4 weeks Post Op TT,MR,Lipo- Minneapolis, MN

I am a 40 year old mother of two(ages 13,8) who...

I am a 40 year old mother of two(ages 13,8) who after having children was left with extra skin and stretch marks that no amount of working out can fix. I'm a runner, love to work out and stay healthy. I never thought I'd ever have any type of plastic surgery, but my stomach has been an insecurity that I don't want to live with anymore. One day after looking at my profile in the mirror and getting that cringing feeling inside.. I decided to start looking for a surgeon. I can't believe I'm actually doing this in 2 days~Aug 21!! I'm excited, nervous, and hoping for the best outcome possible. My husband is the only person I've shared with. Many of my friends and family will think I'm crazy because to them, I'm "thin enough" ...sigh....it's not about thin...well....you all know what I mean.

Well... I did it! Woke up in recovery nauseated...

Well... I did it! Woke up in recovery nauseated from the pain meds...went through this vicious cycle for a few hours. Pain was a 10 off and on. It made a world of difference to get home. I used an outdoor recliner type chair... worked great.. easier to get out off than a soft recliner. Draped it with blankets and pillows. Pain is much better as time goes on... every hour is better so hang in there. Day 2 started out better. I can walk a little better.. really hunched and sore. Still haven't looked at tummy! Follow up at 1PM. I'll keep ya posted!

Day 3.... woke up feeling great, then a little...

Day 3.... woke up feeling great, then a little nausea hit. I took a shower for the first time. Just ease into it.. mostly washed my hair and let water run down...felt good to be out of the compression garment. It was a hilarious struggle to get it back on. Oh! My tummy looks good so far. Of course the scar is blah, but otherwise I am thrilled with my shape. Going to have a bite to eat now and have been walking more upright today and with more ease. Will post pic soon.

Day 4: Slept so well last night. This morning I...

Day 4: Slept so well last night. This morning I showered again... washed my "girdle" haha. I walked around the house this morning almost standing straight (with my binder on). Pain is much less...mostly just an achy back now from being hunched so much. This in the house sitting around is for the birds. I wish I could run ha. Awhile for that yet. My drain is slowing some now...can't wait to have it gone. I hope by next week. So far so good. Swelling is worse in evenings. I am trying to eat low sodium as much as possible. Thats it for now...soldier on ladies!

Day 5: Woke up,took shower...stomach was a little...

Day 5: Woke up,took shower...stomach was a little crampy today. Seemed like I was in the bathroom a lot (tmi). I like having the binder off, but it does make it easier to walk without tightness when on, at this point. Still swollen, but seems better. More itchy at times. Hubby bought me a new pair of Nike yoga pants for lounging. Nice thought. My drain was down to 25cc this morning, havent emptied this evening. It is much clearer now. Hope to get it out this week. I feel a little depressed today. I keep telling myself its normal. Oh, didn't take any pain meds today at all even over the counter.

Post Op Day 5 (was counting surgery day prior):...

Post Op Day 5 (was counting surgery day prior): Feeling great, no pain meds,,,thinking of going to a movie today just to get out. Posting a pic ..normal clothes yay! Can't wait to get the drain out. I'm less swollen... scar in the middle is lighter.. darker on edges. Is that normal? I'm sore in the lipo areas more than anything. Can't wait for bikini days.. and to go for a run. I hate this slow pace.

Day 6 postOp.... I got my drain out today! My doc...

Day 6 postOp.... I got my drain out today! My doc is so great I didn't even know he did it until it was over... he said I can walk as much as I want and that I could even start trying to run/jog after about 2 weeks if I feel like it. He called me his little speedy healer. Ha. So what did I do to celebrate? I ate pie. Now I'm bloated. Haha.

Day 10 Postop: I have been out and about a lot...

Day 10 Postop: I have been out and about a lot more... pain is gone except for a little tightness and sore in the lipo areas at times. I take a couple Ibuprofin as needed in evenings mostly. My back is not as sore, was a little sore in the evenings. I think it helps that I am sleeping more solid through the night now. Going to try to walk my 2 mile loop today... I'll turn back if it doesn't feel right! Ha. Swelling is better but I think swell will be hell off and on for awhile. Can anyone tell me when the bruising from the lipo will go away? It's so ugly haha. Both sides of my hip area is bruised. My bb looks good so far and natural, I was worried prior. TIP: They have some "shortie" compression type garments in Walmart of all places. They are cheap and are nice if you run out with shorts on and don't want to wear the longer body suit. Yes higher end stores have them too, but they are the same so why pay more for something you won't need in a few weeks/month.

Two Weeks: I feel great.. almost myself except for...

Two Weeks: I feel great.. almost myself except for the damn swell hell. I am worried because there is a little puffy area above my scar on one side.. it came after a day of a lot of activity. Anyone else get this? Otherwise.. I am in my preOp jeans.. but I want to be in smaller jeans ladies... I'm so impatient! I just am not a sit still and wait person. I'm trying to take it easy and not overdo it but sheesh.

I tried running.. did only a mile. Ran a quarter,...

I tried running.. did only a mile. Ran a quarter, walked a quarter, ran, walked....its a start. I am feeling good overall. Went on the boat over Labor Day weekend.. was ok except when hitting a wake. We mostly floated around. I stayed out of the water which was hard. Kept the incision covered etc.. too. Anyway, does anyone else feel like their butt is huge? Either its the swelling or they put the fat they sucked from lipo into my butt. I dont know.. I think I have the blahs.. tired of the swelling everytime I am active... I should be thrilled because the breadloaf is gone, but sometimes the process is slow. Ha.
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I went to several consultations with providers. Theone I chose and his entire staff seem amazing. I read many reviews and looked at before/afters. He is of course board certified and also taught academically as well as private practice. Very confident, meant a lot.

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You are looking good girl!!! Happy Healing!
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Any recent pics, CherylMN?
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CherylMN PS says its just swelling. I find it weirdhow it would be just in that little area. But I guess I got to go with what he says! Let me know if you go to PS what happens
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Mine said same and then the next day it spread out more and didnt look so puffy in one spot.. I think I'm obsessing.. I just want swelling to be gone period.
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Wow - walking your 2 miles at 10 days PO. That's awesome! Congratulations. Keep up the great healing!
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YES I have that puffy area above incision on left side! Thought it was seroma! I have an appt today with PS..will inquire on it
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Let me know what your PS says... I'm worried about seroma too!
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Sounds like your recovery is coming along great!!! I am @ 24 PO and am feeling o.k. Not nearly as good as you though! I am in SWELL HELL right now, so am wondering why the heck I did this to myself!!!! Happy healing!!
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Sounds like recovery is going great! Rest up and don't over do it. You'll be back to running soon enough.
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Dr John Ness, was my surgeon. I highly recommend him ... very professional..upfront and skilled. Private message me if you have questions!
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i had to laugh, i ate a big piece of choc. b.cake a few dayz ago.i thought I just won't eat the frosting...ok, mab a lil but now the 1/2 in frosting al over it....must hav needed some choc. in my system...lol
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Congrats! You look great Who was your surgeon? I am also in the Minneapolis StPaul area
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Your recovery is coming along great! I had two quick bouts of depression (approx. 3-5 minutes). I cried because I felt so helpless and convalescent. I remembered what the other ladies said on the site and quickly moved on. Your results are looking fabulous. Congratulations and happy healing!
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Hello and congrats! You made it! Woo hoo! It just gets better from what I hear at this point! Keep strong and be patient..God Bless!
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Good luck for yor surgery. U will have no regrets like me. I can't believe I have such a flat tummy now. Big tip. Just rest rest,rest, X
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Best of luck to you! My surgery is tomorrow...keep us posted on your progress! God bless!!
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