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When I was young I remember always wanting to have...

When I was young I remember always wanting to have boobs and couldn't wait to have them. Unlike me my mom has had a breast augmentation so I never thought I would be blessed to have a big chest. Boy was I wrong smh. I'm 24 and 25 is knocking on the door in a month and I experience so much discomfort due to being big chested. Last fitting was a year ago and btw it was my first ever when I found out my true size was a 36E. Which explains the spilling out, the tight straps, and the brusing around my chest area. By doctors standards I am considered overweight but im built real solid and love my curves. I started to inquiry about a BR years ago even thinking about going overseas to get it done while on vacation. Someone talked me into seeing a doctor here in Mn so I did and scheduled my consult in Apr. Now when I went in I had no intentions of bringing up insurance (UHC) because I was convinced that they would not cover it. My doc was persistant though and I decided to inqury. Not even two weeks later I received a approval letter and my doc was ready to scheduled. I was in so much shock I didnt schedule right away. Long story short my surgery is on the 12th of June and I am scared out of my mind. What do i need to do to prepare im so clueless. Help please!!!! Also not smoking is killing me but im making it fyi lol

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Omg the day before the surgery I'm so excited. I...

Omg the day before the surgery I'm so excited. I keep having the craziest dream though were I finally get to see my boobs and all I have left is a nipple. Scary right lol. I'm still not a 100% if I needed to bring my own bra but I went out and bought one today. I bought tons of pillows on sale at Walmart, merderma scar gel, and snacks to keep next to my bed. Best idea I had was stopping at the Dollarstore where I found gauze pads, rolls, and tape ($1 baby) lol. Also I didn't want to ruin my good athletic wear so I found a thrift store and bought tons of daskin active wear for less than......3.99 for each piece. I will post some before pics because the big day is tomorrow and I need to be reminded what I use to look like. Smooches ladies keep me in your prayers


Thanks Gymnastgirl86 your results are great funny I just finish reading your blog lol
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Haha! I must have gotten your vibe and came over to your page ;)
Good luck with surgery tomorrow!! I had mine 3 days ago and it's the best decision I've made so far. You will love your new boobs! :)
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Surgery is in exactly 30 min update u guys as soon...

Surgery is in exactly 30 min update u guys as soon as I can


Hoping all went well and you are recovering!!!
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Hi TNT :). Hope everything went well.
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Hey, Sweetie! How did everything go today? Hope everything went well and that you are resting sorta comfortably. Will be anxious to hear how everything went!
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So I'm officially lighter on top and the worst is...

So I'm officially lighter on top and the worst is behind me. Now I had surgery on the 12th but my second day was so hard. The drainage tube under my left arm hurled so much it made the pain unbearable. I pretty much just popped meds and slept because it was the only thing that kept me intake. Surgery day went really well I arrived by 6am got checked and was called back within 10-15 min. I was stripped of my clothes before I was given the most comfortable gown and socks. Everything went pretty fast because after they gave me something to relax I was out. Hospital meds are great but it sucks transitioning from powerful meds to home meds. Any who I'm exhausted writing this so another time ladies.


So glad you've gone thru your surgery and are at home recovering! Your experience shows that inheriting large breasts isn't always hereditary! It is in my family, however, and many of my cousins and aunts were well endowed, and so was my daughter! She had surgery in 2006, and was happy she did. I keep going over that time, and am now wishing I had done this years ago! But better late than never, and I am fairly close to approval or, if not, will py out-of-pocket. Either way, the girls are gonna be smaller! Now, for you, relax, eat well and be sure to drink lots of fluids to help clear everything out of your system! Update us when you can!
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Sorry you are feeling so rough, but thanks for the update. Now is the time to just rest and heal, and hopefully you will be feeling stronger in a couple of days!
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Day 4 post op I actually went and ran errands with...

Day 4 post op I actually went and ran errands with a friend today. Nice because seeing so much of the inside was driving me insane lol. I am paying the price though I'm so so sore I had to take two of my pain meds and I normally due one. Even though I can wear a sports bra now I prefer the comfort of the ace bandage. One of my meds are giving me hives but no itching so can't complain. My left boob is always more tender and from the looks its way more swollen. Still beautifully done. If u have any questions just ask.


Glad you are on the upswing. Those first few trips out really do take a toll, but they help build your stamina back up. Get plenty of rest and fluids today to help you re-energize. In a couple of weeks you will be feeling much stronger.
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10 days post op and I feel great. I still have...

10 days post op and I feel great. I still have alot of swelling in my left boob which is causing them to look uneven. I called my PS and the nurse advised me to stay wrapped in my ace bandage even though im so over it by now. My PS did lipo on my sides to flatten the side fat that was connected to my boob. That is where alot of my soreness comes from I believe. I see my PS again on Tuesday and I can't wait because this uneven boob thing is hard to look at and a part of me keeps saying "I told you so". Well anywho I'll update after my appoint tuesday and i still might upload some pics lol.


Congrats on ur surgery!! I am 7 days post op and I am still sore especially in the left boob (also did lipo so that side is more bruised than the right) and am also uneven like you but I guess as time goes on they (boobs) will even out it self.....safe healing to you! :)
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Try not to get too down regarding the uneven appearance of the breasts. It is still very early in your recovery and they will change and settle so much in the next couple of weeks, and then they will continue to evolve for several months. By 4 months, I'm confident you will be telling yourself, "I told you this would be AWESOME!"
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2 weeks post op and still not a regret in mind but...

2 weeks post op and still not a regret in mind but unfortunately the steri strips are falling off and just seeing the scars are making me depressed. I have my 2 week visit today and I can't wait to have a chat with my ps because I'm scared of the outcome. Any who I'll post about my visit later.


Glad to know I'm not the only one that Lipo was a pain to deal with but my sides look great. Hope your healing great.
Thank you so much for the encouragement I needed to hear that.

So today I seen my ps today and had my sutures...

So today I seen my ps today and had my sutures removed unfortunately I'm not healing that well and had a lot of openings. I was always focused on being 100% better now I'm focused 1000%. I'm leaking from certain areas like right underneath my boob and some around the nipple. My ps says it happens in about 50% of patients who have a lot of tissue removed and those who have smoked. As much as I wanted a cigarette I'm so over it now. Word of advice even if insurance pays be prepared for anything. I was prescribed xeroform a petroleum dressing used mostly for burns to help with healing cost me $50 after insurance for 50 pads. I have to change them 1 to 2 times a day for 2 weeks. I have another appointment tues to check everything again. I'm really bummed about how I'm healing especially because I'm due back to work soon. Any who till next post.


The scars are going to fade...browse some of the reviews and you will be able to see the huge difference in scars from 2 weeks to 2 months. Plus once the incisions are closed you will be able to start massage and scar treatment. There are some great products out there from ScarZone, Silicone Sheets, Palmers, etc. Try to relax and think about all of the benefits of this surgery.
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scars shmars, they will fade, and think how good you feel!! I had the lipo too and am still sore there, it takes time. Hang in there!
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Ugh I'm so stressed out I have this nasty opening...

Ugh I'm so stressed out I have this nasty opening under my left breast and it doesn't show any improvement. I seen my ps yesterday and he confirmed that everything looks fine even the dark spots on one side of the breast. I want to feel confident because he is the professional and I'm sure he has seen it all. Speaking of I believe those were his words. I've read some blogs about keeping the area dry but he has me using these petroleum dressings, which are comfortable btw. Idk what else I should be doing you know. From my point of view it looks bigger but the ps says he sees improvement. Ladies plz send a prayer my way for safe healing and less stress. Thx


Praying for you!!!
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Agree with Ana. I think it is best to give it some air and time to dry out. Prayers for you!
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Hang in there TNT. After showering try to air it out for a little bit. Lay on the bed with nothing on and let the air get to it. Don't know if you are doing that already. Good luck!
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Posting some pics finally found the time and...

Posting some pics finally found the time and courage. Healing is going ok it's been almost 4 weeks but my left boob is still tender and swollen. I go back to work next week can't wait. I have a vacation scheduled for the last week of the month and im nervous my opening won't be closed. Keep praying for healing. Thx.


I am sure you will even out and heal fine with time. So glad your incisions are closing up!

I have hard lumps in my breast too. Nothing too big but I hope they go away quick! Let us know if you get an answer as to what they are. :)
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Hope all goes well at work next week. And that you are ready for that vacation! Is the area improving at all?
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The left breast still has a opening like the pic but it seems like the incisions around the nipple and others are closing I have another visit Tuesday I want to ask about the hard parts in my left breast.
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