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Well here is my story...I am 29 and I have 6...

Well here is my story...I am 29 and I have 6 children and out of the 6 children I have a set of twins.I've been wanting a tummy tuck since I had the twins,Which was almost 3 years ago. I won't blame it all on the twins but they definitely did a number on my stomach.

I have a small support system and reason being I did not let alot of people know that I have made the decision to have this surgery because people can be very judgemental. I am not nervous at all. I am super excited and so ready to be on the road to recovery! I would like to be more confident in my body and look better in my clothes! This is also an early birthday present for me!


I will be sure to wish the twins happy bday on the 22nd. I'm having the surgery a week before you. I will be able to tell you what to expect first hand. I think we will be very happy after surgery.
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I am so jealous right now!! You still have your surgery before me lol I will definitely have u on my mind that day...because the day you have your surgery is also my twins bday!!! Well I very excited for the both us!! I will be in touch before and after your surgery....
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Yes girl you are so right, it is good to have someone from the same place to go through the surgery with. I did reschedule for February 22. We can definitely go thru this process together.
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Today I paid my PS his fee of $4600.00 and last...

Today I paid my PS his fee of $4600.00 and last Friday I had paid my Hospital fee of $1650.00. The last fee I will have to pay is the anesthesia fee of 937.50 later this week. That is the total break down of the surgery fee. I feel like a little kid in a candy store, very anxious and excited!!! I am so ready!!! I haven't started to get my post op items yet. My plan is to do later on in the week or this weekend..Along with making sure my house is in tip top shape. If anyone have any suggestions please feel to share them with me..


Thanks Kimmers!!!
You have any advice or tips??? :) Hugs!

Just stay calm, remain positive and upbeat, be patient and just know the healing takes time.  You will do great!

I am relieved that I will finally have my new body...

I am relieved that I will finally have my new body in about 2 weeks. Everything is all paid off!! Thank you Jesus!! I am still very excited and ready to the be on the road to recovery!!I am very thankful to those who will be helping me! I feel real blessed right now and I feel like this will be my year!! I also went to see my PS on Wednesday to check on my breast due to me having a BR in Dec.2011. He said how nice my scars was healing and my results was looking great! He also went over what to expect for my TT and answering any questions I had...I just my love my PS. He very nice and information!! So is his staff! Well I hope all goes well because I have a 30th birthday party planned in April for myself!! I am very happy about because I have not had a b day party since I was a little child. But enough about that!! I will be touch!!


I will b watching and reading so keep us posted on all of ur updates and progress! Lets get those banging bodies! Lol
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I am so excited for you!!!

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Hey Kimmers,
I am so excited too!!! It's funny cause I am doing the count down now!!! lol Maybe in the middle of next week sometime may start flying cause the days seem longer then usual....I guess that happens when you looking foward to something that you really want so bad...

Well I have 5 more days until my BIG DAY!!!! I am...

Well I have 5 more days until my BIG DAY!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! AND SO READY!!! My surgery is all I think about all day everyday!!! lol I Know I sound crazy but I am ready to get rid of this keg/muffin top..lbvs I plan on posting before and after pictures later..But first I have to build up the courage.. I never let anyone see my stomach!!


Soon soon!!!

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I know Kimmers!!! I am so ready!! It feels like I been waiting a lifetime!!! Like when I set my appointment back December I didn't really think about it much but now I am impatient and it is always on my mind...lol
I am counting down the days. I am so excited for you. I totally know what you mean about the surgery being the only thing you think about. I am taking online classes - I spend more time on here than my school site.

Take a deep breath and post those pics. You never know who you are giving the strength to do the same. There is no judgement here. Just lots of love and support.
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I am not sure what happened to the date on the...

I am not sure what happened to the date on the last post but it should had said Feb. 24th cause it was like 1 something in the morning.. But any who Today is Feb. 25th and I now have 4 more days until my BIG DAY!! I will be getting my house ready and stocking up on food...And there are a few things I will need for my post op surgery needs. Tuesday I have a hair appt. gotta stay looking some what fabulous while I am healing lol


Yes Thursday will be here before you know it. Don't feel bad about posting pictures. If I did it you can lol. Were are not going to judge you, we're here to support each other.
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Nenee- I am excited, just think next week at this time we will both have flat tummies!! I have my arm posted on here under a separate review, the scars from that are troublesome but you saw that before I would take a scar over that anyday!!! And once I healed I really pushed the working out, that does a lot for them! Good luck!!!
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I hear ya!

Well I have 3 more days!!! I am so excited!! Now I...

Well I have 3 more days!!! I am so excited!! Now I can feel the pressure of getting things in order. I went grocery shopping this weekend to stock up on food and getting me some healthy goodies to eat while I am healing. I also have been doing some cleaning. I got a little bit more cleaning to do later then I will be done with that. Tuesday I have a hair appointment. Now all I need is a few pairs of jogging pants and pillows. Which I will be getting today. My plan for Wednesday is maybe do my girls hair then rest for the rest of the day ...

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Well I got my pillows and jogging pants so that is...

Well I got my pillows and jogging pants so that is out the way.. Later this morning since it is like mid nite now I have a hair appointment around 9:00am. I did not get a chance to finish my cleaning since I had alot to do. So later today I will get it done!! Then I will do the girls hair and then get some rest for my "BIG DAY". And by the way I have 2 MORE DAYS!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Woot woot!  Two more days!

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Well in my phone I have my alarm set and it says I have 1 day and 4hours 34minutes!!!! lol I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am on Thursday morning!!! But I have to leave way before have to drop my littles ones off over to my step moms!! Thanks for Helping me count down Kimmers I !! You are such a Doll!!
2 more days!!!! 2 more days!!!
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Well it is official this my last day before having...

Well it is official this my last day before having surgery tomorrow morning!!!!! The nurses called from the hospital yesterday with the info. I needed to know for my BIG day!! I am not nervous yet but I am getting very anxious.... I don't plan to do much today but just rest and do my girls hair... I am pretty much done with all my cleaning..I just have to do some vacuuming later on today. I will continue to keep you all updated!!!

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OMG!!! My time has arrived!!! I feel so emotional...

OMG!!! My time has arrived!!! I feel so emotional like I want to cry and scream with joy at the same time!!! I have been dealing with this belly for like 14 yrs now!!! I will just be relieved when it's gone!! I have been ashamed to be naked for years and not feeling sexy..But I am hoping for the best outcome today and I have a lot of faith in my PS. So with that being said I will be heading to the hospital @ 5:30am and then @ 7:30 am I will be on the road to becoming Flawless and sexyyyyyy!!!! **HUGS*** & ** KISSES**


Hey Nene, just stop by to check on you.....hope your recovery is coming along well. Your in my thoughts and prayers honey.
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Hey hun checking in on you!!! Hope you are resting and healing!!
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Nenee, I'm glad you had the surgery and your recovery is going fine. When are you going to put before pictures?
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Well I know I haven't updated in a while..... I...

Well I know I haven't updated in a while..... I just have been resting!!! I had my surgery March 1@ 7:30am. I had to be there at 5:30 am. I arrived there on time but the guy whom checking in patient was moving a little slow so I believe it was almost 6am before I got put into my room.. Once I get my things started to go a little like clockwork. Then around 7 am I got wheeled back to the holding area . At that I met the nurse whom was gone be with me in surgery. Shortly after that I meet with my Ps he did his drawings. Then the anesthesiologist came in introduce himself and he was the one who started my I.V and gave me what they call "Happy Juice" in my I.V lol.... And maybe 5 or 10 minutes before 7:30am I was wheeled back to the OR . Then all remember is waking up in recovery. I was not sore but I did feel different and I look down and things appeared to be flatter then when I came lol The staff at the hospital was very nice and helpful... They made sure I had everything I needed and made sure I was comfortable!! I believe I left the hospital around 1pm and came home went back to bed. That's pretty much how my Thursday went!! So I can despite then pain my surgery was a success!! Thank you all for the support and prayers...


Glad you are doing well I am not doing much besides laying here too, finally went to the bathroom, OMG it was like giving birth!!! So painful but now it is out of me and my tummy feels like open now. It is rough!!!
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Hey be,
Lol you are so funny!!! But yeah I finally had one too yesterday and it was actually smooth sailing lol But it did take some pressure off my tummy!!! I got up and finally went downs stairs today for the first time...I also had a shower today..after all that I took a long nap cause I was exhausted!!! Lol
Hey Treacy!!!
I am doing fine I have just been resting and taking it easy!!! I hope things are going well for you!!!! I seen your pics and you look great!! I will be updating soon I have just medicated...lol
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Well today I post op appointment @ 10:15 am. I...

Well today I post op appointment @ 10:15 am. I guess what I got both drains remove today!!!!! I am so glad they where always in the way and they was driving me crazyyy!!! Other than the drains I am doing much better still walking like a little old woman.. lol can someone tell me at what point will I be able to stand up straight??


I can walk straight but I just hate the way everything feels like it is fake and not mine, if you know what I mean? At least I am done being depressed, I just want to feel normal now and get these drains out,OMG I am so sick of them, I think once I get them out and can wear a spanx garment that supports my weird VJ area I will feel better, this was tough, but at least I am feeling better mentally
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Well Be,
I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!!! I know how you feel...For me it feels normal to have on my binder!! lol I am not standing up all the way straight but close..lol
Hey Nene, you are looking good in those pics you posted. I know you have to be so excited. Standing straight up is coming real soon. I think at about day 7 or 8 I was walking straight but I'm at day 11 now and still walk slower than normal currently and struggling as well a little getting in and out of the car but I'm driving on my own again so I'll just continue to take my sweet time moving around. Lol ttyl
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I am pretty good still!! I have been resting and...

I am pretty good still!! I have been resting and relaxing a lot still... Last night I notice I have a rash on my right side of my stomach.. I am thinking that it is the binder but am not 100% sure..I have not changed anything like my soap,lotion,or laundry detergent... I don't know so my boo went to get me some cortisone cream.. Let's see what happens... Plus I will leave a message for my Dr.


Hey hun wanted to see how you were doing how is the rash? Did you get that under control??? Thinking of you!
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Hey Nenee, looking good boo!
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Hey msbeas,
Thank you... But I just seen your new pics and I should be the one to you look fab.!!! How r u feeling?? It looks like you standing up straight... I'm not yet but almost..lol I can for a moment but then I go right back to being a little hunched over...

Well let's see.... I am doing fine. I got to go...

Well let's see.... I am doing fine. I got to go outside today with my little ones and went for ice cream. That was really nice along with the weather. Plus My four year old kept asking me yesterday can we go somewhere and I was like maybe tomorrow cause Mommy is not feeling to well... and she was like well can you walk and i said yes.Then asked me well can you drive and I said yeah but I don't feel well. So she said well let's go somewhere..I just laughed an told her again that I don't feel good and I promise to take her outside to play tomorrow.Which was today! So that's what we did minus me lol By the time we came back with the ice cream I was swollen lol So I had to ask one of my older boys to take them outside for me. So with that being said I can't wait for the swelling to go away...So I can enjoy my little ones again!! I finally can walk standing up straight but when I swell up I become hunched up again lol That sucks!! lol I go back to see my PS on the 21st. He will be removing my tape off my scar so I will be able to see how that looks soon..His assistant said I can bring along my new spanx so he can see it and that I probably will be able to wear that instead of this bulky binder... So I will have to go find one soon. But I will definitely be glad to not have to wear any of this stuff. I was wearing all this kind of stuff to hide the old belly. I am so ready to show off the new me. I just love my results even though I am swollen..lol And I still have to wear a tank top under my binder just so I won't breakout in a rash again. Well that's the only update I have for now!!


Hey Be!!
I am fine .... I was sick yesterday I believe it was 24hr. stomach bug. I have been still wearing a tank top underneath my binder.. Since I have been doing that it has gone way ..I got out today wit kids enjoyed the weather and went for ice cream!! How are you doing and feeling??? Thank you for checking on me I really appreciate it!!! I love your personality!!!!

Well today I am 2 weeks post op!!! I feel pretty...

Well today I am 2 weeks post op!!! I feel pretty good.. I have been of my pain since I was 5 days post op. I still have some swelling but I believe each week it gets better. I got both drain removed at my first post op appointment and that was March 7...And what a relief that was because they end up being nuisance to me! I am just starting to walk standing up straight this week also but when I swell I do become hunched over a little bit. But otherwise everything is good!! Happy Healing everyone!!!


Yep today is my 2 weeks, wish I was better drain wont come out til Monday, but its OK, rather wait a few days then have a problem, just ready to enjoy life again!!! But this old bod is not cooperating so going to listen and do what I have to! Its been a long journey these 2 weeks!
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Be...It has been a long journey!! I know you will be glad to get that drain out!!! I go to my Dr. appointment on Wednesday I will finally get to see my scar... I got out again with my boo bear Saturday & Sunday. I feel better but I would feel even better when I won't have to wear this bulky binder... Well I hope all is well ...Keep me updated!!
Nenee- Glad you are doing well, I so feel ya on the spanx, I was like OMG I cant wait to not have to wear a freaking girdle all the time, now looks like I will be wearing them again, oh well at least now it is temporary! I am finally feeling better I want this last drain out then I think I will feel really good, tomorrow is 14 days I am praying it will come out! The weather has been a bonus here, I know I just want to jump up and have fun but instead it is like 20 minutes to get out of bed, but I keep thinking take my time now and it will all be worth it forever going forward!!!
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I am 3 weeks today!!! I had a post op appointment...

I am 3 weeks today!!! I had a post op appointment Wednesday. My Ps took derma bond tape off of my scar. I longer have wear that bulky binder!!!! I was told to get a spanx girdle and wear that daily for about 3 more weeks. I have to take some pic of scar and tummy. Not to much has changed because their still is some swelling which is to be expected...I have been trying old clothes and new clothes and I am lovin my new look!!! I order a new sexy dress for my birthday party!! I am so ready to show of my new body.. I will be looking into to some gym memberships so I can start exercising and toning up when my 6 weeks is up!! Happy Healing to everyone!! Remember to take one day at a time!!


Wow u look. Great!!
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Thank you!!! Tmonie
I seen your pics and read your story!! You look great!!! But seen you said you have a dog ear that you are about to have removed... How is that done?? Do you go the hospital or is that done in the office??
its done in the office. they just inject you with a local anesthetic and cut it off!

It is like 3 am in the morning!! I can't believe I...

It is like 3 am in the morning!! I can't believe I am still woke!! lol I figured I would go ahead an do an update before I go to bed... I am 4 weeks and 1 day post op as of now!! Yea!! Time is flying by for me a little bit ...I am not in any pain and have not been since I was 5 days post op. Nor have I been taking any pain meds since then.. I still have a quite a bit of swelling still! But this week I have been experiencing what I believe as some you ladies call it "Swell Hell" . I have not been letting it bother me much but I do hope it goes down by next weekend lol I am having a birthday party then.... I have been doing the massages and Vitamin E oil on my scar & tummy so lets see how things go with that....I am liking how things are looking as far as my tummy and scar! The scabs have been peeling off as I do the treatment everyday so don't be alarmed when you look at my pics!! lol Other than the swelling everything is going well.. I still do my motherly duties but I do try to take it easy still because I still kind of find my self being tired quite a bit but that is improving! I am posting pics that you been waiting for me to do..lol It is just hard for me to do it myself but I did it the best I could so you all can see them good.. For me it's a big improvement but I hope I can improve my results more with exercise when I can start doing them..And of course it may also start to improve when this swelling goes down as well!!! I am not as lucky as some of you ladies whom I see be flat and can't even tell they swollen right away... I know we all are different and there are other factors involved so in the mean time all I can do is wait .. Patience is a Virtue!! Happy Healing Ladies!!


Hey girl what are you waiting on to put up some new pictures? Don't say you have a fat face because you don't. All of us wants to see how your healing is coming along.
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I hope all is well with you! you look really great!!:)
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Hey Happyme!!
Thanks for checking in on me...I am ok I just been alittle busy. How r you??
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

I would like to say first of all I love him. He is very nice and caring. He takes the time to make sure he has answered all your questions and that you feel comfortable. He also does his best make sure you satisfied!!! I also like that he called me later on that evening to check on me and gave me more info on my do's and don't's. If I ever needed any other surgeries done I go back in a heart beat and I definitely would recommend to anyone I know whom was or is seeking cosmetic/reconstructive surgery!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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