Patiently Impatiently Awaiting the "Consult" - Minneapolis, MN

My back is in pain! My breasts were a 38DD I...

My back is in pain! My breasts were a 38DD I thought but after my last "misfitting" I am uncomfortably in a 40DD. I will be going to get fitted again soon and I am sure they are 42DDs! Well on December 12th I will finally be going in for a consultation and hopefully all will be in my favor to get a reduction. Until then...


The surgeon I went to see does not accept insurance at all. The mere mention of the word and the surgeon's demeanor seemed to change. Actually told me I could use a lift instead...hmmmm...I don't think so! I will be going in January to 2 more surgeons that do accept my insurance and hopefully they will work out for the better!
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Hey Knikki! Welcome! Good luck at your appointment tommorow. Let us know what you find out.
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I hope you're able to get this done! Any chance insurance will cover it for you? What would be your ideal size?

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Finally met with the right surgeon! I am scheduled...

Finally met with the right surgeon! I am scheduled for reduction and tummy tuck March 1st!


Apparently I would be left too small with "boobies" if I were to go through insurance , so I will be doing self pay.
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How many grams of tissue did they require u to have removed? What size do u plan on going with?
Hi Knikki, does the new plastic surgeon that you decided to go with take your insurance? If so, what portion of the cost above is for the Tummy Tuck?
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Preop physical in two days and at that point 2...

Preop physical in two days and at that point 2 more weeks until surgery!


oh and by the way anyone who can comment some help to me please send it to me directly if you can also? my email
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Hello I also live in the Twin Cities MN and am wanting a reduction of quite a lot, I am a 42DD, now I am only five one tall, and I want to go as small as possible without having flat chest, an A or B at best but not sure if thats doable, could anyone tell me? One more very important thing- I am on Medical assistance, without a provider name, just MA, and Edina clinic refused my insurance.I do not have the money to do this myself and possibly never will, so I REALLY DO need some help from someone to help me find numbers and locations of clinics in Mpls or Stpaul area who take medical assistance. I do not want any Dr. whos "demeanor changes" when I tell him or her I am using MA,insurance, either as I am the type to scream a few hundred obscenities right in thier face come close to punching them and storming out. However, I DO want it done, solely for medical reasons that are in fact covered and legitimate, though for some reason I cannot find a place taking my Medicval assistance in my area and I have to! I have now wanted this done for over 20 years, I am now 36. Please someone give me advice in my area as to exactly wehom I can contact? No one will help me! I would appreciate that so much! and good luck with your own surgery I hope you get everything you wished for.
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@knikki, Thats great that u found the right PS.. How much will your procedure cost being that u are paying out of pocket? Ic I get approved for my BR I am thinking about adding a Tummy Tuck if the price is right :-)
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