Not Sure Wether I Like Them or Not? :/ - Minneapolis, MN

Just got my 8 top permanent veneers yesterday and...

Just got my 8 top permanent veneers yesterday and I'm kind if upset, they seem to get progressively longer from one side of my mouth to the other, making my smile look crooked. The also do not appear completely straight to me. Looking for other peoples opinions and wether or not I should try to get a refund
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Yes I see the left side being longer , they should redo for free
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I just had veneers done and I think your teeth look great. However, I do know what you are talking about. When I first got them I was super critical about the way they looked. I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. My husband says they look great. I am super concerned that every time someone looks at me they can tell they are fake. I am hoping that goes away soon. I would try not to worry so much about it. No one pays attention to those things except for you. I hope this helps. :) Your smile looks amazing!!!
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I think your teeth look great. I do notice that one side is longer & it would bother me too. Can you get them re-contoured? Also, I have some questions to help guide me as to what to do with my teeth: 1)Do you know what brand veneers they used? (Lumineers, Davinci?) yours look very natural. 2)Did they grind most of your teeth down, or just place a veneer over the top? I'm nervous to have any grinding done! Thanks so much! :)
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I can see what you're taking about. They do look slightly longer on one side, however I highly doubt anyone else would notice. I just had my teeth done too so I am extremely critical of my teeth which is probably the only reason I noticed yours. That said they look really good, but I know it's how you feel about them. If you're not happy with them, talk to your dr. :)
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Huh.  I think they look great.  If you're seeing crookedness, it's possible that your jaw and smile don't line up perfectly (actually, it's likely, since most people's don't.)  That said, if you feel like you'd like some shortened or something, have you discussed it with your doctor?  It's possible he may just be able to make minute changes that will make them look straighter to you.  I don't think your results are bad, though.  I can't see the crookedness you're talking about, and while I can't speak to whether you should try to get your money back, I think you'd be much more likely to have luck with trying to get a slight modification.  With a result as beautiful as yours, it would seem weird to me if a patient asked for their money back.

I used a simple tool to straighten your first picture, so that your smile is perfectly horizontal, and it makes some things clearer.  Here is the picture:

So from this, it looks like your smile is a little crooked (though nowhere as crooked as mine LOL--it's actually an unusually symmetrical smile), and that your midline is symmetrical to your bottom lip, but not your top lip.  But it's, like, so little that I can't even be sure what I'm seeing.  I still think your teeth look smashing.

Do they match your bottom teeth?
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They look great here!
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