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I just started and I'm on tray 1. The top tray did...

I just started and I'm on tray 1. The top tray didn't fit me so I'm actually on tray 2 on my top teeth for 4 weeks. The first 2 days were hard to get used to them but I'm stating to get used to it now. The hardest part is that the edges are not soft and it cut my tongue for the first day but I used wax and that helped a lot. I also have a lip on the outside of one of the bottom teeth that sticks out and that bugs me but not enough to not wear them just annoying.

Tray 2 and 3

I'm now on tray 3 on the top and tray 2 on the bottom. I'm totally adjusted to my tray's and have no issues wearing them now. I actually rather keep them in because if I take them out my teeth get sore. I can already start to notice a difference in my tooth on the bottom! that is my biggest bother is my one bottom tooth, it drives me crazy. After I put the new tray in my teeth are sore for about 2 days but I usually put one tray in and then two days later put the other tray in...much easier for me to do it that way....so far...I'm glad I made the decision!

Tray 5 of 17

Its been about 10 weeks since I have started and now I'm in tray 5. I had the buttons put on last week and they said its like a whole new ball-game. Well, honestly besides they fit better I haven't noticed much difference at all, I actually like it better. I can tell my teeth have moved, but when the liners aren't in my top teeth are hitting the front bottom teeth. I'm hoping this will improve soon, I have talked with my Ortho about this and they didn't seem concerned. I love I can take them out when I want to eat and not worry about having crap stuck in my teeth. I don't mind the buttons at all! No one can tell if I have the liners in or out and no one knows I even have them unless I tell them. It is annoying to pull them out when I eat but you get used to it, I usually just pull them out before I go into a restaurant and put them in when I get back into my car etc.

Loving the results

I am now on tray 9 and I can finally start to "see" the results. I had the buttons put on when I wrote my last review and I have to say I do like having the buttons on rather than not having them, I think they fit better. I also think he helps me to keep them on more, just a subtle reminder. I have noticed since the last review that my bottom teeth are now starting to touch my top teeth in the front and I don't care for that. I brought this up to my ortho and he said that it isn't uncommon and that they are just finding their new locations and that it is a slight touch and it just may take some getting used to though it will continue to change. He did "GRIND" some of my teeth to help with some of the major spots that bother me but I wasn't to thrilled with this as that is healthy bone that I felt he was grinding down that we never talked about though I have read that in other reviews they may need to do this. I don't care for that, I think they should be able to fix my teeth without having to grind away at my teeth...but I guess I'm not a ortho either, just wish I would have known all that up front so I knew what to expect.

Today's pics

Just updating pics since I didn't add them to my review the other day.


Well, it seems like forever but its been a slow process and I'm so ready to be done with the liners. I have one tooth that didn't feel right because it didn't line up perfect so I'm in a ortho made liner/retainer that is fixing it...kind of annoying because its thick and I just want it over. I have to be in theirs for SIX weeks! Then I was told I could have permanent retainer, well now they said I can't on the top and they will do the bottom. I need to look in my contract because I also thought I was going to get my teeth whitened at the end but so far I've heard nothing of it. I honestly didn't have much movement that was needed, I couldn't imagine how long someone would be in these if you had a lot of movement to do!
Veil ortho

Hard to get in when I need to but they are very good

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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Congratulations on being done!  Well, almost done!  Definitely check your contract.  It might be that they offer different things to different people and don't remember what they offered you.  So it's good for you to know, for sure!  Let us know what you find out?
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The movement is so obvious on that one bottom tooth!  Fabulous :D
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Thank you! Its nice to know that you can see the results too and its not just me from staring at it! Nice to know that you aren't having sensitive spots or anything else, that was my biggest concern. Thank you for sharing!!!
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I felt the same way about the grinding when I recently got it done (post-treatment).  I felt like the doctor didn't consult me enough and allay my fears--she simply proceeded to do it without getting my permission.  This wasn't IPR (interproximal reduction) between the teeth, but grinding surfaces so my teeth didn't touch too soon and keep my mouth from closing. 

It'd be nice if they remembered that these are not everyday occurrences for us, like they are to the doctors.  Communication is so important.

But that said, I haven't had any negative effects from it so far, and am considering asking for a little more on one of my teeth that's thicker than it should be and keeps pushing my results out of place.

I hope your treatment continues to go well :)
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Congrats on getting your attachments!  It's not unusual to have bite issues while under Invisalign treatment.  Sometimes they works themselves out and sometimes they don't, but it's kind of impossible to know until you get toward the end.  Just make sure you don't clench your teeth :D
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Oh...FYI - I saw someone's great idea to clean these in vinegar and water...bad idea it eats the plastic....just use toothpaste and a toothbrush!!!
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Yoiks!  I can say, be careful with toothpaste.  I think the gel kind is okay, but if it's at all abrasive, it makes these tiny microabrasions on the plastic and they attract all the plaque.  It gets really hard to brush them clean toward the end of the time.  I used either hydrogen peroxide solution or the invisalign stuff or regular mild soap or detergent.  As long as there's nothing abrasive in there.

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Excited to see your updates. I have had sharp "lips" on two of my trays now, and my ortho okayed it for me to just take a nail clippers to them. I'm not sure if that would be an option for you, but maybe something to keep in mind if you have that issue on another tray. Have you had any issues with removing the trays? I have a similar twist in my top teeth that has been a hurdle.
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There is one lip on the top and one on the bottom, it used to bother me too but I got used to it. I don't know why they are there. I take them out by popping out the back by my last tooth and them lift it out, it was tricky the first time or two but now its not an issue. That is the easiest way I have found.
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Hi!  Did you get attachments at all?  It looks like your main problem is crowding, is that right?  I can't see if you have any bite issues with your mouth open.  Glad you've found the ortho wax helpful!  Have you had any trouble keeping the trays in for the full allotted time?  Has your orthodontist included the final retainers in the price?  I look forward to following your progress!

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Yes, the permanent retainers is included in the price as well as a night guard because I clench hard when I sleep and I had one that was fitted before I started this venture. I had braces when I was younger on the top that fixed my overbite so my bite isn't bad its mostly over crowding and twisted teeth...On the top my teeth are starting to cave inward or pointing inward so they need to be adjusted to point the right direction again and one needs to be twisted back in line again. They are going to widen my smile on the top as well. On the bottom its mostly over crowding.
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