I am in my mid-30s and I am done having children....

I am in my mid-30s and I am done having children. Everything in my life revolves around my children who I love to pieces but I decided to do something for me, finally! I am getting a BA April 10! I have been wanting to do this since I had my first child 16 years ago. I nursed all three of them and I do not regret doing so but it has left me sucked dry! I never had big boobs, in fact I never had medium boobs but what boobs I DID have are now completely gone LOL!

I had three consultations last summer and then met with the new surgeon last month. I finally decided to go for it. I like that he had over 20 years experience doing breast augmentations. I also liked that he has an operating room right in his office so consultations, fittings, surgery and aftercare are all done in one place. I found that convenient and it really helps keep costs down. At first I was extremely excited that it was finally going to happen now I am extremely nervous and I'm questioning all the details of the surgery. I originally was going with 375 cc saline implants put in axillary. Then after reading a lot of the comments from the doctors on here and the more research I did I changed my mind and drove hours to my surgeons office to sign the paperwork to have 375cc silicone implants put in inframammary. I feel good about switching to silicone and the incision site but am still questioning the size. One minute I think they will be too big then I'm wondering if I should go to 400cc. I think I'll stick with my first instinct and stay at 375. Plus, I do not want to drive that far again to sign my name to change it! Ughhhh all the anticipation and not knowing...so hard!

So some details about me: I am about 5'3" and 110-120 pounds (depends on what scale I step on at what time and if I have clothes on-lol)! I wear a 34 B and I would say a SMALL B. I am hoping to be a full C. I don't want to spend the money and have them be too small but I am not trying to make a statement either. do not want to go to work and have people do a double take or think I'm changing my profession (if you get my drift). I will include a before picture with some of the comments I have received from doctors off of this site.

From the opinions of the doctors' responded on here, seems unanimous to switch to silicone and do it in the breast crease. Several also stated that my nipples are placed very "lateral" in my breasts. They said they could be somewhat pushed out to the sides (YIKES!!!) one even said that iffy surgeon doesn't place them correctly I could end up with "walleye boobs"! Well jeepers...that sound super attractive! So more than hoping for "wish boobs" I'm just praying they're not too high and strangling me or out to the sides like googley eyes! Wish me luck!

Getting closer!

14 more sleeps to go! Getting anxious and nervous. Now if only everything else in life would start falling into place, right?! Called my PS's office today to touch base. They said probably no scar gels/creams (not sure why maybe this will change after my four week postop). They told me to pick up a couple loosefitting sports bras that do not cut off at the breast crease so I will be on the hunt for those. Does anyone have any good suggestions? The day I went for my consultation (which is also the day I scheduled my appointment and paid for my surgery) he prescribed me all the meds I'll need. I picked those up the next day. My pre-op is next week. I hope everything goes well so nothing has to be postponed! They reassured me again that I would be able to go back to work that following Monday. I am very nervous about that I am having my surgery Thursday, April 10th and that only gives me five days! I do have to do lifting at my job and it can be quite physical at times. So I'm really hoping I will feel almost myself by that Monday because I cannot get any more time off-YIKES! I hope all you wonderful ladies are recovering well and I am looking forward to hearing more of your journey and results for those of you who haven't got yours done yet! This site has been amazing!

Some more of what I'm workin' with

A few more befores. Figured I needed a few more to compare my afters with.

Befores continued...


Went to the mall, Target and Walmart today with my daughter. It was nice having "girl time" she doesn't know I'm having this surgery and I don't want her to. Don't think it's the right message to send a teenage girl. I'll wait til she's older and more comfortable and self confident in herself. Anyway....here are some pics of my purchases:

Some of my new bras I tried on

Starting to get really nervous!!!!

TWO MORE SLEEPS!!! I can't believe it! Before I was so nervous about the results and all that. Now, I'm more nervous about healing of the incisions and going back to work. My doctor said I would be fine going back to work on Monday. I have to lift more than 30 lbs on a daily basis and sometimes have fists and feet flying at me. I don't think I can take anymore time off!

I think I have almost everything I need:
My prescriptions
8 sports bras (2 front closure)
Cocoa butter
New pjs
Canned fruit
Spaghetti O's
Hot Pockets
Bottled water
Ice packs
Heat packs
Boyfriend pillow-where did most of you but this? None at our Walmart, target or Kmart.
I know my food list is not healthy but I needed quick and easy. With 4 kids I have not had time to make stuff ahead of time. Also I gave up on keeping the house spotless-IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Wish me luck ladies! I will be thinking of all of you. I know several of us have surgery dates within days of each other. Can't wait to see all of your results and will keep reading up on all of you who are already post op. Love this site!!!


I can't believe this dream I've had for the last 15 years is finally here! I'm praying everything goes well. I've never had surgery before so I don't know what to expect. I hope I'm prepared!

To all the other wonderful and brave ladies getting their additions tomorrow; good luck and I will be praying for all if us. Cannot wait to see all your results! Everyone else, thank you SO SO much for sharing your stories and journeys! I don't know what I would've done without this site!

Surgery is over!

My surgery time was changed three times. First was going to be at 11:00 then 3:00 but finall got in at 2:00. If we would've drove by one more restaurant I was going to open the car door and tuck and roll! I could've ate anything at that point! My doctor gave me a pill for nausea before I went in for surgery. I am so glad he did it really helped a lot. The nurses were fantastic- so nice! One of them is getting married in a few weeks and she's been talking about it each time I've went in there. I do not know if they were talking about her having a bachelorette party when I was just coming to but I could've swore I heard them talking about male strippers. In my delusional state I blurted out "speaking of male strippers have you seen the movie 'Magic Mike' if you like Matthew McConahay sp? don't watch it because he such a slimeball in it" they just started laughing so maybe they weren't talking about strippers at all! Maybe I was dreaming? Now I sound like a lunatic LOL!

I I went to recovery, I was in PAIN! It felt like when your milk comes in and your totally engourged mixed with burning! That lasted a few hours. Now they are just sore and really tight. I feel like my shoulders are shrugged and I can't relax them. My back is killing me and I wish I could crack it!

The nurse said I didn't have to sleep at a 45° angle. She said I could sleep however I felt comfortable. Well I'm too afraid to lay on my side because I don't want those suckers to move! I'm wrapped like a mummy so I have no idea but the girls look like. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get my dressings off. Thank you everybody who has commented on my journey. I appreciate the support so much. It's nice going through this with other people even though we may never meet in real life. Happy healing to everybody keep me posted on your results and I will try to update mine as much as possible. Off to take some Vicodin, good night all!


So I'm home now. I'm feeling way worse today than I was yesterday. I am quite bruised and I cannot move my arms hardly at all my back my sites my arms and my rib cage are killing me. I am using ice packs now and I hope that will help. I am happy with my incisions they seem to be in a good spot. I am a little disappointed with my boobs though. I did expect them to be bigger. I know I have to have patience and they are going to drop and all of that but when she took my wrap off I guess I felt like they weren't all that different. My fiancé was laughing and "said oh trust me they ARE different" I don't no if he meant "different" because they look so funny right now or "different" because they actually do look quite a bit bigger LOL! but time will tell!

2 days post op

It's been two days. My chest is tight which doesn't bother me too much. Having a hard time with the pain in my ribs and my sides. Makes it hard for me to move or get up or do anything. My bra lies right where all my bruising is which causes it to hurt really bad. My boobs still need to drop quite a bit. My right boob is super high and my left boob is square LOL! They are not real pleasant looking at this point! I am feeling very disappointed with the size. I feel like they are quite small and once the swelling goes down I don't feel like I am going to be a full C. I feel like I will still fit into my B bras with maybe just a little cleavage. I keep reminding myself to be patient because things will change over the next few weeks and months but it is hard. I feel like with how hard my recovery has been so far it maybe was not necessarily worth it for the end result.


Didn't load with my update

5 days post op

I'm starting to feel better. My incisions hurt and my ribs and sides still hurt but not as bad. It takes me a while but I can get up by myself now. I can raise my arms above my head (almost all the way) but it still hurts some. All in all I feel a lot better today than I did the first 3-4 days. My right boob is still high and in my armpit. My left boob is lower but still square and in my arm pit. I still have bruising but it's getting a lot better. I've been rolling up a sports bra like a make shift strap. I didn't call my ps for his approval on this but I'm doing it anyway. I don't go for my post op and stitch removal until May 12th. That's a whole month from my procedure! Has anyone else had such a long span between their surgery and post op?

6 days post op- not much change

It's been 6 days! Feeling a little better each day. It will be nice to feel like myself again someday. My R boob has been really hurting. I wonder if it's nerves regenerating or my muscle stretching but it hurts. I don't get my stitches out until I see my ps again may 12th! Does that seem like a long time to anyone else? Sounds like most of you are having stitches removed a week from surgery. Another question, does anyone have a recommendation for itchy stitches?

Why does every PS have such different instructions?

I'm feeling anxious. I think it's odd that my ps is waiting a whole month to see me for post op. I think it's weird that I don't get my stitches out til then. So when I go, and my boobs are still high, is it too late to wear the strap?

First day post op and 6 days post op

It's been a week!

Does anyone else have horrible pain in their boob(s)? My chest is still tight. Bruising is so much better. My right boob is just giving me trouble. It feels tighter and more awkward. It just hurts! It's mostly on the outside (right side of right boob). It stings. It feels like someone is tearing it open and pouring rubbing alcohol in it! It goes away for a while but when it comes back it stays for quite a while...wowza! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is feeling changes and pain so I'm trying not to complain. After all, I did sign up for this! I marked the top of my boobs with a permanent marker to show the difference of how much higher the R one is. My hope is that by doing so I can kinda track their dropping progress. Hope everyone is healing well! I can't wait to see all of our boobs this summer, I'm sure the changes will be quite drastic!

Weird boobies!

Is anyone else experiencing weird nipples? They stick out...way out! When I'm cold. I could take someone's eye out when I'm not cold they look swollen and pointy!

Didn't load...not cold- ugly

16 days post op

Right now I am having mixed feelings about my results. I do wish I would've gone a little bigger. My boobs appear to be two different sizes and my right boob still is not dropping so it's kind of frustrating looking at them being so lopsided. I know there is a lot of changes to happen still and a lot more time but I just do not like looking in the mirror at them right now. They look awkward even under clothes. One looks bigger and if I wear a shirt that is a scoopneck (not even low cut) my right boob kind of bulges over the top. All of my swelling is gone. My nipples are still puffy though and look so big : ( My incisions kind of hurt. The sides of my boobs and crease area are tender. Trying to be patient!

20 days post op

Wow, can't believe it's been 20 days! Still have some tightness, especially in my sternum. My ribs along my sides still feel bruised/tender although I don't really have much bruising left. I'm impatiently waiting for righty to catch up with lefty. I am anxious for them to fully drop and fluff. I must say, I am not happy with the 375cc's. Big disappointment! Some if my 34 B bras still fit. So I would say I'm a small 34 c at best. For all the pain and discomfort I don't think it's been worth it to not even totally fill out some C bras. I've always wore super padded bras pre surgery. My new boobs are not as big as my padded boobs.

I think my skin is growing over my stitches. My left incision doesn't look too bad. My right one looks "meaty" for a lack of a better word. I hope I'm happier with them when they drop more.

How are all you ladies doing? I have a hard time keeping up with all your profiles. From what I've seen, everyone's results are looking great! Happy Healing everyone!

Ughhh so mad!

I accidentally changed my review instead of editing my update so everything I've posted from the past is now gone! so frustrating! I did post some new pictures but I can't believe I just got rid of everything I've been posting for the last month!

Left boob/incision

My left you can still see my stitches and it seems to be healing nicely. My right is meaty and you cannot see my stitches any more (they are not dissolvable) and it feels irritated and sore.

27 days post op

They still need to drop, especially the right. I still get morning boob but not as bad. No more chest tightness either. My boobs are still kind of tender and numb. I have feeling on the top but about 1/2 above my nipple all the way down to the bottom of my boob and sides is numb. It kind of sounds like an oxymoron how can your boobs be numb but yet tender and still feel pain? Kind of funny to think about it. They are starting to feel more like a part of me. I am able to sleep on my side and have been for about a week. It's not the same as it was before and I have to move around a lot in the middle of the night but it sure beats being stuck sleeping on my back! I am being more patient than I ever have been on most things in my life, I will be so happy when they drop and fluff! I wanted this for so many years and now that I've done it, I can't say that I'm 100% happy. I know that once all the healing is done and whatever I'm sure I will feel completely different. But it's amazing to me how easy and painless it seems when you see it on TV or hear of stories of people getting it done but until you actually research it and find sites like this and go through the surgery, you can't really understand what a long process it is! I'm posting recent pics, don't mind my bra lines lol!

32 days post op-One month post op appt today!

I saw Dr. Smith today. He removed my stitches today. It hurt cuz my incusions were almost all healed to he had to kinda dig in there with his sharp little tweezers! He said they look great. He said my skin still looks tight and I'll see my final results in a year. He said no scar creams, massages, or push up/underwire bras. He said in a month I could get sized for bras but I need to stick with thin, no support sports bras for the next 3 months. I brought up my concerns and he said everything is fine. I told him I was disappointed with the size. He said it was good for my frame and that he wouldn't have put bigger ones in anyway because I didn't have enough skin. The printer in his office was wonky today so he will mail me my before and after pics. I will post I couldn't respond to that question about special ed, cuz not friends with the poster. Bryant actually has an excellent special ad program we have higher functioning students and then students that are in wheelchairs nonverbal etc. we have vision programs speech OT PT very good program we have at Bryantthem when I get them. They definitely give a better visual if actual size. My pictures taken with my phone make them look bigger than they really are.

What the what?!?

Okay that last part of my last post, I have no idea what any of that is LOL! I usually do talk to text when I do these updates, and it must've picked up background noise from the TV because I have no idea what any of that stuff means LOL! So it should say: "I will post the pics when I get them, pictures taken with my phone make them look bigger than they really are." Just disregard everything else in between there LOL!

Before and Afters

53 days post op

Not much has changed visually boob wise. But I am feeling good, no pain, and incisions seem to be healing well. They are getting a little softer just waiting for them to jiggle when I walk or run LOL! I still am wishing I would've went bigger even though my doctor says he wouldn't have went any bigger but oh well! What's done is done. I went to Victoria's Secret the other day and I was a 34D which we all know means I'm really a 34C so I went up one cup size.

LADIES PLEAE READ!!!! So gross and scary!!! Hope this loads!

Dr. Smith

Jessica the medical assistant is great! Very personable and down to earth. Office is quite small but he has an O.R. Right on site which is great. My nurse and anesthesiologist were very nice and friendly as well. Dr. Smith had been a plastic surgeon for something like 23 years. He is board certified as well. He is very particular and set in his ways. That was fine with me because it showed he was confident in what he does. He was not a sales man in any way. I was happy he was not pushy on anything. I'm only one day post op but am happy thus far.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey.....how are you healing & feeling?? You haven't posted in a while....hope all is well & you are enjoying your summer ;)
  • Reply
You are not out of shape!!!! You look amazing in that bikini!!! Your girls look great!!!!
  • Reply
Thank you. All the cellulite on my back side would disagree with you lol! How are you doing? You look great! Are you using creams or gels?
  • Reply
Hope you are doing well!!! Missing your posts :(
  • Reply
I don't seem to get on here too much these days. I'm doing well, how are you?
  • Reply
I'm doing great....I am also a 34D at VS!!! See, so even going a little bigger doesn't make too much of a difference...I to wished I went the next size up to 425, but we were scared of being too big like most women do!!!
  • Reply
You are right. I was terrified id return to work and have people whispering behind my back. Nobody noticed at all. Do you feel back to normal? Are you using scar cream and if so, what kind? You are looking so wonderful!
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Hope all is well with you ;) how is your progress going?
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Your boobs are looking really great ! I can fit in different size bras too.. anywhere from a 36B to a 34D...it depends on the manufacturer. I am really a 34C according to my Doctors measurements. I had the same thing about skin I could not go bigger than 375cc, lol. I love the way you look !your boobs do look great for your frame.. but it all comes down to you being happy with them.
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Your last post was like you had a stroke mid post! It cracks me up.
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Yay!!! You look great!!! It's funny how every Dr. has different guidelines....I got yelled at for wearing a seamless thin coobie bra...he said "no bra at all" go buy the silicone nipple covers from VS...I just couldn't do it...they felt weird & I am an office manager & deal with people all day long! The band I've been using for like 3 weeks....can't wait for this to be finished ughhhh! So I love your results ;) looking BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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I'm glad you posted this because I still haven't dropped...my right side still higher...and yes, my phone pics make them look bigger!!! Im getting scared they won't drop, then what? I wonder if that is a possibility, not dropping...i think they look really beautiful♥
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Does anyone else notice that when you take pictures of your boobs with your iPhone, that they look a lot bigger than they do in real life? I was going to my pictures and looking in the mirror at the same time and I came to the realization that my iPhone really distorts images LOL!
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Lol agreed!! Sometimes its a good thing thou haha
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Their coming along great. You look great!
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Thank you! You had so much progress within your first month! Now that your two months post, they look absolutely amazing! They look 100% natural! Makes me very jealous!
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Aww thanks doll :) im starting to appreciate them now alot more. Yours look like once they drop and fluff a little more they'll look natural too :)
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Great progress girl, mine still look like that too, right still high compared to the left lol
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Thank you. Wow, you're going to be smokin' this summer! That size looks really great on you!
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Thank you so much I can deff day the same abt u ;)
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I apprec all your info. Have my preop appt tomorr but it's only with the nurse. Not the doc. That weird !? He is a well know doc in winter park. But after talking to the nurses on the phone I believe I will go with the 425 HP under silicone
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I don't know your stats or haven't seen your before pics but I think 425 is a pretty common size. Keep us posted!
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How r u feeling about them now?! I am so scared to pick wrong size I am between 375 and 425 silicone unders Hp. Suggestions?!?
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Well... In really torn right now. My doctor said 400 was the biggest he would like to go on me and he usually prefers to put in a little smaller than the biggest he can go. Right now I feel they are small. Granted, they are definitely bigger than they were. I windering if I should've done 400-425cc but I know I still have dropping and fluffing to do. My right is still higher than my left and I still have more upper pole fullness on both sides. So in all honesty, it's hard to say because they still have so much changing to do. I wish I had a more definite answer for you. It really is a guessing game. 375 on one person may seem really large and on someone else may seem small. You can do as many rice tests and try on as many sizers as you want but it's no guarantee. When I went into it I looked at it as: if I go too big, there's not a whole lot I can do except live with it, If they turn out a little smaller than I want there is still push-up bras etc. It really depends on the look you're going for. I wanted something more natural that wasn't going to be obvious to everybody because this surgery I prefer to keep it to myself. Other than my fiancé I don't plan on ever telling anyone I have this procedure done. I figured with the amount of padding I've had in my bras for years nobody would probably notice when I made the change LOL!
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Did u go under the muscle?! Silicone or saline ?
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