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One of the big influences in choosing Dr. Tholen...

One of the big influences in choosing Dr. Tholen were the positive reviews I found here. Unfortunately, I did not share in the same type of positive experiences described in the RealSelf reviews. I decided to wait a full year before writing this review, so I could be less emotional and see my long term results. Overall, I am very disappointed. First, my tummy tuck was not effective, I still have the "mommy pouch." Several months after the procedure, I went in to get looked at as my stomach which had started out flat, was now pouching out and seemed very swollen. I was told that it was swelling and would reside over time. I recently went back and when I was evaluated by Dr. Tholen, was told that my stomach had just stretched out again, and although this was very rare and unfortunate, is a result of my body make-up.

I also had breast augmentation, and wanted to go from a 34A to a full B or small C - essentially the breasts that I had prior to nursing my two children. I started the sizing exercise out with 300 cc's - which is ultimately where I desperately wish I would have stayed. But at the strong urging of the nurses and Dr. was told that 450cc's was a better fit for my body type, and would result in the look I wanted. I should have done more research on what size breasts 450cc's would result in, because it is certainly not a full B or even a C. I was recently fitted for a new bra and was put in a 32DD - which was a huge shock for me. This is not at all what I wanted. Not only are they too big for me and making me self-conscience, but they are also resulting in severe neck and back pain.

Needless to say, it is very disappointing to spend so much time, money, and energy to undergo a major surgery and not have the desired outcome. I would recommend to those considering the Mommy Makeover procedure, to make sure you fully understand the risks. I had no idea going into the tummy tuck surgery that there was a potential that it would not work for me, nor did I consider the serious effects of breast implants that are too large for my body.

Eden, I wish your outcome was better and wish you well.
I think you did the right thing by waiting at least 6 months (for you a full year) before posting your full evaluation of your experience and results.

My wife had a seroma develop and it was under-treated. She has had further abdominal sagging happen because of that swelling - which will be revised as the surgeon closes the incision while removing what is left of the seroma (bursa.) I understand that abdominal seromas happen in less than 10% of tummy tucks and follow up exams are important. Proper compression garments should help, but not in my wife's case.
(Sorry for my rambling, I realize you said you did not have a seroma, but the topic of un-flat tummy tuck results made me do it. :-)
Thanks for your sharing your experience. I'm 5 weeks post op and still question myself becausecI didn't get the perfect results I expected. It's good for everyone to know that it's a possibility. I'm told I'll need a revision but I'm not sure I want to try again. Did your dr. offer a revision? Would you do it? I look slightly better than before but not as good as I was realistically expecting. It's frustrating.
He did say that he would do the surgery again with the surgeon fees, but would still have to pay for the operating room, anesthesia, etc. No, I wouldn't do it again, the recovery the first time was difficult, especially with 2 small children. Just not prepared to go through that a second time.

Why do you need a revision?

It is frustrating, a lot of time, money and energy goes into these decisions and to have it not turn out as expected is difficult.
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