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I went in for a free consultation as I was...

I went in for a free consultation as I was thinking maybe facial resurfacing would help my 'signs of aging'. When the Dr. met with me he said I needed 'much more' than that if I wanted to see any great improvement. His suggestion was a full facelift, eyes, and forehead, followed by the deep CO2 resurfacing a year later. I left shocked and depressed.


Hey Ckiesch, if you want a good idea of what you can achieve with simply a facelift and necklift, take a look at my review. Just scroll down a few from iamkathy01's review and you should find it. Or click on my user name and go to my page and find it there. I am not advocating you don't do what you think is best for you, I just took the approach of fixing what bothered me the most with a very talented and artful plastic surgeon. (I debated doing eyes, but my PS didn't think I needed them and in the end decided not to). I am extremely pleased with my results. See the final befores and afters at the bottom of my review, just posted this week.) My goal was an extremely natural look. I also decided I could always go back for more if other things started to bother me, but for now I was going to concentrate on the things that I didn't like about my aging face. Granted every one is different, but just another opinion on how to proceed. Sometimes less is more.
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Hi Kat. I know what you mean about the cost of fillers etc. I went in about a month ago to get the 2 lines between my neck and mouth filled and it cost $1100! She said each side had 1/5 of a tsp. for that price I could have had GOLD injected! And then she started talking about the other areas of my face she could fix....cheeks, above my lips, forehead. I was like ca-Ching, ca-Ching. That was when I came home and started researching facelifts. At the price of fillers, and having to have it done every few months, it's like leasing a car and never owning it. I decided it made more sense to just do the face and not have to pay out or worry about it anymore.
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I thought I would need some fillers or fat transfer, doctor advised it at surgery time. I decided to just go with face and neck lift and followed up with Radiesse. I have been very happy with my decisions and with doctors.

After Facelift

Progress through months after surgery

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Facelift progression results

It has been 4 months since my Facelift (upper and lower, and lower eyes) with Dr. Tholen. It seems every week I look a bit different, so I'm not really sure what the 'end result' will be. However, I look so much better than I did. I have very Irish skin, so wrinkles and sagging were coming faster than I could find make up to cover up. I had originally just thought I needed laser resurfacing, but after the initial consultation, it was obvious that that alone would just give me a smooth, yet still sagging, face. I plan to have the resurfacing after I am completely healed from this procedure.


Ckiesch...well I am truly surprised to see you all healed up and looking great! Was the recovery relatively easy. I know the downtime wasn't an issue but did you find you were prepared for everything the surgery involved? Glad to hear you are doing well and getting ready for the laser to finish the work in progress. ...grace
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Tholen or Ness?.?

So far I have had consultations with Dr. Tholen and Dr. Ness in Minneapolis. Both agreed I needed a full facelift and resurfacing but had different approaches to the problem areas. I will probably see a couple more doctors too. Nice that consultations are free. I have a second consultation with Dr. Tholen next week and have a list of questions to email Dr. Ness. Both took a lot of time with me when I was at their office. I have also asked hundreds of Drs. on Realself (and thank them all for taking the time to answer our questions when they have busy schedules and will probably get no business from us since they are hundreds of miles away. ) It helps soooo much to get their advice. Can't rate anyone yet, but will keep you posted.

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