Tons of Freckles - BBL/Photofacial - Minnetonka, MN

I had my first photofacial today. It took about 10...

I had my first photofacial today. It took about 10 minutes for the entire procedure, she put on a cream before hand and then another one after. I could smell the skin burn when she was doing it. I had it done about an hour and a half ago and my face immediately felt sunburned...a bad sunburn. I came home and put a ice gel pack on it and it felt a little better. Its just now starting to stop burning bad and just a light burn. I can already see spots getting dark...I'm excited about this because I know its on its way to going away!!

after 24 hours.

I woke up the next day and the spots are a deep brown, no sunburn feeling at all. I put on my makeup as usual and covered it up with ease. As the day progressed I kept looking at my spots and noticed that a few spots are already starting to get to be like colored grains of salt or others say like ground coffee. I can literally pick off my freckles! Tomorrow I'm going in for a microdermabrasion treatment, can't wait to see what that does!

Monday - 5 days later

Nothing exciting happening yet. I my chin is clear but nothing else really....I will let you know when I see my freckles fall off. The lady said it should be about a week!

1 week later, LOVE the results!!

Well after about 4 or 5 days I could wash my face with a washcloth and the freckles just fell off in the washcloth. Today my skin is pretty much clear but I think I will need 2 more treatments to get them all completely gone. I love this treatment!!!!
Reveal Laser at LifeSpan Clinic

Very small office, she is the only one there....she does her own reception and phones and procedures...Not exactly what I expected but if she is good that's all I care about and I do hope she is. She said she has been doing Photo Facials for 7 years and other skin care for 14 years.

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Anyone who does this and charges for it and can't pop for a receptionist is no one I would even consider doing anything at all on me. Not even walk my dog!
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Maybe she is not that busy and no one comes into the office when she is with a client.
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This is awesome!! Just doing some research on procedures. Have you ever thought about pairing some at home treatments with the real treatments to get some stellar results?
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What " Home Treatments" are you considering??? Don't do anything yourself or at home, the results can be horribly painful and scaring! Please stop what you are doing and ask a Board Certified doctor. NOW!
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I would assume "at-home" treatments would include professional products to help the process....such as a good pigment gel serum from PCA or lightening cream from other professional lines. Products like these help a person get optimal results from their laser treatments. As far as this woman being in a small office without a receptionist, that doesn't make her any less qualified so long as she has an MD on the premises while in use.
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I am super excited to see the final results.  Let me know how it goes after the micro treatment.
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I LOVE the treatment, after 1 week I am almost 100% freckle free. My skin looks so healthy and radiant. I posted some new pics.
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Wow, you look amazing.  That is very clear.
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