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I have two children, my oldest is 6 and my...

I have two children, my oldest is 6 and my youngest is 2 and a half. I breastfed them both for over two years each. I gained alot of weight with my first pregnancy and lost it all, 85 pounds total, within a year and a half following a strict diet and exercice regimen. With my youngest I was alot more careful with my wieght gain knowing how hard it was to lose all the weight afterwards. I have always had naturally large D cup breasts but they have become much smaller and very deflated due to the fact that I breastfed for so long. I am so very excited the 30 day countdown starts today:) I am not at all nervous or worried about the pain afterwards, I am just looking forward to getting me pre-baby body back. I am having a full tummy tuck breast lift with augmentation and a little bit of liposuction from my inner thighs. I really appreciate all of you ladies sharing your expriences on this site, I have been following and finally decided to share my story:)

I have seen 3 plastic surgeons, 2 in Canada and...

I have seen 3 plastic surgeons, 2 in Canada and the Dr. I chose in Minneapolis. He made me feel at ease and answered all my questions. The only difference between the 2 countrys is that in Canada you spend the first night in the hospital when you have abdominoplasty. The countdown is on, I am so very excited:) I do not know anyone who has had any of these procedures done and have not told anyone close to me. I am glad to have this site where I can read about and now share my story. I am still unsure about the BA size, I an going with silicone under the muscle. My doctor recommended 350cc's but I think I need to go to 450cc's to have the breasts I had before my pregnancies.

In my first post I said that I wasn't at all...

In my first post I said that I wasn't at all nervous, but I have been freaking out all day:/ I had all kinds of bizarre dreams last night about my surgery day. I arrived at the clinic and the doctor looked like a skateboarder, was very rude and did not at all want to hear my questions and concerns and the nurses were just awful! I'm starting to question myself??? Maybe it's because I only have 23 days left till surgery... I sent the very large check in the mail today for the surgeries. My Dr. said that I would need to wear just camisoles with built in shelf bras for the first couple of weeks and cannot shower for 10 days... Ew:( It's strange because I have read alot of posts that said they could shower the next day. Oh I just noticed that I never mentionned my measurement in my 1st post. I am 5ft4 and fluctuate in weight between 130-135.

I spoke with the patient coordinator today who...

I spoke with the patient coordinator today who told me that my Dr. Doesn't usually size before hand??? He want's to see the pictures of what I hope to look like then will make a decision on size. His reasoning is because of the lift I will not be seeing accurate sizing when trying on implants. I have a lot of confidence in his abilities, just panicking a little not knowing till after what I will look like:( Has anyone else been through this? I tried various implant sizes at 2 other dr consults, so I kinda know what I am going for.

My surgery is 1 week away:) I can't wait!!! I am...

My surgery is 1 week away:) I can't wait!!! I am going for my pre op with my family doctor tommorow morning. Is it normal to feel akward about confessing that I am having done to my family doctor??? I have been working really hard and have lost 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I will post some new pre-surgery pictures soon...

Well I am 4 days post op. I really was not...

Well I am 4 days post op. I really was not expecting all the pain and immobility that I have.

The 20th I was at the clinic at 6:00am and released at about 5:00 pm. I had no problems with the anesthesia just some pain from the surgeries. I had my brother in law with me as my caretaker so that my husband could stay home with my kids. That was a little awkward at times, but we are very close and he did an amazing job of taking care of me:)

The next day I returned for my checkup and because I had not urinated yet the nurses put in a catether. Once emptied they realized that I was very dehydrated and hooked me up to an IV to give me a couple of litres of fluids. I had been drinking quite a bit and was surprised of this. I was having some trouble breathing. My breathing has since gotten better but when I walk it seems to worsen.

I saw the ps again the following morning before the long drive home. He said that everything looked excellent and was okay to leave until my following appointment the 30th. I really don't remember much from the first 2 days besides pain. I have extreme pain in my lower back, especially when I am standing or walking.

I am very happy with my tummy tuck incision the line is low and straight. My breasts seem a little uneven due to the swelling and the lift. One of them is pretty bruised:( my first bowel movement was very painful today even though I had been taking colase hoping to be regular soon. My drains are being cleaned and emptied twice daily by my dh. This morning one drain had 5ml and the other 2 1/2 ml:) I am very a black compression garment from knees to my breasts that is crotchless, which I am not supposed to take off before I go back on the 30th... I've perfected peeing into a cup with the bottom cut out to act as a funnel. I'm felling pretty gross as I have not showered since the morning of surgery and cannot until my appt the 30th, sponge bathing is just not the same....

Looking forward to feeling better and being more mobile. Tommorrow is day 5. When will I be able to walk straight? Happy healing everyone! Very happy to be on the flat side! I will post pictures of my breasts tonight or tomorrow...

I had a little bit of an emotional day:( I thought...

I had a little bit of an emotional day:( I thought Chrishmas would be a perfect time to have my mm, because I have 2 1/2 weeks off work. I feel like I am missing out on a lot of family activities because I have not told anyone.

My lower back is sooo sore expecially when i stand for more than 5 minutes. I look forward to fitting into my old clothes without all the excess skin hanging:) I forgot to mention in my previous post my implant size they are 492cc round moderate profile.

I'm 11 days post op and really feeling like I...

I'm 11 days post op and really feeling like I might have over did-it yesterday:( I am in Minniapolis with my whole family for a few days because I had a post op appointment yesterday and another tommorow morning. We took the kids to Mall of America and they rode the rides all day which means I was up and walking from 1-9 pm with my 2 girls. My breasts feel numb today, I'm worried I might have done something to injure them yesterday? My incisions and tummy have been numb from day 1 but not my breasts.

I am walking straight and feeling pretty good other than that. My appt went really well I had my drains removed:) I have a small pouch under my tt ins incision but my ps said it was normal and he adjusted the way I wear my binder. I will post pictures later on tonight or tommorow as I have my liposuction garment off for the very first time for my 1st desperately needed shower;)

I am looking formard to dressing in my regular clothes... Sweats were comfy for the first few days but I generally don't leave the house in them. With all the padding inside my garment to smooth out the lipo and the binder I look like I weight 30 pounds heavier.

I have added new pre op pics as well as 11 day...

I have added new pre op pics as well as 11 day post op pics. I'm feeling pretty good walking totally upright. I am a little worried about the lipo to my inner thighs and flanks, I don't notice a diffrence in my pre and post op pics, hopefully its just swelling? I am hoping I didn't waste money by going ahead.

I am back at work full time this week and...

I am back at work full time this week and extremely exausted. I have started using vitamin E oil on my scars as requested by me ps. I am still not wearing a bra, which is becoming uncomfortable. My ps wants me to wait until my breasts have dropped a little. I wear a cami under my clothing. I have also switched from my compression garment to slim cognito spanks, super duper compression. They are hard to get into but I love them, so much more comfortable than the one provided by my ps. I am still pretty swollen but I am trying to drink alot of water. I am still worried about the lipo of my flanks and thighs but my ps says I need to wait to see the full results... One of my areolas had stretched a little larger than the other. My ps told me that they were cut to exactly the same size during surgery, and when he stiched them one streched a little more, I know this can be revised but I'm not sure I want to go through this again. I have feeling in both my nipples and i'm not sure if I should take a chance at losing that. Happy healing everyone!!!

I am now 5 weeks post-op:) Feeling pretty good! I...

I am now 5 weeks post-op:) Feeling pretty good! I am still wearing my compression garment and binder 24/7 but just go tthe ok from my nurse to start weaning off of the binder. My breasts have dropped a little, but are still pretty hard. I have not yet started excercising other that walking as I am seeing my ps next week and I want his ok before moving ahead with anything that could damage my results. I am still 2 pounds over my pre-op weight??? I hope its just swelling. I have been reading alot of posts and alot of you are down in weight the same week??? I have been 7-10 over since my surgery and have just went down to 2... I have been eating really well and trying to drink alot of water. I still swell, more in the afternoon and at night. I cannot believe that I have been able to avoid telling anyone! When I went back to work 3 weeks post-op I just told people that my back was sore, no one really questionned. Happy healing everyone!!!
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I just now found your blog. You look great! Any suggestions on what to wear home from the hospital after BA and TT?
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You look great, but I know how it feels, there's some people who do not swell after only a couple of weeks, and some people may have to deal with it a couple of months (hopefully only a couple...). I too am experiencing almost the exact weight fluctuation that you are! I was back to pre-op, but then after this long weekend I gained a couple pounds, so now I'm up 2-3 pounds from pre-op... Hopefully it's a temporary, "out of town and body off schedule type of weight gain" that I'll lose fast :-(
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Thanks! I'm just worried because although I am trying to eat well, i'm not excercising yet other than walking and I just don't want to ruin the results by gaining any weight:(
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You look great! I'm having the same experience with my weight. I am almost 3 weeks PO and 2 pounds above PO weight. But then again, between the skin removed (1 lb) and the weight of the implants (2 lbs). I practically should have gained a pound. Maybe the other pound us swelling.
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Thank you! I just checked out your profile and you look really great too!!! I'm trying not to get discouraged and think of how good I will look in a swimsuit next summer:)
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Hi! I was curios how you were doing? Last Tuesday (Jan 8) I had a post op with my PS, this appt I was finally full of a ton questions, especially what/when I should expect final results. I was told the 3 month mark tends to be a big mile stone in seeing long term results... Wrapping my brain around that helped me in being patient, I hope with you as well. I too don't know anybody personally that did a MM, so this site helped me in many ways :)
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Sorry for the delay in responding, I just noticed your post as I was updating my profile. I am feeling pretty good, still swelling in in the afternoon and evening:( I too am having a hard time being patient waiting for the full results... I seem to examine myself all the time and see only the negatives... I seem to compare myself to other women who have had mm and wonder why my results are not the same:( My weight is still 2 pounds over my pre-op weight... Your pics look great:) Just think how happy we will be in 6 months from now...
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Sorry to hear that you're missing out on family holiday activities. It may not feel like it now but I'm sure you made the best decision for yourself. Feel better!!
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Thanks! I appreciate your support:)
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Congrats on going to the flat side!! I hope you had a Merry Christmas. It looks great so far and I hope your healing gets better with less pain and more mobility. If you don't mind me asking, which PS in Mpls did you go with? Just curious because their work looks great. Thanks!
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I walked straight @ 2-3 weeks. Recovery is long but it gets better every day!
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Thanks, I'm standing a little straighter today but i have alot of lower back pain:(
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I am confused you are going for your pre op with your family dr??  Are you excited for ur surgery????
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I went for my physical with my family doctor which my ps required because I live so far away. Everything turned out fine, my dr faxed over all the info to my ps. I am soooo excited, leaving in the morning. Trying to finish up some last minute things... so worried about forgetting something. Will try to update Thurday night after surgery, if not Friday:)
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Oh that makes sense. You must be so excited!!!!!!!! If u forget something u can always buy it:-) How far away is ur ps?
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Super excited for you!! Congratulations on losing another 10 lbs, that's a great accomplishment especially during the holidays. I'm trying to lose some too but it's been more difficult than expected. Hopefully the weather is good that day so you don't have to worry about the roads on top of the surgery.
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Thanks:) I can't wait... Leaving tommorow, will keep you updated!!!
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I'm sure I will start dreaming as my date gets closer, lol. Right now I'm restless because I can't wait. I'm sure everything will work out wonderfully for you.
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Thanks! I am feeling restless as well. A little overwlmed as Christmas approches... Trying to get everything done before, shopping, baking, decorating...
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My surgeries are on December 17th so were not far off! Good luck!!!
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Thanks!!! Good luck to you too:)
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Hi there HPMel- Welcome to the message board and thank you for reading my blog. You are headed towards a wonderful wacky journey filled with many ups and downs! I just read your blog and have a couple of things to offer you from my experiences. make sure you are comfortable with your doctor- he is working on your body and be sure he understands what you want - you will be involved with him and his office for about 6 months time. Breasts - if you are going under the muscle (my first were 350cc were a C+ and 500cc full D) seriously consider a pain pump if it is offered as that was uncomfortable the first time. Caisoles will be hard to work with after breast augmentation because your arm movements will be limited - may I suggest a front closing sports bra instead. all post surgical garments are easier if you can step into them or close them in front. Welcome again I look forward to following your journey! :)
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Thanks for the advice. I love being able to share my story and receive tips from you ladies that have been through the same thing because I have not told anyone about my mommy makeover. The Dr is the one that told me I could not wear a bra at all for the first while and to where the shelf bra camisoles. Hopefully I will not have a hard time! My dr doesn't use pain pumps:( I rarely take any kind of medication, not even Tylenol so I am a little worried about how I will react to all the medications...
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Hey I had weird dreams before surgery some almost scary:-/  I couldn't shower until  after my first post op- that was 4 days. I showered that day and but it was short and my hubby helped me. I didn't really even feel like showering and still don't some days! Lol  you could get some dry shampoo or have someone help you was your hair in a sink or leaning over a bath tub. I had baby wipes and anti bacterial wipes my husband cleaned me with until I could shower
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Thanks for the advice:) My dr is going to see me the morning after my surgeries, but I will not see him again until December 30th... 10 days later. I'm hoping my car ride home goes well. I live approximately 6 1/2 hours away...
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