42 Year Old, 3 Kids, TT, MR, and Lipo to trunk and thighs.

It's time. My husband and I have spoken about a TT...

It's time. My husband and I have spoken about a TT "someday" when our family is complete. My youngest is two years old, we are not having any more babies, and I have decided that now is the right time for a TT. I researched online and had two consultations. I decided to go with the more expensive Dr. I'm hoping that the extra cost is worth better results?!? I have my surgery date and my pre-op physical scheduled. I am hoping to learn as much as I can in the next few weeks about TT, lipo, preparation and recovery - basically everything I can to make this a positive and successful experience. I want to have realistic expectations, yet am really excited by the possibilities. Currently I am 5'3 and 160 pounds.


My cost was high but my doctor was amazing and experienced. I waited until I was done having children and I couldn't be happier!:) you will go through moments of regret during your recovery but after your healed you will wish you had done it sooner. I hope you the best and can't wait for pictures :) remember you can never ask the PS to many questions:)
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Thank you for the response! I plan to add pictures and more details over the next few weeks. This forum has been so helpful in making a decision and I've seen such amazing results. I'm so fortunate to be able to find advice, Q&A's, and support on one website!

Let the planning begin!

Now that I've made my appointment and shared my surgery date with my family, I am starting to plan like crazy. My husband has taken a few days off from work and my mom and older girls will be there to help with my two year old.
I've always been able to hide what my body really looks like and I think I haven't really been honest with myself about how I really look. I'll be honest, I'm not an athlete or a gym rat, I just like to be active with my family. We walk, bike, hike, canoe, swim, etc. I'm definitely ready to look good in a swim suit!
My three pregnancies were completely normal and healthy. I gained 25 lbs with my first and second and only 13 with my last. No C-sections. Both PS consults agreed that I have extra skin and relaxed muscle from three pregnancies and that a tummy tuck with lipo could give me a flat tummy. Here are some before pictures.


We're scheduled around the same time I'm July 10 with dr. Tholen in Minneapolis. I'm so excited I can't wait to see ur progress .
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I'm doing TT and ba
It is so nice to connect with you. I'm excited for the journey to begin - it seems both far away and close, depending on my mood!

More before pictures

I wanted to post some more before pictures. I will delete these forever from my phone as soon as I am done posting! I've started the 30 day ab challenge with my husband. Not sure how much it will help, but my muscles are sore. They are in there somewhere!

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I think I'm ready?!?!

TT is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I arrive at 7:00am and surgery is at 8:30am. I've spoken to the staff at the surgical center and everything is all set to go. Today I am trying to think of anything I might need to do that I won't be able to do after. . . . laundry, play at the park, exercise, etc.
I went on vacation with the family last week, celebrated the 4th, and spent time with friends. The only thing I am still a little worried about is caring for my two year old after. My mom lives nearby and my middle daughter is 9 and super helpful, but my two year old likes "mommy" to do everything. I wonder when I'll be able to be alone with my two year old??
Anyhow, I feel pretty calm and I think that has a lot to do with this site and how everyone is so helpful - posting advice, encouragement, and sharing their experiences. I am also confident in my surgeon and that helps too!
I am excited and can't wait to be on the flat side. I plan to take measurements before surgery. If anyone can think of anything I should do the day before surgery, please share!!!


The best of luck to you! Other than eating light & using your special soap, there isn't much to do today... I packed a little bag for the car with some crackers, water and cough drops (though, I didn't need them). I stalked this site prior to surgery & recovery has been quite a bit better than I had expected. :)
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Thank you! Great idea - I will bring crackers and water for the car ride home.

Day 1 Post op

Surgery day was yesterday morning. Everything went smoothly, checked in, met with Dr., and got my IV. I had tummy tuck with lipo of trunk and flanks. After, I woke up and my oxygen was dropping a little bit. I think that's why I stayed in recovery longer than planned. The percocet made me nauseous and so I've decided to tough it out and just take ibuprofen. If the pain gets worse, I can always call the Dr., and they will try a different pain med. I told the staff that I would rather have more pain and not be nauseous than less pain and nauseous!! I came home in a compression garment and a lot of padding, so it's hard to tell the results . . . but I know that it will definitely be better than before. Dr. said he removed 4 pounds of fat and 2.5 pounds of skin?!?! Not sure if that is a lot, but sounds like a lot to me. My follow up appointment is Thursday and looking forward to seeing my tummy. My Dr. focused on a low scar and has a technique for a "natural" looking belly button :)

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Correction for the last post . . .

I meant tummy tuck with lipo of trunk and thighs!!

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Day 2 Post op

I had my first post op appointment today. The PS took a look, added new padding, and said everything went well. He was surprised that I have not been taking any pain pills. Again, pain is better than nausea!! My next follow up appt will be next Tuesday. My center drain is slowing a lot and may come out at the next appointment, but it's not likely that all three will. I improved moving around and getting on and off the couch, chairs, etc myself today. I will probably be on my own for most of tomorrow - my husband has to go back to work. I took my first shower today and saw all my bruising and tummy for the first time. I do like my new belly button so far! My PS said I'm swollen and the results will keep getting better. My husband keeps describing how much better my new tummy is than my old one :-) Here are some pics. I would really love to know how to add graphics to cover my nakedness!?!? And how to have two pictures to compare the before and after . . .


Awesome pics newlvgirl!! You are looking fabulous already!
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Ohhhh for side by side pics download the app PICSTITCH, also on there u can little graphics to cover or blur it out.
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Thanks! I'll try it!!

Day 3 Post op

Today is a bit boring. I have been running a little warm since surgery - 98-99, but I'm guessing that the CG under my t-shirt is probably the main culprit. The second CG that my PS gave me yesterday is a different brand, same style, but tighter. My husband went back to work and my mom took my two year old for the day. Even though I have two new books to read and a lot of movies, I find myself too restless to do either of those activities for more than about 15 minutes at a time. No big plans for the weekend. Just checking in on RS :-)


I am in the process of loosing quite a bit of weight. I am in southern MO. I was researching "tummy tucks." I came across before and after photos. Dr. Richard L. Kofkoff left an answer to a readers question that just made so much sense that I clicked on his name and read the reviews about him. Nothing but good comments! Then after reading he is in STL, that made me super happy. Thank you for documenting your experience and posting photos as well!!! You have been so informative! I look forward to seeing your results in the weeks (or months) to come! I am glad there is such a wonderful and caring Dr here in MO. Sounds like you're in great hands. The best of luck to you on your journey!!
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Thank you for reading my posts!! I am so happy I found this site! Everyone is so helpful and it helps me feel more prepared for my own journey. I've definitely learned each TT is unique, but there's usually someone who has had a similar experience and is willing to share so I never feel alone.
You're too kind! We are doing great. So glad to have others to go through this with at the same time!!

Day 4 Post op

Today I felt that I moved around much better. Still hunched over and my back is killing me, but overall I move a little faster and easier.

TMI alert:
Yesterday, Day 3 I had a my first BM since surgery on Tuesday and it was fine. I also had another one today and that went fine as well. I have taken 3 dulcolax on post op day 2, 3, and now 4. I have been eating a high fiber cereal each day this week with a little yogurt. Not sure what is having the greatest impact, but I knew that I didn't want to experience constipation! Oh, and I have not taken any pain meds since a my day of surgery.

Last night I was changing into my newly washed CG and I broke out in a red itchy rash! Totally annoying. I called the on-call PS today (felt bad about bothering him for such a unimportant concern) and he said that it was probably something in the fabric softener . . . they were out of our regular brand so I just grabbed a different one. My question was about continuing to wear the CG over the itchy rash. His answer was that it is ok to not wear the CG while I am re-washing it, but then I should wear it and treat the symptoms. Benedryl totally knocks me out so most of today I have been really sleepy!

I would definitely say that on Day 4 I noticed being able to move a little easier. I expected to have this type of improvement each day after surgery, but it didn't happen until Day 3 to Day 4. I know we all heal at our own pace and I need to be patient. My swelling increased after day 2. I posted a picture to show day 2 and day 3. I haven't taken any pictures today - maybe later? Even though I am swollen, I am not uncomfortable with the swelling.
I'm still working on finding a sleep position that I can stand for more than a few hours. I sleep sitting up and then I slide down and my upper butt and back hurt.
As I look through my pictures, I noticed that there are a few I wish I had taken before - laying flat and leaning over. Oh well. I know that, even with the swelling, I am so much flatter than I was before.
My parents brought dinner over last night and they commented on how much better I look (referring to recovery) each day. The problem with that is that everyone expects a little more from me and I'm like - no, everything still hurts and is tender, don't touch me and keep helping!!!! I'm counting on more help for the rest of the month!! Ha!

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I forgot to mention that I have showered twice - the first time at the end of day 2 and it was difficult, I was sore from being hunched over and general pain and the second was this afternoon- day 4. Much easier today and I did it all by myself. I took longer and moved a lot slower, but was able to do it. I know RS friends have said to shower everyday and my first thought is, wow, I think I'm fine being smelly and gross! I was ready for a nap and it did take about an hour from start to finish!! Happy healing everyone!


Love your update and ummm no pain meds! You are so tough! I hear you on the if it looks like u feel better they stop helping. I went to the bathroom on my own and when I asked my mom for water she said she saw me walk to the bathroom alone so I must be feeling well enough to fill a glass of water. Needless to say I come from a toughen up take no pity family, so now I am not admitting to even feeling an ounce better to them bc I still need to be resting and helped. I am trying to figure out how you have such little bruising?!!! I'm black and blue from armpit to waistline and into my thighs?! Are you taking arnica? Please Shed some light!!! .... I am all bruised up! Tks!
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Our families sound similar!! I get a lot of, you're tough and you can handle it, but. I want them to over help me! My bruising seems to be on the sides, inner and outer thighs, and low back. Thinking about what you posted on meds, I'm taking ibuprofen and you are taking Tylenol. Ibuprofen helps with swelling and maybe bruising? I'm not sure about the steroid, other than it helps with swelling too. I'm waiting until week two to start arnica. My inner thigh bruises are the worst, no idea why?!

Day 6 Post op

Day 5 and 6 have been good days. Friends came over yesterday and I was feeling tight and swollen in the evening. Today I sat around most of the day and still felt swollen most of the day. I'm thinking I will just need to find someone to help deflate me!! My drains are starting to slow down a little, not enough for my PS to take them all out, but I am crossing my fingers that at least one can go. I'm worried it is going to hurt. Silly to feel that way after the pain of a Tat and childbirth, but I still do t like knowing something is going to hurt! I've been very regular in the pooping department. I think All that water, fiber, and dulcolax is working too well. My itchy rash is still there, but I am just doing my best to ignore it and wear the CG. Tomorrow is my dr appt. Here's a look at my swollen itchy belly. Happy healing everyone!


I have been taking stool softner and drinking plenty of water and still no BM 6 days post op.... I'm scared to take the MOM bc I'll never make it to the bathroom on time. How in the world are people going back to work on this thread site at 6/7 days???
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My doctor said (to me) no ibuprofen allowed bc it's a blood thinner and that it had to be Tylenol . I meant to question that the other day . And of course my dr gave me nothing at all Post surgery to take so I don't have steroids. What kind of steroid pack? Like the one with the tiered days 6,5,4,3,2,1? I may just self medicate at this point! I can't take this pain! This is f-ing insane! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy to be honest.

Day 7 Post op

Every morning that I wake up, I notice that I have a greater range of motion. Still very tight and swollen, but I can stand more upright each day. Dr. appt today and 2 out of 3 drains were removed!! Yea! Left one in, hopefully to be removed Thursday or Friday, depending on how much I continue to drain. Maybe others are already doing this, but I got the ok to sleep flat on my back with my legs bent. I've been propping myself up in bed with pillows and another pillow under my knees. Not very comfy! I asked my PS about Arnica and he gave me a two week supply. I guess this is a good example of ask and you shall receive?!? So I am on antibiotics, Arnica, and one dulcolax (I'll probably stop tomorrow - i've been regular since day 3). I'm done with everything else. My skin still itches, but I'm just going to deal with it, not medicate it. Bruising and swelling are the most uncomfortable complaints that I have right now. Happy healing!


As good as I feel, I could not go back to work!! Desk job or not. I have no idea how people are running errands and going places. I am happy to move around my house and step out on the deck. Going to my Dr. appt today was an accomplishment!! My PS did say it was ok to move around walk more upright (I thought I was pretty upright?)!! I've been eating Kashi Crunch, lots of water, and 3 dulcolax on day 2, 3, and 4 - then reduced to 2 on day 5 and 1 on day 6. I think I'll take one more tomorrow and see what happens without. One thing I noticed is that I have been eating since Day 3. Smaller portions, but 3 meals a day. You may not have any waste to get rid of??? I'm praying that your recovery is going to accelerate and you are feeling amazing shortly!! Maybe if the more you suffer the better your results, then you are going to be a super model!!
I'm so sorry you are feeling so much pain!!! Yes, Ibuprofen is a blood thinner. My PS advises alternating pain meds with the ibuprofen (half the recommended dosage), I just couldn't handle the pain meds. I wish I could send you my percocet!!! I'm not sure what kind of steroid it was, but I took three tiny pills twice a day for 6 days.

Day 10 post op

I got my third and final drain roved yesterday. Love not having drains!! I asked about how long I will need to wear a CG and PS again said the CG is mostly to hold bandages in place and now I don't have any, so maybe a couple ore days. I then asked what I should wear after the CG, like a binder, and he said its not really necessary for recovery, but I could wear one if I want. Hmmm. Something to think about over the weekend. I go for a follow up on Monday and will ask one more time how often and for how long I need to keep wearing the CG. If he says I don't need to, I may prefer not to wear one. I'm only taking arnica for swelling and drinking a lot of water right now, no more meds of any kind. I'm still swollen in the shape of an egg, I just get wider from my chest to my hips, but it is a real improvement from pre op. I wish I had taken more pics in certain outfits, but I know my clothes fit better and I feel better and that's what's most important. My y is still tight, my bruising is still sore, but all in all, I feel like I can do pretty much all of my daily routine except lifting my two year old. I walk slower, but not too noticeable! Happy healing everyone!


You bb is adorbable!!!
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Thanks! My PS has a "technique" that he takes pride in!
Your tummy is looking really awesome newlvgirl!!

Day 12 post op

It's a good morning. I took some more before and after pictures. I've noticed that the mornings are best regarding swelling and dinner time, evening is the worst. If I drink a ton of water in the evening until bedtime, then I usually feel better just before I go to bed. Right now I am hoping my bruised thighs get better so i can shorts again. It's the middle of summer here!


Hello! I think I saw on another post that you had Dr. Leigh at Edina, right? I am scheduled with him for a tummy tuck, lipo of truck/inner thighs and a breast aug next month. What feedback do you have on your experience with him and their surgery center? What other docs did you consider? Also, did you go home with a urinary catheter and/or a pain pump - I've seen that some of his other patients have? Any insight would be great!
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I don't know what is standard procedure, but I had and continue to have a fabulous experience. I feel confident in Dr. Leigh and his capabilities - he's so knowledgable and experienced, that I trust him completely. I only consulted with one other PS and had a couple of other recommendations. I went with Dr. Leigh as soon as I met him. I figured confidence in my surgeon was number one for me. I did go home with a catheter and I loved it. I still had to walk to the barhroom, I just didn't have to sit down on the seat! The exparel pain med was a huge help. It is time released internally and does not need to be removed. The staff at the surgical center were kind and comforting. I was sent home in the gown, robe, and blanket from the surgical center. They also sent home a bag of extra gauze pads. I was in a CG after surgery and I received a second one at my first follow up appt. Glad I didn't purchase one before hand! I just went into this whole experience trusting the professionals and with their guidance, everything has gone smoothly so far - knock on wood!!! Good luck and rest easy, you are in great hands!
Thanks so much for the info! How long was the catheter in? What do you mean you still had to walk to the bathroom (was it just an open tube on the end)? Did you take it out yourself or did they take it out at one of the post op appointments? I'm not sure why, but that is one of the things I've been worrying about. It took me forever to be able to pee after they took my catheter out after giving birth with the epidural, so it is worrying me!

Week 3-4 post op

Getting back to regular life. After week 2 my "help" reduced drastically, leaving me little time to update!! Still swollen, tight, and numb, but that's to be expected. I have better range if motion - no twisting or sitting up without using my hands. I have not worn and binder or CG since week 2 and do not miss it. I may be more swollen, but it won't make a difference to my results. Here are some more pre and post pics. I've left the steri tape on from surgery. I have tape to replace it, but don't want to pull it off. Oh, all of my bruises were gone by 3 weeks. I took arnica from week 1 to week 3.


You look great and I LOVE your bb.
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