Booked the Date. REALLY Scared.. Funny After I've Been So Anxiously Awaiting - Minneapolis, MN

After years of waiting for insurance approval I am...

After years of waiting for insurance approval I am officially approved and on the scheduled. I finally got a call back today to start the process. I see the Dr. next Weds again to ask any last minute questions before the procedure. I am So scared that I feel my heart pounding out of my chest.

I have struggled with large breasts since I was in the 7th grade. I was that girl that would wear anything I could to smash them down and not get the attention, the cheerleader that squished them into her "one size fits all - except me" uniform, the runner that wears 3 sports bras to hold them in place and still got blisters, the mother whose babies had difficulty latching on to her large cantaloupe sized breasts and now the grown woman who just wants to wear her bikini without looking like a porn star and having women and men doubt they are "real" Really- ugh.
My breaking point.... a car accident 4 years ago leaving me with back pain now coupled with the large breasts = a runner who cant run and a mom always in pain.
I hope to still look like a woman with supple breasts. Im am scared to death of this procedure. Like literally anxiety since I read my approval letter.
My insurance is paying for the procedure - I need to cover the 20% and for the additional liposcution

Today I go in for my Preop appointment

I am excited to finally be going in and meeting with the Dr. with my specific questions. I thought this board would offer me solace and comfort but its been a mixed bag so far. The lipo board is full of great feedback on their results and the reduction board women are scaring the heck out of me saying dont do the lipo you'll regret it. More nervous now than when I came on here :(

A week from Monday... almost there!

I spent one day last week picking up everything I could think of that I need. I am trying to coordinate dinners for the kids, time my hubby will be here and when my best friend can come help. I Will be posting my before pics this week. You ladies that have posted theirs already are my heroes. Toughest thing to do is to focus a photo on areas of your body that you truly hate. UGH. I like to remember my body before kids and pretend this time in my life (body wise) didnt happen ;) I hope all my Nov. ladies are doing well.

Took a shower today :)

Day 3 was awful. I was swollen and hurt like heck. The spot under my arm hurt horribly. I am icing every 2 hours for 20 min and it seems to be helping. The size I'm at right now I'm happy with so far. Still to soon to tell. The one on the left is before and the right side is 4 days post op

Going to try to do a little work today

I have been getting up and around quite of bit for short periods of time. I am definitely more tired than I thought I would be. I have changed the bandages a couple times and they are nice and clean. The first time I did my bandage change I almost threw up. My breasts looked like fat yams - wrinkled and distorted. Today they look like perfect little breasts. They are starting to get a sensation in them now that I handnt felt yet. Just little twinges and the feeling like I have milk letting down into the breast. Strange feeling when your not breast feeding haha. I am a bit nervous to drive in my car today to say the least :( My step daughter will be doing the driving while I try and keep comfortable. I hope everyone is doing well. Ill post new pics after the weekend. :)

Day 5

I am one tired mess today. I way over did it the last two days. I was up from 1-6 showering and showing houses to clients then went to my daughters hockey game and showed more houses today. So as a result I am swollen like crazy! I feel like I have two water balloons under each arm and my boobs feel like they did when they were maximum capacity when I breast fed. UGH... Ice ice ice oh... and more ice

My first PO appointment

I went in this morning for my first Post Op appointment. She said everything looks good. I have a spot under my left breast that appears to be a little irritated and has some puss coming out. My surgeons PA said that it was normal and it was just the spot that my bra rubs on. I personally think it looks gross :)
I was given the green light to go without the gauze and to wear a different bra. Well needless to say after 2 hours I got right back into my surgical bra. I swelled up and my nipples felt like they were on fire. The little fruit of the loom bra may be great if you didnt have lipo under the arm, but if you had the lipo on your side under your arms.... put that bra on hold. OUCH. :(

laying back in bed after a trip to the dr and walmart wiped me out :(

3 weeks today

I have had an interesting couple of weeks. The open spot under my left breast progressively got worse Ill post pics. It started just an annoying spot and then it opened up and got really full of puss. I wasnt real happy about it. Tried several different things to kick the mess but finally 50/50 peroxide with a qtip and steri stips covering the area worked the best. I also took a shower every 3rd day and did a sponge bath to keep it dry. I put a pad in my bra to absorb the blood. It looks a ton better. Never a dull moment. My breasts are looking very even now. The left one just wants to cause me problems. :( I have complete faith it will be ok.

I still sleep on my back every night. I have found my shoulders hurting a lot lately which is a pain. I am looking forward to working out again soon!

Pics of hole under breast recovery

First pick shows how uneven they looked after one week. Swelling went down though :)

Week 3

Not a lot if change. Sore under left breast healing

4 weeks and 2 days

Went to my PO appointment yesterday. I have a hole below my left nipple and a bigger one at the base of the lollipop incision. Found out that I had dissolvable stitches that weren't dissolving and my body was trying to push them out. They are feeling better today. They pulled out the stitches. I just have to keep them dry and clean. Yes at the base of my sweaty boob. Hmmmmm interesting concept. He said over all they are healing nicely. I walked on the treadmill today for 35 min and it felt amazing excluding the spot under my left arm where I had lipo done. I just walked at an incline. Cant wait to wear normal bras and feel pretty again ;)

4 weeks and 2 days

Updated pics

Revision this Monday 4/28 not looking forward to it

My surgeon left some breast tissue under my right arm that I need to go back in and have removed. He is going to take out out with lipo along with some touch up on the lipo he did with the BR. I have been working out doing Crossfit and running so I am NOT looking forward to this set back but I know if I dont do it now I wont :( Send positive vibes


Revision went off without a hitch. I have started running again and am very happy with the finished product. I can wear swim suits now without the spillage and have more comfort when I run. Wow do I wish I had done this years ago. My car accident 5 years ago changed my life but I am finally on the mend :)
Dr. Cantwell

So far I like my Dr and his staff. They made me very comfortable. I was told to get someone that specializes in reconstructive surgery of breast cancer patients. He is an artist and amazing bedside manner.

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thank you for sharing, i hope you are doing well. I wanted to know what size are you now? I'm getting my reduction done in two weeks and i'm a bit nervous regarding sizes. I don't want to be too small. :)
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thanks so much for updating
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Glad that you are happy with your results!! you look amazing!!! :)
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thank you... been a long road but finally seeing the benefits
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Best of luck with lipo - happy speedy recovery so you can get right back into your training!
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Damn! Sorry you're having to go back. Good luck!
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Good Luck with your Revision ! Your Results from Before and After LQQK GREAT ! I'm sure the Breast Weight off REALLY Helped your Back !
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Looking wonderful, maybe spend some time without the bra and dry the underneath area with hairdryer on low setting.
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Wonderful size and shape! I need to follow your example and get to the gym!!
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Congratulations! You're looking great! Won't it be fun to wear that sexy halter and not have to worry about wearing a bra with it?! That's what I'm most excited about. Sundresses, strappy tanks and gowns that don't need to hide bulky bra straps!
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Excellent - so glad you are healing and doing well.
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Congratulations! You look great! I'm 12 days post op and my PS said that there was no reason to wear a bra. I wonder if letting yours air out a bit might help the spot that's pussing. I find that the areas that I had lipo (armpits) are the most tender. I try to go without a bra (just a cami) as much as possible and just use Aquaphor to moisturize. I notice that this cold MN weather is making mine hurt. Why do we live here again?
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Thanks ;) I like the seasons just not the cold that stays forever. I was told to keep a bra on but it really is rubbing on the incision. I may just try and go with just a cami. It feels like my breasts are raw when my skin rubs against material at all. No happy medium today.
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Great review, I think we were surgery twins, I had mine on 11/11. My recovery is going well, cheers to a speedy recovery for you. I can't wait to start running too!
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I thanks. I waiting for my back up bra to come. I can go without the gauze now but my nipples are so sensitive when I go to sleep and wake up I feel like they're on fire
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Thankfully I bought two initially. I've been wearing a bra 24/7 until yesterday, it was bothering me in my sleep so I took it off early AM and when I went to get out of bed I was super sore, I guess because there wasn't any support. I'm not going to do that again, for awhile. My doc told me I didn't need gauze either but I put some on between my bra band and the lowest point of my incision, it was getting irritated I suppose from my movement during the day, yesterday... it feels better today.
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Our before and after pics look similar. I wore a 34 DDD bra, my right was smaller than my left. Left was stuffed into the DDD cup.
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Hi, what size did you have before the surgery and what would you say you have now?
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I was a DD now I don't know what I am yet. I'm guessing a small c. I haven't tried a bra on yet
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Wow, you look great! The size looks really good on you. And your incisions look really clean. I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you :) Its been an interesting roller coaster. So strange to be this small
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Good luck tomorrow! (Or today, depending on your time zone)
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I had a reduction, lift, and lipo done on October 14th. My results are fabulous and I have no regrets! Do get yourself a Genie bra - they can be found at Walmart for $10.
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Hi momof6mn. I really understand how naturally large breasts can make running difficult... If you could point us to the blogs on the reduction board where the women suggest not doing liposuction, that would be appreciated. I've read blogs and comments on this liposuction board (and on other sites) where people talk about tragic results from liposuction, or about fat regrowth in untreated areas after a year or more. After reading the eye-opening scientific studies, I decided to pay attention to reviews by people who had their liposuction at least one year or more before writing their reviews. There's a couple of really informative discussions on this site. On the discussion I started, the moderator closed the thread to future comments, but it's still up to read. Prettyleaf, it sounds like you had minimal, localized liposuction. Hopefully you'll be very happy with your results. I hope online discussions can help women (who have experienced longterm results and /or done extensive research) educate each other before having risky procedures. Personally, I've found the information I was given by plastic surgeons to be incomplete. Momof6mn, I hope that your breast reduction goes well.
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THanks.... just random responses from people who didnt like the results. I no longer am worried about their responses to be honest now that Ive visited in length with my PS today. He is a highly recommended PS and his results are amazing. I work out a lot and am going to eat clean until my surgery in 3 weeks and hope to go into it with a healthy mind and body :) Thanks for the response.
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