Treatment for Reticular, I.e. Blue/green, Veins on Forehead and Temples. Minneapolis, MN

I had a network of unsightly blue veins on both...

I had a network of unsightly blue veins on both sides of my forehead and temples. I consulted a few other doctors regarding treatment, but was either turned down or told to laser them. I did a bit more research and came across Dr. Tholen who does sclero on them. I've had three sessions with him and the area now looks really good. The last time I was in, I had a vein that started on my temple that branched down under my eye and even that one was safe to do. I had been told by doctors never to inject under the eye, because of possible blindness. Dr. Tholen addressed my concerns and explained the anatomy of the area and why that wouldn't occur. I researched the matter a bit further online and came across a paper on sclerotherapy which found that sclerotherapy carries the same risks regardless of where it's done on the body. In other words, doing injections facially is no more dangerous that doing one's legs, which is the most commonly done area. I read about people having injections on their hands, feet, torso, etc. So long as the provider is qualified and experienced things should go well. I think that is the crucial factor, get someone who knows what they are doing.

As far as side effects, I got some mild swelling and bruising at the injection sites. I went out the following day with a little makeup over the areas. A few ice packs removed the swelling quickly.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I found Dr. Tholen. He's a very friendly, knowledgeable and approachable doctor. He answered all my questions about the procedure. I've also interacted with most of his staff and have always had good experiences with them as well. They always returned my calls in a timely manner and I've never waited long in the office. He even did free touch-ups on my veins, because veins are kind of elusive when you treat them and I had quite a few.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  Are you finished with the series of treatments or do you still have some more sessions scheduled?
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My last treatment was about ten days ago. So, I won't be able to say with absolute certainty for a few more weeks. I've found that with sclerotherapy it usually takes a few weeks to know what veins, if any, are truly left. Overall though, it looks really good and a casual observer wouldn't see any veins anymore. I don't have any more appointments scheduled at this time.
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Let us know how your results are once you've had time to heal/in a few weeks.  I'm glad your veins are already less visible!  
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Did your doctor tell you not to drink any caffeine for a week once you had it done? My doctor did and I am not sure why. I need my coffee in the morning:)
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Hi Cher. He never mentioned it to me, so I'm not sure if there's anything to the caffeine avoidance or not. I don't drink coffee, but I used to, so I do understand the coffee "love affair".
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Thank you! I appreciate the response. I had the veins on the side of my forehead done and the doc said no caffeine for a week, but I could not find it anywhere else. How are you results now? Hit has been a while.
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Cher you should ask in our Doctor Q&A- that is a great question
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Thanks Jill, I just asked the docs!
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Can't wait to hear what they say!

Here is the link so everyone can go check it out (give it a few days since it is the weekend and it usually takes a couple days anyways to get some responses):
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Thanks, should be good:) Interesting to say the least!
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The area still looks good. No new veins have formed. However, they say if you're prone to these types of veins, then you may have to have more treatment in the future. But, I'll just deal with things as they come.
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Great news! Glad! Mine was only done on Wed. so I will keep write an update in a few weeks, the doc said 2-4 weeks you will see what it will be. Thank you again for sharing the info! I really appreciate your time!
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Hmmm you already got a response from a pro-coffee doc :)
Will be interesting to see if anyone else chimes in with a different response
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Hi Jill, I got two already, they both say no problem with caffeine and Sclero??? HMMMM:) I am happy, I need my coffee in the morning or I would not be able to do my job:) Thanks!
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Well now I'm super curious as to why your doc's instructions said to avoid caffeine.  Maybe it is just an extreme precaution.  If you ever go back you should ask about it.  Glad you are able to have your morning coffee guilt and worry free :)
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