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A proud mummy that loves her Daughter to bits...

A proud mummy that loves her Daughter to bits.

im 5'2" and weight about 103lbs! I hope to have a tummy tuck done soon..

so after having my daughter i was left with loose muscles and loose skin and stretch marks everywhere..

I was diagnosed with Diastasis recti..which is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle ur"six-pack".. i ended up finding a personal trainer that specialize in helping woman get there bodys back after baby.. so iv done all i can on my own with working out and eating well.. ill leave the rest upto my surgen :p

"Ill upload some photos of my tummy"

good luck :)
You don't have to get full just to get muscles tightened. I just had a mini with muscle repair (above and below my bb) and lipo.

Let your surgeon tell you whether or not he thinks he can get you good results with a mini.
Hey! You are very slim! I think you will be fine with a minnie TT. I am 5'8' and 118 lbs. I'm also scheduled for a minnie TT and a BA on March 15th! Good luck!

Sad tummy

Good luck you r going to look great
Are you doing the tummy tuck? You body is crazy good, it's just that tiny spot ..I wish you could use my surgeon he makes the incision so low.
you are gonna be thrilled with your results.  Your so thin to begin with.
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