Mini SO SCARED!! HELP! MINI Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo and Muscle Repair-Jacksonville, FL

I have had two girls and I'm 24. I am 5'0...

I have had two girls and I'm 24. I am 5'0 and 123 lbs. My skin is very saggy and has stretch marks. I had a breast augmentation last November(silicone) and I am finally going to get a mini tummy tuck with muscle repair,lipo of the flanks,liposculpture of inner and outter thighs. I am pretty nervous and scared of the pain.My doctor is so awesome and he gave me an awesome deal for everything. I am so excited!

should i ask for sleeping pills from my doctor after surgery because I can't sleep when Im in pain?

how long will I be in pain?

I have three kids how long will I need help for?

do they give you something for relaxation before going under?

will it help with cellulite or stretch marks?

sooo any questions

Any advise would be great!


What doctor did you use in Jacksonville? I've had 2 consultations already and am going for a 3rd one tomorrow. I am REALLY afraid of a tummy tuck but with the loose skin I have that is the only thing to really fix me.
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can't wait to see your "after" shots so I can compare to mine. there are so few mini TT on here and I am anxious to see some after shots. :)
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I keep trying to post my after shots on the review page, but for some reason it doesn't post. Is there anywhere else to post the pics?
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