32DD at Victoria's Secret! Wow!

Well I have been reading posts on this site for...

Well I have been reading posts on this site for the past 6 months and figured it was time for me to share my story. I have always wanted bigger boobs. Ever since I was in high school and never really developed. I never thought I would actually do anything about it but this summer I started really considering it. I can afford it so I thought why not? I am 23, no kids, 5' 3" and about 125 pounds, I am barely a 34A. I want to be no bigger than a C cup. I am not quite decided on size. Originally I was going to do 325 and 350 ccs (I have slight asymmetry) but now I'm thinking more like 275 and 300 ccs. I don't want to go too big and this size I feel more comfortable with. Surgery date is January 2nd. Only 15 days to go! I'm starting to get more and more nervous as the day gets closer. I have 9 days off of work so I'll have plenty of time to heal. I'm sure the next 2 weeks will go quickly with the holidays and surgery day will be here before I know it. Still can't believe I'm actually doing this!

One week to go! Had my preop physical today to get...

One week to go! Had my preop physical today to get approved for surgery and get blood drawn. It's starting to feel real now. This weekend I plan to prep a lot of freezer meals so I don't have to cook after surgery. I'll hopefully clean and do laundry too. Any other suggestions for things to get/do before surgery? So anxious for next week!

Well in just under 18 hours I will be going into...

Well in just under 18 hours I will be going into surgery! My nerves are going crazy right now and my stomach is churning. When I first scheduled surgery is was 2 and a half months away and now I'm down to hours! It's so crazy. I'm excited and a little scared. It all feels a little surreal. I never really thought I would do this. I probably won't get much sleep tonight since I'll be so anxious. Luckily I have to be at the surgery center at 6:15am. Well I better get everything ready. Happy new year!

Well ladies I am on the other side. I'll post more...

Well ladies I am on the other side. I'll post more later about my day today but am way too sleepy at the moment. I'm not sure exactly how many ccs I got but somewhere around 325 ccs and a little more in the smaller boob. I feel very tight but just took a muscle relaxer and it's starting to help. They are so high up right now! Thanks for all the support from you ladies!

Alright I am finally ready to share my day. Lets...

Alright I am finally ready to share my day. Lets start last night. My nerves were through the roof so I took a long bath with lavender Epsom salts to relax me. I slept for about 3 hours. Was up at 330 and laid in bed til 5 when I finally got up and showered. I then got my post op sleeping station ready and waited until 6 to leave. Got to the surgery at 6:15, filled out paper work and then they brought me back. I got dressed in the gown, took a pregnancy test, answered questions about my health and they took my vitals. I then sat and waited for a bit until the anesthetist came in to put in my IV. Then Dr. Wilke came in to mark me and we discussed size. We were originally going to do 350 CCs but then I thought that might be too big. I said 300 and he didn't think that would get me to a full C so we met in the middle at 325ccs. He then left and I waited for about 10-15 minutes for the nurse to bring me into the OR. The room was cold but the bed was heated so that was nice. The anesthetist came in and said the relaxing stuff would be coming soon. A minute later I asked if he had given it cuz I was feeling funny. He just laughed a little and then I was out. I woke up with a lot of pain and pressure. They gave me something for the pain and told me to rest. I was super thirsty and kept asking for my fiancé. They gave me ice chips and brought me into another room. I got to see my fiancé so that made me feel a lot better. They gave me water and crackers. I started feeling really nauseous so they put something in my IV and then gave me a shot of something and I felt so much better! The nurse said the shot would make me really sleepy. It was hard to keep my eyes open while she gave my fiancé post op instructions. They then gave me apple juice and a Vicodin to take. The nurse helped get me dressed and then wheeled me out to the car. Bumps hurt really bad so I was glad it was a very short drive. As soon as I got home around 10:45 I fell asleep on the recliner for an hour and a half. My fiancé came home with my prescriptions and I took a muscle relaxer to help with the tightness. I've been in and out of sleep all day. My boobs are super high and tight. I found my implant card. I got 300cc saline implants moderate plus profile filled to 325 on the right and 335 on the left. They feel like a perfect size. Not too huge. Very full on top and not so much on bottom but they will drop. I'm surprised by how far I can lift my arms. I haven't done it a lot. Just to shoulder level. Getting up after a nap or laying for awhile hurts and so does pulling my pants up. Otherwise it's not horrible. I've been icing a lot today as well but doesn't feel like its doing much. I made jello yesterday to eat today and after I got a spoon from the drawer I tried to shut it and my muscle spasmed. Weird feeling. My throat is a little scratchy and super dry no matter how much water I drink. So that sucks. Overall I'm super tight but sleeping has been amazing so far. It just feels weird to have boobs. I can't wait until I can try on clothes to see how they fit and also to wear bras. Well that's about it for right now. I'll probably go take another nap soon. Sorry the picture I put up is upside down. I'll fix it later.

Forgot to mention. My first post op is Friday...

Forgot to mention. My first post op is Friday afternoon! Maybe then I will see my incisions. I went through the armpit

I'm at day 1 post op. Still pretty sore and tight...

I'm at day 1 post op. Still pretty sore and tight but its slowly getting better. I'm really swollen on my sides. Feels like my boobs are in my armpit. I slept really well in the recliner last night. Only woke up to take meds but I fell back to sleep easily. One of the nurses called this morning to see how I was doing and to see if I had any questions. The entire staff at the surgery center are so nice and helpful. They definitely helped me feel more comfortable about this whole process. I'm excited for my post op appt tomorrow so I can see my incisions and my boobs completely.

I'm pretty bloated from all the fluids. I can't wait until that goes away. I've been trying to drink lots of water and some juice for sugar. My throat is still pretty dry. But overall I'm doing better than I expected to.

Today is day 2 post op. I had my first follow up...

Today is day 2 post op. I had my first follow up appointment where he gave me the dreaded strap. I'm supposed to wear it 6 hours a day to help them drop. They are riding very high so far which I expected. I have no bruising which is a major plus. I never took any vitamins to help with bruising either. I'm still taking Vicodin every 4 hours and the muscle relaxer every 8. So far the pain hasn't been too bad. Last evening was the worst of it. Just uncomfortable and so tight. But it's much better today. I'm supposed to start with massages which is just pushing the top of the implant in for a few seconds and then releasing. It is not very fun. I'm able to shower today finally so I'm sure the hot water will help loosen me up. I'm also really bloated still so went and got a stool softener that will hopefully help. Other than that I'm doing about how I expected. This site definitely helped prepare me. So thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and advice!

Today is day 3 and I'm doing pretty well. I've...

Today is day 3 and I'm doing pretty well. I've only taken a muscle relaxer but no Vicodin since last night. Still sore and don't have full range of motion of my arms quite yet. I've been wearing the strap for most of the day. I can't wait to take it off! I'm still taking it really easy. Can't wait to get range of motion back and for my boobs to drop. Not much else to update on. Still bloated and hoping that ends soon.

I'm at the end of day 5. Still pretty sore but...

I'm at the end of day 5. Still pretty sore but I've been off all pain meds for the past 3 days. When will my implants stop feeling so foreign? They feel like a hard push-up bra I can't take off! Also for anyone who got the transaxillary incision how long until you were able to shave your underarms? I still have the original strips covering the incisions and am supposed to let them fall off. They are getting pretty close. I've also had very little relief from the bloating. Hoping that ends soon. Also had my first real experience with morning boob today. I felt so sore and tight when I woke up! I've been sleeping kinda propped up in bed the last 2 nights and its going ok. It's hard to readjust my position and I keep wanting to sleep on my side but it hurts to do so. Overall I'm doing pretty well. Just impatiently waiting for my implants to drop.

I'm just over 1 week post op. I had my second post...

I'm just over 1 week post op. I had my second post op appointment today and he said everything looks great and they are slowly starting to drop. I saw my incisions for the first time today. They are red and raised right now but should fade nicely. I don't have to put anything on them but am supposed to avoid getting deodorant on the incisions for about another week. I have another post op in 2 weeks to check the progress on the implants dropping. Still supposed to wear the strap for 6 hours a day and also push inwards at the top of the implant to force it downward. The left one goes down easily but springs back up as soon as I release. They are also softening up and I can squeeze them a fair amount. They still feel foreign to me but that gets less every day. I'm happy with the size and can't wait for them to drop so I can go bra shopping! I picked up a half shift at work today so we'll see how that goes. I also drove myself to my post op appointment today and it went better than I expected it to. Still haven't taken any pain meds since last Friday. I have been sleeping on my side the past few nights cuddling with a pillow for comfort. Sleeping has been better than I expected which is great. Other than that there's not much else to say. Hope everyone else is doing great!

I am just over 2 weeks post op and can't believe...

I am just over 2 weeks post op and can't believe how fast time is going. My implants still need to drop but they are slowly making progress. They don't feel foreign to me anymore which is great. It does feel weird when I'm outside in the cold because the muscle contracts over it. Driving is no problem and work is great. My energy is definitely back. It helped that I had 8 days off. My incisions are looking better everyday although shaving around them is quite the challenge. I've included a picture of my left incision. Swelling has gone down a lot and I'm still loving the size. Bigger than I was before with a padded push-up bra. It's so nice! I'm looking forward to finding out what size I'll be. I can't even try on bras since they haven't filled out on the bottom quite yet. I am so glad I did this!

Well today I started getting zingers near my...

Well today I started getting zingers near my armpit incision. Definitely not fun:( my implants still haven't dropped much more. Wondering how long it'll take for them to drop into place.

I am now 23 days post op. Crazy how fast time has...

I am now 23 days post op. Crazy how fast time has gone. I had another appointment yesterday. He said everything looks good for 3 weeks post op. He also said it could take 8 weeks or more for them to drop since I have tight tissues. So I'm trying to be patient. Incisions are fading quickly. It's amazing just seeing the difference a week makes.

Well tomorrow will be 5 weeks since my BA. Wow. It...

Well tomorrow will be 5 weeks since my BA. Wow. It has gone so fast! Yesterday was a huge development in the recovery process. They were so much softer. One day they were firm and then yesterday they just decided to be soft. They still have quite a bit of dropping to do but I am so glad I did this for myself. I'll be getting married next year and really wanted to finally be happy with my bra size.

I did my first real workout today since surgery. Doubled up on sports bras to prevent a lot of bouncing. I did a turbo fire HIIT workout and it felt really good. There was a little bounce which I'm not used to. After that I was feeling great so I decided to add a little more cardio and did the insanity warmup. For those of you familiar with the program the warmup is a workout in itself. It felt really good to finally get back into working out. Took way too long off and was starting to feel like a busted can of biscuits. Haha. Also trying to get back into healthier eating. I tried quinoa for the first time tonight and it was actually pretty good. I didn't think it would be based on the smell of it cooking. But I was pleasantly surprised. Well I'm rambling so I hope all of you ladies are doing well and healing nicely. This was definitely worth it:)

I am now 6 weeks out from my breast augmentation....

I am now 6 weeks out from my breast augmentation. I had a post op yesterday. I was given the go ahead to wear normal bras but to limit my time in push ups since they still have some dropping to do. He said with transaxillary incisions they tend to take longer to drop. He also said the incisions take a little longer to heal since it gets irritated easier. Mine are healing well. Still a little pink but that will fade of course. My next post op isn't for another month so hopefully they have dropped into place by then. Since I was given the go ahead to wear a normal bra I went right over to the mall to do some shopping. I found a wireless bra at jcpenney on clearance for 5 bucks which was nice. I tried on a few other bras there but since the implants are still pretty high, they fit really weird. I then went to Marshall's and found a cute 5-way bra for 6 bucks. I don't want to spend a lot on bras quite yet since the size may change when I drop more. I got a 34c in both bras. Exactly what I wanted. I then found a lot of cute spring tops including the peplum one in the picture. Can't wait to go swimsuit shopping!!

I added a few more pictures.

I added a few more pictures.

I woke up this morning will a dull achy pain on...

I woke up this morning will a dull achy pain on the side of my left breast. No idea why as I haven't had any pain in weeks. It's been on and off all day. More annoying than actually painful. Wondering if its just nerves or something else. Anyone else experience this?

Well I passed the 2 month mark. Things are going...

Well I passed the 2 month mark. Things are going well. Still dropping and still wearing the strap although I miss a few days here and there. I went bra/swim suit shopping yesterday. I had to get a large swim suit top! So weird when I used to buy smalls and extra smalls. Bra shopping is still not going too well. My implants are not completely dropped so they look sooooo weird in bras. Anyone else still having that problem?

When I went shopping a few weeks ago I bought a multiway bra from
Marshall's since it was only $6. When I wore it without the straps I felt like I had no support. I never had to worry about that before! I'm still getting used to having boobs but I love that I can wear clothes with only a sports bra and no padded push-up and still have boobs. It's really amazing!

So with my breast augmentation I also received a free micropeel which I got done yesterday. I have never had any kind of facial peel or anything before so it was a new experience. They started out by cleansing my face and using a tool to rub off the top layer of dead skin. They then out on a mild glycolic acid peel and let that sit a few minutes before washing it off. They then extracted all the gunk in my pores which is what made me the most red. This is a no down time peel so although I was a bit red and sensitive right after, a few hours later the redness went away. My skin is still a little sensitive today but I'm able to put on makeup. I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager so I hope this helps clear up my skin.

Nothing else new to report at this time. Hope all of you ladies are doing well!

I had my last post op for awhile last week. He...

I had my last post op for awhile last week. He said everything was looking good. We took my post op photos and he told me I only need to massage once a day now. Just to keep the pocket open. I won't have my next post op until late summer:)

I went to Victoria's Secret today to get sized. I was shocked when she said I was a 32 DD. I thought it had to be a mistake but it fit perfectly and the 32 D was too small. I only bought one bra today (I'll post a picture tomorrow if I remember.) I plan to buy a few more as well as a few swimsuits online since you get $75 off $250 until April. I also have some gift cards to spend. Hope all of you ladies are doing well!

Pics of my new fabulous bra at Victoria's Secret....

Pics of my new fabulous bra at Victoria's Secret. No padding and 32DD.
Edina Plastic Surgeon

I work right by his office so I drive by it everyday and it is close to where I live. I also know a friend of a friend that got her breast augmentation by him and had great results. I had my consultation and felt very comfortable in his ability and knowledge. His staff was very friendly and attentive. They made me feel comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look so freakin good in your new little bras! how are you feeling these days? shopping now must be so much fun : )
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Thanks! I'm feeling really good. And yes shopping is a lot of fun!:)
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Hey there! I am also going to Edina Plastic Surgery!! I met with Dr Leigh and I am scheduled for May 23rd! Did you have a good experience with your surgery? I picked Dr Leigh because my friend highly recommended him! You look great! Congrats!!
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Yes surgery went great. They made me feel really comfortable before it. And everyone is so nice. Good luck on your up coming surgery!
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I have heard so much about the dreaded strap and you had to wear it for 2 months?!?! Oh my goodness! I hope I dont have to do that. I am doing my incision in the areola or under the breast in the crease so hopefully that makes a difference. You look great by the way! I cant wait for March 18th!
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Haha yes. 6 hours a day every day. I usually wear it when I sleep so I don't notice as much. When I first started wearing it, it was pretty rough but now it's not bad at all
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congrats on the new girls!! i love your story its informative and makes me feel better about my BA coming up in May... how is the dull pain you still having it?
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No the dull pain went away after that one day. I think it was caused by working out too hard. I'm glad my story has helped you. Good luck with yours in may!
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thanks! and good to hear the pain went away. i know most girls are so eager to start getting back into the swing with working out its so hard to stay away! off the topic of boobs i have to say that picture of you in the pink top and jeans is like the cutest outfit ever! i love the shirt and the jeans where are they from? and isnt it awesome that new boobs just makes an outfit pop?! lol
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Thanks! Shopping is fun! I got the top at Marshall's. I can't wait for it to get warm here so I can actually wear it! The jeans are silver jeans that I've had for awhile.
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god i can only imagine here in jersey it isnt much fun weather wise. its like the freakin 10 plauges! first its 50 degrees out then we get snow then a hurricane and then locust. i swear i cant wait til like may when the weather starts to get warmer and not just cause my BA is in may lol the outfit is great you look amazing in it. are you able to start wearing underwire bras yet? they might help.
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I'm allowed to wear underwire at any time but just not supposed to wear bras that are "too uplifting" for long periods of time since they need to drop more. We just got about 9 inches of snow this week and I hope that's the last of it!
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yeah i hear you. and i love uplifting bras, they are like my best friends right now. except ive lost so much boob my little nippers creep out from under my very sexy bras now lmao! we just got a crap ton of snow here too and its already melting now geez jersey is weird.
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You look amazing! I bet your excited to buy swim suits and spring/summer stuff. I know I am! Even though it will be a while for me lol.
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Thanks! I am excited to buy new swimsuits and bras. I actually just got a new swim suit yesterday. I had to get a large top which was so weird since I'm used to getting extra smalls or smalls! Bras still fit really weird because they haven't completely dropped yet so bra shopping isn't really happening yet.
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You look awesome! Your scars are healing so well? Have you been using anything on them? Mine are not fading as fast. But I knew it will take me much longer than an average person.
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Thanks! I occasionally put vitamin e oil on them but have only done that a few times.
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Looking good at 6 weeks. Enjoy shopping for tops and bikinis. It's on. Make the best if your investment!! Congrats again!!
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Thank you! Shopping is so fun now:)
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You look awesome! How long until you can wear underwire? I have to wait 6 months until I can wear underwire bras... it's amazing how many bras do not have underwire. I cannot wait to wear cute bras again!
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He said I can wear underwire now. I probably won't for awhile longer since they are still high and most bras look weird right now anyway. Have yours settled into place or are they still high?
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Mine are pretty settled, but they definitely have a little bit more to go. It's hard to imagine them changing a lot more in the next few months. I actually don't want them to change a lot, because I like them being a little higher (more cleavage).
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They look so great, I haven't been able to get back into working out, it's so bad, when I'm at work I think I am gonna go home and get on the treadmill or stair master and then after the kids homework and dinner, I say to myself, I'll work out tomorrow, I seriously need to motivate my butt, I am getting a flabby belly and butt, I finally have boobs and I won't want to wear a bathing suit, anyway, I'm glad your getting back into it, maybe I'll get my butt upstairs now, lol keep it up girl!
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You look great! I'm inspired because I had my Pre-Op today and I'm also getting saline moderate profile plus and around 350cc - I'm 5'8" 129 lbs, so a little taller than you so the extra cc should be fine. I'm so happy for you!! Take care of yourself!
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Thanks! I'm very happy with them so far. Good luck with your surgery!
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