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4 1/2 weeks post op - New pics & feeling AWESOME! Minneapolis, MN

After having my first baby at 30 I knew I would...

after having my first baby at 30 I knew I would need to have a tummy tuck to look normal again. I had my second baby in 6/2011. I gained around 50 pounds each pregnancy and normally weigh 140. With my 2nd pregnancy I had really bad ab separateion and developed an umbilical hernia. My stomach is super gross. My belly button sticks out really far from the hernia and my skin is very wrinkly and loose. I can't wait to look normal again.

9/27/11 - I am getting very nervous yet very...

9/27/11 - I am getting very nervous yet very excited for the new me. I get so disgusted and sad when I see my stomach everyday. I am also nervous because I am having my in-laws in town soon and I have decided to not tell them about my surgery so I have to hide my stomach as best I can when they are here so they don't notice a drastic change between now and Thanksgiving.
Until my surgery, shapewear is my best friend!

1 more week until my surgery! I am feeling less...

1 more week until my surgery! I am feeling less nervous and more excited now. Still feeling guilty about not telling some family members and friends, but I don't want people to judge me for my decision.

I did it! my tummy tuck was yesterday. So far it's...

I did it! my tummy tuck was yesterday. So far it's not too bad. I just dislike these drains coming out of me. he said I have to keep them in for 1 week and I can't shower until the day after they come out:(
I am very sore and everyonce in a while I get a sharp pain that takes my breath away. I plan on resting up today some more. I can't wait until these drains come out so I can see my new stomach. I can already notice it is flatter even with my compression binder on.

Well, I knew I would be in pain after surgery, but...

well, I knew I would be in pain after surgery, but holy cow - I never thought it would be so hard to walk across the room! ouch! I am hoping to feel much better by tomorrow. I am having a burning sensation when I walk. it feels like my incision site is burning. I just gotta keep thinking that this pain is only temporary and my stomach will be awesome as soon as i can see it!

3 days post op - today I am feeling so much better...

3 days post op - today I am feeling so much better than yesterday! I am able to walk to the bathroom without the burning pain I was getting the last two days. I was even able to do much more today than yesterday. I am hoping I am on the mend and that I will just keep getting better everyday. I have a follow up appt tomorrow with my PS. I am very anxious to get these drains out, but I don't think they will come out until Thursday. A shower would be really nice. Taking a baby wipe shower just isn't as gratifying as a real shower.

Good morning! I am now 5 days post op and feeling...

Good morning! I am now 5 days post op and feeling so much better! I saw the dr yesterday and got a glimpse of my belly button! I HAVE A BELLY BUTTON!!!! whoo hooo! he wanted to check my incision and drains. I was soooo close to getting my drains out - I guess I'll have to wait until Thursday though. No showering until they come out :( Even though I have been wearing my compression garment, I can feel how flat my stomach is and I can tell I don't have a muffin top - no more back fat. I am really only sore where the drains go in on my hips and I feel like I have done a ton of sit ups. Other than that, I feel good. Can't wait to see my stomach on Thursday when I go back to the dr. Yesterday i was very nauseaus. Still a bit this morning, but I'll take that over pain :)

I just saw my doctor again because I think I...

I just saw my doctor again because I think I pulled on a drain and it was painful. He took out my drains! whoo hoo!!! I can shower tomorrow. Plus, I got to see my stomach! (or lack there of)
Getting the drains out felt super weird. Glad that is over! I'm putting new pics up :)

6 days post op - I am feeling better than...

6 days post op - I am feeling better than expected! Except for this cold that I got. Coughing and sneezing does not feel good!!! I am about to take my first shower in 6 days and can't wait! I plan on taking a nap afterwards because I'm sure it's going to wear me out.

I have to run in to work for about an hour or so tomorrow - I would like to wear sweatpants, but I'm afraid it would be frowned upon. How soon has anybody worn jeans after surgery?

Another question for you all - My doctor said I could wear a compression garment such as spanx instead of what they gave me... what do you prefer to wear?

Today I went to work for 4 hours, then went to the...

Today I went to work for 4 hours, then went to the Mall of America for some shopping. I might have over done it. I'm a little sore and think I might ice myself. I wore leggings and a long sweater to work today. That seemed to work, but I don't like how you can see my compression thing through my clothes. Has anybody experienced more swelling on one side than other? One side of my stomach seems to be larger than the other, but I think it is swelling.

Good morning all! I am feeling super good. my abs...

Good morning all! I am feeling super good. my abs still feel like I did a lot of sit ups, other than that I just can't wait to get my stitches out and these steri strips off. They are itchy!!!
If anybody is about to get a tummy tuck I highly recommend getting your hoo hoo waxed before hand. My hair is growing back in under the steri strips and it itches like crazy!!!

I still haven't worn jeans. I am going stir crazy at home. I am working from home today and planned to work at home until Wed, but I think I am going to go into the office tomorrow because I need to get out and see people :) I bought a few sweater dresses with tights/leggings so I don't have to wear pants to work. It probably isn't that bad. Maybe I will try to wear jeans on Friday.

I go back to the doctor on Thursday to get my stitches out. I think I'll ask about wearing jeans and spanx. this compression garment sucks! I hate wearing it - especially at night. It is hard to sleep with it. I hardly have any swelling so I hope I can stop wearing it at night sooner than 3 weeks po.

I'll post new pics after I get my stitches out :)

Yesterday I had my 2 week post op appt. They took...

yesterday I had my 2 week post op appt. They took the stitches out of my belly button and I had 3 along my incision. I am so happy to have a belly button again!

This morning I tried on jeans for the first time - it's not so bad. However, I did realize I must be more swollen than I feel because they aren't as loose as I expected they would be. So far, I don't have on the binder either - just a compression tank top. The only difference I notice is that my abs are a lot more sore without it. I am posting my 2 week post op picture - my belly button still has a lot of scabs in it so it isn't that pretty yet.

I have been feeling great. I love my new tummy and...

I have been feeling great. I love my new tummy and belly button. I have lost a total of about 5 pounds and I can tell that my swelling has gone down as my jeans are feeling loose. I have been wearing jeans since the day after I got my stitches out (2 weeks post op). I have only been wearing spanx in the day time and nothing on my stomach at night and I feel fine. I posted a new pic :)

Wow, I am feeling and looking great. I am so happy...

Wow, I am feeling and looking great. I am so happy I went through with this. I used to look at my body everyday in disgust. Every time I would use the restroom, I would see my stomach and be self conscious and would be disgusted. Now I no longer feel that way. I have lost 6 pounds since my surgery. I can't wait to be able to work out again and lose even more.
I am posting a picture of me in a bikini!!!! something I never thought I could ever wear again - I don't even know why I kept my bikinis!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Joe is so great. He worked with me to discuss what I was looking to achieve and let me use my hernia surgeon instead of using the one he usually works with. He also was very patient and took the time to answer all of my questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What a transformation! I know it's been years but I had to comment because of your incredible result! WTG!
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Wow what a difference from your scar at two weeks to four weeks and what a difference from your pre-op photos till now. I am so happy that you got a great result. You look amazing!!!
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You look amazing!

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oh my gosh your scar blows my mind! How does it look so good at only 4 weeks?! WOW. I'm on week 3 and mine still looks like frankenstein lol. I have some bio oil and I'll be sure to use it! Thanks for posting.
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You look great, mnjewel!!! Your scar looks so faint! I'll be picking up some bio oil for sure!
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You're looking great, so natural! And your scar is amazing. I have bio oil a well and look forward to using it soon. :)
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thank you so much!!! I have been using bio oil on my scar. I was able to drive as soon as I was off the pain meds which was about 4 days.
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Going in tomorrow :) a little scared of unknown. You said you drove in 4 days. Did you have drains? After seeing other women's pictures it doesn't look like you can be very mobile w them in.
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Yes I had drains. I just put a pillow on my lap when I drove so the seatbelt wouldn't hurt. You'll do great! I'm so excited for you!!!
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Been thinking about it for awhile and don't have date yet but meet w ps Friday. I drive a lot for work... How long until you can drive?
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Congrats on the new tummy! Your scar is amazing! Are you using anything on it?
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You're looking great! Congrats
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Sweetie you look really good ;) remember when you walk by the mirror to say OH YEA me look GOOD ;) wish you the best.....
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Your scar looks amazing!!!! Congrats!! ;)
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Lokking Fab!
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You look amazing. I am not the smallest but I am hoping to get into a bikini too! Congrats you look amazing!!!!
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I can't believe what a difference 2 weeks made on your scar..from your pics at 2 weeks post op and 4 wks post op...it looks great. Good for you, your new tummy looks awesome. Congrats.
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Thank you so much! I feel amazing and no longer feel self conscious on a daily basis
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You look amazing!!!
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you look good!
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Our stories and bodies are similar and my surgery was a week after yours. You look great! It's nice to read your progress - like a weekly weather forecast, one week ahead ;). Happy healing"
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wow! our bodies and story are VERY similar.
i was the same height/weight as you going into the surgery too! glad you are starting to feel better!
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Looking good girl!
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Thank you ladies!
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Great results!
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