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I am hoping to feel relief from my neck, shoulder...

I am hoping to feel relief from my neck, shoulder and upper back pain. I've considered this surgery for years and only now got up the nerve, because my 21 year old daughter is having it. I am extremely nervous and worried about all of the things most people having surgery worry about. Being put under, complications, infections and not being pleased with the end result.

Yesterday I was able to speak to someone really...

Yesterday I was able to speak to someone really helpful at the insurance company and was told I was approved. From what I understand, that will mean a maximum of $1,500 out of pocket. It may be less. In reading this site, I see so many complications that I must admit I've had some second thoughts. My goal is to come out of this thing healthy and to have my breasts be as small as possible. I'm getting the impression from my PS that he likes to leave women larger and that is not the way I want to go. My surgery is not until November 6th, so I still have one more appointment with him to discuss this. He said my breasts were each approximately 800 grams and the insurance company requires 400 to be removed. I really don't understand what that means in the way of size. I wonder if it's half or if the grams really are what makes the difference in size. I've read a lot of conflicting information. We are moving into a new house in about three weeks, so the weeks before my surgery are going to be very busy. I sure hope I'm ready for this!

On Monday I had my mammogram. I felt very nervous...

On Monday I had my mammogram. I felt very nervous there as it seemed like another step closer to surgery. The woman I had doing the test was fine, but just kind of clinical. She had no interest in the fact I was doing a reduction soon, but seemed surprised that I had to hold one breast myself while she imaged the other. It just kind of kept flopping in the way...another embarrassing moment of my boobs. Next week I meet with the PS again, so I will update then. I am terribly nervous about this and hope I don't chicken out. I am worried about the surgery right now and just making it through that. Then, of course, I am worried about the effects from the drugs and if I will be able to make it home without puking up a lung. Then I am worried about blood clots, stroke, heart attack, etc. Dear me. I guess I am just worried about everything! Today I bought a button down shirt and two cami things. My PS said cami or cotton shirt, so I am not sure if "we" are doing a surgical bra or not. Guess I will find out next week.

This morning I had my pre-op with my PS and in two...

This morning I had my pre-op with my PS and in two weeks I have a pre-op with my primary care doctor. We discussed size again, but he really doesn't get too detailed with that. I think they worry they will go too small. I'm really hoping that after going through all of this I don't end up larger than I want to be. I found out today that he does not recommend a bra of any kind after surgery. Just a soft t-shirt or a cami. He said they have seen no evidence that the bras do anything other than make their patients uncomfortable around the incision area. Guess they all do things differently. He gave me a prescription for vicodin and keflex. Most of my other concerns are ones I will need to discuss with the anthesiologist (no idea if I'm spelling that right). I've heard some people use a patch for nausea, but other people say not to. Any advice?

It's getting much closer now. It has been so...

It's getting much closer now. It has been so helpful for me to see other women's pictures, that I decided it is only fair for me to post mine. It took an awful lot for me to post these! I've been thinking the last couple of days that maybe I'm really not that big after all, but then I look at these pictures and I know I am really THAT big. I have the weekend to get things ready and then surgery on Tuesday.

My surgery is tomorrow morning. I am really...

My surgery is tomorrow morning. I am really nervous at this point. It was nearly impossible for me to concentrate at work today and I've been so crabby with my husband that I'm not sure if he is still taking me to the surgery center in the morning! Anyway, I need to be there at 6:30 am. I had a salad and some cottage cheese for dinner since I don't want anything too heavy. Maybe I'll really go all out and have a popsicle before the clock strikes midnight! I'm so hoping this goes well and that I will agree that it was "worth it!" Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. I do feel much more prepared than I would have without them.

Got into surgery around 730 and wa home by noon....

Got into surgery around 730 and wa home by noon. Will update more later a little sore where the lipo was. We didn't talk about doing lipo so that was a surprise. Does anyone know how many days to leave on nausea patch? Starting post op antibiotics and those usually cause issues for me. Thank you all for your support. It was so helpful!

Today I feel sore. Especially on the sides. The...

Today I feel sore. Especially on the sides. The anesthesia is still leaving my system. I've only taken two pain pills since surgery (1/2 at t time). Although it seemed like forever waiting for this procedure, it was over really fast. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much more they can control the nausea and pain than they could years ago when I surgery. My surgery took about 2 and 1/2 hours. The PS removed 450 on one side and 420 on the other. I went to have my ace bandage removed today. I really starting to swell up a lot and forgot to ask if I could use ice. Oh, and the pillow in the car didn't really work for me. I just sort of had to hold myself in. I posted a pic at one day post op. I don't know why, but some of my pics load sideways. Now that's something I can't ask my techie son to help with! I hope everyone who has already had their surgery is doing well and I agree with everyone else that the anticipation was far worse than the actual surgery.

Surgery was two days ago. I'm sore and swollen,...

Surgery was two days ago. I'm sore and swollen, but I think I would be fine with that if I didn't have so much nausea. I haven't been able to eat much of anything yet. I called the PS's office and he said to stop taking the antibiotic. My last one was this morning, but I can't say that I feel any better. I'm hoping that it is just a side effect of the anesthesia and will wear off soon. I'm also having blurry vision when I try to read that I think my be a side effect as well. Of course now that I'm not taking the antibiotic, I'm worried about infection. It will be so nice when this is all behind me and I don't obsess over my boobs all the time! From what I can tell, they look good. I think they will be their most swollen by tomorrow and then start going down a big. They are rock hard right now, but at least they do appear smaller! I hope those of you going in tomorrow have a successful surgery and happy healing to those that have already done it!

I called the PS office to ask about the continued...

I called the PS office to ask about the continued nausea. I've been unable to eat and the more active I am the more nausea I have. My pupils are also dilated still, so it's hard to read and my vision is kind of blurry. The nurse I spoke to thinks it is a side effect of the anti-nausea patch, so she is calling in a prescription for zofran(?) that should help with the nausea so I can eat. If anyone is particularly sensitive to medications, I would not recommend having that patch during surgery. I would way have preferred to have been sick for a few hours rather than a few days. Hopefully this new thing will help and I can get on with healing the rest of me.

Today was my one week post op appointment. My PS...

Today was my one week post op appointment. My PS took off the tape and told me to start using lotion to moisturize the skin. They do look a little scary with nothing on them I must admit! I'm a little freaked out about putting lotion all over so soon. Provided nothing unexpected happens, I go back in three weeks. At this point I've marked my post as "worth it" even though there is much healing yet to be done. The size looks good at this point and I can tell such a difference already in how clothes fit. It's nice when I lean forward not to have my boobs beat me to everything I reach for! I'm hoping to heal well and be ready to take care of my daughter after her surgery on December 18th. I'm going back to work next Tuesday. One week would have been doable, but I'm glad I took two.

Today I went for my 4 week post op appt. My...

Today I went for my 4 week post op appt. My surgery was 4 weeks ago tomorrow! I will be posting a couple of pics. My PS said everything looks good and so far, even with all of my worry, I have had a very uneventful recovery. The worst part of the surgery was be far the anxiety I allowed myself to feel beforehand. I was never in any real pain, just uncomfortable at times. I'm still sleeping on my back at night, because it is more comfortable for me and the pillow underneath my knees helps take the weight off the pressure points in my back. I was given the okay to start exercising. I have a home gym, so fortunately I don't have to fight the crowds. I only did the leg portion of the eliptical, took the dog for a short walk and some sit ups. Less than 20 minutes. I was also told today to go ahead and buy an expensive bra if I want to. My cup size is about what it will be even if there will be some changing in shape. I believe I am a C-cup in most bras. The best part was the lift. I swear my posture is so much better, my heart burn is gone and I finally have breasts that fit on a 5'4" 125 lb. woman...except I am 50 and they appear to be 20! The PS also said to get more aggressive with the wash cloth in the shower (sounds kind of creepy, but I think he means scrub away and don't be afraid of them. I asked him about different lotions and oils and he said anything expensive is a waste of money, so just use what you want. He also said the scars would get much thicker before they start to fade. I'll be seeing him again in two weeks since my daughter will be having her surgery on December 18th. There has been a lot more boob talk in our house than I am sure my husband and 18 year old son would like!! I have found this site so helpful and I am very grateful to all of the woman who shared their stories and/or photos. As long as things keep going well, my next appointment isn't for two months!

I shopped at Soma for new bras. I was measured a...

I shopped at Soma for new bras. I was measured a 34B or a 32C. Now THAT was good news! As everyone knows, bras are all different and I ended up with one 34B and one 34C, but they fit so well! It's been so many years since I had a bra that really fits. The young woman helping me was very interested in my BR since her sister is considering one. Anyway, I would highly recommend Soma for a nice wirefree bra. Cute prints and colors and a good price for a more expensive bra. I am finding that now I am focusing less on any slight discomfort and more the positive of what this surgery has done for me.

I had my 12 week post op appointment. It's funny...

I had my 12 week post op appointment. It's funny that I've gotten so used to the new me, that the surgery seems a long time ago already. I just wanted to update, because reading these reviews helped me so much before my surgery. I honestly had a couple of days after the surgery where I felt sick to my stomach and I do think I probably just had too much stuff in my system. I was very careful to follow all the instructions and I had no complications. My daughter did even better, but she is much younger. I looked at my pics and I don't look much different now. The scars are not bad and I really never cared too much about that. My daughter's look much better which is good because she did care about that. We've gone bra shopping and both ended up being a C cup in most styles. Our PS was fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a BR. It is so nice wearing nice bras and not feel myself tugging at them all day long and ripping them off the first thing when I come home. I used to wear my son's old baggy t-shirts when I came home from work at night. I haven't worn them once since my surgery! I have zero regrets about the surgery and I'm so very glad I didn't chicken out. I just wish I would have done it years ago. I have one more appt. with the PS at six months and then we are done. I'm still amazed at my trip to Soma where every single bra in my size fit and the hardest part was just deciding which ones to buy! Now if I could just find jeans that easily...
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Your post is so helpful & promising for me. I saw Dr. Kobienia this week for my consult and cannot wait to get my surgery on his schedule. I had lipo breast reduction in 2007 and it barely lasted 1 yr. Now that I am finished having children, having a BR is something I have been wanting for what seems like my entire life. I am also having Dr. Kobienia do some lipo in my stomach instead of a full TT. I'm so glad I came across your profile and hear how happy you are with your surgery!
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He did both my 19 year old daughter and my reduction. He is wonderful. No complications and we are both still 34 C's! Best wishes to you. You are in good hands!
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So glad to hear that your recovery has been smooth. Thanks so much for updating further down the track. It seems that often people use the site until they are "over the worst" and then disappear so it's lovely to read your post and know that everything has continued to go well and you are happy!
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You are so correct. I searched and read just about everything I could find to see if what I was experiencing was normal. I even left notes asking questions w/o relies back. So happy to hear your recovery has been uneventful.
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Hi there, you have fantastic results! It's amazing how different you look, it must be nice to not have your midsection hidden by large breasts anymore. I must say that it is too cool that you and your daughter both had reductions around the same time! Nice to know you have someone to talk to at home who truly understands what you're going through. I was wondering if your daughter has a BR review here on the Realself community? I'm interested in seeing her results if possible as I am a very small framed girl at 5'2 113 lbs and 21 years old. Best of luck with your recovery!
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Hi Emily. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. You and my daughter are about the same size. She didn't want to do a review, but I can tell you her results were fantastic. I think younger skin just seems to heal a little better. She is so tiny and had such large breasts that they were interfering with her life. She looks wonderful in all of her clothes and now she can buy a bathing suit! She hasn't been able to swim for a long time, because they just don't make bikini tops for large breasts and she's too young to wear an old lady suit. I'm going to go look at your review, but I can tell you that she is very happy and like me, no regrets. Best wishes on your surgery!
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Thinking about you and your daughter today.
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Thank you so much. She did very well. We got there at 6:30 am and we were home around 1:00. The PS said he removed 580 from one breast and 607 from the other. She is a tiny girl, so it's going to make a huge difference for her. She seems to be tolerating the discomfort well and we will go into the office tomorrow to have her ace bandage removed. It sure feels good to have both of these surgeries done!
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Good news! So glad she's doing well, I bet it's a relief now that it's over. She's going to feel so much better, yay!!!
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I am so glad I read your post! I am also a 32G and weigh 124 lbs (as of this am) and I am having surgery on Dec. 19th. (Yikes). My neck is always hurting, my back hurts and I hate the pain of the bras and the uncomfortableness of carrying all this weight around. I have asked my PS to reduce me to a 32C-- where I will be able to purchase normal bras and feel finally pain free. I am so happy for you and how wonderful you look! best xoxo
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Thank you! It was wonderful to actually FIT into a bra. Someone at work today told me I am starting to look too skinny. Even smaller people look heavy if they have all that baggage in front. Best to you on the 19th!
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Im on the 19th as well! Good luck to you :)
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I just had surgery on Dec. 4 th and have much of the same symptoms as you. I had4 different anti nausea drugs along with the patch. A nurse in recovery gave me an injection of Benydryl and that helped. After I got home it started all over again along with a headache. I called the docs office and she told me to stop the pain pills. That helps quite a bit. I am so sore and discouraged and I'm wondering why I did this. It's only been 2 days so I'm sure as the days go on I'll feel better.
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Honestly, it took me until about the 4th day to feel better and then MUCH better on the 5th day. I stopped the pain pills, took off the patch and only took tylenol. Tylenol controlled the discomfort and getting the stuff out of my system helped my nausea. The patch is known to cause issues with some people and my vision was slightly blurred for several days. Nothing alarming, but my PS office said it was a side effect from the patch. All of that anti-nausea stuff causes headaches as well. I still think I would have rather have puked for a few hours than had to deal with that. Thankfully, it was short lived and now a distant memory. Yours will be too. Once your tummy feels better and your breasts start looking like they belong on a human, I do think you will be quite happy you did this.
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I did end up throwing up a couple of times the first night. Feeling much better except for the discomfort, occasional shooting pain and over all soreness. Tomorrow is day three so I'm looking forward to easier days ahead. Thank you.
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you look absolutely fabulous!!.Thank you for sharing,,gives me hope that mine could come out so nice!!
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Best wishes to you on your upcoming surgery. You will do great!
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Thank you!!!! Can't wait to get past this damn anxiety...I always fret and its less than I feared and I feel stupid. Hope I feel stupid this time to and its not that bad. Haha,,I know after healing I'll be thrilled
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You are looking fab & i think you look really good in your 2 week po pics :) x
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Thank you Lexi. I feel good and now that I've been back to work a couple of weeks, I'm not so tired in the afternoon. :)
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You look really great. your healing beautifully.
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Oh thank you. I feel like my scars look a little worse than most the pics I see, but I just remind myself I did this for comfort and not vanity. I am no kid, so I am happy to be doing as well as I am. My daughter will have her surgery in about three weeks and I am far more nervous about it than she is!
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looks like u are healing well!! so happy that everything went good. what kind of lotion are u going use????
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Thank you Sassy. My PS said any kind I want to use. Just get one without perfumes. I'm a little reluctant to touch them. Especially the incisions. I'm probably being silly but I don't want to risk any complications.
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I am 2 days post op and stressing over everything! Too much time on my hands to think about what could go wrong. If I google any more I'm going to drive myself loopy! we are in this together! xx
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