on the flip side- surgery was 6/5/12!

I am 36 years young, and wear a 40DDD (and need...

I am 36 years young, and wear a 40DDD (and need bigger but am too lazy to be refitted). I am currently overweight, which has added to my breast size. At average size I am a 38DD at least. I work as a RN and have so much trouble charting etc my back hurts from bending over the computer all this weight pulling me down!

I looked into having a reduction 8 years ago, but opted out. I was afraid to loose the girls. But 8 years later the pain is no longer bearable. I have headaches ALL the time. I got laser eye surgery 2 years ago (blaming my headaches on my poor eye sight) it did not ease my headaches. My neck and shoulders hurt all the time. I bought a sleep number bed to ease my back pain. It helped some, but not as much as I need! SO I made the leap and I am going for it! My insurance will cover it, I just pay my deductible which is $1250.00.

My surgery is on a Tuesday and I am going back to work the next Monday. I now am a nurse manager so I do not do patient care, and work at a desk. But after reading some others posts I fear 6 days of recovery is not enough??? I would love your input. I am also having some liposuction on my upper abdomen and arm pit area.

I am usually a pretty strong fearless person, and tolerate pain well. I was shopping 2 days after a c-section. But again after reading these posts I am a little afraid. I have never taken a oral narcotic. ( I had some pain reliever in my IV after I gave birth) I was not planning on taking any after this surgery, but now I am scared! I sleep on my stomach and the thought of sleeping on my back horrifies me. I am single and only have the help of a friend the first day, then after that my 14 year old son (sweet as sugar that boy, but he a boy non the less) so house stuff he can do, but comfort etc not much help there!

I am not sure what size I will be. My PS and I have not really discussed it. My pre-op with him is May 23rd. I tell everyone I don't care what size I will be, I just want the pain gone. But truth is I DO care! I don't want to have small boobies :( I really want a very full C or small D. But I am not sure that is going to happen. They are so saggy and pendulous now, most after pics I see they don't look like they really are lifted much?

Hello beautiful ladies! I am sure I am driving my...

Hello beautiful ladies!
I am sure I am driving my friends nuts! All I can think about is this surgery, I am so darn excited. It is just under a month away, and I am worse than a child waiting for Christmas!
I want to thank everyone on this site, reading your reviews, and comments is tremendously helpful. There are so many things that I had not thought of! I keep looking at it from a nurses prospective and not a patients!
How long was it before you could lift your arms up to wash and brush your hair? I have VERY thick long hair that goes way past my bra? Will I be able to lift my arms right away to put it in a pony tail every morning?
Thank you all so much, you guys are just the best!
I went ahead and made an appt. with my hairstylist for 4 days after my surgery. Brought a pillow and she washed and dried my hair, felt like heaven and worth the money! Since then my mom or daughter have helped me. They don't mind and my Dr was very firm on not raising my arms above shoulder level until all the scabs are gone and my incisions are totally healed. See what your Dr recommends. You really won't care about your hair for awhile : )
Thank you Kate30 for the link! I will be purchasing one for sure. I am also thinking about purchasing a recliner (just to mix it up) :)
Hi MN! I had my BR just over 2 weeks ago. I'm also an RN, and can't wait to go back to work with this burden lifted. First, I would advise you to take at least three weeks off, even with a desk job. If you're anything like our NM, you'll be up all day anyway. Any on-your-feet activity within the first weeks causes an explosion in swelling (and pain). I took six off. As for narcs, you'll probably get away with not taking any, especially if you have a high pain threshold - many women report not having much pain at all (not the case with me, but hey,we're all different). You'll want to purchase a wedge pillow for back sleeping ( unless you have a recliner and think you could sleep in it). I have a link in my review for a great one from Overstock that has helped me immensely.

As far as size and lift, at your size I doubt you'll end up too small - I was a 36DD am now a full C after 450 ish grams were taken. Mine were very pendulous and I got an incredible lift. You'll love it! Well, I wish you the best of luck and look forward to following your journey!

I bought a recliner! I don't need much of a excuse...

I bought a recliner! I don't need much of a excuse to shop! I got a Lazyboy on sale at Slumberland, some great deals now if anyone needs one! $300.
Thinking about what else I will need, making a list
Ace wraps (have these at work)
Micropore tape
wedge (if I want to ditch the recliner for bed)
some zip or button ups (I realize I have NO button up tops) weird
probably another bra
easy to digest foods
Have I forgotten anything experts????
Hope everyone is doing well!!
Oh and I posted a before pic- don't laugh.

Honey nobody is going to laugh at your picture.  We have all been there and done this!  It's all good.  We are all your boobie sisters and totally get how you feel.  

You are all ready to roll!!

Thanks for the support Kimmers25!

Hi MNRN! Sounds like you have all of the supplies ready. I have long curly hair and it was a concern for me. My 11 year old son washed it for me the first couple of times. I would adjust the water temp at the kitchen sink and hold a pillow between my breasts and the edge of the counter. He used the sprayer to wash my hair and then did his best to brush it out for me. It wasn't perfect, but it felt a lot better, and though I don't normally use a lot of conditioner, I did let him so that it would be easier to brush. Then just held it back with some pins. Since I wasn't doing much it wasn't really dirty so only washed it a couple of times the first week.

I'm glad you are taking an extra week off. That will make it much easier on you! I'm sure this next month will be a flurry of activity as you get everything ready to go. Wishing you the best of luck and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

Hello all you wonderful women! I hope you all had...

Hello all you wonderful women! I hope you all had a great Mothers Day!
I had my physical and labs done, and besides this darn ear infection everything is on track. Labs good and everything has been faxed to my PS. Less than a month to go! I am so darn excited!
I see my PS on the 23rd, and thanks to all of you I have a great list of questions going!
I have not had the surgery yet, so I can not speak from experience. But from a nursing perspective you should expect a considerable amount of swelling for a week or so. Doing too much can increase the swelling and cause fluid build up. Being tired and fatigued is to be expected, it is a major surgery and anesthesia takes a few weeks to completely exit your system. If you ever have any concerns or doubts see your MD, thats what she/he is there for!
Hope this helps, and hope you are doing well!
Thank you for your input. I was somewhat concerned about the oozing from my right breast. My sisterinlaw is an RN and took a look at it and said it looked good to her. I have my follow up in Sudbury on Tuesday, May 29th. I am still quite swollen to the sides and have a quite a bit of pain, more like discomfort. I think it is because I am walking around too much. Having a hard time sitting still. But now that the Victoria Long Weekend is over maybe I will stay put a bit more. Thank to all of you for your help and I hope you are all doing well.
I had my breast reduction on May 7th, 2012 in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. I am very impressed with the end results so far. I also had the liposuction for the "Fat roll" under the arms. I think that the liposuction area hurts far worse than the actual breat reduction incisions. I get tired very easily and the pain is bearable. I am off work until June 18th so I have alot of time to heal. My only concern is that the level of pain is not really significantly less and it has been a week now. Also I have some swelling under the arms. Is this possibly because I am not resting enough. I have done no housework or cooking since I have come home because my husband and two sons have been taking care of this but I can't seem to just lay around. Any suggestions?

Question, how did you know what size sports bra to...

Question, how did you know what size sports bra to buy for recovery BEFORE your surgery? Did you use the same band size prior to your surgery and cup size you planned on being after? I am mostly concerned about the band size, wont reducing my cup size make me smaller around so lower the band size? I do not want to have to go out to shop after the surgery if I dont have to, even then I am sure I will not feel up to trying them on so still wont really know size. I want to save the shopping for FUN bras later! :)
Also, I am purchasing a wedge pillow, curently I am on JCP website, looks good. Has anyone purchased the wedge from here? I went to Wahlmart today and nothing....
A little over 2 weeks away! super psyched!
Thanks in advanced for all of your guys wisdom! This site is so helpful!
I have a TON of ace wraps from work so that sounds like a fab idea Iowa! Do you think I could get it around me by myself? I may have to practice prior! :)

Definitely practice. It was just something I tried at the spur of the moment that I found worked great, and since my adoring husband is a wuss he couldn't help me at all, so I managed it by myself by leaning backward against a door...where there is a will, there's a way!
Thanks Marla! Was it difficult to clasp it in the back? I think i am looking at the right bra on line, there are actually quite a few with the same name (with small variances like comfort etc.)

Hello ladies! Less than 2 weeks to go! Met with...

Hello ladies!
Less than 2 weeks to go! Met with my PS yesterday, paid my portion. Got my RX for Zofran, Percocet, and Keflex.
He is going to take about 1000 out each breast, and Lipo my sides (under arm) He uses drains bilat, and they will come out the next day. He does NOT give a garment to wear, and just told me to buy a sports bra. Does this seem odd to anyone?

How exciting!  Before you know it your day will be here! 

You need to wear more than a sports bra!!  I recommend the following bras.

Marena Surgical Bras

I wore mine for 6 months because it was so comfortable.  These help your breasts take an awesome shape.  You need a little bit of compression during the healing


Seems that a lot of the PSs do that. I've read that it is suggested that you just get a supportive one the same band size that you are now and the same cup size or just one smaller as there will be swelling and bandages.

10 days to go!! OMG I am soooo excited! The girls...

10 days to go!! OMG I am soooo excited! The girls at work threw me a bye bye boobies party on Friday! They made a cake with boobies on it, and a awesome card with large breasts on the front and tiny ones on the inside! Super cute!
I purchased the bra Kimmers suggested, and got a supportive one like Iowa said. Filled my RX's today, and got stool softeners, bio oil, and neosporin (just in case). My office already looks like a wound care supply store (from work) so I am set there. I have my recliner, and a wedge. 3 zip ups (to wear as shirts :) ) I think I am all set. I wish it was tomorrow! Oh and I ordered these fruit smoothie things from Schwans, that does not have dairy just fruit! So I can sip away on those all day!
I also ended up adding trunk liposuction which will cost me $4500. So I am pretty excited about that too. It will obviosuly make my surgery longer, and recovery a little more involved but hey what ever!!!!
Just finished reading a bunch of peoples updates and I am glad to see so many happy gals! Good luck to those going in this week, and keep resting to those that are on the flip side already! :)
Hi MNRN, I had the br with lipo on may 25th and can say the lipo has been 5 times more painful than the br. Not that i am regretting it, just a bit surprised. It seems to add to my soreness, recovery, swelling, etc. I have slept in my recliner since the surgery comfortably, and have little hope of getting into my bed for atleast a couple more days. Definitely like the front closure heavy support bras. I am not resting as much as I should, hopefully you will as i am sure it will aid in recovery. I am amazed at the weight lift, I keep "looking" for the neck pain I had become so accustomed to and it just isn't there! The recovery is slow, but you will be so happy you did this! Good Luck to you!

You are so organized and all set to go!!  This is an exciting time and your journey is about to begin.   We will all be here for you during the recovery so keep us up to date on everything.

Hello MNRN. I wish you the best of luck on your surgery. That's really sweet that your friends threw a party for you. They sound like fun girls! You're going to look great!

OMG surgery is tomorrow! This time tomorrow I...

OMG surgery is tomorrow! This time tomorrow I should be home, and weigh a few pounds less! I am sooo excited, I hope I can sleep tonight! :)
Hope everyone is doing well which ever phase you are in.
See you all on the flip side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will do great! I will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way tomorrow!
Good luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking about ya!! Good vibes your way!!
Hi Busy98! Thanks for the info! Sounds like all in all you are doing well, so happy for you!

On the flip side! I am Home and doing super good!...

On the flip side! I am Home and doing super good! I am sure I am doing so well because there are still narcs etc. on board from the surgery. So ignore the typos etc, my fingers feel rubbery and I feel a little dim witted!
Here is how it went....
Arrived 8:45 (30 minutes earlier I am such a spaz about being late) Did all the nursing stuff questions VS etc. Spoke with anesthesiologist, then surgeon came in, talked with me even more, reviewed my desires, his procedures, and what he felt it would look like.
I went back, and was out! Woke up in excruciating pain! 9/10 They gave me Vistaril IM and 1 oxy and with in 30 minutes felt better, and with in a hour felt pretty good. Came home, and felt so good r/t to nausea that we stopped at Jimmy Johns. Got home and Iced them, and broke down and took 2 oxy now pain 1/10 at rest and 3/10 with activity. Some of my incisions bled through, so we removed all the gauze, reapplies more steri strips drained drains and re ace wrapped. (My best friend is here, and we are both RN's) so we think we know, and can do everything!
Sitting in recliner now and gabbing with BBF.
I am sure tomorrow with be icky, but today I am great so I am living in the moment!
I posted pics too! So far I LOVE them!!!!!! super super happy, so worth it!
Hope everyone is doing well!
I have lipo on my hips, and that is actually more bruise and painful 2/10 than my breasts.
MN, thinking of you today! Hope everything went swimmingly.
All good wishes! Life is going to be soooooo much easier! Hope you are able to post before I go in tomorrow at 11:30 Pacific Time!
Sending good healing vibes and well wishes your way.

Day after surgery- Still feeling pretty good, only...

day after surgery- Still feeling pretty good, only taking Tylenol for pain, and the lipo hurts more! VERY hard to sleep on my back, I think that is the worst part. Got my drains removed today. They wanted me to put on sports bra or something, but I re wrapped with ace wrap which feels great!
Loving the look so far! My aureolas are so small! Love it! Went to PS then Target today, out for about 5 hours, I took a nap when I got home, but generally feel really good!
PS scolded me for doing to much already. But I can not help it, I feel so OK! I will post more pics in a few days when there is more of a change. Next PS appt on wed.
Hope everyone is doing well.
No wonder you don't want to rest! You're so teeny! Awesome!
You look great!!!!!
you look Fantastic !

June 8th 4 days post op (including surgery day)...

June 8th 4 days post op (including surgery day)
Pain is minimal, taking Tylenol 3xday. Its more of a nagging pain when I move. The real treat was getting my Period Wed! sigh. I do have full sensation, so thats good. I am way more tired yesterday and today, and still feel foggy in the head! I have not taken the narcs since Tuesday AM, but still feel very dim! I have no energy, getting on the computer feels like a huge chore. I am sleeping OK. Nights in bed utilizing the wedge. I was able to get on my side a little bit. I took the ace wrap off because it was bunching up, and can not get it back on myself, so I put the post surgical bra on. I did not even really look at the girls, I was so tired I just wanted to get the bra on and sit back down. I finally had a BM yesterday, so i feel better in that respect. This darn abdominal binder is a pain in the rear! Just put a call into my PS to see when I can take it off, and the TEDS. It is soooo nice outside here, and I can not even get the energy up to go out. Did you guys feel this way? how long did it last. Ideas to get more energy??
Hope everyone is doing well.
Hi there, just wanted to say you look great! I had my surgery on May 30th so just over a week out now & am finally feeling like myself. But like others have said as much as its hard to take it easy, please do. it really does help speed the healing process. It takes a lot of energy to heal after surgery. Take this opportunity to do nothing & enjoy the down time. It's been hard for me as well, but the last 2 days I've really relaxed & rested after seeing my PS nurse & she scolded me for doing too much & today I woke up much less sore & my swelling has gone down a lot. Listen to your body & us!! lol

take care xx
MN, it's day 7 for me, and I'm feeling more energetic but I had less surgery and I'm sure that makes a difference. I just tried sitting outside, but it's too hot here in DC! I know this is a drag, but really you're in a waiting game now. You just gotta give your body time to recover.
I am 2 full weeks post-op today and I still get tired quickley. I noticed a major change in how I felt on day 7ish. I was clearer headed and actually started to feel like myself more. Before that like you said even opening up my lap top was a chore. This week has been better, but I must say : Just because I feel better doesn't mean that I am. I am trying to do simple things like vaccume and fold laundry and it makes my new boobies feel really bruised. It is not worth it. I keep trying hoping the next day will be better but so far it is still painful after I do any chores. I find right now (day 15 ) to be the hardest because I feel good but I can't do ANYTHING really. I think it is normal because others have posted simular things saying week 2-4 are hard cause you feel so much better and you are tired of just sitting there but doing stuff makes you swell and feel pain. I am tired of taking it easy, but I will cause I don't want to mess up my new pretty boobies ;O)

5 days post op (Sat) Feeling better. Less foggy,...

5 days post op (Sat) Feeling better. Less foggy, and a tidge more energy. I slept a little better last night, and more on my side. The "itching" has started and it is driving me crazy! Pain is minimal, no need to take even Tylenol. As I mentioned before I also got some lipo of the trunk, and thats really swollen. I gained 10.5lbs after surgery from all the fluid!!! I look fatter than ever!! hee hee. I have been too tired to attempt full shower, and a little apprehensive since I will be alone. But this sponge bathing junk is for the birds so I will have to attempt it, either tonight or tomorrow AM. Posted more pics from yesterday.
I did it! Took a shower, and even washed my hair! Shaved my arm pits, but not my legs. went well, and I feel OK. My dear dear son (14 years old) got the shower ready and took off my binder. Such a sweet helpful boy. He went to hang out with some friends now, so I am going to be good and just sit and rest for the remainder of the day/night. Forgot to take pics, they look so teeny! Lots of swelling under the right arm, hope that goes down. Right looks a little smaller than left too.
Wow I'm so impressed!! I still haven't shaved my pits & I'm 10 days out now.lol. I warned the nurse about it when I was there the other day & she said "thats the least of my worries & should be the last of yours" so I may look like Yetis girlfriend before we're all said & done. lol

Congrats on the shower! its a big step.

As far as the swelling difference in size, i'm feeling the same way but I've been told over & over again that its normal and it will take a while to see the true results so i'm not freaking out yet. and when i look down they look the same to me, so thats what I'll keep doing :)

take care! don't over do it!!
I took my first shower, too! Back to the shower, as so wisely counseled here! All good. Got my first look at my new boobies and though they are a bit Frankenboobish, I like them! Smaller than I thought was going to be possible, so that's great. Bruising has already gone to yellow, and truly the worst looking bits were the black marking lines. :-) No pain pill this AM, walked around the garden after my shower. No actual discomfort at all (surgery June 6), mild "warmish" sensation after more exercise than I'd done since I got home. The relief to back, neck, arms, and hands continues! This is such a great surgery! I have an overwhelming sense of looking NORMAL! Something else I'm liking is all the plans for hard core exercise, now that boobs won't get in the weigh. Upper body weight training...without fear of making my boobs bigger! A return to running! Getting ready for my shower was intoxicating! How about the rest of you ladies?? Ain't it grand???

Monday-7days post op- Worked from home today 4...

Monday-7days post op-
Worked from home today 4 hours, then drove to have lunch with some friends. I was tired when I got home, but not too bad. No increase in discomfort. Plan on staying home tomorrow, and only working 4 hours. Wed is my follow up with PS. Sure hope the numbness from the lipo goes away soon! It was fun to see all of my friends reactions to the "new" me! Boosted my confidence. :)

Glad to hear the day went well.  Ease yourself back into life and all will be fine.  

The numbness just takes a while to settle down.


Glad you had some fun with your friends today! Now go get some rest and get ready for tomorrow!
Yay for a successful shower!! I hope you are resting up and feeling better. I'll be excited when I can finally shower, lol.

9 days post-op (Including day of surgery) Hey...

9 days post-op (Including day of surgery)
Hey guys! Feeling great and loving life!
Saw my PS today and he was ECSTATIC! He said "oh wow you look great!" (as he should say since it is HIS work) :)
Had the steri strips removed. The nurse was shocked I had not already taken them off and clipped the stich ends. Believe me I REALLY wanted to, and it took all my strength not to! Everything looks pretty good. Put some more tape on to smooth things out. I told him I was working from home, and he was cool with that. Said I could wear a underwire in about 5 weeks, and sleep on my stomach as soon as it was comfortable. However he still wants me to limit raising my arms, so sleeping on my stomach is out since my arms are above my head the whole night. dont
Went and got a pedicure today, and will get my hair done Friday. (its a disaster right now, since I am 2 weeks late on my foils!) Then I will really feel human again!
I noticed today looking in the mirror that I have chest muscles! It looks so awesome with out my breasts shoved up into my face! It is so nice to see some definition between my face and chest! It used to look like one big slobby mess!
I put on a shirt that I wear often today and thought to myself (OK honestly I said it out loud to myself) "why is this so long, I do not remember this shirt being so long" I then realized HUH because with these little boobies its not lifting the shirt up 4 inches! And it is soooo baggy! LOVE IT! I used to feel a little uncomfortable wearing it because it was a little snug.
I go back to work (actually into the office) Monday. I talked to my boss today, and she said just come in when you get up, dont set your alarm, and when you get tired just go home. LOVE my work. Since I am not floor nursing anymore it will be so much easier, mentally, physically and more flexible.
I hope that everyone waiting for their surgery is keeping calm and relaxed, and everyone recovering is as pain free and energetic as possible!

WooHoo...sounds like you are doing amazingly!
Looking good.

So my right breast appears about 1/2 cup size...

So my right breast appears about 1/2 cup size smaller than the left. PS says he took the same amount out both sides. Prior to surgery he asked if 1 was smaller than another, and felt me up real good and we determined no. But part of me vaguely remembers one being smaller than the other when I was younger (and you could tell more when they were a D and perkier) Now I fear it was the right! Surgeon again did the feel me up thing, and said the left was more swollen than the right now, so give it time and we will see. I myself am not so sure. I hope they even out, but if they do not I will live. I am still VERY happy I did this and one being a little smaller is so much better than HUGE breasts.
I tried to wear a "regular" bra with out underwire but it was too uncomfortable. So back to the lame front closure sports bra type. I am going out with my pals Sat and want to look at normal as possible, so I will try again then!
I will try and take some pics again today and post.
Hope you all are well!
My right side is much more swollen than left including lipo site, feels like a big lump when I put my arm down to my side, I am 20 days out of surgery! I and found the bali revolution bra to be the best for comfort, also I wear a tankini at night (with shelf bra) and reg bra in day, i had a heck of a time findina a bra than diidn't irritate my incisions or near the incision area. you look great, hang in there:)
I had my surgery on May 30 and my right side is still swollen, not badly so but I still notice it. I'd say about half a cup size bigger. I had lipo on the sides as well & the right side were the lipo was is often swollen & hard feeling. I asked the RN about this & she said its all normal and a lot of people i've talked to said it takes a good month for things to settle a bit. don't worry! you look great :)

A lot of women notice that one side is larger during the healing process. Crazy that they get the same treatment at the same time, yet one seems to lag behind a bit in the healing. While one may remain a bit larger, I bet that over the next couple of months they settle closer to the same size.

Feel great today! (minus my BIG gut) GOt my hair...

Feel great today! (minus my BIG gut) GOt my hair foiled, and blow out, eyebrows waxed, and nails done! Spent $200 at Kohls. New bra (keep your panties on girls NO underwire, dont worry) a dress with a emblem in the MIDDLE! woo woo and other shirts in the juniors!!! NOT plus!!! worked in the AM then went out, no nap and feeling pretty darn good! Posted pics! (ignore the darn gut)
I have not had this much fun shopping in YEARS!!!!!
Just joined the YMCA today,so soon shopping with be even better!!! Bye Bye tummy!
Lovin' you in that Marena bra, MNRN! Glad you had a good day. Shopping is much more fun now, isn't it?
The girls are looking good :)

16 days post op-I think. Hey gals, hope you are...

16 days post op-I think. Hey gals, hope you are all doing well. Went out with friends yesterday and had a blast, and feel great today! The only thing I did not do was the bean bag tournament :( I wore a shirt that I just bought in the Juniors section!!! NOT plus size to fit my breasts! :) I am still Icing 1-2x day but have not taken Tylenol for over a week. Slept on my side all night too! Still holding off on trying to sleep on my tummy, but hopefully soon! I go back to work full time tomorrow! The new bra I bought was size........... 40C! :) WOW
have any one you gals tried on your old bras? I am thinking about it, should be funny!
I saw some people posted about massaging and using things like bio oil? My PS said nothing about this, why are you doing it? What are the benefits, and when should one start?
I think your BR pics are great. Great results. I was just wondering if you know how much he took out of each breast. I saw where he said he was planning to take 1000. Just wondering how much he actually took. I have upcoming surgery date of Aug. 17
Wow! a DDD to a C! Sounds pretty close to perfect! Haven't tried on my old bras, but visually can see I'd swim in them even with the swelling. My PS wants me in these bras for a couple months, and as they are incredibly comfortable and supportive, haven't had the urge to shop yet. I'm also signed up for a YMCA exercise class! Isn't it grand to be able to work out like other people without those damn boobs in the way in sooooo many ways! :-) Happy days to you!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fasching and his nurses are all so great! He is more than a PS working for insurance, it is evident that he loves his work. He is obsessed with a good looking outcome. Listened to me and my wants/desires. The staff is knowledgeable, and very friendly.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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