not set in yet. Anyway, on the day of my surgery I brought more pictures and my doc said 350cc would probably get me where I wanted but he was worried about going to big and them not looking natural because I am so small. He ended up putting in 350cc moderate plus profile on my right and 300cc high profile on my left! This really worried me and still does a little. I knew my left breast was the larger one and sat a little lower than my right but the size difference along with the profile difference seemed a little extreme to me. I know how you feel about stressing because one does not look like the other. I know it is way to soon for me to be this worried and they really do not look that different but I can tell they look a little different right now. This has really bothered me and I am just trying to be patient because all I can really do is wait! But hopefully my final results will be awesome! I asked my doc about it at my first post op and he said my left was larger and needed to stick out more and my right was smaller and needed to be wider. I do trust him and he does have a lot of experience. I just cant wait until they start dropping! I have cried 3 times since my surgery but so far it is worth long as I come out with nice boobies that look very similar! LOL> My surgical bra is also very uncomfortable and tight as well and very hard to cover up at work or in clothes in general. Hopefully at my next post op tomorrow he will tell me I can take it off and he will take the steri strips off of my incisions. I had internal sutures so I don't have stitches on the outside i don't think, but I am anxious to see my incisions and start putting the silicone strips or mederma on my scars. Your incisions look like they have healed nicely. It is an emotional journey! Speaking of the flash recovery....I heard about it on the show The Doctors. They did it to a lady on the show and then an hour later she was done and said she felt great. Her boobs didn't look high, they looked natural like they have already dropped. Now I am not saying this was entirely true but what I got from it was that it is for women who do not want to go that big and are getting a low amount of cc for there body type. It is less invasive. I cant remember the amount of cc the woman got on the show but she did not look that big, so I am sure it was less rough on her body than if she would have gone bigger. Us being small and wanting to jump up to a size C or D with 300 -350cc I am sure we couldn't have been good candidates for the flash recovery. And I am not even sure that many doctors do it. Maybe it is something your sis can look into if she just wants a small change. Here is a video... My breast are still high, the left on e a little higher and still tight and a little sore. More a discomfort rather than pain. I thought the swelling was going down, and it has a lot but I think being back at work and moving around more has made them swell up a little. I am Hoping for a fast recovery and good results and no complications. I just have to remember that it is still early! It's only been 9 days! Good luck wit the rest of your recovery! Thank you for your story. What strips would you recommend for scars and did your boobies finally even out? My doc is going to show me some massages I can do tomorrow! Thanks!
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Thank you your so sweet! This site is totally a God send its so good to be able to compare stories and experiences with other ladies and to help us feel like were not alone in the boobie journey!! Thanks for sharing that link I'll definitely show my sister it! It's crazy how much your boobs will change in the next weeks so do not be too hard on yourself hun! It took me about 3-4 weeks before I felt kinda normal and adjusting to the new girls! I remember looking at them in the morning and thru out the day they would change (look swollen or odd)if I was doing anything with my arms I could tell the muscles were healing and adjusting. I can't wait to follow your story now and see your results in a few weeks!!! It'll go by quickly and you'll be trying on bras and feel like a sex kitten in no time!lol I noticed my right side dropped quicker because I'm right handed so I'd try to even it out and use my left hand more to even them out. So trying to be ambidextrous might help lol just take it easy n don't forget your body is still adjusting and healing and it's all natural normal emotional journey--but it'll be SO worth it!! I used the mederma that had spf in it for several weeks now and for scar sheets I got a walgreens brand and they kinda sucked so I got a more pricy brand (I'll check the name n get back to you) but I think it's worth it to get the more pricy ones they certainly have worked for me! Good Luck with everything the next few weeks and hope your PS will get you outta that surgical bra! My doc was crazy n wanted to keep me in that thing for 6 weeks straight but I cheated during the days n wore little cami style comfy bras that I love still! Keep us posted on your journey hun (:
Your boobs are looking more great as time passes by. Congrats!
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~ photos 7 weeks. ~

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It's been forever since I've read up on any of the ladies I was following before or posted myself! Boobies healed up nice and my boob obsession got switched fully to being obsessed with my own new girls =)
I've only been worried that my right is still much more loose than my lefty. I was told initially that it was b/c I am right handed and eventually they would even out in squishyness. I never had another follow up after the 2month mark it was just 'goodbye thanks for picking us and let us no if your boobs fall apart' so I never called for a check up. I'm interested to start reading up on my other boobie sisters and see if anyone has has experienced this uneven squishy ratio!


Your recent pic is just perfect!! What are your stats? Im thinking of going around 325-350cc too.
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Thank you! I was thinking of the same sizes and went with the 325cc and love them! I was about 125lbs 5'4 before surgery hardly fitting in a 36b and now I'm a 34d or dd depending on the bra. So happy happy with the results I got, you will be too it was hands down the best decision I ever made =) good luck on your journey this site is an amazing resource of info
I am waiting for mine to soften up. Thank you for showing how to squeeze it.
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Dr. Kubat

Very professional and made me feel completely comfortable during my consultation. I brought in 2 pages of questions andh3e urged me to ask everything and spent time explaining everything to me.

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