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I've been home for three hours. Feeling OK,...

I've been home for three hours. Feeling OK, haven't moved from the la-z-boy yet. Will walk around in a half hour. We've emptied my drains and catheter once.

I'm on a muscle relaxer, stool softener, will pick up vicodin in a little bit (pharmacy forgot to give it to me! And I didn't know I was prescribed it). Will start antibiotic tomorrow and celebrex . Didn't realize it but the PS gave me exparel in my boobs and tummy, so that should help with the pain for the next 2-3 days. Whew!!
Cant wait to see after pics!! Hang in there. It gets better week by week. Some days you will feel awesome and some days still feel exhausted. Hope you are well.
You made it to the other side! I know these days are rough. Please keep us posted as you heal.
Congrats on getting through your surgeries! How are you doing? I can't wait to see update pics:)
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