I have always wanted to have nicer breasts....

I have always wanted to have nicer breasts. Between weight fluctuations and genes, my breasts have been left with a less then appealing appearance. After doing my research I decided i needed a breast lift with implant. I decided after a lot of research to go with Dr. Tholen because he has a lot of experience with doing lifts, and i am worried about having them be symmetrical after surgery. During my consultation he said that i could just do implants, but i really want the fullness back! Also, Ive seen how much worse big areolas look after being breast augmentation, because they are being stretched and pushed out. Dr. Tholen convinced me to go with silicone implants even though i was set on saline. I was thinking saline because i already have breast tissue to cover rippling, its cheaper, and the MRIs are expensive! He said the FDA recommendations for MRI screenings as often as they say is ridiculous, that the likeliness of good quality silicone implants rupturing under normal circumstances is extremely rare. The one thing i am concerned with after during more research is capsular constructive developing. It can happen in either type of implant, but studies show its a little more likely in silicone. The silicone was about $800 more than saline, and everyone at the office assured me that it was well worth the cost. My Dr also said he didn't know if he could get me to the double D that i want while doing the lift at the same time, because he likes to play things safe. I said okay, but am going to reiterate to him on surgery day that i am taking two solid weeks off work and plan on doing nothing, so please to pump me up to the max that he can. He also said that the standard desired areola diameter is 4cm, however he can do smaller upon request. After going home and checking things out more, i am going to request closer to 3cm.
I am super anxious and excited for my surgery! I just hope everything goes easy and that i can have the breasts Ive always wanted! The cost was more then i anticipated, and just want it to be worth it i guess. The physical was $200 bucks, meds $100, and I anticipate the bras to be around $100, so just over 10,000 after everything. I really like Dr. Tholen and feel confidant in my choice. He seems to have a lot of energy and knows his stuff. I look forward to writing more after the big day!

3 days post-op update

HI! So i went in for my surgery and everything went well. I only really remember waking up and going home, i know i asked my nurse a lot of questions but i don't remember the answers so luckily my boyfriend was there. I remember her saying to cross my arms over my breasts to "PROTECT THE INVESTMENT" lol! No walking over 3mph no lifting more than 5lbs. I remember being so happy when they told me that my DR was able to get me to 492ccs!!!! yeahhhh!
Everything went as expected that first day after surgery except i must warn you, DO NOT WALK ALONE! I left the bathroom and thought i was feeling fine,....BOOM, PASSED OUT ALMOST RIGHT ON MY "INVESTMENT". MAKE SURE YOU DRINK GATORADE ASAP AND GET UP SLOWLY. Between the dehydration and pain meds, you should be getting up very cautiously that first day. Scared my BF half to death i guess i was out for 20 seconds with my eyes rolling back in my head! Felt like crap the next 4 hours after that but managed, in and out of sleep, only taking half pills of Vicodin since the beginning with DRs advice. . I WOULD RECOMMEND 3 THINGS that really would have helped me with being so immobile with my arms and such.1)BACKSCRATCHER,(things get itchy for real and your arms cant go very far.) 2)TRAY and 3) BIB. I don't know if i am just being too careful or what, but the first few days i really couldn't get my arms up too far and was spilling food on my chest and it was hard to drink so it would have been nice to have a tray since you have to be propped up anyway.

The first 4 days

So i forgot to mention something kind of odd, a privacy policy was written into the anesthesia consent form stating that any pictures taken or videos are property of the business and can be used for whatever. The lady said i could cross that part off and initial by it if i wasn't comfortable but at that point i was accepting,( just kind of random and surprised me that was in there.) Anywho, my DR has been so great and saw me the day after surgery and a few days after that as well. He gave me nitropaste for some dark spots at the T section that wasn't getting enough circulation, and told me to get some easy-fitted bras and non-scented soap. When i went back for my app Sat, he gave me this cupless bra to put pressure on the sternum to avoid semasa. I'm suppose to start the implant exercises and continue with the cream, only wear this cupless bra. Appointment in a few days again. IM glad he is following up so diligently and taking every preventative measure. Only concerns at this point are for implants to drop and breasts to become less swollen, and for the skin to heal especially at the T junction.

1-4days PICS!!!

day 5

1 week post-op

Before Pictures

3 weeks post op

3 weeks


3 weeks

3 weeks.

well, what to say. The most painful thing was my back 1week-3weeks. I got sick one week into my recovery then was having problems at work I'm just getting over the " depression/ regret" feeling you hear about people getting after surgery. I'm happy with the size but wish I had gone bigger on my areolas but that's my own fault. The left areola is more oval shaped but I've decided not to sweat it. I have a little feeling in my right nipple but none in my left and my left areola is more purple colored some of the time but it is having more healing problems. The doc has seen me every Tuesday since my surgery and I'm now doing the Bacitracin once a day and wearing normal non underwrie bras. just want this to be over with so I can be around second hand smoke and drink and go to the gym. I just don't want an infection and am really hoping I get feeling back because it's weird I feel almost unwomanly with the smaller areolas and the yucky healing problems. Im doing implant exercises every three hours and sleeping on my side. My bf likes them but he liked them before too lol. can't wait to wear tops without a bra once in a while and not wear a bra during sex woohoo lol.

4 weeks

Well got my wounds debried today doctor wants me to scrub with soft bristled tooth brush to get all the fibren off daily. This should be over in like 3 weeks most progress is seen at the end time will go by with seemingly no advancement then all of a sudden the skin will come in and it will heal right up. I want to go to the gym but can't really and I want to not worry about being around smoke. I'm happy with the shape have some sensation in the right none in the left still doing lower pole implant massages every three hours.

5 and 6

Well sigh still healing just waiting....have to do gauze changes twice a day, scrub area, no smoking or vigorous activity. My plastic surgeon has seen me every Tuesday since my surgery I appreciate that. Just ready to move on with the process so I can wear underwire bras and start the lotioning. Some sensation in my right nipple none I'm my left. My right wound started bleeding randomly at work the other day that was scary. I'm happy with the look, feel some weird marble type stuff in both breasts at random spots. The top portion of my breast is still soar to the touch. Don't have full feeling in the bottom yet I don't think.

8 weeks post op

Well two months and still healing. Going to see ps this Friday he mentioned something about maybe injecting the vein with something. The little one has bled once and this week the big one three times I'm just hoping to heal soon so I can start creams and get sports bras start jogging.....sigh. happy with the implants themselves.

6 month post op

I finally got feeling back in my left nipple about a month ago! So happy about that! AND!, MY Dr is doing scar revision for free because of my bad healing! I'll post pics after that. Very happy with feeling, shape, areola size, etc!
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The size and shape look great. Thank you for the 6 month photo, I love seeing results after time has passed.
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The updated pic looks great. What profile did u have?
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this just officially traumatized me !!!! plllease tell me you are healed and ok. I'm recovering from surgery and I have taken care of friends after their augs, seen stitches break and bags come thru…. never what looks like a staph infection ? or is this normal healing… I'm sch for bl and aug in Feb. ...
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It just happens I have read so many different stories everyone's body heals differently and u will be fine I promise I had a similar situation I was freaked out cried every night scared but I was able to heal it all natural and they are looking beautiful now and blood is a good sign means cells are alive so don't let this scare you let it be information.
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Thank you for your reply !¡ ( if you read what just happen with my artefill "test spot" guess I'm overthinking, little paranoid ) & I do know everyone heals differently...I've been on here for years, that was my first look at open *healing...and yes more info the better. Happy you are healed,safe, happy n healthy :)
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How did it go! Mine is all healed it was a tough experience but worth itin the end!
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Exactly what kimberleenelson said below me! This just happens sometimes, fairly common complication in smokers and sometimes rarely in non smokers. Everyone heals differently and is made up a little different, I just didn't have quite enough capillaries or whatever to get enough oxygen to the tissue so some superficial layers of skin were damaged.
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And I am fully healed!
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Omg let me tell you...generic silverdene worked miracles on me. Finally all closed up! I hope your doc prescribes you that it took about 1-2 weeks to close once I started applying cream.
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I wish you heal soon. Be patient and keep taking care of you.
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Thank you!
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I wanted to tell u what I did. Mine looked worse than that it was the scariest thing and I was so emotional. There is a salve from natures sunshine and I purchased 5 jars and a case of guaze and I did not put water to wound I only used saline because water has chlorine in it. You can't let it dry out that is the worst thing for a wound I don't know why doctors say that cause it has to heal from the inside out not the outside in and if u let dr you then it sticks to guaze etc and every time u take off scab comes off and u are back to square one right? So u pack the salve in the wound and change guaze at least three times a day and use saline at night and use blow dryer cold setting to dry it before u apply slave again. It took a good 3 weeks with this regiment faithfully and it is like it never happened no scar no nothing looks amazing. I had it on my nipple yes open wound and under just like yours it was awful and I cried every time I looked at it. I even deleted the photos it was so scary and now I wish I would of kept to share. I promise u it will heal it the doctors don't always know and what ever you do don't use peroxide it kills cells and u need the cells to come back alive and u need circulation for blood flow so when home just use guaze take bra off so u can have circulation.
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So use saline when washing wound when possible? Is this salve like an herb? I guess I'm just so worried about infection but at the same time feel like this gauze thing is getting old. So your saying pretty much use this stuff on it and wash with saline correct?
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Does the salve help keep it moist so it stops ripping every time you change gauze?
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Yes u need to pack it with salve and u can also use coconut oil organic and that helps keep circulation going it's also healing for extra moisture.
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Yes wash with saline only no water and use the salve and yes it will keep infection down the herbs used are for healing and infection I speak from experience and I totally understand how fustetating it can be.
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What is the name of the salve by natures sunshine? I would like to see if I can get some here in the UK.
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I am so sorry your still dealing with this. I do t know about you but I know I went into this naive thinking that most cases went perfectly. It seems the opposite! So many ladies having issues with open wounds and spitting stitches. Your wounds look like u r taking good care of them and they will get there!!! Your PS sounds great compared to others. Keep up the good work and remember, this to shall pass!
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I totally agree! Maybe the ones with problems are more likely to talk about it but on many forums I see numerous complications. Yes the risks are known, but I agree it seems like there "less then 10% of patients" type statistics seems low for many areas
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I'm there with you sister -_- I have 2 open wounds well ones finally starting to close. SO OVER IT!
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