9 Days Post Op and Not Sure What to Think Yet, Thoughts Please? - Milwaukee, MI

I had a tummy tuck, BL and BA following what was...

I had a tummy tuck, BL and BA following what was in essence a 120 pound weight loss (90 of it 10 years ago, 30 of it 2 years ago). I'm 9 days post op and overall I think everything is going well enough with a few exceptions.

The day the wrap came off my chest brought a whole new wave of pain in new places but I've managed that. I am slightly disappointed in the size of my breasts though. All of the pictures we looked at were definitely on the large side of DD (my cup size until the more recent 30 pound weight lose) and the post op bra I ordered in DD is clearly a cup size too big and I'm worried that I'm not going to be proportionate. I have very broad shoulders and I'm 5'9", my former DD's were not huge on me. I guess I didn't realize (and was never told) that with the lift there would be limitations on the size of implants I ended up with. I was borderline on needing the lift and had I been given the option I really think I'd have opted for larger less perky breasts over what I ended up with. I'm really worried I'm going to wish they were larger every time I look in the mirror.

Physically my biggest issue has been that even though I was taking a stool softener everyday I wasn't taking a laxative and it didnt seem to be a huge issue thatvit had been 11 or 12 days since my last bowel movement until tonight when suddenly I needed to go and realized I was constipated bordering on impacted. I'll spare the gory details but my husband made 4 trips to the drugstore and I spent four hours in the bathroom trying a variety of things to avoid a trip to the ER. A Fleet enema helped my immediate need but not without a lot of soreness and now I'm concerned about inflammation and hemroids. I know I still have extremely hard compacted stool that is going to be a issue (hopefully tomorrow) and I'd really like to avoid a repeat of tonight's ordeal. Any suggestions? I took oral Dulcolax stool softener almost everyday post op so that isn't enough, the Dulcolax suppository did not accomplish anything good. I did take two Senoknot tonight but I'm just not optimistic that
It's going to help with what's in my colon already.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.

Hey:-) I did the stool softener that you insert - that helped then I religiously took a stool softener. If you don't like the size of your implants ur ps should exchange them for what u want for free- mine said anything I didn't like he would fix with no charge. Hope things r going well

First of all, congratulations on that weight loss. What an accomplishment. The constipation sounds horribly uncomfortable. 

Here's a post in the tummy tuck forum about constipation. Here's what some doctors say about constipation after surgery. Maybe you can give your surgeon a call on the 16th. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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