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Fine at Forty - Milwaukee, WI

Hey ladies, I'm a 39 year old mother of four,...

Hey ladies,
I'm a 39 year old mother of four, 19,16,13 & 11. My first born was 10lbs, and I was only 120lbs at the time, I gained 70lbs with him. I would always lose the weight, but the lose skin never left. When my second child was 1, I was diagnosed with cancer, underwent chemo and radiation, and was left with the right side of my tummy and buttock smaller than the left. I've dealt with the deformity for 15yrs and have decided that it's time for me to "DO ME"!! I can't have my buttock corrected d/t the fact that the my muscles are dead d/t the radiation. I'm good though, still fine and bout to be "FINE AT FORTY"!! My surgery is scheduled for September 26,2013. I'll be getting a full tummy tuck, liposuction of the flanks and muscle repair, at the cost of $7,135. If I decide to get liposuction of the lower back the cost will be $8,700. These prices include the anesthesia and facility fee.I figure by next November (11/25/2013) I'll be all healed and ready to shake a tail feather!! Wish me luck!!!
Go girl! Ur a surviver with confidence- I love that! The devil couldnt steal ur joy... U fought and won so now its time to do u! Get ur TT and keep us updated- good luck =)
Yes honey!!! I will keep you guys updated!! Gonna be a long 3 months!
Yeessssss Honey.......Werk!!!! We're the same age and am doing this as a gift to me for my 40th as well. I'll be getting mine done in September 2013 also. All the best to you on your journey!!!!

Before Pics

Hey ladies!! I have good news!! I changed my date from September 26,2013 to August 8, 2013. I'm so excited, 7 weeks away!!! My daughter asked me to have it earlier, so I checked with my physician and the benefits office. I have added some before pics, sorry for the scenery, lol!! This is a two piece bikini that I hope to someday fit into.
You are gonna look fine in that suit...looks good now...Yay !!! for a sooner date...
Thanks Sarav59, can't believe I posted these pics!

6 weeks pre-op

More pics......
Omg yes you will be fine at 40! Get you a weighted hula hoop NOW! Use it every day NOW! It should held with the back fat. I've been hooping since 2005. I hoop about 20 minutes a day . Igot mine at wwww.customhoops.com but most sporting goods stores have them. I've seen them at Marshalls and Tjmax. Walmart and target has them too. Start with 2 minutes and work your way to 15 to 20 minutes a day. It really shapes your body and strengthens your core. Good luck!
Thanks Girl!! Too bad I'm just now seeing this review!! But I will definitely get it and hope that it works for the month prior to my 20 year reunion.

Less than 2.5 weeks pe-op

I'm getting so excited!! This Thursday I will be 2 weeks Pre-op!! I go for my last pre-op apt on Friday July 26. Everything pretty much together, just have to do my final cleaning and go grocery shopping. My 20 year reunion is in October so I'm super excited that I will look almost like my old self, just shapelier and with boobs! More to come!

2 weeks pre-op!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's becoming so real!!! I paid All fees today!! P.I.F.!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Countdown Begins!!

Hello Guys,
Yesterday I met with Dr. Sonderman, he was pleasant as always!! We discussed where my incisions and drains would be placed. We also discussed the recovery time, pain meds and how he will inject the pain meds that will last for 3-4 days opposed to the pain pump. I also got my prescriptions. He assured me that I will have great results and that I will have an extended scar d/t the overage that I have. I told him do what you have to do, I want as close to an hour glass figure as possible!! Until next week guys!!! 12 days!!!
Wishing you wonderful results and happy healing.
Thanks hun!! 8 days and counting!!

8 days and counting!!

Hey ladies, today I had my EKG, Dr. Sonderman said I didn't need one but I wanted to be safe. Glad to report that all was well! Not looking forward to the medical bill to come, but oh well. 8 Days and counting!!

7 days to go!!

1 week left1

6 days pre-op!!

6 days pre-op!
You will do great and love your redults
Thanks Sarav, I will be getting my makings in 5hrs 15min!
1 more day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welp I MADE IT TO THE FLAT SIDE!!! Feeling great!!!!

one day post-op

Good Morning, I slept great and I'm very excited to see my results. I have my post-op apt Wednesday August 14th. Dr. S removed 1.5lbs of fat an stated that my contour and belly button turned out great. Can't wait!!

3 days post-op

Hello Ladies, this experience has been the greatest!! I'm three days post-op and the healing process has been a breeze. No pain, just a little pressure. I have minimal swelling but even with the swelling I'm impressed with my results.

4 weeks post-op

Hello, I'm 4 weeks post op, still loving my results! I still have swelling in the upper abdomen under my breasts and in my lower abdomen. The swelling is worse under my breast, Dr. S stated it's d/t the extensive liposuction. I thought I had a seroma but when he tried to drain it nothing came out. So I'm going to monitor it for a couple more weeks and if it doesn't go down I'll have him recheck it. I'm very excited and I returned to work this week. The sitting is hard because by the time I stand up, I'm hunched over, but I look damn good! I have updated pics as well. Enjoy!


Thanks for your story. I have a consult with Dr. Sonderman on Wednesday and hope to schedule a tummy tuck by the end of the month. I will be off work for a wrist surgery and want to coordinate and recover from both at the same time while I can collect disability for the wrist.
Girl good thing that you're having wrist surgery because he will only approve 2 weeks. During my consult he assured me that he would approve 6 weeks. Then at my 2 week follow up, I asked again because I had my paper work. He told me to give the papers to " Tony" and tell her when I'd like to return, and the end of the day he denied saying any of that. He lied!!! I pushed for another week, making it a total of 3 weeks. I actually needed a full 4 weeks off!!
You look GREAT! What scar therapy did you use? I am also 39 knocking on 40 door. I am really excited about this journey. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.


I went in for lipo revision on my lower back and the area under my breasts on 1/9/2014. Four days post - op and I'm loving it!
you look great;)
You look wonderful. .

1 year later

Recent pics......
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

OMG, Dr. Sonderman was great and very precise. The hospital staff was great1 Dr. Sonderman advised me to call him anytime, however I feel great. He called this morning to check on me.

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