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Breast Aug 2 years ago & still no feeling,...

Breast Aug 2 years ago & still no feeling, constant pain and LARGER than I asked for. When I followed up with Dr. Tholen after the surgery, he, in his words said, "Oh no, you've got double-bubble too! My last 3 patients today have the same thing!"

For those that don't understand what this means, it basically means that your breast is separated from the implanted breast, which instead gives you 2 separate breasts on each side! UNATTRACTIVE without your bra! What a nightmare!

I could give Dr Tholen another $$$$$$ to TRY & correct this but wouldn't give him another dime, nor another minute of my time!It's been nearly 2 years since my surgery and I truly miss my God-given breasts! Dr Tholen is WAY overrated!

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I Googled him for reviews & experience

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Every surgeon wants every patient to have perfect results, but when you see several hundred breast patients per year, you not only see other surgeons' problems, but a few of your own as well. Numbness is not a complication, but can occur with creation of the implant pocket, and all patients are told and must accept a 5-10% likelihood of permanent numbness. I am sorry you are unhappy, but perhaps I have not been made aware of your dissatisfaction--I know it's sometimes difficult to be completely honest with a complaint in person. However, I don't believe I've ever seen 4 "double bubble" patients in one day, much less in my own patients! If you wish, I would remove your implants at no charge whatsoever; please feel free to contact me. Dr. Tholen
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I'm sorry you ended up with Double Bubble. For others who don't know what that is, here's a Q&A explaining it. Do you think you'll seek out a revision?

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You can get your breasts back. It should not be expensive to have the implants removed. To repair the double bubble would be more expensive. Good luck, and sorry you had problems.
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