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I am in the process of getting a breast reduction...

I am in the process of getting a breast reduction and liposuction. I used to be in the gym on a regular basis. I was in a car accident 4 years ago - rear ended by an inattentive teen age driver. Since then my back got worse and the time I spent running began to diminish. I have been on pain meds for over 3 years and received spinal injections several times. I finally decided that something had to give. I went to my insurance company and they approved the reduction. I decided to treat myself quite honestly to the lipo. I will be doing my whole abdomen - front and sides, and flanks. I have put on 30 lbs since i couldn't work out like I used to. SO I am hoping this gives me my quality of life back and eliminates my need for any more work done on my back. I am SUPER nervous that I am going to be deformed. I have been hearing some horror stories. I want to be symmetrical and actually have a waist. Even when I was 60lbs lighter I have NEVER had a waist.
I was worried that paying $2700 extra for the lipo was excessive but looking at the cost involved I think im getting a good deal. My surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon and I strongly believe Im in good hands. I am looking forward to advice on tips for healing and getting back to the gym as soon as possible :) Thanks for any tips and comforting stories. So happy I found this place.

Nervous about my stretch marks

After reading the reviews I'm nervous that the couple stretch marks on my lower abs will look bad after I deflate the balloon. I wonder if I can ask my PS if it looks bad to just do the tummy tuck. Ugh!
I have the same concern about the lower ab stretch marks..while the marks won't go away, I have read good things about how the techniques they use with vaser does tighten the skin. Last summer I was about 10-12 lbs lighter from stress n the stretch marks didn't look too bad with the flatter hopefully there's hope for us! :)

Would love to know what compression garment you found the most comfortable

I just finished my misc shopping now I need to sift through the HUGE variety of compression garments. I would love one that could be used for both my reduction and lipo of my abdomen... any feedback would be really appreciated :) Hope all my November girls are getting excited!
Good luck today! Thinking good thoughts for you! :)
isnt your Dr. giving you one? They should be. I know my Dr. is pretty specific about the one Im wearing and was told not to switch to spanx until at least 4 weeks but a stage 2 garment would be better at that time. He did not give me a stage 2 though, just the stage one they sent me home in. Anyway, Im glad your having fun preparing! Not much longer! :)
They are but just one with no recommendation for another one. I don't want to just have one. Gross

How soon after surgery did you start massage and if you used a massager what do you recommend

I went in yesterday to do my breast reduction and my liposuction. I am BEYOND glad that i didnt chicken out. My pooch is officially gone. I have had that thing since I can remember :) I will post the pics I have. Only one so far right after lipo that hubby took before they put the bandage back on.

Pics finally

Glad you are doing good! So for me, as per my Dr. I didnt start massaging until day 7. Then I bought a hand held massager and started using it around week 2. It hurt a bit and I had to put very light pressure. Last night (almost week 3) was the first night it only felt tender for the first few seconds and not the whole time. Hope that helps! Also you happy so far with the c-section area? I am very happy with the way mine turned out. Pretty flat so far. Take care! :)
My scar looks good and my PS was right my skin just went right back into place. It blows me away! I cant believe how resilient our bodies are. It is mind blowing. I have to work this week on Weds and on Friday. I hope with my BR and the lipo I can do it. I sell real estate and need to work while I can. MN pretty much dies off in the winter so making a paycheck during a slow season is vital. My hubby is not real happy that I am pushing it. I think if Im not on pain meds I should be fine to drive on Ibuprofen. UGH I dont have a clue what Ill be able to fit over all this padding they have me under haha
That's great and it will only look better over time! :) I never thought my scar shelf would be gone unless I had a TT..which I would never want that huge scar..and the Dr told me I didnt have enough skin for that anyway.. I would say with your lipo you could totally do two days this week if you rest but I dont know how bad the BR is? Seems like it would be pretty painful and hard to move around. But your bound up pretty good so maybe its doable. how about leggings, boots and a loose sweater dress? Idk, it is hard to look professional when you have all the extra padding. Unless your down to just the CG anyway.

Day 3 was a beast today I showered

I had the procedure done early Monday morning, buy weds afternoon I wanted to crawl lit of my skin :( I was so swollen. Not a good feeling. Today I was able to get up, change my dressings and take a shower. I feel somewhat human today. The shape so far of my breasts looks good. It's it's so hard to tell this early on.

day 5

wow am I bruised. Even with the preventive measures I am looking like i got the crud beat out of me. Ill post pics tomorrow. I have probably been overdoing things. I showed houses yesterday and today and my Breast reduction and lipo were not happy i did this much.
Hopefully you can really rest and take it easy the next few days! :)

1 week post op

Well it's been a week since my surgery and it has been a lot of ups and downs. The worst pain from the lipo was forsure under my arms (side boob) bruised pretty good :( recovering nice so far. I'll post some random photos to show progress

Pics from week one

Bad lighting hopefully you get an idea from previous ones. Left side is a bit swollen and so is my front abs. Still very tender to the touch
Look at your new shape already! Lookin good :) those are some angry looking bruises but nothing out of the norm. Did you get some rest today?
I did and I just laughed out loud "angry" no offense but the ones under my are are royally pissed haha. I laid in bed all day :) I'm still swollen so I'm so beyond excited to see this bruised bod to be a curvy babe :) my pooch is gone though! And my big boobs are gone. Goal achieved :)
Under my arms are... Damn inability to edit. Ruins a bold statement when you have to go back and correct it :)

first PO appointment went well

Today went well. I had my first appointment for my breast reduction and lipo visit. Everything went well. They said I am healing nicely. I am swollen still but thats to be expected. I was told to find a good compression garment so I guess the search is on. Any advice is welcome. They are not great about advising us on what to buy. Kinda a must when we dont personally know. Thank heavens for the advice of my girls on this site. :) I over did it today and feel like a balloon. This reduction and lipo together was good in theory but a real ass kicker :)
I am surprised they dont give you a CG so weird. But anyway I like the two I have from I dont know what size you should wear though, I guess just go off measurements? I ordered a Med as that was the size the Dr gave me. The zipperless one is a bit tighter than the zipper style they gave me..not sure why. Anyway, glad your appointment went well :)
I know strange. which one do you have thats zipperless? There are quite a few on there :)
The one I ended up buying is called 1653-CHAMPAGNE-M Non-Zippered Body Girdle. That's from my invoice anyway.

Day 10

Went out for dinner tonight with my husband and one of my daughters. I havent purchased the next phase of CG and I am now sitting down to buy one. My stomach is SOOOO sore. I am confident there is a method to the madness of what to wear and when. I have a CG on that is like a really strong spans and that is definitely not enough compression :( lesson learned now I need to get one here by Saturday morning when I need to go to show homes to clients. My bruises are doing a lot better but I am getting lumps where the canula was in my body. I need to start massaging but it hurts pretty bad so im going to wait a few more days.
Question .. My doctor is providing the garment. Is that what cg means?its included. Just wondering if it takes long to get or there are others better that I should order mine already. Doing mine 12/16.
My dr have me a abdominal binder and not a compression garment. I've bought a few different ones and wish I would've just bought the $100 one right out of the shoot. I ordered a new one tonight and it will be here Monday
I need to order the compression garment. Are there different stages? I am at day 10 and need something with a little more compression :( wow I hurt today.

2 weeks PO tomorrow

Well... I will officially be at the two week mark tomorrow. my bruises are almost all gone. The ones on my abs and my hips are pretty much non existent. The only area that still hurts pretty bad is the area under my arm going into my back. It stays pretty swollen most of the time :(

No more love handles

I am so glad I added lipo to my breast reduction. My love handles and pooch are officially gone ;)
So how's the new CG?
i just got it yesterday. I wish I wouldve done this 2 weeks ago. I have a very odd question though... the whole open crotch... love the convenience but do not like it open in jeans.. I wear a thong and find that it would be odd putting one over the CG but potentially necessary in jeans. haha what am I missing?
haha I know! I wish it had a little flap covering our "hoo-hoo". I do wear underwear over it, I look ridiculous but whatever! :) Glad its working for you though, I have mine on today and I like the way I look and feel with it on.

3 weeks today

I am happily healing from my lipo. I have marginal bruising, no real noticeable dimples and very few lumps. I massage a couple times a day but not for an extended period of time. I am a little disappointed in my flanks not seeing a huge change yet so I am trying to stay hopeful. I see my PS next week to see what he says about the area. I feel like he didnt get in the area like I wanted him to so well have to see what happens. Ill post pics in a little while. I also had the Breast reduction so exercising has been slow going. :(

Week 3 photos

Not much of a change. Bruising is all gone. Some lumps from the cannula but not a lot of swelling. Still have some swelling by my flanks. Not 100% sure I'm happy with that area and my right side is still swollen and looks bigger than my left.
you might be building up scar tissue look at my review on my comments I have a website where it talks about those "lumps" for me thats the worst part, this is ridiculous I was told to wait 3mths to heal well I'm already going on 4mths and I'm in so much pain because of the scar tissue build up, its the worst and inevitable. Please if you find answers on how to get rid of it, let me know. Ask your ps how to avoid it.
he just says i need to start massaging right away so thats what Im doing. I bought a Hommedics massager and started using it yesterday. It hurts today so I know it did something right :)
Lookin' good!! :)

4 weeks today

Not a lot of change between week 3 and four but Ill post pics later anyway. Still wearing my CG and now using a hand held massager. I definitely feel it the next day. Still putting arnica on it to stop bruising after the massager. Bought lipo foam for the front to stop pockets and lumps from forming. Feeling pretty good. If it wasnt for my BR surgery I would be working out and living life. The lipo side of all this has been easy on me :) Went the day with out my CG yesterday. A little swelling but nothing bad :)

4 week PO check up yesterday

Everything looks good. I talked to my dr about the swelling and areas I'm not 100% about and he said it's still early but hell do everything he can to make me happy :) my tummy is flat for the first time ever and I'm happy. I'm a bit bruised and swollen from yesterday's massage. I did 35 min on the treadmill and my lipo spot under my left arm is the only spot that hurts ;)
whohoo look at you! Did you get your b button pierced? It looks really good!
Thanks no I just couldn't wear it before with the CG on all the time. I take it off when I put the CG on ;) thanks. I'm more swollen this week than last and I hate it. I tried on my jeans though and they are all loose. So weird :)
I seriously think I need to break a rib to have a tapered waist. I am a box with no curves grrr

11 weeks PO today

I am on the home stretch. I am overall happy with the results. I will need some fine tuning done. My left side looks great under my arm where they did lipo but under my right not as good. I will be seeing my PS the 4th of Feb to find out what his thoughts are for a the revision. All my incisions have healed and I wear underwire bras from time to time. I am very glad I had this done ;)

Revision set for April 28th

My procedure overall was great. He had a lot of area to work with. I m met with him last week and he agreed to tweak under my right arm (where they did lipo on the breast tissue - aka side boob after my reduction), my left side, my upper abodmen and flanks. He agreed to do it all at no cost but because he said it will be a pretty invasive I need to go into the hospital. I will need to pay fht facility fee and the anesthesiologist which will be about $1300 total. Im a bit bummed out but im not going to leave it as is. I feel a bit lopsided :)

Lipo revision on April 28th

Not looking forward to the revision I have this monday. The surgeon left some breast tissue under my right arm that needs to be removed from my breast reduction, along with some lipo he missed on my flanks and my left side. UGH I have been doing well with my recovery, working out again doing crossfit and am sad to have this set back. I will have 3 weeks that I cant workout and then 4 weeks to train for my half marathon. Hoping all goes well. My PS has been very good about making it right and fixing it.

Revision lipo today went well today

I went in this morning and was able to get revisions on my lipo from 11/11/13. I had an area under my right arm from the reduction, upper abs, flanks, and left side of my waist. I am happy I did it. No charge from My PS thank heavens. I will post pics but keep in mind I am swollen- yikes sorry about the breast shot. Does show my reduction I had which I so insanely happy about
Dr. Cantwell

So far they are very attentive. I have only been in once so I have little to report

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